Tuesday, September 30, 2008

#68 - Wahooooo!

Well my 4 day work marathon is over.  I still think that it's funny that my 4 day week felt like a marathon, when 4 days used to be a short week.  It's amazing how your perspective changes depending on your view!

I was happy to start my day without too much traffic, I should have know that was a good sign.  The course went very well.  I managed to make a few changes to my delivery style and it made all the difference when it came to actually getting my point across.  Of course I always believe that I can improve so I am looking forward to the next one.  (This makes me happy as I usually feel like crying when I am done, I am not so good at letting the nasty comments just Roll off my back! :) )  I was happy to see that there wasn't any nasty comments in the course review, which makes me very happy!  I got some great comments as to my organization, how patient I am (my family wouldn't agree with this one! LOL), how well laid out my course and notes were.   I will keep this one in my memory for a while as it was such a good group, this doesn't always happen!  If only everyone was so well behaved! (I have had a few classes where facebook seems to be a little more important! :) )  

I even had someone ask if I taught the next level! :)  To top it off it was a lovely day outside!

On the drive home today I was thinking of how much I have changed.  I am no longer this shy girl that used to sit in the back and be afraid to talk.  Now I am teaching adults, standing at the front of a classroom and actually talking for hours on end. If someone would have told me that I was going to do what I am doing now, I would have thought they were crazy.  I am the girl that used to use email to avoid talking to people on the phone at work!  Times are a changing

- Luggage that does not pack itself! :)  Now don't you think it would be a much better idea if your suitcase could fill itself up for you?  Come to think of it I think Laundry should do itself too (not just the washing part, loading and folding too!).
- Stubbing my toe
- Drinking 4 liters of water to try to get rid of the dry feeling from talking all day, and all it does is make you have to pee and you are still thirsty
- Trying to get organized to get our septic tank replaced!  What a PITA (pain in the arce)
- When I am left sitting in the dark blogging as my timers have shut all the lights off in the house
- Hangnails!

- When a plan comes together
- Watching the amazement in a child's eyes when they grasp a new concept
- The way my kids count to five and always skip the four
- Being truly happy
- Firefox


I think baby is inventing a new sport, the chair Olympics!  She has one of those foam chairs (pink of course) in her room and she has a chair that sings when you sit on it.  So she goes back and forth from one chair to the other as quick as she can.  In the foam chair she rocks three times then off and onto her bum to scoot across to the other chair, play some music, stand up and play some other music on her light table, the sit again and repeat.  Of course Baby is so busy laughing it is quite a hoot, back and forth she goes.  I am not sure what the purpose of all of this is, but she sure looks like she is having fun! I suppose the funniest part is how she gets onto the chair.  She is on her but, she lifts up her left leg and puts her foot and leg onto the chair then she manages to get her butt up (she is facing the back of the chair), then she twists around to sit forward.  It is definitely unique, but I suppose when you aren't standing it makes sense to her.  She kind of climbs on this like this too!  I suppose she will have strong arms from hoisting herself up!

Baby has also found a new way to crawl, on her belly!  She uses her toes and her hands to drag herself forward.  So she pretty much only has her toes, her hands and her belly on the floor, the rest of her is up in the air! 

The boys are definitely on a big 'wind me up' cycle before bed!  Driving me CRAZY, before bed I am ready to go to sleep and these too have some kind of energy rush.  Energy is wasted on the youth, I am sure I could put that to better use than running around in circles and falling on the floor!

I wanted to write something else about the boys, but it seems to have escaped my brain.  I am pretty much typing with my eyes closed so I think it's time to go to bed.  I hope my post is not to choppy as I think my brain stopped functioning about an hour ago!

Good night! :)

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Monday, September 29, 2008

#67 - I must be lazy

Well one more day left in my 4 days work marathon. HA HA... four days used to be a short week now it feels like a marathon! I must be lazy! :)

The class is going well so far, but time will tell (course reviews... yikes! Lets just put it this way I have had a few doozies! I have probably only received 1 to 2 bad ones per class so I guess I should consider that one cannot please everyone. But of course I want to make everyone happy. It's hard in 14 hours of class to make sure everyone 'gets it'.)

- EARLY mornings! 5:30am
- Line-ups at TIM HORTON'S in the morning (and I don't even drink coffee! I was going for the tea)
- Rush hour traffic, this is one thing I don't miss being a SAHM
- House guests a few days before we go on vacation (hubby's friend - ugg)

- Little faces in the window when I get home
- Big hugs from the bodies attached to the little faces that were in the window
- Explaining something to someone and they actually GET IT!

- Baby has started to 'swim' on the floor. Maybe she will figure out crawling yet!
- Boy1 is VERY chatty right now and he is so animated when he talks. His big blue eyes get really big when he is excited and he is telling me something
- Boy2 poor little fella is so sensitive, I sure hope that he grows out of a bit of that as he gets older. I think that poor fella is very emotional like mom...

Time for bed!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

#66 - Half way

I am half way through my work marathon! Sat/Sun at Job1 and Mon/Tue and Job2. I even managed a staff crop Saturday night, which made me very tired today! I ended up with a migraine last night and into today. I am hoping I don't have to deal with it tomorrow.

I am exhausted, but I only have 2 more days to make it through. Then I can get to laundry and packing for our 'vacation'. The MIL is excited to see us soon. I really am sad that this is the first time they will meet Baby. They missed so much.

- bad headaches
- people that are behind you on the road and turn their bright lights on
- people that come into the store at 4:59:38, when we close at 5:00:00... ugg
- my computer, I really need a new one

- scrapbooking
- seeing my kids after a long day (they get so excited)
- Baby wanting me to hold her

Hubby says baby is was almost crawling. Baby likes to mountain climb up mom???

Boy1 has almost learned to pedal his car, he likes the Flintstones car that he has better.

Both boys need a hair cut.

I was pondering why Boy1 refers to himself in third person, yet Boy2 does not.

I am leaving the kids with Grandma tomorrow, I will miss them, I can't wait until Wednesday so I can spend time with them, I am going through withdrawal.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

#65 - Still grumpy but the Kiddo's brightened my day

Today was a busy one. Managed to get a throw rug down in the basement, consisted of moving all toys and a few cabinets, then vacuuming, then moving everything back, vacuuming again (anal retentive much?). In the middle of that the gas company came to 'discuss' our issues.

Now I am just more confused than ever. Frikey frack. Now they are saying it's a different kind of pipe, and that the call-before-you dig folks missed one of the gas lines. So they have to come back again to mark the lines... ugg, and we don't know when the backhoe guy is coming now. Frick! I give up! I guess it will happen eventually?

Then it was back to house cleaning stuff. After having the furnace cleaned there is crap all over so now in addition to getting ready to go away I need to clean my house! YIPEE! So after the kids went down for their nap it was back into the furnace room to put it back together (we had to move a bunch of stuff so they could get in!)

Then it was time to clean up/file my bills and clean-out my computer cabinet so that I could actually get my computer in there!

Supper, play time, finish cleaning up, bath time, then put the kids to bed... and now I get to sit for a few minutes!

- being the middle man in a conversation that I know very little about
- trying to organize work to be done before winter
- the call before you dig folks
- not getting a chance to shower yet today... YUCK! (I better keep this short so I can have one before bed!)
- diaper rash that is hard to get rid of
- stinky diapers! GAG!

- help with my kids (it happens so infrequently that I REALLY appreciate it when it does)
- Baby's giggle
- My kids cleaning up their toys
- The smell of a freshly bathed kiddo

My helper (cousin's daughter), SS, was here again today. YEY! (Hence the reason I got so much done) Baby doesn't like a lot of people, grandma included, but she like SS. Which means that I don't have to hold her as much, so I get some things done. It is also nice to make lunch without fighting/hollering kids. (My poor husband has them the next 2 days... good luck after all the attention they have been getting. I hope they aren't to bad for him)

Now tell me how am I supposed to not laugh and give the boys heck after this one?

