Thursday, April 30, 2009

#234 - What a way to start a day!

A while back I was talking about a 'friend' that I was doing a birth announcement for. See here if you want to read about my first rant!.

Well anyway I did what I thought was a nice announcement considering her daughter was 11 months old. I also made her a Christmas card that she never used. Well today I received an email from her. It wasn't nice. She was complaining that I didn't change it for her and that she has been waiting patiently for months. I told her up front that I was done and that I had no time, but she didn't care she kept bugging me. Anyway she said she wanted to 'stick up for herself' for a change. WTF that was supposed to mean I will never know. Needless to say I responded in a direct way. It wasn't rude but it was factual. Usually I like to be politically correct but I was not sugar coating anything. I was pissed off to say the least. I must have shook for an hour this morning.

Well of course she felt the need to respond to the email I sent her, I on the other hand can't be bothered. I am not getting into some email p*ssing match. Whatever chicky-poo I have better ways to spend my time! Like poking my eyeballs with sharp sticks! One thing I have learned is that people who stress me out don't need to be a part of my life. If only all my friends weren't as cool as my bloggy friends!

Unfortunately I got nothing done on my course today as I was so annoyed that I couldn't concentrate. I am really behind, but I guess there is always Sunday to catch up. I did manage to organize some scrapbooking paper this afternoon before I headed off to work at least!

- grumpy hubby
- friends that send you a b*tch email instead of calling
- hearing of another loss in Afghanistan. So sad. :(
- we set a record for low temps last night... lovely

- getting away for the evening

The kids have really been good the last couple of days. The whining does kind of make me crazy though, it makes me feel like they were bad when really they weren't. It's weird how I can handle tonnes of screaming, but the whining just sends me right over the edge instantly. Boy#1 speaks pretty much only in whine. I suppose given how easily their dad get's frustrated it explains why he gets frustrated really quickly and starts whining (plus he is 3!) LOL.

I have been trying to do fun things with them and I always try to let them know how much we appreciate when they are good. Parenting is definitely a challenge, I guess we all just do the best we can.

Well that Boy#1 was up to his goofiness today! His brother had to use the potty and I told him to go and I would be right there. Well Boy#1 decided he would 'take care of it'. He told me he would go with Boy#2. When I got in there Boy#2 said "I am pooping". Well Boy#1 said "Boy#1 Happy when Boy#2 poops in potty". His eyes got really big and his face was animated. It was quite funny. We always tell them that it makes Mom and Dad happy when they do their business in the potty. Mr. Man thinks he needs to 'help out' around the house I suppose! LOL

Good Night

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#233 - Coasting

Well today I kept myself busy. I finally found the counter under the junk in the kitchen (this is what happens when I work too much, hubby hides the counter with crap! LOL). It sure felt good to get it cleaned up. So what does hubby do when he gets home? No he didn't say 'nice honey' or 'thank you'. He made a 'shocked' face and buggered off... that was it. That boy needs a lesson in being nice to his wife and while he is at it he should learn to say sorry. I think in 15 years I have heard him say it maybe twice... but that's another story.

I received my list of classes that I will be teaching in the new semester. Usually I teach Excel and Access, but this time no Excel. (It's kind of hard to get motivated to update my course that I am working on when I may not teach it again until possibly January. Ugg) Here's the kicker I told my babysitter, my b*tch of a mother that is, that I had one in July and 2 in September. She of course (without knowing the dates) told me that she is busy in July and they are going on vacation in September. EVERY single class she has some kind of excuse! I don't know how she manages to find so many different excuses. Then it will be dark in October so she won't be able to drive then and well November is snow so forget that too. Sure glad she likes to spend time with her grandkids. I have been looking for a real sitter but haven't had much luck so far!

Every time I talk to that woman I just want to throw up. I really need to find a new sitter!

- you guessed it My mother
- the horrible scheduling at the college I teach at
- when my husband is an @ss!

- having some time to clean up the house and do laundry

Well it was a pretty good day around here today. Not too much whining (phew!). This afternoon the boys and I went down to the basement (aka scrapbooking room). I gave them stickers and a sticker book as well as some drawing materials. They sat beside me while I 'played' with my Cricut and did their thing. Boy#1 told his dad that he had his 'scrapbooking' stuff and he was putting it away! It was fun to sit with them and have them do their own thing! They love stickers, they must have played for an hour, no fighting and only one teeny whine incident!

Baby is Boy#1's shadow these days. She follows him around and repeats everything he says. I think she is Boy#1's Mini Me! LOL Boy#1 is enjoying it as he tells her what to do and how to pronounce words. Finally someone who will actually listen to him!

Today was a good day and I loooove those. (I am ignoring the hubby being a jerk to me tonight since the kids were such a joy today!)

Off I go to glue my glasses (I broke the frame and I have to wait until next week to get my eyes tested and get new glasses!) and go to bed

Good night

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#232 - Would you like some cheese with all that wine?

It was a trying day today. The kids were good in the morning, but the whine came out and just kept getting worse. There was a lot of deep breathing at my house today! Boy #1 has perfect the art of whine!

So now I am going to go and enjoy the peace and quiet for the rest of the evening.


Monday, April 27, 2009

#231 - Phew!

Well I had a conversation with the hubby tonight and it went well. No yelling, no screaming, no leaving the room. (To think I was up half the night worrying about it). He did spend our 'talk' playing with his cell phone, but I think this is the first 'talk' since we have had the kids that we didn't get into a big fight. Maybe things are starting to turn around for us. It has been a tough three years relationship wise that for sure. Hopefully this is the start of a new trend around here. I got lucky and hubby was in a good mood tonight so from now on I am going to have to deal with 'issues' when he is actually in a good mood.

Today was such a good day... NO working, no thinking about working... just hanging out. It was BLISS! Makes me want to drop a couple of jobs! :)

-snow... yup snowing again this afternoon/evening (no accumulation though)

- a good 'talk' with the hubby
- not working all day!

Well I managed to get the kiddos up and out the door this morning. We went for a walk (oooh that Baby) She didn't want to be in the stroller and she wanted to walk in the middle of the road. Finally I 'stuffed' her in the stroller, so she yelled "DADDY" most of the way home! Oh what fun! Tomorrow we will just walk around the yard instead of the subdivision. Then the wandering Baby can do what SHE wants. What a creature.

After the walk it was yard time. The boys threw around their baseballs and I showed them how to use a bat, they preferred throwing the balls instead! Then they spent some time in their gators, Boy1 was driving through the snow that is left in the shade and he was just giggling away!

