Sunday, February 28, 2010

#379 - Hanging in there...

Well the cold is back full force in this house... I am very irritated. Hopefully the vitamins and what not else will help! I think I have been healthy 2 weeks of this year so far. Lets hope that trend doesn't continue!

I didn't even have enough energy to do much scrapbooking this week. :( How sad is that. We won't even talk about the neglected house cleaning. YUCK this place is in need of a good clean and sanitize apparently!

I have the next two weekends off work so hopefully that will help. I tried to dump my shift on Saturday and that never happened. Well at least I managed to get rid of half of it (no comment). I was also a little miffed that one of our other staff called in on Friday and they managed to cover her shifts?? (And she doesn't have anyone that wakes her up 100 times a night! Ugg!)

So what about those Olympics? I am so proud of our Canadian athletes what a great show. Sorry US friends Yey hockey team! I am not sure about parts of the closing ceremony though? Kind of weird. I guess someone thought some of it was funny! I liked Captain Kirk but the Comedian that followed was Baaaaad! Seriously though who doesn't love a blow up beaver??? :)

Kiddo Notes
Boy 1 = sick and grumpy
Boy 2 = sick (not grumpy... yet)
Baby = sick and grumpy (hmm not sure that she is any grumpier than usual?)

Boy 2 was quite the peace maker today. He doesn't want anyone to be mad at anyone in the house. He will give whoever is bad his toys to try to get them to behave. Then he tells Mom that it's OK everyone is good! :) Bless is little heart!

Oh well our stinking fridge died... what a PITA! We were going to put it in our kitchen. Well it was in our Kitchen for a while. We measured the Height and Width, but didn't figure that the depth would have changed. Well it was 4 inches deeper than the one we had in the kitchen. Well it was a nice though. So hubby now had to move it down to the basement, where the one that died was. It was about a 4 hour job. NASTY. So the part I was getting to...
New Fridge = $ we don't have
New Box and a bucket of crayons for the kids = priceless! :)

Off to bed I go!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sick again... nuff said!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

#378 - Where did this week go?

Sometimes I just wonder what the heck happened to all the time? I have no idea where the last couple of weeks went? Poof and they are GONE!

I am not sure if I am getting another cold or if I am just loosing my voice after talking so much during my last class?? I have started coughing at night so that kind of sucks. I just don't want another cold, it seems like there is a nasty one going around that's for sure.

Well I guess today was the start of the Winter (/summer weather) Olympics. I am looking forward to watching some of the events. It's sad to hear that one of the luge athletes was killed during a practice run. How awful.

I did miss the opening ceremonies since I was at work. I am a little miffed that a hockey player that hasn't lived in Canada for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS lit the flame. Yes we was an awesome Hockey Player, but his kids weren't even born in this country, he doesn't live here. Oh well at least his family still lives in Canada. I just think they should have chosen someone who at least spends most of the time in the country??? But that's just my opinion.

I suppose I should be off to bed. Hubby is off to cut more firewood and I still feel kind of crappy so I better get some sleep.

We finally figured out what the issue is with Baby. Today she said she needed something for her "Space Ship". Hmmm maybe if she returns to her "home planet" they will give her some de-grumping pills? LOL

The kids did fairly well considering I dumped myself on the couch today and laid down for most of the day. I was feeling so crappy. I am hoping tomorrow is a better day!

My parents are coming over to see the kids tomorrow. They want to give them their valentine gifts. (The crazy mother situation has actually been really good since my big time 'talk' with my Dad before Christmas. I guess they know how I feel now and that I am not taking any sh*t. For the first time since I was very young I feel as though a weight has been lifted. I am very cautious though as I am HOPING things do not go back to the way they were before as that is typically what happens with her. Oh well I plan on enjoying a half *ss relationship with my parents while it lasts. I actually have a relationship with my father now, I have never had that before, it's kind of weird. My mother has actually been showing up to look after the kids when I teach too, even when she had a cold one day??? Maybe she was hit by lightening??? Whatever as long as it lasts for a while!!!)

Off to bed I go... good night!


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

All I do is complain??

Ok it seems as though all I do these days is complain! Well after five freaking weeks my cold finally seems to be gone, but the exhaustion lingers! So that is my complaint for today!