I was in the other room with SS & Baby. I heard THE LAUGH, the one that should make me go running, but this time I waited a moment. When I hear that laugh I should no better, drop everything and run to see what they have gotten into. I do believe two heads are better than one in this case.

So I decide I better go check out THE LAUGH, SS and Baby followed. Now remember they were alone approximately 2 minutes. I walk into the kitchen to see Shredded paper flying through the air. They were on the other side of the table and had gotten into the VERY FULL bag of shredded paper. They were filling their hands and throwing it up into the air. I turned to look at SS and Baby... she said the look on my face was priceless.

Now I must admit I wanted to join in, it looked like so much fun, and I was having a hard time not laughing. But hubby was outside and I knew he would not feel the same need to laugh as I did! (stick in the mud) So of course I told the boys they shouldn't be doing this (I am sure that I was REALLY convincing too! *insert laugh here*). I told them they needed to clean it up. So they started to clean-up (which I think is pretty weird for 3 year olds, but who am I to complain), and I ran for the camera of course.

It was quite a job to clean-up, there was paper everywhere. In their hair on their socks, in my (just cleaned) computer cabinet, on the table, under the table...etc. I got the broom and the dust pan, and they took them to clean-up. They cleaned until it was all done too (weird kids I know, they eat broccoli too, must be freezer burn as they were frosties not so long ago! :) ). Oh yes and our furnace was cleaned yesterday, well the vent was full of shredded paper too!

It was the funniest mess they have made so far! It was just so hard to give them crap as they cleaned up right away when I asked them too. Sheesh what's a Mom to do?

Off to bed I go, it's going to be a busy 4 days for me!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

#65 - Fricken Fracking... arg!

So I feel ill, sick, like throwing up. A while back we bought this crap hole of a house, from a crap hole of of a owner. We were lead to believe the septic system was fairly new (lying crap hole of a previous owner). So we had a house inspection done (if you have been reading a while you probably have read some of this before). We wanted to make sure the septic system and the water system were ok. We were told they were ok (we already spent $6000 on the water system!) Then we found out that the tank was about to collapse. Needless to say the inspection company came back, said they would pay half, then said they wouldn't do anything as my husband was to grumpy. So after agreeing to pay half they reneged. So because someone else screwed up and someone else lied we are essentially screwed. It gets better!

The backhoe operator came today, he is not sure he wants to do the job. He is concerned about the complexity of it. The gas company has not given us clearance to dig. There are 2 gas lines in the way. We can't get rid of the old tank as there is a gas line over it and one beside it, we can't put the new tank where the old tank is due to the gas line. It's a freaking mess, I am sure it's going to cost us double the quote we got, and we will still have to deal with the mound, there may be issues with that due to the condition of the tank. I guess I am going to have to bend over an pull $10,000 out of my arce! As if IVF didn't already drain our freaking banking accounts.

I am just so angry that we tried to do all the right things and where the heck did it get us? I am angry that the previous owner signed a contract that he was supposed to disclose any major issues (and ya he knew about it, guaranteed). I am angry that the inspection company screwed us over. I am angry that our only recourse is our lousy legal system and I can't afford to go to court. (I wish there was a lawyer in the family!)

Oh ya and we are also having furnace problems, that we had when we took possession.... the jerk that owned this place knew about them too I am sure!

- people that screw other people (bet ya saw that one coming didn't ya)
- real estate contracts that aren't worth squat
- living in this freaking house and finding new issues constantly
- being stressed due to this mess
- getting ready to go on vacation and looking like we will have no money to do so
- garbage day

- my kids
- my cousins daughter who came over to help me with my kids today! She even did my dishes for me, it was like a mini vacation!
- people that do a good job and are courteous (we had our furnace cleaned today, the guy was great. To bad it was more money out the freaking window)
- my kids cleaning up their own toys

So after today I think the kids education funds might have to be spent on our septic tank! OK maybe not, but I think this is going to be a slow year for contributions! :(

So Baby was in prime form today. She was quite goofy, scooting around on her butt, back and forth, shaking her head and giggling. She actually spent time with my cousin's daughter (I am going to call her SweetSmile, SS for short) while I was in the room. She finally will go to SS so it was nice to have her play with her for a while. I think Baby really enjoyed it too as SS was bouncing her and she loves it.

The boys were good, they liked the furnace cleaning, except the really noisy parts.

Of course the furnace guy arrived at lunch (boy2 didn't scream today yey!). I was lucky SS just took over and got the kiddos fed for me. (She is coming over tomorrow too I am so lucky!)

Boy1 is suffering from constipation again. That poor child. I did enjoy my morning I sat for a minute when the phone rang, before I knew it I had Boy1 on my lap with his blanket and some toys. I sat for a while and just held him. He was laying across my lap and I got to rub his back. The kids aren't very cuddly so I did enjoy it. I even got a cuddle from Baby today when the noisy furnace cleaning was going on. Lucky me.

Baby was actually up on her feet and hands today. I think she is getting closer to walking, that will be scary. My Baby is growing up way to fast.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

#64 - 100 miles an hour with my hair on fire!

Yes today was one of those days where I felt like I was traveling at a 100 miles an hour with my hair on fire!

7:30am - Boys Up, and playing in their room
8:00am - Outta bed, into shower quickly
8:15am - out of the shower, dry off, do hair, get dressed, get cell and headset, dial husband
8:20am - Get boys changed and dressed
8:30am - Get Baby up (sound asleep, I hated to wake her),get her changed and dressed
8:45am - Start getting Breakfast ready, break up a fight over toys
9:00am - Get kids fed
9:15am - Go start car and let it warm up (brrr...), when I got back in the house Boy1 decided he should finish feeding Baby so we could get the show on the road.
9:20am - Finish feeding baby, comb everyone's hair, put on Baby's shoes and coat, get boys shoes and coats on, load into truck
9:27am - On the road
9:45am - Arrive a destination a little early, drive by old house, get a little sad about old house, sit for a few minutes and wait before going in to Rhymes & Story times.
10:00am - Rhymes & Story times, all three kids sat on me, FUN. There was supposed to be activities for the boys but there wasn't, not sure they would have left my side anyway.
11:10am - Load kids back up in car (all that for an hour... yesh!). Off to Walmart to get some stuff for vacation, and picked up halloween costumes for the kids!
12:30 - arrive home, get lunch ready
12:45 - serve kids a late lunch
1:10pm - Septic 'dude' arrives over to discuss tank placement. Ugg yet another issue! (Give Boy2 Spoon and beg him to feed baby... insert mess here!)
1:45pm - kids finish lunch
1:50pm - put up new shower curtain, change bums again...
2:00pm - put kids down for nap, tidy up a bit
2:20pm - work on course that I am teaching next week, send email to find out how many registered. (found out it's my biggest class yet, yikes)
4:00pm - find a place to stop with course, clean some things up for furnace cleaning tomorrow (yet another bill... yipee), get kids up
4:30pm - windows suck, wipe the condensation down
5:00pm - start supper, feed kids, clean-up, do dishes
6:30pm - friends come over for a card making night.
7:30pm - help put kids to bed
9:00pm - friends leave
9:30pm - catch up on blogs and TV
11:00pm - finally start blog post
??? - bed time!

So that about covers my day! Not to exciting!

- having to many things to do and not enough time
- getting old
- hairy legs - frick even waxing doesn't slow the stuff down
- wearing socks with holes to Rhymes & Storytimes (man I never even noticed when I put them on)
- boys that wake up before 8am! :)

- crafts
- the smell of clean laundry
- the little old lady that tried to hold my daughter for me at Rhymes & Story times, little turkey wouldn't go for me though! :)
- my sleeping baby this morning
- comfy shoes
- a warm blanket
- my bloggy friends!