They came in without too much fuss at Lunch and when Baby went down for her nap we all headed downstairs. I worked on some cropping of photos and the Hubby was actually working on the storage room today. I had to help him get some drywall into a very tight space other than that I was with the kiddos and scrapbooking. After supper it was back downstairs so hubby could get some more done. The boys want to 'help'. What a bunch of pains they are but it's good for them and Dad! :)

And that's a wrap for today!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

#230 - Another weekend gone!

Where do they go? The weekends that is? I would like to slow them down a bit!

Well I worked all day Saturday then my mother decided that she wanted to bring a friend over to see my scrapbooking stuff today. I asked her to come over Saturday night instead since Sunday afternoon would be the only time hubby would have to work on the storage room. Well of course only Sunday afternoon would work for her.

All she did was effing sneer at me anyway. Her friend was sitting in front of her so she could sneer away. She thinks she can control what I say if she sneers! Really it just irritates me and makes me want to say more to annoy the crap out of her. I am an adult I really wish she would leave me the heck alone. It's like having a censor following you around. Let me tell you she didn't leave early enough. (Oh and since there was snow in the air she wouldn't drive so Dad had to drive her and we had to wait until he could come pick her up) What a freaking waste of the only day my Hubby and I were off together this week. Arg

So I got nothing done today!

I passed the 10 thousand photo mark on my camera today, hmm no wonder I have so many photos in my scrapbook.

- yes my mother is on this list yet again
- not enough hours in a weekend

- when my mother leaves!
- scrapbooking
- my camera
- my Mac
- looking at all my photos

Well the kiddos were pretty good today. Boy2 had on real underwear today, he did really well until the evening (which is usually his bad time anyway). Then we had a couple of accidents. My hubby was being a complete ass about it and he needs to act like a grown up. Poor boy2 was really upset and hubby went off on him anyway. As if the kid didn't feel bad enough already. I was so mad I couldn't even say anything to him tonight. Between that and the comments he fires at Boy1 because he doesn't want to sit on the potty I really want to kick his *ss! No one should ever talk to my kids like that, especially not their father. He is soo good to them unless they misbehave... I just can't stand it when he gets mad at them. He would never hurt them but I know how much words can hurt too. Maybe I am just overly sensitive due to my parents yelling and screaming? I just don't want my kids to ever feel like I did. I don't know what to say to my husband to make him GET it. Any advice would be helpful if you have any.

Oh ya then there is the whole Fut thing. Baby walks around here saying Fut (the "F" word) constantly and the boys too... hmm I wonder where they got that. (One guess it wasn't mom!)

Frustrated and sad off to bed I go...

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

#229 - Working hard or hardly working!

That would be working hard!

It was a busy work day, with some boss craziness (an hour before we closed she wanted someone to run to the post office... wtf?). There there was the whole hour and half before we closed create a new window display! Sheesh talk about the busiest part of the day to add some craziness! Oh well it didn't all get done today, but there is always tomorrow!

After the kiddos went to bed it was back to work for me. Looks like I may be almost done with the application I was building! I was busy testing and fixing some minor bugs tonight. Just have a couple questions to be answered and I will be all done! Yay!

Now I have to get back to my course stuff, one more course to revamp! Ugg! :) I just want to scrapbook at night instead of work!

So me and my sore feet are off to bed!

- the frame of my glasses broke tonight. I can just barely see my computer and I can't see our television! Hubby needs new glasses and he was supposed to go get them, but we can't afford for both of us to go so I guess he will have to wait longer. Call me cheap but I am p-oed I have to get new glasses!
- never being able to find stuff at work, we are all constantly moving things around to make room for new stuff! It's just crazy!
- Hubby never did anything in the storage room today.. WTF get to work! LOL

- seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as far as my extra work is concerned

By George I think he's got it! Boy2 was doing 'all' his business in the potty today! We may just transition from pull-ups to 'big boy' pants tomorrow! I asked him if he wanted them tomorrow and he said YES! He usually says no so I am very excited! We will see how it goes tomorrow though! I am very hopeful!

Boy2 has actually regressed with the Potty training... again! I think it's going to be a longer process with him, but I suppose it will eventually happen. He SCREAMS like someone has cut off his arm when we ask him if he wants to go potty. I think he is going to be a challenge, but I suppose that's what makes it more rewarding when you are done!

Baby has decided that now is a good time to move into the terrible twos I think. He has been one nasty little beast. I used to call her crab-atha when she was teeny tiny, I think this name may be in the back of my head for the next little while. She sure lets you know when she doesn't like something, but then you have to try to figure out what it is! Then she walks around saying 'Pretty Baby". Ok miss muffet you better get rid of that little princess attitude soon or you aren't going to like it much around here! LOL

Off to get some much needed zzzzzzz's

Good Night

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

#228 - Ouch!

Well I made it through another class. About half way through my day I started getting a migraine starting. I was lucky that it held off and didn't get too bad. It was just off in the distance so I knew it was coming! (Of course I couldn't find anything to take in my bag... silly me!)

I was so tired at the end of the day I almost forgot to review my comments! LOL. I never really know how it 'really' went until I review those. I suck what can I say, I just can't read people that well! Pretty much all was good, phew. There was a couple of comments that were more on the negative side but nothing really to bad. I figure that I can always improve anyway and that I will never be able to make everyone happy so I am just going to try to continue to do my best. I have always said that experience counts for something and I think it applies here too!

-being a 'newbie' in the teaching world. Oh when will I feel more comfortable?
-people who drive 80kms an hour in a 110km hour zone! Get the heck out of the way dude. Take that cell phone outta your ear and pay attention will ya! :)
-snow, yup it snowed today! Brrrrrr

-making it through another course
-coming home
-see below! :)

I came through the door today and Boy2 came running to tell me he pooped in the potty (who know poop could actually be such an exciting thing... I suppose it depends where it is! LOL). Hubby went on to tell me that he actually asked to go, then hubby and boy2 thought they should share with me that it was stinky. (Thanks guys but I didn't really need to know that one!) He did have an accident this evening but we are moving forward! Yey!

Boy1 was really sad. I think he felt left out by all the hoolpa with Boy2's whole Potty 'thing'. I was very careful not to say anything to Boy1 about it, I had to go find him. Usually he is standing at the door to greet me too. :( So I went and made a big deal out of his day. I think that cheered him up a little. Poor fella, but I had to celebrate with Boy2... Boy1 will get his turn too (soon I hope!)

Baby was in much better cheer tonight (hmmm so was hubby... ) It was nice to come home to a mostly cheery group tonight.

I am trying for an early night tonight... wish me luck and have a good night!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#227 - Half Way

I love teaching these 2 day classes because after the first day I am already half way done! :) This one seems to be going fairly well after my revamp but I still have a lot of material to get through tomorrow, I am hoping the morning runs quickly! Time will tell!