I did work 4 days in a row.... Oooo! I don't know how you full time moms manage!!!! 5 days would kil me and there would be absolutely no Me time at all, I really don't think I could manage!

On the non-complaining side of things I have cleaned up a bunch of stuff in the basement and have moved back into my scrapbooking crazy times! Lol. I actually managed to get 6 pages done in the last two days! I probably should have gone to bed last night but I was on a roll! I am so irritated with being stuck in 2008 that I am on a mission to get caught up! I do have my 2009 Christmas pics done already though so I am getting there slowly! I think when I am done 2008 I will be ever so happy!

Kiddo Notes
The boys did the Valentine thing at school yesterday and had a blast! I heard about it today! Guess it takes a day to sink in!! Lol

The girl is really working those terrible twos! I will be happy to move out of the NO phase! The crab phase! The irritate the crap outta my brothers phase! Etc! Who am I kidding she's a girl I think she was put on this earth to drive us around the rest of the bend! But I doo love the little pain in my arce! When she isn't crabbing she can be so sweet!

Off I go!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cold go away!

Today was a teaching day! Not so bad if I would have at least gotten an hour of sleep last night! Man do we have sleep issues around here!

Well I only stuck my foot in my mouth once today. Hope no one noticed! Then it seemed evertime I did something I would break it or it wouldn't work the way I was expecting! Here is to more sleep tonight and a better day tomorrow. I starte coughing and have a sore throat again so I am hoping that I do not hit 5 weeks with this miserable thing!

Kiddo notes

Boy2 kept us up most of he night, he is busy with the sleep talking/walking. Almost every 20 minutes until 5 am he was going! If he wasn't my husband was snoring, he has a cold and normally doesn't snore but he was making up for it last night!

Great I can hear boy2 going again already and I think the hubby is working on a Forrest of logs! I think I must knock myself out tonight! Where is that baseball bat anyway? Jk!

Ah yes Mom was here today. She has actually been pretty good of late, scarry! But it lead to a bitchy Baby this evening as she had everyone up early! We still need to teach Grandma to use her inside voice. She just refuses to get the kids to tone it down or herself for that matter! Oh well at least she showed up today.

Off to bed I go, right after I kick my hubby! Oh it's going to be a looong night!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Since when does working 4 days in a row feel like a marathon?

So tell me why working four days in a row seems so exhausting? Must be old age or possibly the lack of sleep? I am starting with 2 days of teaching, then Friday night then all day Saturday at my other job! Then I get to do it all again next week if my course runs! I am hoping it runs as we kind of need the money. That and I am not scheduled any classes in March! Hopefully I can pick up at least one!

Kiddo notes
It was a good day around here today! Everyone was well behaved! I managed to finish off a few scrapbook pages in the am and sort through a pile of photos I have kicking around!

Baby is still very cranky, I think that being 2 is making her happy to be cranky! She answers any and every question with No so it's a little hard to figure out what she really wants! She loves to scream loudly when she doesn't get what she wants, but still she refuses to let us in on what she really wants! Typical woman I guess LOL!

We are happy that the boys are finally wiping their own butts! Boy 1 inspects boy2's but to make sure he gets it all! They are like little women, they have to go to the bathroom together! Oh brother!

Hubby dropped off the paper work at the school yesterday the boys are offically registered in kindergarden in September. I am very sad! I am really going to miss them. No one gets why I am not happy, I guess with twins you are supposed to want to get them in to school or something? I just want to enjoy them as much as I can!

Anyway I better get off to bed it's getting late!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Slowly getting better

Well I made it to four weeks with thus rotten cold and now it FINALLY seems to be getting better! I even managed to get some scrapping done today 6 pages! So I was happy! I really want to get caught up! It's ok to be a few months behind but anymore than that is crazy!

Kiddo Notes
My boys are finally admitting that they are enjoying their pre-school program. I dropped them off today and away they went. They were telling their teacher about their motorhome, not sure if they told her it was Lego though? They are pretty funny they have to figure out something to tell the teacher every week. We also found out Boy 2 can colour in the lines, he sure won't do that at home! I am finding it exhausting to get them to and from school every Monday. I am thinking it's either the left overs from this cold or how OLD I am! Bloody infetility has taken a lot out of me too I suppose! I can't wait until there is only one in a car seat instead of 3! I wish those darn boys would get heavier!!!!

Anyway off to bed I go! Good night!