I still can't believe Boy1 decided to feed baby this morning when I went to start the truck. He got out of his booster seat and off he went. When I came back in he proclaimed "Boy1 feed Baby". (Not really sure what the 3rd person thing is all about but I guess he likes it?) He heard we were going out to meet new kids so he wanted to get the show on the road and I guess I wasn't going fast enough. I told him we couldn't go until Baby ate, so I guess he has problem solving skills already!

Boy1 is a little bossy though, telling his bother what to do. Today it was Boy2's turn instead. We were eating breakfast and he noticed that there was condensation on the kitchen window so he said "Mom clean window". He wasn't impressed when I said "No". I suppose if I had of put him on the counter with some paper towel he probably would have done it himself.

Boy1's favorite sayings right now are "wait for it". I guess that's a Mom-ism. For some reason he keeps using "Honey" a lot too, I suppose that's another Mom-ism.

Today we went to the Rhymes and Story times thing. Not really my cup of tea per say. I am not sure that the kids were into it either??? Boy2 sat on my leg and it was falling asleep, Baby and Boy1 were pretty much on my other leg. You just try and hide holy socks when you have three kids sitting on you and your legs are falling asleep. I was trying to stuff my feet under the kids but they weren't into that. They do this song at the beginning and you are supposed to introduce yourself, singing. (You have go to be kidding me... trust me on this one, I am so bad that I only sing if I can turn the radio up loud enough to drown myself out. I can't even stand it) Needless to say I spoke all our names, singing... ha ha am I in the wrong place! :) I did try to sing (if you can call it that) into Baby's ears only. I am sure she is scarred for life now. If she has nightmares tonight I will know why!

As per usual, me an my IF self just felt out of place. Not to mention that there was some folks there that I don't have much in common with (the 2 teen moms were just a little younger than I so I don't imagine we will hang out. Maybe the mom (that I thought was a grandma... oops good thing I kept my mouth shut) and I will be more from the same era. I just didn't hit it off with anyone.

We all sit in a circle on the floor. The kids were all rolling/crawling about in the middle of the floor. So what does Baby do? Take off in the opposite direction of where we were, she definitely marches to her own drum! (maybe she was just trying to get away from my singing.)

So I will go back next week, but I think I will leave the boys at grandma's so that maybe I can get some time with Baby. At least I went even though I didn't really want to, next time I will wear socks without holes! (I must admit I am glad I am going to miss a few weeks do to our visit to the In-laws!)

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

#62 - Excuse me but where did you put my spare time?

The weeks are just flying by. The days seem to be mere blips on the month. I feel like I am always behind and always trying to catch up. If I take a moment for myself it seems to put me behind even farther. I was exhausted today so I had a nap with the kids and therefore did not get any prep for the class I am teaching next Monday done. So it has become a night time 'sport'. Trying to prep for a class when you are exhausted is not the best thing.

I am really stressed over money and other things so I just had to rest for a while today. I told my poor kiddos that mom was grumpy today so they had to be good, and they were pretty good. Yey! I even managed to get a load of laundry done (and hubby even thanked me for doing his!). I was going to start working on my course when Baby napped in the morning but I just didn't have it in me. I guess there is always tomorrow. The problem is I need to get my handouts to the folks to print out by the end of day Thursday. Yikes!

The last few days I don't think I have been giving enough to my kids. I feel guilty, so tonight I sat down and played with them. I keep thinking that they will have three weeks of our undivided attention when we are on vacation. I just need more waking hours in my day!

- A bad nights sleep
- Getting screwed over
- Stupid Drivers
- Dumb commercials
- Being tired
- Getting behind on my Scrapbooks
- Our furnace (we are having issues with it and it wouldn't start this morning!)

- Cheesecake
- Sleeping in (something I dream about)
- The smell of fall
- Getting things accomplished
- Baking cookies with my kids

Baby was very busy today, into everything she could. The boys were busy today too, getting to everything and anything when Mom was in the washroom. It is amazing the stuff those two can get into when I am indisposed for 2 mins. I kept coming out into the room wondering where the heck stuff came from. Baby was enjoying the chaos I think. (NOT GOOD! :) )

After lunch the boys got into the bran buds. For some reason they think this is a treat? They sure as heck didn't learn that from Mom! (They also eat broccoli and cauliflower? No idea???) Anyway I had to make a pit stop, I knew it wasn't going to be good as I could hear this laughing, the laughing that makes me RUN. So into the kitchen I went... OMG there was Bran-eee buds (as they call them) EVERYWHERE.

They were licking their hands and sticking them into the bowl, then watching them fall off. I suppose if I was 3 that would be pretty cool. Then they were climbing down on the floor to eat them. YUCK. (Probably feeding them to Baby no doubt). Needless to say I sent them off so I could get the floor cleaned up. The kitchen looked like a food explosion had happened in there. I suppose I should be happy that they have such creative minds!

So tomorrow we are off for Rhymes and Story Times. I pray that Boy2 does not freak-out and has some fun! I am exhausted just thinking about getting the kids out of the house! :)

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Monday, September 22, 2008

#61 - Coming out of the closet and Other stuff!

OK so it is time for me to come out of the closet.... wait for it... I AM FAT. Yup that's me. For all of my readers who thought I was this skinny gorgeous super mom, you were mostly wrong! lol! I don't take myself to seriously, and I love to 'shock' people by commenting on my size. I am a plus size and I miss my skinny days. I can't believe I am not loosing weight with all the running around I am doing, and I am even eating better than I ever have? I really wish I could afford to join Weight Watchers again, as I lost 50 lbs on it once before. Maybe if I just go back to point counting that would be helpful! I used to be skinny, until I got sick a few months before our wedding. I got so sick and I wasn't eating but I was expanding so fast I was getting stretch marks. It took me 3 months to get rid of it and I think it messed up my metabolism. I felt like crap for years.


I would like to thank those who commented on my last post. (By the way just because you don't have twins, doesn't mean you can't complain about being busy! You know what they say "until you have walked a mile in another's shoes". Who is to say that you aren't just as busy as I am, or busier! :)


Frick and frack we got our bill from our hack of an electrician today. He never gave me an estimate (that I asked for). Then he made a freaking mess, not to mention a hack job. Then he sent me a total, with no details, that he said he would send. He charged us over $90/hr. We were supposed to get a deal as he is a friends dad and he did it on off work hours. He spent most of the time here looking for schtuff he lost. He used conduit for things he didn't need to so I imagine that must be really expensive. He was supposed to put a GFI on the outside of the garage and he didn't. Frig and I pissed off. I wouldn't mind paying for a good job but I think we have been over charged for a crappy job.


My mom called today, I told her that I wish we could afford to get someone in once a month to help out. So that would allow us a day a month to get some stuff done around here. (I was thinking that maybe grandma would like to spend some time with her grandkids???) She retorted, why don't you get a kid in it would be cheap. Are you kidding me? Then she told me that it was good that I have a part-time job to get out of the house. Oh ya cause I have so much spare time, that just makes my life so much easier... are you kidding me?


Man the days go by fast, by the time I get the kids organized in the morning, feed them, clean-up, do more diapering and do a load or two of laundry, then it's time to make lunch... Ok who is eating up my mornings? I have to get ready for the class I am teaching next week, so what do I do, take a nap with the kids... Yeesh!

- Diaper tabs that break off, I hate wasting things
- Grandma
- Stress
- Packing
- Dirty floors
- Hair on the bathroom floor

- Bed time for the kids, well actually just after bed time
- The way baby sleeps on her back with her legs out to the side, It just doesn't look so comfy
- Watching baby sleep
- Hearing that a friend (fellow infertile got PG the old fashion way... hoping it all goes smoothly for her!)