It's a good thing that my day went better than the way it started. We had a major wind storm kick up last night (I have noticed that wind on an acreage seems to be a lot stronger than in town!). Well hubby tends to stack stuff in the breeze way between the house and the garage. Unfortunately he likes to stack it on the house side. So at 2am the 'stuff' started to bang on the side of the house. Well that was it for my sleep last night. It was driving me so crazy that I almost went out and did something about it! I mentioned to hubby that we have a new 'rule'. No more stacking crap (which drives me crazy anyway) on the house side of the breeze way. He seems to think it is a dumping ground! I have a different view of what should go in that area though! :) When I mentioned the new rule I got a nasty look. Well sheesh it was ME who didn't get the sleep dear I should be the one that is annoyed. (I have mentioned this after wind before but he didn't listen the last time so I figured I would be more direct this time!)

Holy I must be tired, I can't believe I just went on for a whole paragraph about the wind! Scary part is this is only my first of 4 days that I have to go out to work. I think I am actually in the middle of a work marathon. It started with the whole contract I think by Sunday it will be my 10th or 11th day in a row of working. What the heck? I thought I quit my full time job? :) Well at least that explains why I am tired.

Well it is getting cooler around here today so I thought maybe hubby would get back at the storage room... nope! We have a snowfall warning for tonight so maybe tomorrow. YA RIGHT! Then he will have to put the blade back on the quad so he can plow the drive way I suppose! Well it's just his parents that want to visit so I guess if he wants to take his sweet time go for it!

- rush hour traffic (and traffic lights in the middle of a freeway... great city planning!)

- coming home to hugs after a long day at work!

Well 'the mother' was here looking after the kids today. She was up to her usual grumpiness in the morning. LOVELY! She won't drive when it's dark, or now when it's slightly dark. So she made my dad drive her here today. She left her car here last night so that she could drive home.

Well hubby was home at 11:30 and apparently she just about knocked him over getting out of her to go home. I guess she doesn't like spending more than about 3 hours with the kids. Then I arrived home from work and guess who was here. She wanted to leave the car here again today. So why the heck didn't she just stay and hang out with the kids so hubby could get some work done? I guess she had better things to do?

The kids were some kind of foul tonight before, during and after supper. Hubby wasn't to cheery himself so I suppose it was rubbing off on the kids. Baby screamed and screamed and screamed this evening. I was glad that I was away for the day as it refreshed me enough to deal with it without getting frustrated! Yey for away time! I think hubby needs a bunch of that too!

Hubby and I are about to come to blows on the whole potty training issue though. No it's not going well but yelling at them isn't going to help. I keep telling him that he needs to stop doing it. His response is "Well what you are doing sure as H*ll isn't working". Yes I suck at potty training but it's not going to happen over night so don't blame me... your method sure isn't working either 'sweetie' *insert sarcasm*. I think I will save the potty discussion until he is a little less miserable. (In addition to everything else I think he is mad that I have been working so much in the evenings... well that's when I get to do it and I am already staying up half the night so suck it up butter cup!) Yup I sense another blow up coming on, he doesn't like it when I call him on 'stuff'. I think I will wait until I am a little less tired that's for sure!

Well I need sleep so off to bed I go...
good night

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

#226 - Busy busy

Today was a busy one!

-4 scrapbook pages with photos 'stuck' to them and 2 more that I finished journalling
-spent the afternoon outside, working on my computer!
-cleaned out my 'office' (a computer cabinet in my kitchen, that I can't get my computer into and it's a laptop!)
-paid some bills (oops one was a month late!)
-found my counter top in my kitchen
-got my clothes ready for tomorrow and packed my back pack (teaching)

I think I need a nap now! :)

- trees that break branches every time the wind blows (makes for a lot of clean-up on an acreage when you are surrounded by them! LOL)
- not being able to finish up this system, every time I look at it I find one more problem! Arg!

-being able to sit outside and get some work done while the kiddos play. For some reason they scream less outside... so I really like that!

Boy1 was up way to earl again today, of course he woke up Boy2, who of course was some kind of grumpy when he got up! At least it got better as the day when on!

Baby is sure learning all the bad things that her brothers do! They don't waste anytime picking up the bad stuff now do they? My favorite right now is she climbs up on the train table (I have a climber this time around), stands up and says 'Baaad Baby'. Of course then she proceeds to laugh. So I take her down give her heck and she goes right back! I think I am just going to have to glue her feet to the floor! (Well not really but it sounds like a good idea! That and gluing all their mouths shut for a couple of days so they can't scream as loud! LOL)

The boys spent the afternoon outside, they sure do like it and I managed to get a lot of work done on my contract! Hubby even managed to get a bunch of yard clean-up done! Lets hope we get some rain so he can get back to the storage room though! :)

Good Night

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Monday, April 20, 2009

#225 My Opinion - Febreze - Fabric Refresher

Product: Product: Febreze - Fabric Refresher

TESTING NOTES: I tried this product out on bedding, shoes, carpet and even the air! (started review 12-Dec-08)

RESULTS: I love the smell of this one (Linen & Sky). It definitely gets the odors out! One day before we went out I even sprayed it in the kids bedroom when it was smelling like a nasty diaper pail! It works great to refresh bedding and shoes, even my kids slippers!

THE BOTTOM LINE: I love this scent I will be replacing my bottle when this one is empty!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

#224 - OH NO!

Well today was a good day at work. Nice customers and fun staff. Who can complain! As per usually some scrapbooking stuff followed me home too! Not to much though, I am starting to save money 'just in case' hubby's job doesn't make it through the current slow down.

Saturday was my monthly scrap with the girls. I managed to get 10 pages completed and 4 started. It was a slow day for me but that's OK at least I go some stuff done!

You could sure tell the weather is nicer that it has been, there was people walking everywhere today. I suppose everyone is anxious to get outside now that winter is on it's way out!

I finished getting ready for my next class tonight so now I can just focus on my other project. I hope this next class goes well, sometimes they just go better than others. I am so glad they are only 2 days!

