Sunday, April 26, 2009

#230 - Another weekend gone!

Where do they go? The weekends that is? I would like to slow them down a bit!

Well I worked all day Saturday then my mother decided that she wanted to bring a friend over to see my scrapbooking stuff today. I asked her to come over Saturday night instead since Sunday afternoon would be the only time hubby would have to work on the storage room. Well of course only Sunday afternoon would work for her.

All she did was effing sneer at me anyway. Her friend was sitting in front of her so she could sneer away. She thinks she can control what I say if she sneers! Really it just irritates me and makes me want to say more to annoy the crap out of her. I am an adult I really wish she would leave me the heck alone. It's like having a censor following you around. Let me tell you she didn't leave early enough. (Oh and since there was snow in the air she wouldn't drive so Dad had to drive her and we had to wait until he could come pick her up) What a freaking waste of the only day my Hubby and I were off together this week. Arg

So I got nothing done today!

I passed the 10 thousand photo mark on my camera today, hmm no wonder I have so many photos in my scrapbook.

- yes my mother is on this list yet again
- not enough hours in a weekend

- when my mother leaves!
- scrapbooking
- my camera
- my Mac
- looking at all my photos

Well the kiddos were pretty good today. Boy2 had on real underwear today, he did really well until the evening (which is usually his bad time anyway). Then we had a couple of accidents. My hubby was being a complete ass about it and he needs to act like a grown up. Poor boy2 was really upset and hubby went off on him anyway. As if the kid didn't feel bad enough already. I was so mad I couldn't even say anything to him tonight. Between that and the comments he fires at Boy1 because he doesn't want to sit on the potty I really want to kick his *ss! No one should ever talk to my kids like that, especially not their father. He is soo good to them unless they misbehave... I just can't stand it when he gets mad at them. He would never hurt them but I know how much words can hurt too. Maybe I am just overly sensitive due to my parents yelling and screaming? I just don't want my kids to ever feel like I did. I don't know what to say to my husband to make him GET it. Any advice would be helpful if you have any.

Oh ya then there is the whole Fut thing. Baby walks around here saying Fut (the "F" word) constantly and the boys too... hmm I wonder where they got that. (One guess it wasn't mom!)

Frustrated and sad off to bed I go...

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At 4:58 a.m., April 27, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

{{{Hugs}}} for the language, warn him that he WILL be the one going in to explain things when they say it at school (I've threatened my hubby with that...LOL). As for the yelling, you will have to deal with it when you aren't pissed off. Will he listen without getting defensive? Maybe try phrasing it in terms of how it makes you feel because of how you were raised...that might seem less of an "attack" (how he might feel, not what I think you would do) on him.

At 9:52 a.m., April 27, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

((Hugs))Your mom has issues you can't fix unfortunately. I hope one day you can laugh at her and see her putdowns and criticisms of you as her insecurity and inane and unrealistic desire to control others. The Dance of Anger by Harrier Goldhor is a great book that helped me cope w/my mother. That and the fact she lives 150 miles away.
With your hubby, that's so hard, so sorry. Please remind him that he is the grown up and it's childish to always give in the weakest of our emotions.


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