Baby figured out how to crawl up into her foam chair. She can get in and out. She is as pleased as punch with herself. She climbs up, smiles, and sits straight up and sticks her belly out. She also started saying HAT today. She puts an empty yogurt (toy of the week) container on her head and says HAT.

If someone has seen my sweet little baby boys please send them back! :) They have been replace by two little monkeys who like to cause trouble when mom isn't watching! Just keeping tabs on those two is enough to keep me out of trouble!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

#60 - Ok so I had to laugh!

I was talking to an old neighbour tonight, I had to thank her for a beautiful quilt she made for my daughter. She was telling me about her neighbour, she said her neighbour really has her hands full. Apparently the neighbour has 3 kids (one is in school every day) the other two are 19 months apart... Good thing I am not that busy since my twins and daughter are 23 months apart. *insert some sarcasm here* LOL. She was going on and on about this poor woman (who I might add is about 8 to 10 years younger than I), and how busy she is. I think she must have forgotten about Baby (you know the one she made the quilt for?) LOL! Good thing her neighbour doesn't work 2 jobs too! *evil grin* Not that I am saying I am the most busy Mom, I just giggle when people tell me about how others are so busy. A) I don't know the neighbour, so I am really not to worried about her busy-ness level and B)I am not to concerned about the neighbour's busy-ness level! LOL. I guess she thought it was important for me to know? (Man I can't believe I posted so much about a silly phone conversation, I really have to get some new material!)


The shed has a roof. Now we just have to patch the holes from the previous design and finish the ends. I think the doors may have to wait until we return. Poor hubby couldn't finish due to not having enough screws and he ran out of cutting discs. I am glad he got as far as he did though, especially if it snows before we return from our upcoming time away. (I hesitate calling it a vacation since we are staying at the in-laws for 3 weeks and usually it is way more work for me when we are away, cause Hubby is on vacation. I must put in a disclaimer, Hubby does a lot at home with the kids, when we are at his parents he does nothing. He goes into some Women's work is the kids/kitchen fog when we visit. Did I mention that his Mom has always waited on his Dad, nuff said.)

I got my work out today! A friend came to help with the shed, so when we were waiting for the hubby to do some stuff on the roof when went and moved the metal we don't need down to the opposite corner of our property. The roof pieces were pretty heavy, but I really wanted to help the hubby out so I used my sad little muscles to help move them. I was smart though, we started with the heavy stuff and worked our way to the light stuff (although by the time we got to the end the light stuff felt like the heavy stuff! LOL) We managed to get about half of it done, then the hubbs and friend moved the rest of it when I went to get the kids up from their naps.

I really really wanted to sleep in today, I didn't get to but at least hubby sent me to have breakfast in peace and quiet while he got the kids up. It wasn't quite peace as the boys wanted to talk to me but it wasn't too bad.

I booked some courses for the winter. I am teaching at a local technical school so I have to finish one of my teaching certificates before June next year. There are 3 courses, So I am signed up in November for one and December for another. A total of 5 weekends shot to heck... baaaa Then it will be Christmas... aaaaaa This year has just been crazy busy! I don't see any end in sight now! :)

- When I stub my toe on something that has been in the same place forever
- Laundry
- Very very loud motorbikes that zoom by way over the speed limit (Although I should talk my vehicle needs a new muffler, actually I think the whole exhaust is toast and it is loud. But now I have my car back so I can finally drive the quiet one!)
- People who never show up when they say they will

- Watching Baby sleep
- Watching the Boys sleep
- Cheese cake
- Sleeping in
- Having at least one good friend
- A crisp fall day

I keep saying Boy2 is bossy, now I have proof! He was sitting in the lazy boy recliner with his feet up (well that's cause his legs aren't long enough to hang over the chair), and asking his brother to get his toys for him. Boy1 says "Boy2 get Kangaroo" Boy2 get toy. Then he says "Boy2 get blue mustang", Boy2 gets the toy. Then mom figures out what's going and tells Boy1 to get his own toys. Boy2 of course listens to mom *insert choking sound here* and says "Boy2 fuzzy blanket". Boy2 runs to their room to get the fuzzy blanket. Now mom is mad and tells Boy2 not to keep getting stuff for Boy1, he can get it himself. Boy1 finally has all that he wants and stops bugging Boy2. Mom tells Boy1 to Thank boy2, he listens this time.

Later on Boy1, sitting with Dad, says to Mom "Mom get Kangaroo......... pleaaase". *insert cute (aka manipulative) smile here* Now what's a Mom to do? :)

Boy2 is saying the Alphabet (he copies me 3 letters at time but I still think it's cool!)

Poor Boy2 had a rough day today. He was afraid of Dad's grinder and didn't want Mom to help lift anything, he just wanted Mom to sit beside him. Well at least he was cuddly! :)

Baby, Baby, Baby... she has started a new phase. Baby points at what she wants, if she doesn't get it she screams like a wild banshee! I was going to check my email on my phone and she wanted the phone NOW. It was getting ugly and she wouldn't take anything else, so I gave in and gave her the darn phone. (Mom bad! Actually I don't usually give in but I was feeling like crap so it was her lucky day! :))

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

#59 - Work and other stuff!

Some how knowing that I am not alone when it comes to my feelings relating to my infertility makes me feel a little more normal! Thanks for the comments blogger friends. Given that all my local friends are fertile/extra super fertile it's hard to relate to them when it comes to my lack of fertility. It's always good to know when you aren't alone out there.


I am exhausted today, I worked last night and all day today. This was my busiest day so far at work from a sales perspective. It sure went by fast, I barely got to finish the display window that I started Friday Night. I got to use my creative side to do a fall display, and I am extremely happy with what I did, hopefully the owner likes it too!

I am sad that I will not be able to sleep in a bit tomorrow as the hubby is working on the shed and he wants to get an early start. He is hoping to get the roof on tomorrow, and I am hoping he gets it done too! He is very particular so I think it will be fairly well built. We may need to do some truss work next year but I am sure it will be good for one winter!

- Rude people
- Empty toilet paper rolls, it never fails where ever I go I always end up with the last square of TP and I have to put a new roll on. Drives me crazy, I think there is a TP conspiracy out there, TP is out to get me! :)

- Fall days and fall colours
- A good Jam sandwich
- The way BABY pulls her blanket over her mouth when she first cuddles into her crib
- Coming home to hugs after a long day at work

Baby said a new word today, she really picks the good ones too. So I am just home from work and heading to the washroom. (I always seem to have to 'go' when I come through the back door??) Well Boy2 says to me, before I go anywhere, "Mom Pee". Really am I that predictable? So then what does Baby say, no not Mom... "Pee". Great, maybe she can potty train the boys? She did manage to say "Hi" shortly after, so I think we will keep reinforcing that one!

Friday morning I walk into the boys room to get the kids up. I notice Boy1 is sitting on the floor. He exclaims "Boy1 Sleep Floor" then shows me a big smile. He had his blanket and teddy and he was on the floor. Apparently he had a good sleep as he told me that later. I did have a visitor on Friday too, she helped me go to the grocery store to pick up some stuff. Usually I take the triple stroller and stuff the kids in it but I decided to do something new for a change. I put baby in the shopping cart, and the boys walked! HA HA that was fun. We ended up rotating kids through the cart/holding kids/trying to keep baby from climbing out. It was quite funny actually, people were smiling as they walked by and we were rotating the kids. Thank goodness I had help or that could have been a total disaster! Ah yes and we discovered Baby thinks Baby should get what Baby wants. We passed by some stuffed animals and she started pointing and squacking. She was none to impressed when I wouldn't give her one. I guess it's time for her to learn/scream! :)

Off to bed so I can hopefully get some sleep...

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

You Are Likely an Only Child

At your darkest moments, you feel frustrated.

At work and school, you do best when you're organizing.

When you love someone, you tend to worry about them.

In friendship, you are emotional and sympathetic.

Your ideal careers are: radio announcer, finance, teaching, ministry, and management.