- sore feet (I really need to wear my orthotics more. I only wear them when I am at work, and my feet like to complain! :)

- nice weather, quick melt of the snow, no stinky run-off (yuck)
- acreage living

The kids have been pretty good all weekend. Boy1 was downstairs for a little while with me on Saturday. I was cutting him some hearts (I tried to convince him that the animals would be cool, but he wanted hearts! :) ) on my cricut. Well after we did his we had to do some for his bro and sis. Well if I didn't turn around and he was putting the paper on the mat, loading it into the machine and trying to move the blade to the correct position for the paper size! I gave him a little help with the positioning and he selected the icon he wanted to cut and he pressed the cut button. When the cut was done he pressed the button to unload the paper and he removed the hearts from the mat. (I think I must use that thing to often if he knows what to do!) Not bad for a 3 year old I suppose! :)

Now for the OH NO part of the post! Today the kids were outside most of the day. Hubby said that Boy1 was driving Baby around in his gator and showing her the yard. (I can just imagine... he is happiest when HE is the boss! :) ) Well anyway I arrived home for supper, the kids were already eating, the first thing they said is "Mom I climbed tree". OMG they were climbing trees and Hubby let them... aaaaaaahhhhh ! :) I think hubby could see the look of horror on my face and he said they were climbing on the trees that were split near the bottom... phew!

You see I have this thing about climbing and play centers. As I child I couldn't climb on them for some reason, not sure why exactly? When I became an adult I could not bear to watch any child climbing trees or on monkey bars. I have to look away, and these aren't even my kids. Needless to say I have been dreading the day that I have to watch my own kids climb away (and pretend that it doesn't bug me!). So now I better get ready, there is no break in period with twins, no one at a time, OMG both of them are going to be climbing on everything now. I think I may need to be medicated! LOL I suppose I will just be happy after they are done and no one has broken anything! :)

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Friday, April 17, 2009

#223 - Why do I bother?

So I found out a friend who I have known since I was 13 was moving a province away. Well due to some issues with his girlfriends fathers electrical business. (I guess you would call her more than a girlfriend since they have 2 kids together, but who knows? Looong story). Well I decided to reach out and say good luck with your move. I Emailed my friend not the girlfriend, but apparently now SHE replies to HIS emails. (Good thing I was all politically correct!) Of course she was not so nice about things. I was just hoping to make contact with my friend but now I know that was a bad idea. I will probably never see him again so I wanted to say Good Luck at least before he leaves (he will need it with the chick he is 'attached' to. I try to be nice and what happens I get sh*t on.

This friend always knew everyone and had tonnes of friends... since he has been with the gal he is with they have all pretty much disappeared. It is sad to see someone who was such a good friend just disappear from your life because of someone in their life. Oh well he picked her and he has to live with her. I guess he has changed over the years, I suppose we all do, some for the better, some not so much. It is making me a little sad that this is the end of such a long friendship... I hope he is happy where he is moving to. (This is also the guy that announced their PG by saying, "WE WIN". He knew we were going for fertility treatments and a couple months before we had a failed cycle with the last of our frozen embryos. I guess I shouldn't be to upset! :) )

I wonder who is going to pack their stuff for them? Last time they moved we helped them, the only friend that helped them as a matter of fact. Oh ya and most of their crap wasn't packed so guess what else we did? (They knew they were moving for 3 months so it wasn't like it was a last minute thing!) Did I mention that they couldn't be bothered to help us when we moved, they were too busy. Hmm I guess I shouldn't have bothered to contact them anyway, seems like it was a one sided friendship to me?

I don't know where today went? It was a busy one (Aren't they all though ladies?)

I did manage to get the rest of my course completed tonight, exercises and all! Now I just have to get my freaking printer to work! Arrrrg! Me and wireless just doesn't seem to work!

Hubby was a complete *ss tonight and I am ready to kick him. He is so freaking grumpy sometimes I would like it if he just stayed in the garage. We didn't even speak after the kids went to bed (Probably better or we may have fought!) I think he is starting to stress about his job so I will cut him some slack this time.

One thing that drives me crazy is when we are trying to get something (we=hubby by the way!) done he doesn't always use his time wisely. He was more concerned about washing the kitchen floor (the only floor he thinks needs to be washed apparently?) than working on the storage room. He knows I am busy all day tomorrow and working on Sunday so it's tonight or nothing dude! I guess I just get something in my head and when I have a chance I just GO. I know that there is very little GO time so I utilize it when I can. He drives me crazy when he wastes precious time!

Scrapbooking tomorrow... all will be right in the world! LOL

- grumpy hubby
- the fact that my storage room is going to probably take another 2 months to complete! :)
- guys that hook up with nasty women and don't let them be who they really are (you can never be happy if you are spending all your time trying to please someone who can't be pleased)

- sleep
- my iphone... I love that thing
- I got an award from Martha... now I just have to get organized and do something about it! :)

The kids were pretty good today and I was in a better mood too (hmmm maybe I am the problem LOL). Boy2 even asked to go potty 3 times today! He almost made it through the day but he had one accident in the evening... so close! Boy1 actually used the Potty successfully once today. This is going to take a while I think!

We took the kids out to our local trade fair today. I wanted to look so we took the triple stroller so I could look and not worry about kids escaping on me. The comments drive me crazy, I guess when you have a triple stroller you have to expect that. I don't like being the center of attention so the stroller drives me kind of crazy. I suppose when I take that I at least don't have to worry about anyone running off! The local gymnastics club has a setup for the kids to try out and it was really quiet. The kids all had fun. Usually Boy2 is afraid of new people and things, not today, he was right into the whole gymnastics thing. Boy1 wouldn't go until he saw Boy2 having fun. It was a role reversal today! What a pair!

Baby oh that Baby... screamed getting into the truck, screamed getting out, screamed getting into the strolled, screamed when we left the gymnastics place, screamed in the stroller, screamed getting into the truck.... I think you get the picture. She HATES getting into the Truck. Oh and she discovered that she can scream even louder if she really tries... OH MY! Well at least she was perfect in between the screaming episodes!

Oh my mom was coming to look after the kids so we could go to the trade fair. Ya that never happened. She got 'sick' today! Oh well it's good for them to get out anyway!

Well I better get to bed, it's past midnight

Oh ya and I have decided to try twitter... see my sidebar!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

#222 - Wow this week is flying by!

Can someone please tell me where this week has gone? I suppose it is because I am busy again!

I am happy that I am almost done my prep/rework for my course next week. Then it will be back to the contract that I am working on, then back to course rework! Then I hope I am done for a while. It's not all work though, I do take a break every morning for about an hour to scrapbook! (so much for house work! LOL)

Hubby is almost done the framing for the new storage room, hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be all done, then we can get going with the drywall!

Next project clean out for a garage sale!

- the fact that I just haven't been able to get myself into weight loss mode
- trying to cut chipboard with my cricut... not working for me... UGG

- finally finishing the car and tow truck (From Cars) for my srapbook (It took me TWO days! :) )

The kids have been better and worse. I seem to have no patience for them right now though. Poor Boy2 was screaming his fool head off today when Baby was napping and I got REALLY MAD at him. I felt really bad so when everyone was feeling a little more calm I gave him a hug and apologized for being so grumpy. Sometimes the screaming just gets to me... and these days it seems like if it isn't one it is usually the other. I hate it when I yell at them, good way to teach them how not to scream! Oh well tomorrow will be a better day. I suppose it's the lack of sleep right now. I am having issues in that department.

Parenting sure can be complicated sometimes!

Here's to a better day tomorrow!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

#221 - A working I must go!

Not much exciting around here!

Still working on course prep.
Met with a client today... she paid me $50 for an hour long consult on how to use the Word Mail Merge (sweeeeet!)
More working on course prep.
Oh yes and an hour of scrapbooking!

Now I must be off to bed... I am late and crazy tired!

Boring old me says Good Night!

p.s. we only have about 2 inches of the snow that fell yesterday left (not bad since it was almost a foot in spots!)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

#220 - Work, work, work and more work!

Well I managed to get a bit done today. I started working about 1pm and kept on going (with a few breaks for supper etc.) until 10:30pm. I had to do a bunch of re-work on one of my courses. The order wasn't working and there is just way to much content. So I am chopping away at what I can and re-ordering everything, while I am at it I am also cleaning up my notes to make them more readable. When I am done this one then I have to move on to the next one. I have been working and re-working this stuff since the beginning of January. I am just plain sick of it. I hope that this time everything will work out for me so I don't have any more work to do. Then when I am done this I have to get the program that I am writing done for another client.

I keep hoping that eventually things with 'slow down' but I think I am dreaming. If it's not this it will be something else I am sure!

Looks like hubby is going to have to take some vacation soon. There is no work in their shop, I am starting to get worried. They have some bids out there, hopefully something will come of it for next month. Crossing my fingers especially since they figure the worst is yet to come. Can it really get much worse than no work? These are scary times for a lot of people in North America. Lets hope we all weather the storm and come out fairly dry.

- Waking up to 8 to 12 INCHES of snow this morning (it was almost all gone yesterday!) Welcome back Winter!

- I am so glad that when things were booming and we moved that we chose not to get into a big mortgage, phew
- getting work done today even though afternoon naps have gone the way of the dinosaur.
- I am happy that more than half the snow melted today! Thank goodness for the sun!

It was a pretty good day today. Boy1 actually got on the potty this morning without being asked! Boy2 actually asked to go potty once today when he had to go. All in all the kids were pretty good today. I was able to get about a 1/2 hour of scrapbooking done today. This afternoon when Baby was napping the boys were trying very hard to be quiet and good and I managed to get a bunch of work done.

We even had a good Toy clean up day today. Everyone was helping... good thing what a mess they made today! It is amazing how quickly it can go from a living room to a toy explosion room!

Lets hope they are good tomorrow so I can get some more work done!

Well it's almost 11pm so I better be off to bed. Boy1 was up at 6am this morning so I really must get my beauty sleep! ha ha! (I need all I can get! LOL)

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Monday, April 13, 2009

#219 - back to the regular program!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Now that it's all over I am back to working my arce off again. I am so tired it just feels like it will never end. Eventually I WILL get through this! :) Then I won't be so tired!

I am looking forward to Saturday, more scrapbooking on it's way! :) I am getting closer to my goal of being caught up to the end of last year in one of my albums!

Easter brunch was a little weird this year, we went out to the regular place on Sunday. The food was the same as every other year and really wasn't that good as per usual. I think it's way over priced, but that's just my opinion. After we always go back to my Aunt and Uncles and usually stay until supper. There was some kind of weird vibe going on, I really wasn't sure what the heck was up until I found out today.

There are 2 families with kids in nursing, one is finishing her LPN the other is starting her RN. Well the LPN (who wants to get her RN) was telling the RN in training that LPN's are better than RN's. Then there was the whole University vs. College thing going on. (I guess hubby and I are not with the IN crowd since we don't have Degrees. The funny thing is none of their parents do either... and I actually had a better job than any of them do when I was working full time!) Whatever. All I know is it felt damn uncomfortable, especially when one didn't know what was going on.

The mother was not quite as annoying as usual, just the typical stuff. Like the boys all watch golf, so now she is a golf fan??? Then the whole, has to be the center of attention thing... WHATEVER! I am just glad it's all done!

Hubby was busy a couple of days this weekend (when I wasn't working/sleeping!). He has the framing done for one wall in the new improved storage room and is working on the pocket door next. Then he has a bit of framing to do on one part of the back wall, then drywall! It may get done this century!

Oh and the best part today was the Heavy Snowfall Warning that has been issued! Sweet! (NOT!)

-family politics
-snowfall warnings in April
-feeling like I haven't slept in months!

-the snow is almost gone in our yard (hmm suppose it won't last for long)
-a nice warm easter
-seeing bits of green poking through the grass

-potty training is back to the suckage stage...
-kids were awesome at Easter Brunch (wow these are my kids, the ones that scream all day at home? they can't be?) Baby took a liking to our server (she has been screaming at strangers lately so I was happy) Even my screamer at strangers, Boy2, was making friends with everyone! they had a craft room for the kids at the brunch, they had fun their too
- the kids were good after brunch too and we didn't have the battle I expected before bed time

We have 'dumped' afternoon naps for the boys. We figured the one that doesn't sleep (Boy1) would be OK and Boy2 would be grumpy. Wow were we wrong, Boy1 seems to need his nap. I am going to give it at least a week and see how it goes. To make mom happy he has been getting up even earlier since we stopped napping in the afternoon. The reason why we got rid of naps was to make bed time a little easier... HA HA HA, as if! Now they are just grumpier! This too shall pass.... (at least it better! :) )

I am really struggling with being exhausted so I am trying to get to bed earlier... so off to bed I go, good night!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

#218 - Sore feet!

Yes I have sore feet today! It was a busy day at work today so at least it kept me out of trouble. The two ladies that like to come in at the last minute before we close, were both there today. Ugg! I really wish people would respect other people's time. Most of the time I don't mind if I have to stay a little late but it just bugs me that people seem to think it's OK to keep people past closing time.

Tomorrow is our big family Easter brunch. I will be glad when it's over with. Hubby doesn't do well if the kids aren't happy, so lets pray they are good! :)

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

#217 - Friday!

Happy Good Friday to you!