You will leave your mark on the world with organizational leadership, maybe as the author of self-help books.

#58 - Realizations

I am not just a mom I am an Infertile Mom, that changes things. I always though that once I was a mom that the infertility (IF) wouldn't matter that it would just go away. I am finally coming to the realization that it is a part of me and I don't have to 'put it away'. It has shaped who I am as a person and who I am as a Mom. I never expected that it will still affect me in the ways that is does, heck I was lucky I had twins (the holly infertility grail) and a 2nd pregnancy.

I never expected that seeing a PG belly would still bring up the emotions it does. My husband seems to be totally over 'it', and he just doesn't get how it still affects me so I think that made me feel as if it is all done it should just go away. Maybe it's because my husband is DONE, and I still long for one more?

IF has affected everything about parenting, not just about getting to the parenting stage. At first I was afraid to be around other Mom's, just not feeling like I fit in. Then it was the PG bellies that scared me off. At least before kids you could avoid these things but now it's bang in your face all the time. Even the sweet smiles of your babies remind you of Infertility.

So now I am accepting that IF is part of me and I am trying to accept it and using it to make me a better person. It's time to find a positive side to IF!

- People that drive down the middle of a country road (busy road, and paved I might add) and do 60 in an 80 zone.
- Today MY Husband
- Gas prices
- Stupid commercials (now come one people that write these things, are we stupid out in TV viewing land?)

So given that I have a list of things that annoy the crap out of me, I thought I should add some positive stuff too! So here it is

- My baby's smile
- Hugs from my boys
- The smell of fall
- A clean house
- A visit from a friend
- When I hear one of my IF buddies had a successful pg/adoption and got a little baby to take home. :)

Baby said dow (down) today to get out of the high chair. I am amazed at the words she is picking up right now. I am just amazed at her progress verbally. Now if only we could get her to stop scooting around on her bum (crawling is truly a cleaner habit as you aren't dragging something around all the time! :))

We had a visitor this morning so the boys were on their best behavior and showing all their 'tricks'. It was a nice break although I didn't get any laundry or cleaning done.

Here is a sign that winter is just around the corner (this pic was taken Sept 13 and now most of the leaves are gone. :( )

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

#57 - Pics of the shed we are working on and other stuff!

The half recycled material shed we are working on!

This is a pic of the first wall and the floor. We had to buy the 2*4's for the walls and some skids for the bottom of the floor, but the floor is made from old crates my husband took apart and reused. (I can't believe they were just going to throw all that wood away? Yes it was a lot of work to haul them and take them apart but at the price of things now a days I sure am willing to do a little hard work! Hmmph I mean I am willing to let the hubby do a little hard work! :) )

Here is the metal we got from a friend. (free, just the right price!)

Here is the second side!
Posted by Picasa

Hubby had to cut the metal, it was to tall for the building so over the last two days he managed to get it all cut, and he actually got one wall up tonight. So we are getting somewhere!


I am suffering from anxiety right now... I am not sure what it is. I wish I new then I could deal with it. It's either money, the upcoming trip, staying at my in-laws while we are away, my parents, work, grumpy kids, overwhelmed with the stuff I need to do... etc etc etc. I guess I will see what keeps me up tonight and that should clear that up!

- DUST... arg!
- DUST... arg!
- DUST... I think it multiplies at night
- Little Bugs that get in my house! YUCK
- Stinky garbage
- Grumpy People


Boy2 counted to six all on his own today! Cool. I think it may of been a fluke as he didn't get it right when I was trying to show dad later. Boy1 was running between his letters and me this morning. He would bring me an A and say "A, Apple", then I asked him to find a "B", first he brought me a 9 then an X. So we eventually found a B for him!

The kids were not great today but it was better than it has been so it was a relief.

The Baby... Hold me Mom about covers that one! After supper we were outside and Baby wanted to GO. Sound down on the grass I put her, and off she went. The grass was a little think so butt scooting was a chore. She would only use her left hand, she held the right one up as she doesn't like to touch grass? (figure that one out). Every time she saw a clump of grass or a weed she wasn't sure of she would stop for a minute as she didn't want to go by. She loves to touch spruce trees though, and she was happy to find one with branches near the ground that she could get to without mom's help. She can sure make her way around quickly. You could see the little butt drag marks in the grass. The boys wanted her to climb up the grassy 'hill' (our septic mound), she tried but that butt scooting just wasn't doing it for her.

Off to bed I go

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

#56 - *sigh*

It was a rough one today. I am glad it's done, and I hope tomorrow is better. I did manage to get the rest of the cross braces done in the shed at nap time this afternoon. I also managed to get 2 loads of laundry away, the bathroom cleaned and the boys bedroom dusted.

I was supposed to have a visitor today, but she called this morning to say she wouldn't make it as her husband was being a pill. Long story, she is my friend with one baby who phones me to complain how tired/busy she is ALL the time. I have to bite my tongue a lot, OK so I think I am missing chunks, when I talk to her. It's about being the bigger person right?

Does anyone have a money tree? Could they send me a shoot? LOL! We are going to visit the hubby's parents soon. We used airmiles to fly, but it still cost us over $700 (so much for free flights, gotta love the gas surtax). Then there was the rental car, and we are probably going to rent 2 car seats so that we don't have to take quite so much junk. It's going to be over $1400 for car rental, and if I want to drive as well as the hubby it will be an additional $200. I really wanted to go to Newfoundland to visit a friend, but that would be another $1200 return for the ferry ride. Not to mention over 17hours on a boat then a drive. We were going to take a week to go visit, but I think we are going to have to pass. I am so very disappointed.


I finally got My Story - Part 1 updated... you will probably have to wait a while for Part 2! :) It's under my About me section, or click here *WARNING It's a LOOONG one* If you have trouble sleeping and need something to bore you to sleep it may be the thing for you! :)

- people that assume things
- getting up in the morning
- friends who constantly cancel coming over (when I am expected to not cancel on them)

Wow three grumpy screeching kids all day, then a grumpy husband too. Let me tell you today was not one of my steller days as a Mom. I hate those days when I run out of patience and raise my voice just a little to loud. Well at least I can improve tomorrow.

If they weren't screaming over toys, they were hitting each other on the top of the head (boy1 and boy2). Baby would just follow them around and add to the noise level. Boy2 can hit those nasty almost glass breaking octaves that really make me want to run for the hills, and Baby can replicate them wonderfully.

Getting up was a fight, breakfast was a fight, baby's nap was a couple of boys fighting, lunch was a fight, playing was more fighting, dad came home and they were still fighting. At least they improved slightly after naps. I suppose that was because they dumped ALL of their storage unit buckets, full of toys, on the floor. I came in after naps and one of the boys had 3 storage units stacked and he was sitting in the top one. (Of course I got the camera for that moment!)

The boys are usually pretty good about cleaning up, not today.... arg too many toys everywhere today.

... and then there is Baby, she likes to climb up on Boy1's bed. She used to scream to get off the bed, now she just falls off and screams.

I have more work to do tomorrow to get this house cleaned up, I have been neglecting my duties so hopefully the kids will be a little happier tomorrow!

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#55 - Password Protected

Click and enter Password to show post


Monday, September 15, 2008

#54 - Busy busy

Where did the day go. This morning it was laundry (and a scrapbook page or two) and before I knew it, lunch was here.

Hubby came home early to work on the shed today. So at nap time I went out with him to 'help' out. (Sometimes I think I am in the way more than I help, but I try.) I put some braces between the 2by4's while he finished putting up the rest of the trusses. I managed to get one wall done today, hopefully I can finish the other wall tomorrow. By the way why do they call them 2by4's if they aren't really 2"?