Well I made it through my course... just barely! :) It was just plain painful! I had my largest class ever, 18 people. They were all at varying levels (the painful part). A few students were downright ignorant too! Lovely. I had a really tough time getting through the material. It was just plain gross. I was not expecting to get great reviews, but they were actually pretty good considering how crappy I thought it was going. Two people commented that I was "dull". That one just cracks me up! (I guess I was just too focused on getting through the material this time I guess!) One lady said I was the best instructor she has ever had at the college that I teach at. (That one cracked me up to as this class was just brutal! LOL)

Oh yes and another Lady has asked me to do some contract work for her. Silly me I said yes! It should only be a couple hour job though! I know I am an idiot! :)

I am just listening the the thunder roll. It's raining and thumping here. That should help take the rest of our snow away! :) We never get thunder at this time of year, it sounds kind of strange!

- feeling so tired every time I teach a 2 day course

- having hubby home for the day

We had a busy day today! We made chocolates this morning, Baby was even trying to help. I let her lick a wee bit off the spoon that kept her happy for about a half hour! After lunch we decorated Easter Eggs. Baby was totally into that! I couldn't believe it not even a mess, phew! They had a great time with the eggs.

At times like this I think of how lucky I am. So many years hubby and I celebrated Easter, wishing and hoping to one day have a family. I just loved watching the kids create our Easter gifts today it brings me such peace to watch them. At least if I had to suffer for 11 or so years, now I am getting to just enjoy.

Today was our first day without afternoon naps, for the boys. Last night was a yet another nightmare at bedtime so we decided to try not having a nap today. Well at least tonight it seems to have done the trick. Time will tell. Baby had a bit longer nap today and that seemed to make a difference in her disposition this evening too. Now we won't get anything done in the afternoon either! Yikes, when am I going to work?

During Baby's afternoon nap the boys and I had a date with my cricut. I cut out some boxes to put our chocolates in and some cards. The kids love to pull the paper off the mat! They even did some colouring on the boxes.

We did have our usual toy fights today... but other than that it was a great day.

Off to work tomorrow then we have Easter Brunch with the family on Sunday.

Happy Easter to those who Celebrate!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

#216 - Uggg!

Well today was PAINFUL! Day one of two. Large Class, some very bitchy/annoying people. Well I am sure there will be a few not so great reviews tomorrow. Well it's impossible to please everyone, that's for sure! One more day to get through. I made a couple of mistakes today, I am just hoping I don't foul anything up tomorrow! :)

I am so glad I have no classes next week. It would be a bit of a break if I didn't have to do some re-work on my next class and have the contract to work on... But when I am done I will be able to take a bit of a break. Well as much of a break as I ever get anyway! :)

- people who talk when they should be listening

- hubby is off on friday, so I get to sleep in a bit, well at least get out of bed later than usual!!!

I love coming home to all three monkeys just waiting for me at the back door. Hubby usually takes my bag so I had to have something for the boys to carry... they got my keys.

Baby was some kind of foul tonight. She got a little better after supper so I am assuming she must have been really hungry, especially since she ate and ate and ate after supper!

Need sleep... off to bed I go

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

#215 - Time to work!

Well the next two days I shall be at work... teaching. I am glad it's only a two day thing, any more would be to much for me to handle right now, even the two day thing is a little much.

I am still working on my contract work as well. It seems like it will never end, but I know I am getting closer.

I have also be asked to teach another course in June. This means more prep time. Will I ever get a break I wonder? In 10 to 20 maybe! :)

Now I ask, who leaves their kids in the car? Someone had their car stolen from in front of a school today, complete with a 5 month old in it. They did recover the vehicle with unharmed baby in about 2 hours or so, but how scary for the Mom. Now I have 3 kids and I get them all out of the car even it's for 5 minutes. Maybe I am just paranoid?

- my mother... she 'dropped' by today. She was annoyed that we weren't making a big deal of her 'fake' cough. She only coughs when she remembers! It's so phony, even the boys could do better! I suppose I will be in sh*t again. Great, I have to put up with her in the morning.

- I have started looking for new child care!

Well Boy 1 is over his bug that he had, he was back to bossing everyone around today. Trying to make up for yesterday's quiet I guess. Boy 2 was nasty grumpy this morning. I think maybe he will be sick next? Baby... well she was just herself today! :)

Oh yes and lets hope Boy 1 decides to sleep tonight! He was up at 1am, 3am, 5:30am, 6am and 7:30am.... ugg

I really need some sleep with having to teach tomorrow... good night

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#214 - My opinion - Febreze Candles - Vanilla & Refresh Scent

Product: Febreze Candles


TESTING NOTES: I put this candle (which I liked the scent to begin with) on the kitchen stove to test it out. I was happy to report the scent wasn't too strong and when lit it could be smelled through out the house. I wanted to try it out when the house was stinky. Well hubby cooked a ham and the house smelled so I lit the candle to see what it could do!

RESULTS: Yummy! Love the smell of this candle (vanilla & refresh) and it did manage to get the 'stink' out of my house. It didn't take very long before the cooking ham smell was gone. It wasn't just covered up it was actually removed! I made sure to put the candle in a safe place away from the kids, sometimes I am nervous with young children in the house. I was also happy to report that in the morning I could still smell the sent of the candle in the house even though it had been off all night. So I thought that was the end of my test, but the next day I went to start our stove (/fire place) in the basement. Well all I did was create a whole bunch of smoke. Hubby put the candle on to get the stink out of the house, it worked great!

THE BOTTOM LINE: I really like the scent of this candle. I am a little cautious of candles in the house with small children so I may not use it as often as I would like to!


Monday, April 06, 2009

#213 - Stress is...

... the desire to choke the sh*t out of some idiot who desperately deserves it! (nope not the hubby today)

So I am starting my quest to find a part-time in home sitter for my kiddos (good luck with that one!) I am so done with the SH*T that my mother seems to have following around her. She calls me today to tell me that she may not be able to look after the kids on Thursday (hmm... sounds EXACTLY like last week!) There is always an excuse with her, she has to have drama with everything. WTF does she think my Hubby can walk out of work whenever SHE feels like it! Like last week, some close relative died and the funeral might be on thursday. If they are so effing close why the eff have I never heard of this person in my entire life? She lies so much she forgets that I used to live in that god forsaken house and I would know if this relative was ever mentioned OR not!