We had the kids out again after supper and the hubby figured out a way to cut the metal while we were out there so we are all ready to GO again tomorrow afternoon. After the kids went to bed, it was back down stairs to get a few more pages done in my scrapbook. (They aren't as fancy as they used to be but I do what I can! :))

I also managed to book plane tickets for the family to head away for a few weeks to see the inlaws.

Oh ya and I got one bathroom and the master bedroom cleaned today. I have a friend coming over tomorrow so that will slow down my cleaning frenzy!

If only every day was so productive!

- Screaming kids (can you tell how my morning went?)
- Dirty floors


It was brutal around here this morning. The kids were suffering from their typical Monday nasties, well the boys anyway! I suppose the neighbors will be talking today! (Can you tell I am still mortified by the fact the Neighbor thinks we beat our kids.) Things started to turn around after lunch. They liked playing on our bed when I was cleaning the bathroom and bedroom.

Boy1 managed to climb up on the bed all by himself (ooo my they are growing up). Then Boy2 decided he could do it if Boy1 could. So up they went. In the mean time Baby was across the hall playing with the toys that Boy1 had dumped out of the buckets in their room. I made for a long cleaning job though as I wanted to keep an eye on all the kids. I think an hour to clean a two piece bath, and start dusting the bedroom is a little excessive! LOL!

Baby was so funny though, she climbed into one of the small buckets then grabbed a bigger bucket and put the toys in, then took them out. Every time I checked on her she would just look up and give me this cute little smile.

When we were outside after supper I took Boy2 and Baby for a quad ride. I was driving through some trees on my property thinking to myself I am truly happy. What a change a few years makes! I love being a mom.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

#53 - Mortified... and other stuff!

Well today was another sort of working day. Too many visitors today. But the roof trusses at least went up before my hubby's helper had to leave. We had visitors from Down East so we had to stop to visit (Actually they came to see the kids). It wouldn't be such a big deal but we need to get the shed built as we have to go see Lindsay's parents for a few weeks, and by the time we get back, winter will be upon us. We have 2 weekends before we go and I have to work one of them (ie. the hubbs will get nothing done without me to entertain the kids) and work part of another one! Yikes! He is going to be busy the next couple weeks.


I was MORTIFIED today. The neighbor across the way came over, we were chatting. He mentioned that he was over for a bonfire at the neighbor's 2 doors away. The neighbor said that they wondered if he had met us, he said yes, they wondered if we beat our kids. OMG? Beat our kids... I don't think so. I guess they hear the kids screaming and think we are hurting them. I am officially mortified. Our kids do scream... a lot. When they have to come in the house they get upset and scream, when someone comes to the door they are scared and they scream. They want something that they can't have and they scream. They misbehave so I take their toys away so ... you guessed it they scream. I actually think I have lost some hearing due to the noise. But I am mortified that someone thinks I beat my kids. We live on an acreage, the neighbors aren't that close, I am now afraid to open our windows. I thought that it was normal for kids to make all that noise, I guess not? I think I will be Mortified for a long time...

- Not enough sleep
- Too much to do, not enough time to do it!
- My FAT butt! :)


Baby was crabby today, teeth I think. I hope. I suppose the neighbors think I am beating her. She is getting heavy to cart around, she likes to be up high so she can see more. We have her mobile up where she can't reach it, not that it's a problem as she doesn't stand up in the crib anyway. Anyway I got her up and she wanted to touch the mobile. She was playing with Pooh and Tigger, very gently too. Anyway she turned it a bit so that she could give Pooh a cute little hug. It's just so adorable when she does her hugging. She kind of grabs what she wants to hug and tucks it up near her neck and says ahhh. Her eyes get so sparkly when she looks at her mobile. Makes me wish she would stay this age a little longer!

The boys went outside for a little while before lunch. They went out to watch dad build his shed. They stopped at the crab apple tree first. I had to pick them up so they could each pick an apple or two. Then off they went. There was a milk crate so one sat down and ate his apple, so dad got a milk crate for the other one and he sat beside his brother 'sit side Boy1' boy2 said! We had to keep going back to get more apples. Boy1 would eat around the core, Boy2 ate the whole thing core and all. I tried to show him to eat around it but he wasn't interested. YUCK, to the core, and man those apples aren't the yummiest either. I think they ate about 10 each. Needless to say they didn't eat much for lunch. We were lucky that when our company came over they didn't scream for a change (thank goodness, especially now that we heard what the neighbors think... yikes).

Boy2 is into making faces these days... His grumpy face is so funny, the bottom lip comes out and he gets this funny look. I just love it! :)

I better get to bed. I have a busy week ahead of me!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

#52 - Me again, with more boring day to day stuff!

Well it was a busy day. The electrician (if you could call him that) came out to finish some wiring. Lets just say he's a HACK. I will never let this man in my house again! Granted we are a little anal but come on! He wired a new plug in the house (all he had to do was run the wire down the wall and put in a box. Now I have three new holes in the drywall as he was too lazy to try to get the wire down to the bottom of the wall without making a mess, it's a good thing they are in the Laundry/furnace room! Arg! He also put three plugs above the doors in the garage, so that when we replace the doors we can put garage door openers in. He told me he was going to put the wiring through the attic, told my husband he wasn't going in the attic that he was running conduit. GAAAA! He was supposed to give us an estimate before he got started, nope. I guess the bill will be a surprise! GREAT!

The hubby had some help, he is working on a shed (If you can call it that, it's the size of a single car garage. He is building it to put all our lawn and snow removal equipment in. It was nice that a good friend came out to help. I managed to keep the kids out of his hair so he was able to get lots of work done today. I even got to try out the new air nailer he picked up (thanks to his mom's b-day gift money! :) ) I LOVE power tools! :) Now if only they weren't all pink! (Not so sure the hubbs would like it though. Anyway they made a floor with skids underneath and got 2 walls done today. He just has to finish the other two walls and put up some trusses. Then the hard part starts, cutting the metal and setting the roof. The cool part is all we had to buy was some cement blocks, the wall's and the skids. All the wood for the floor he got from work (They had these long skinny crate things that parts come in, they have to pay to throw them out so they were happy to give them to the hubby. It was work to get them apart but well worth it for the wood). A friend of ours is cleaning out his acreage and he wanted to get rid of an old metal building so we got that for nothing too (well actually we are giving him 2 cases of beer so that's pretty cheap). I think this building is going to be built better than our house! The hubby is very particular! Anyway I will have to post some photos when it's all done!

-Getting up in the morning! (Can you tell I am not a morning person)
-Judgmental people! (Why don't you try walking a mile in that other person's shoes)

The kiddos were good today, they watched the HACK MAN put in the outlet in the basement. He was really nice to the kids so that was his saving grace. Then we went out to see Dad and Friend. They were really good, just watching while I went in and got baby up and made lunch.

After lunch it was out to play again. They wanted to go for a dwoad (Quad) ride. So off we went. I needed to do something with baby though. The Quad has a rack on the back and we have an old car seat, so the hubby strapped it on to the quad, I took a boy and off we went. Later Boy1 Got his gator and I followed him around on the Quad with Baby and Boy2. The kids had a fun, and Boy1 liked having mom follow him. The Gators can go about 5 kms an hour so it wasn't to fast for baby! :) I don't like to go very fast when the kids are around or going for a ride, just in case! We teach them to stay away from moving vehicles and they have been doing great. Hope they are always so good! (Actually I think mom had just as much fun driving the dwoad! LOL)

After supper we went out to finish the second wall on the shed. The kids helped clean up the little blocks that were laying around they are the greatest little helpers right now, it's so cute.

It was just a run of the mill day, and doing some work, but standing outside looking at my family It just made me whole. I knew I wanted children but I didn't know how wonderful having them would be. Ya not every day is great, and not every day brings out the best in my Mom abilities, but today was a good day. It's the little things...

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Friday, September 12, 2008

#51 - Oh baby what are you doing now?