Well they were supposed to come see the kids this weekend, but they decided to go to a "good" friends funeral. Which is fine other than the part that I have never heard of this person, ever. So don't effin lie to me about how well you know this person. Then they went and got groceries to help someone out who NEEDS help. (Oh ya what about when my hubby went to see his father after his father's heart attack. Home alone for 2 weeks with 4 month old twins, they lived 5 mins away, where the eff were you then). What about your effin family you miserable mean b*tch. (No I am not Angry at all! LOL) Then she asked what WE got done this weekend. Well let me see I worked on Saturday, so that means hubby got nothing done, and well I was home sunday but we didn't get much done then either (I didn't mention Hubbys mood to her!). I said we just need some help a few days to get a few things around here done. (Like the program that I am trying to write, 2 hrs at a time. If I had two bloody days I could finish the effing thing!) Sure glad she is retired and LOVES to help OUT! Well everyone but me that is. Not like she is any help when she comes over anyway! It's like she has done to me all my life... THROW things in my FACE. Then if I was to say anything she would just yell at me anyway! Then she told me we shouldn't be doing any reno's anyway as we are supposed to spend time with the kids. WTF do you think we are doing, we only work when they are sleeping so that's why we don't get anything effing done!

I am so done with her sh*t. I have decided that I am going to find other child care then I never have to ask for anything and I will also reduce the stress in my life! Strange that someone who spent 11 years saying "I am NEVER going to have any grandchildren" can't even be bothered to take some time out of her weekend to see her own grandkids!

OK that feels better! Now if only gravity would stop holding that woman on the planet! She thinks she hates me now, just wait until I don't actually need her help. Then I won't have to be nice even after she doles out all her sh*t. Now I am being nice as I need the work.

p.s. at least hubby was out of his mood today! phew!

- ya I think you figured that one out today... if not see above! LOL

- knowing that I am not going to take this crap anymore. I am going to do something about it

It was pretty quite around here today. Boy1 was sick all day. He is such a good kid when he is sick, he even makes sure to have a bucket to get sick in. My little sweetie pie. He must have been feeling much better at supper as he was really eating a lot (yikes) and he was barking orders to his siblings.

I was sad today, then Baby spent most of her day at the back door crying Daddy. Then she fell off the couch and banged her head (more of a scare than anything, not even a bump, phew). So I pick her up to cuddle her, what does she do? Yell Daaaadddy. OK so now mom really feels like crap!

We had a breakthrough today. I caught Boy2 making the POOPY face! So I did the Grab and Run to the 'big boy potty'. Well of course the poopy face was gone. So we sat, and sat, and sat, the phone rang and I had to take it, so dad sat and sat. Well then, from the other room I heard a splash. We had lift off. I figured if we could get him to sit there long enough it would eventually have to come out! Theory worked tonight! He is the one who usually does all the liquids in the potty, so maybe solids now too? Wooohooo Do the Potty Dance! (We put this on and Hubby and I joined in. Baby looked at us like we had totally lost it. I think the boys were trying to ignore us! LOL

I must be off to bed. Trying to have somewhat better hours since I am teaching this week.... Good night

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

#212 - Anyone want a grumpy hubby? You can have mine!

What a day! My hubby needs a big time arce kicking!

1. Took the kids outside to play in the morning, I told him he could go work on the storage room OR I would go do my work (since I am swamped due to the little database crash issue I had). So what does he do, say Yes he is going to go inside, then he stands around. So I asked him again so he went off on me. Around here time is very precious, if you want to work on something and you have an opportunity you just go freaking do it! If there is 2 hours to be had you better not waste a freaking moment of it if I can be getting my stuff done. I was just trying to be nice, as I knew I should have been working. So anyway he told me to go do my stuff then. I explained to him that it didn't matter if he didn't feel like working I am cool with that, but I am not wasting time that I could be working while he stands around. So finally he went off in a huff to go work (Apparently Karma is a b*tch as he hit his hand with the hammer!)
2. At nap time I am trying to get work done, so he effs off doing something. One of the kids woke up screaming so I had to drop my work and go deal with it. Which meant no work for me in the afternoon. Well I was frozen from being outside so I took baby into the bed to lay down. Apparently he was pissed off at me for laying down. What the heck else was I supposed to do? Then another one of the kids got up and he had to deal with him, so he was pissed at me again. Well I guess he shouldn't have wasted his morning time since he knew I had to get some work done! So what do I do instead? Stay up half the night working! Friggin heck!
3. He wakes me up, cause I fell asleep with baby. (hmm maybe it's because I am effing exhausted?) He starts yelling at me are you coming to eat supper... at 4:30pm, I will get right on that. Now he knows it takes me a few minutes to get moving after I have fallen asleep but still he yells at me anyway! ARG!
4. After he wakes me he goes into the kitchen. I guess the pot was boiling, and OMG some water spilled out, must be the end of the world (*insert sarcasm here*). So what does he do, start SWEARING, in front of the kids. And we aren't talking the 'nicer' of the swear words either. The kids already walk around here saying the "f" word, I am afraid of what is coming next. If I ever here them say the c-sucker word I think I may just cut my hubbies vocal cords out! (I hate the c-sucker word, I would NEVER say that. I can't believe he does this in front of the kids) He gets mad at the kids when they say the "f" word... you would think he knows where they get it from! One of the boys even said "Daddy no say that word". I could hear him all the way in the bedroom so I know the kids could hear him. ARG!
5. I am not allowed to say anything to him about his language or he just goes off on me. Lets pray this mood doesn't last long or it is not going to be pretty around here for me and the kids.

Grow up is about all I can say right now!

- horrible words

- finally being warm

Well we had the kids outside today. It was windy and freaking cold. I almost froze to death out there for 2 hours. It's hard to enjoy being out there when there is so much to be done in the house, and at this time of year nothing can really be done outside yet. We are loosing the snow fast but we still have a whole bunch. We have quite a mess to clean-up this year, I am not looking forward to that.

Anyway I pretty much hate being outside when I have stuff that needs to get done. The kids cannot be left out there on their own so I just kind of walk around and follow them. They had a blast, they finally got their gators out. They also had their 'fred flinstone' cars out too (you have to use feet to move them). They were quite happy to be outside, Mom wasn't thrilled so I am glad that they had fun! (Hubby got a few things done in the basement, he's so gosh darn slow I am afraid this will never get done!)

I bathed the kids tonight, no way I was sicking Dad on them. (I should have been working but hubby is so foul that it wouldn't have been fair to the kids.) They were really good today, I suppose the fresh air and change of scenery was good for them. I do find it hard to get outside with them as I am so NOT an outdoor person. In the summer will be better as I can pen them in on the deck and still watch them from the kitchen when I try to get stuff done. We have no fence here so I can't really ever imagine leaving them outside on their own. We have a major range road on the one side of the house and it can get busy.

It's almost midnight again so I better get to bed. I got a bit of work done tonight, but not as much as I would have liked. I am so tired I just can't concentrate anymore.

Good Night

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

#211 - Lazy!

Well I was so grumpy about my issues with my work files last night that I did nothing tonight. What a rebel! The worst part of all of this is that I am running out of time!