Today was just another regular day. I did manage to get a new card created today. Christmas was the theme, I borrowed my moms Cuttlebug, so I got to do some cool embossing today (I have embossing templates but no Cuttlebug! LOL

I was planning on getting some stuff done today, but I had no energy, so nap time was for Mom to today.

One of these days I am going to have to take some time and add 'my story' to this blog.

- People who drive behind me with their brights on and refuse to turn them off because it's dark outside (well that does happen at night)
- The way they up gas prices based on speculation. It went up crazy today here, because of Hurricane Ike. I think most of the gas here comes from here so I don't get it!


Baby was busy today. She has learned how to climb up on the Boy1's bed. Boy1 has a pillow, Boy2 doesn't so she likes the pillow bed. I had left the room to go get something and when I came back she was sitting on Boy1's bed smiling away. (Little Turkey). Well of course I had to find out how she got up there so I took her off and let her go (with some protest of course.) She crawls up to the bed, kneels beside it, grabs on with one hand and she lifts her right leg up, still kneeling with the left leg. (The boys have toddler beds so they are low to the ground). Then she keeps grabbing at the bed and get's that second leg up there. Now she is teetering on the edge, she doesn't crawl she but scoots, but she has learned she can't lean back to get on her but so she just keeps wiggling until she is on the bed far enough to sit up. Then off she goes head first into the pillow, complete with giggles of course, then she rolls back and forth and laughs some more. It is quite funny to watch!

Boy1 was all over Boy2's choice of toys today, what Boy2 had Boy1 WANTED NOW! I am amazed I managed to get one card done today for the fighting. Poor Boy2 was getting his butt kicked in the toy department so I had to keep a close eye on Boy1 to make sure he stopped stealing the toys! When they fight the toys go 'away', but sometimes I don't see who had it first so I feel bad that one of them gets punished even though it wasn't his fault. I try my best to keep track though!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

#50 - Remembering

It is truly a sad day.

My thoughts are with those who lost friends and loved ones.

I had a passed co-worked who managed to get out of one of the towers before it fell. Her story is scary.

I was at work when I hear what happened.

That day change the world forever... dreaming of a day where there is peace in the world.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

#49 - Is it bed time yet?

Well today I was so freakin busy that I am not even sure where the day went? It was the usual kind of day around here add some temper fits/screaming and what seemed like a 100 phone calls. I am all set for a much needed furnace cleaning in the next couple of weeks, our septic tank is supposed to be replaced this Friday possibly, and the call before you dig people came out to mark our gas and phone line. (The gas line kind of sucks as it is right where I wanted to put the new tank. CRAP! I guess we will figure it out when the contractor comes to install it, I just don't have a clue where it's going to go now. Hopefully he will have some kind of idea!)

I just couldn't seem to get it going today, I was busy but didn't really accomplish anything. I hate that! Tomorrow my mom may come out so that will be a total write off.

We also found out that my FIL has some, what sounds like to me, pretty serious blockages near his heart. He had a heart attack just after coming to visit our boys just after they were born. I MIL doesn't ask enough questions, the FIL is afraid of hospitals, so we really don't know what's going on. All we know is I think 40% of his heart is damaged from the heart attack. He has 1 artery that is 100% blocked that they won't fix anyway because it is where the heart is damaged, one artery is 85-90% blocked and one is around 50% blocked (apparently they aren't to concerned about this one). They told him they could put in a shunt and do something about the 85-95% blocked artery, him and the MIL talked about it and he decided to get something done. Then the dr. came in and he decided to try medication instead? After talking to the MIL (instead of getting the story from hubby, that sounded totally different than MIL), it almost sounded like they didn't think the Shunt would help?? Anyone out there know anything about this I would love to hear your thoughts? They live on the other side of the country so popping over just isn't that easy. It seems to me that dr. should have been more insistent about having the blockage removed (but what do I know). Especially since the referring dr. told him not to do anything cause he won't feel the next heart attack and he will just die. (Nice to know thanks!) Apparently when he has gone for the stress tests he has had some issues that were not good but he didn't feel anything at all. Needless to say they haven't met baby yet so a trip is in order in October. Any heart specialists out there that can shed some light on this with the limited information please feel free to comment! :)


Tonight was my first twins club meeting of this year (goes sept/june). I always feel like an impostor with my 'fake' twins as I like to call them! (just not out loud :) ) I do love the gals. There was a new member with her 3 week old boys there. They were so tiny, it's hard to imagine that I ever had kids that small. Anyway it turns out that she was in at work one day and I was talking to her! I remember telling someone about the twins club... apparently it was her! I really need to get more sleep!


Well this morning Boy1 was all about telling me what to do. Mom turn off light, turn on fan, get baby up, change baby's bum, go make special (breakfast), open blind... then he finally took a breath. As I am stumbling around in my morning fog, I had to giggle at all his instructions, at least I didn't forget anything this morning! :)

Boy2 is still having his fits when strangers come to the door, I guess it's a little like having an angry dog that doesn't bite, he just screams at levels that I am sure should be breaking the windows. If Boy2 screams guess who else screams, Boy1 and yes Baby. She just looks around all confused and wails away! Needless to say when they came to mark the gas line it was a little noisy around here, I just can't WAIT until the furnace get's cleaned! I am making sure Dad is home that day as I may need reinforcements! It gets a little difficult to talk to people with 3 kids screaming at different octaves! (I still can't believe there is any glass left in this house! :))

My sweet girl (with a little sour on top! :) ) was a picture of snot today. Poor thing is so gummed up still. I sure hope it gets out of her system soon. Although she is just as grumpy as usual, no more, no less, so I don't think it will help in that department.

I am truly amazed at the patience I have with them (not everyday, I am no supermom here) when they are being bad. I am really happy that I generally deal with them in a positive way. I just keep thinking this too shall pass.... (and be replaced by something entirely more frustrating/annoying I am sure! LOL)

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

#48 - Phew...

Sheesh, I worried for 3 months for nothing! Everything is good with the kids. My Pediatrician had me worried for NO reason whatsoever. I gave him heck for getting me all worried for nothing, he said "well I just wanted to make sure". Freaking heck. Then he asked my why the boys weren't potty trained yet. I said "because their mom is lazy". At least he knew I was in no mood to be bugged about it yet again! I think I am a better judge of when they are ready or not based on the fact I see them every day, not once a year like him! (I think the Ped has given up on bugging me now unless there is good reason, maybe he doesn't have to many feisty old moms? Maybe they are all younger, less jaded, and less snarky than I? :) )

I am soooo glad that is over with and I am even happier that everyone is healthy and fine!


So I was supposed to teach a class Fr thru Sun this weekend. There was low enrollment so it was canceled. I am jumping for joy (even though I spent 2 days preparing) now my husband can work on the shed he is building this weekend. (I guess I can worry about the lack of money another day! :) ) I am so exhausted maybe I can get a bit of a rest too... ha ha fat chance! (But a girl can dream right!)


As for potty training...

I think I may wait till baby is 18 months and train all three at once and just get it the heck over with!

Sweet girl, I do so love to gaze into her eyes. Hope she gets over her cold soon.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

#47 Sparkle in the Eyes

The other day I was looking at Baby and noticing the sparkle in her eyes when she smiles. The boys have it too. I was wondering when that sparkle goes away, does life's curves take it away, does the lost innocence of youth take the sparkle with it? Does 11 years of infertility take it away? Where does it go? I think mine is walking around in my children, as they definitely make me smile and are the bright light in a crazy world! Maybe I have my sparkle back now, it's just not where it used to be...


Sometimes I just can't articulate what it is I am feeling, but I think DD over at Punch Drunk captured it perfectly. Check out this post from a fellow infertile.

The boys were grumpy one at a time all day today... except for an hour of bliss in which I got to continue organizing my crafting area. I actually think I am done for now.

I have to take the kids to the pediatrician tomorrow. I am worried about this appointment, it is to discuss/review development issues with all the kids.

Not to mention that 2 of my kids are sick still, hope they don't catch something new from the Dr's office, that always worries me. (That's cause that happened to me once and I ended up in the hospital so I am just a little paranoid now.)

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

#46 - Ramblings and other things!

Sheesh is the weekend over already? I have looked every where for it but it seems to be gone.

So it started with Friday right? Well the morning was busy with the kids, then it was off to the Dentist for 2 fillings. Don't you just hate it when your dentist says... "did your tooth hurt before?" I say "no". She says "Well it might now." What the heck? I guess it was a deep filling and now I may need a root canal. I wouldn't mind so much but I will be out of dental coverage by then I am sure. :(

After the filling it was home to do some work for my 'other job' then supper, then off to get groceries, then home to put the kids to bed, put away the groceries, clean-up the basement and some things in the house (due to company coming tomorrow). Bed time Midnight.

Saturday, get up, feed kids, try to get ready for work (where the heck is husband?) I need an effing shower buddy! (He was out moving cars around for our electrician that was coming, this is a whole other story for another day!) He shows up finally, finishes feeding kids and I jump in shower. He was supposed to help me make my lunch for work as I forgot on Friday night, hmm I wonder why? I get out of shower, get dressed, run out the door with some lunch. Ugg! Work all day, stop to pick up stamps (rubber stamps) on my way home (they weren't there). Get home, throw food down throat, then company comes. Company leaves at 9:30, put the boys to bed late yikes! Company was wonderful, had a great visit. They brought a bunch of old toys for the boys... YAY!

Finish up my filing project I started a while ago. Clean-up and go to bed at 11:30... oooo an early night!

Sunday, get up, feed kids, wish hubby happy b*tchy day... oops I mean birthday! Have breakfast, synced up phone and computer, started working on my course that I am teaching next weekend. Hubby decides he has stuff to do (i.e. I get to work on course and watch kids cause he is busy). Pack up computer and a chair and go outside with kids, attempt to work and watch kids, didn't do a great job of either! :) Then I had to go in to make lunch (because his tasks are more important than mine... I guess since it is his birthday I will be nice). Fed kids, fed me, let hubby feed himself! :) Then it was back outside to play with the kids before nap time. I even took baby for a ride on the quad. At nap time ran into town to get hubby b-day cake since I didn't have time to make him one on Friday, and go pick up my stamps again (this time they were there). Then home to work on my course again. Let hubby get kids up and make supper while I work on my course. Poor guy doesn't even get a birthday supper made for him. :(

After supper play with kids, bath kids, get kids to bed, work on course again. Hubby goes to bed and thanks me for cake <*insert me falling off chair in shock*> (thank you and sorry aren't in his vocabulary when they are important!! :) ). Finish working, finally make time to update blog!

OK now I know why my weekend went by entirely to fast... holly crap talk about busy again.

I am teaching a level 1 MS A.cce.ss course at our local technical school this Friday, Saturday and half day Sunday, plus I work Thursday at my other job, have a twins club meeting on Wednesday, Tuesday kids dr's appts and Monday is stamp club. Hubby isn't going to be happy this week, although the FIL has to go in for tests on Tuesday so if that all works out I suppose he will be happy. If not I am in for a crappy week/month/months??

No rest for the wicked I guess! :)

Friday when baby was napping the boys made Birthday cards for Dad. I let them use my Stamps and Ink (I don't have any washable kid ink, so they were 'stained' for a few days). I guess I could have inked the stamps up for them but I never really thought about it until they were done! :) The boys were really mad when I couldn't wash the ink of their hands though, they have to have clean hands. Go figure!

When dad got home the kids were so excited they exclaimed "Daddy Birthday Party, Daddy Birthday Cards". No secrets around here that's for sure! Although I am sure the hubby would have wondered about the ink on their hands.

Well it was a sad weekend for Baby. It was the weekend when you look at your little one and she is looking like a little girl not a baby any more. It's funny how you can look at your baby every day, then all of a sudden they look like a little person instead of your sweet baby. It's kind of a sad moment as you can never go back, you have lost your little baby. It just happens to quickly.


I had a few moments alone with Baby today when the boys were still outside with Dad. I do love to look at the wonder in her eyes when she is discovering new things, and the little smile that goes with it. I am sure I could have starred at her all day.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

#45 - Accomplishments

I am just thrilled with my accomplishments today! I managed to get a cupboard (for storing my Creative Memories stuff) mostly built (I leave the hard stuff for hubby of course). Got 2 loads of laundry done, got 4 out of 5 buckets of laundry put away. Played with my kids and even gave them some extra attention, and this was all before lunch. (It kind of went downhill after that, but I did work tonight too so that has to count for something right?). Not to mention that I am sick, the kids are sick, and baby was up (poor sod) crying about every 2 hours last night.

When I was working as a professional for a living and dreaming about having babies (maybe/hopefully) one day, it was all about accomplishing major tasks at work and gaining the approval of clients and peers. Now life is about laundry, dishes, and cleaning out diapers. That's definitely a change, but in the end it's all about feeling good about what you have done, and now I get the extra bonus of smiling little faces. (Man I am already dreading when they all go off to school, someone at work said, that's when they stop being yours... worldly influences... baaahhh humbug! :) )

Poor baby was so stuffy she was up about every 2 hours last night, with a little cry then back to sleep. My heart just aches to see the kids sick and uncomfortable, especially when there isn't much you can do about it. It was amazing she was in as good a mood as she was today. I so want her to slow down and not grow up so fast since she is my last.

The boys were turkey's today at nap time... I think they may be done with the afternoon naps (I remember a time when I could hardly wait till they didn't need naps... ha was I crazy). So I think that my me time for an hour a day is officially done now. I thought for sure they would nap today with being sick? Maybe it's just because of them being stuffed up. (Well one can dream right!) We will see what happens tomorrow.

Off to bed I go, good night!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

#44 - Short and Sweet

Three sick kids, 1 sick mom equals NO FUN!

Usually they get sick one after another, that is much easier to deal with. Baby keeps waking up as she is all stuffed up. Poor little monkeys.

I also have to work tomorrow, plus I have work to do for one of my other part time jobs... I feel stretched right now.

I took on the extra work for A) money, B) for a break... now I wonder if I will ever get any me time except between 10pm and midnight? I am thinking that 3 part time jobs wasn't such a good idea, and the weekend after next I work Thursday at Job1, Friday/Sat/Sun at Job2 and I still need to find time for Job3.

I really must get to bed now... good night

Why is it they still have enough energy to scream when they are sick, can't they just lay down and nap for a while? LOL!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

#43 - Still Hovering on the edge

Still waiting to see if I am actually going to get really sick, or just feel like crap-o-la for a few days??? One never knows with me. If I could get some good sleep that would probably help! :)

I think Baby is Nuts? She has started shrugging her shoulders, we aren't really sure why? Every now and again she just starts grinning and up and down those yummy little shoulders go. Should I be surprised that she is doing weird things, here is a list of her words (in the order she learned them); Daddy, Race Car (that would be dad who taught her that one), Stinky (I guess because she is always full of crap and we are always saying you are stinky when we change her). I really must add to her list of words.

It was a little loud around here today (not in a good way). We had some grumpy boys today, Boy1 (aka sicky, snotty, etc) started out bad, then Boy2 decided to join in. When Boy2 get's that grumpy it usually means he will be sick next!

Baby is still grumpy. I guess that nasty molar that is poking most of the way through is to blame. Lets hope it is over soon! :)

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Monday, September 01, 2008

#42 - I think I am sick.

I think I am coming down with something... yuck.

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. I am going to watch the season premier of Pri.son Brea.k and play with my new Knifty Knitter (since I don't have enough projects on the go!) Then I am off to bed!

One sick, 2 to go... ugg!

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