Today was a steady day at work. I also managed to play with some merchandising instead of just helping customers. Usually Saturdays are beyond stupid busy! I like it when things look nice so that's what I did a little of today.

- I wish people in the store would respect other peoples time. You tell people the store is closing in 15minutes and still they are shopping 10 mins after we close. (The same lady that was holding things up on Thursday was there again today! Sheesh). Then if one customer does then the rest think then can too? I haven't worked in retail since I was in high school, but I know when I was in my professional career I would never have gone into a store and kept people late. They have lives too, it's about respect if you ask me?
- being so tired

- a great conversation with my hubby. It was short but at least we had one, it doesn't seem to happen very often these days.

Not enough time with the kiddos today. :( I do miss them when I am not around. The hubby had them outside today playing in the snow (which will hopefully melt soon). We got a hand-me-down trike thing (big wheels, I think they used to call them in the 80s), apparently Boy1 was out riding it in the snow! LOL

I am wondering what baby had on though as her snow suit is in the wash?

I must go to bed... good night

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Friday, April 03, 2009

#210 - My MAC rocks

Well today I spent a lot of time working on one of my contract jobs. To my horror my access database with a lot of work completed became corrupted. Really badly corrupted! I thought I was going to have to start all over! Luckily I connected up my computer to my portable drive on the 25th and Time Machine had a backup copy of my file. So I was able to recover a great deal of work. I lost about 5 hours, which is like 3 days of my actual working time, but it's better than loosing about 25 windows that I had developed! *insert major sigh of relieve here*

Tonight we went out and found what we needed for our new door in our storage room. I want a pocket door so that I don't have a door to get in the way of any of my storage needs! :) We found a great frame (hubby says he could make one, but I told him that we should just get it to save him some time. I would like the storage room finished before I am 100! It will be bad enough as it is, he is a little on the anal side)

Hubby heard that lay-offs are going to be starting at work. He should be safe for a while, but of course in this day and age one never knows. He may have to go down to a 4 day work week (which would be nice, if we had the money to reno the house! :)). I am nervous because you just never know, but this is the day we are living in right now. I know that he will find work where ever he can if he does get laid off so that is good but still I worry. I am sure glad that when we moved that we didn't go into the bigger nicer house, at least this one has a smaller mortgage! So for now we will watch our pennies and make sure we have something set aside just in case.

- database crashes

- my mac


The monkeys were pretty good today. Baby is a little 'off', she had to sit with me most of the day. That makes life interesting to say the least! We went out to Home Depot to look at doors tonight. I asked Mom if she would come and watch the kids (since Dad wants to see them apparently?) so we could run out. She of course said, you guessed it NO. She told me it was good for us to take them out... to a park maybe, but Home Depot? Not to mention it's almost impossible to look at anything with them as they want to keep moving. Then there was Baby who screamed all the way from our house to Home Depot. At least she shut up so we could get through the store, very quickly I might add. It is so hard to get anything done when no one will ever help us out.

I was thinking of trying to find someone once a month, just to give me time to work on what I need to for my jobs, or just hide in the basement for a couple of hours (scrapbook stuff is down there!) But now with hubby's job I don't think that it's going to fly. It's not that I don't love my kids, but if we could just get a couple of days every now and again we could get soo much accomplished. Then we wouldn't have to work on this for a couple hours here and there and feel like nothing is ever getting done. I want to spend more quality time with the kiddos, instead of always playing catch-up. (Note to self, do not EVER let laundry get behind, because then it just never gets caught up!)

Well it's midnight and I have to work tomorrow... I better get to bed!

Good Night

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

#209 - A little sad

Driving home from work today I was listening to the radio. A guy was calling in to dedicate a song to his 10 week PG wife. Now I was ok with that, then for some reason when he said that she had Morning sickness I got all sad. I am sad that I will never be PG again. Why morning sickness brought those feelings up I will never know? I suppose it took me back to my 5 months of all day sickness that I had after my first successful IVF.

Infertility again rears it's ugly head yet again. I am to old and tired to keep up with my clan, another one would be too much. Besides hubby says NO anyway. I suppose in one way or another IF will always be in the back of my mind. Every now and again something will just come up that takes me back to that time. We spend so much time dealing with IF, then if we are lucky enough to get pregnant we are afraid to enjoy it, then it all goes by so fast.

Now please tell me why I would want to put up with morning sickness again for at least 5 months? I guess I was just so happy to beat IF I would do it all over again. I love my kids I suppose that's why I would like 1 more? Either that or I am just nuts?

I miss being pregnant, I wish it could have lasted longer, I wish I didn't have IF baggage during my pregnancy. I wish I could just move past all of this. I want to let go, really I do, but I don't I never want to forget where I came from either.

So this morning was BRUTAL. I tried to get to bed early last night but as per usual I got into something else and didn't get there. I had one heck of a time getting out of bed. I am finding that the teaching is knocking me on my arce. It is totally exhausting, I am sure the 5:30 am mornings don't help either.

- people who will not leave the store after we are closed, then try to shop more...
- being sad

- looking forward to the weekend
- hubby letting me have a nap before work this afternoon

Today was a bit trying. Kiddos were a bit grumpy today. Post grandma visit is always fun... I do not know what she does to the kids but they are always horrible after she has been here. I suppose the fact that she lets them do whatever they want doesn't help.

Tomorrow should be a better day. If not I work Saturday so at least I will get a bit of a break!

Good night

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

#207 - Stick a fork in me cause I am DONE!

Wohooo! I am done my latest class. Today was painful, for some reason I was terribly exhausted. It is amazing how much energy it takes to talk! Now if only it would translate into weight loss now wouldn't I be happy.

My 'extra needs' student managed to finish the class, however I still don't think he knows where the shift key is on the keyboard. Not for lack of trying I pointed it out to him I would say at least 50 times in the last 2 days. Oh my! He says he has a home computer, I am kind of wondering what he does with it! :) Can you imagine having a home PC and having no idea where or what the shift key is? He said he used it, I am not convinced though! I sure hope that he takes my suggestion and takes the basic intro to computers before he takes any other classes! :)

- Dead cars in the middle lane of traffic in the middle of rush hour. We were really backed up. I was moving fairly good as everyone kept exiting the lane I was in... but the dead chevy was in the other lane! If people would just stay the h*ll where they are and wait a minute I am sure things would probably end up moving better in the long run!

- going to bed early, I can't wait until I can do that tonight!

I am so glad the hubby was home early, he has the kids all calmed down (post grandma visit) before I get home. I makes for a much more relaxing evening!

I am so very tired I am off to bed! Good Night!

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