Friday, February 29, 2008

No water and a sore arm, how exciting hey?

It's official we have no running water until Sunday, I have buckets and buckets and a tub full. Hopefully it will last! Boy are we going to be stinky by Sunday! :) I think I may contract myself out as a water and septic information source after all this. I know way more than I ever wanted to know about all things water & toilet! We have a well on our acreage and since we are getting new water treatment equipment next week it was determined that we should probably get the well shocked before we do that. (We pretty much figured that the folks that lived here before probably didn't get it done anytime in the near past so we had to get it done) So they basically dumped a tank of water mixed with chlorine into the well and we let it sit until Sunday, then we get to drain it all out. What an exciting life we lead!

I am thinking I may have tennis elbow... it just keeps getting worse and I am sure all the lifting and diaper changing doesn't help? If anyone has any assvice please feel free!


Today was interesting. Well I got up this am, feeling like crap! (That means I actually got some sleep, go figure?) I had to go to town to today, I fed the kids, got them dressed, changed T2 twice before we left the house (STINKY!). I talked to the hubby before we left and we discussed the fact that the stroller was in the truck. It's heavy so I decided I would go out since it was in the truck (back to the sore arm thing!). I loaded up the munchkins and off we went (got up at 8:30am and it was 10:00am before we got out of the house... yikes). I got to the mall, went to open the canopy and guess what... NO stroller. So I phoned hubby, we had a laugh because you can actually see the thing in the rear view mirror as it doesn't fold up, and I didn't notice it wasn't there. So off to Walmart I went instead... 3 kids in a cart is interesting! I think it was snobby mommy day at Walmart today, smile for goodness sakes your face won't crack! (Well maybe it will! :)) I was loading up the cart (with T1 and T2) with baby food and other misc stuff I needed. Well I forgot that T2 gets a little attached to things... I started to empty the cart and someone started to get upset. Unlike my usual self I actually came up with a good idea... OK T2 help mom unload the cart. Problem solved... YAY!

I was supposed to go out and get a b-day gift at the mall but I never did make it. When we got home it was so nice I let the kids run around for a while. I went to open the back door and I heard this screaming. I had to turn the house alarm off first so the company wouldn't be calling me, poor fella had to wait a few extra seconds. Well T1 must have been running through a half frozen puddle and down he went. Instead of getting up he just stayed there and screamed, he didn't want to get his hands dirty. Well the puddle is almost dry now as he was wearing a fleece, man those can suck up some water! Poor guy but I sure wish I would have had a camera.

Little Missy was up to the usual today, smiling, eating, yelling for toys and peeing every time I take the dirty diaper away. Man does she go through a lot of clothes, my little pee-per! :)

And that was my day....

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Busy busy and super forgetful...

I almost forgot to post today... I am truly loosing my mind. Today was a very busy day as we had someone in to review our water/well paraphernalia. (Yet another item our home inspector missed! Gaaaaa) Needless to say it should be interesting as he is coming tomorrow to shock the well. Which for those of us who are town-ies (and could care less about wells) means that we will be sans running water from tomorrow afternoon until Sunday. This means I have to 'save' some water to flush the toilet. GREAT! For the first time I am glad that some of us are still in diapers!

Oh and I may have a part time job for when my maternity pay runs out (I know if you don't get the year paid maternity leave you are just crying for me aren't ya!) . I am quite excited as I am thinking we are really going to need the money with all the things that need fixing around here. I told my friend today that our house is like a pig, you can put lipstick on it but it's still a pig! Well at least I still have my twisted sense of humor! (The munchkins haven't sucked it out of me yet!)


Today was a good day! (That means be afraid of tomorrow, be very afraid! :) ) T1 was busy entertaining his sister. I think she is his favorite 'toy' as she laughs at his craziness. I had to talk to our water guy today and all of a sudden baby was crying, as her favorite toy - T1 had left the room. Lets put it this way if they are very very quiet or laughing hysterically you better RUN, not at a slow pace, not quickly, but at the speed of light! Ya they were in Mom & Dad's room. All I know is when I came in they had there "innocent" faces on (never a good thing) and T2 was putting something back in Dad's night stand. At least they leave my schtuff alone! HA HA!

I have no clue what they were doing but there seemed to be no casualties so I told them to GO and I went and got 'Baby'. (Yes little Missy's name is now Baby according to the boys, the worst part is they have us calling her that too. Poor child will never know her name!) Well I got 'Baby' and changed her stinky bottom. (She has terrible diaper rash, bleeding and everything, yuck. Yes I have tried EVERYTHING) I put her down for her nap and went back to the boys, who were now on our bed. They had a bottle of lotion with the lid off! Thankfully they are anal retentive like their parents and don't like to make a mess so there was no mess. Amazing 2 - 2year olds, open bottle of lotion and no mess? There is something wrong with my kids isn't there? Well they wanted to hang out on the bed for a while. So I got to lay down for an hour and sort of rest. Did I mention boys like to jump on Dad (and since Dad was at work Mom was available, greaaaat!). They also like to play with Mom's nose. If you squeeze it Mom goes beep, how cool. I tried to play the 'lets go to sleep' game, who am I kidding!

Little Missy, aka Baby, likes to sit on the floor and hold onto the boys basket ball. If it rolls away she will SCREAM until someone gives it back. If someone steals it (T1 or 2 it's a toss up) she SCREAMS until someone gives it back. It's really quite entertaining to watch the ball roll away and then roll it back. Oh yes and Mom has a shirt that she likes play with the strings on, god forbid I take them away. I think she is going to be somewhat 'attached' to 'things'.

Baby discovered her tongue the other day. It's been hanging out a lot the last few days. It is really amazing to watch when they discover new things that are attached. I love to watch her hang it out to the side.

Sometimes I feel so stupid, I actually forgot to feed her part of her supper. I fed her dessert then started to clean up after supper. When I was cleaning up I noticed the rest of her supper on the counter. Poor kid (I actually forgot to feed her supper one night shortly after she started on solids) I guess that's why she makes a lot of chattery noises so that we don't forget about her! :) Oh yes and Mommy's girl decided to say Da da first, what is up with that? She wonders why I forget to feed her parts of her supper! :)

Anyway in the words of my boys... night night.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Misc meanderings....

I am on a roll... I suppose I will run out of things to 'talk' about soon! OK maybe not, with my crazy extended family and what seems to be a ongoing list of issues! :) Well at least I am never bored and I usually have something to go on about.

So I was planning on a post about PPD today, but I don't think I am up to it just yet. I will get to it eventually, promise.

I am a little stressed again because Crazy Lady (aka. The woman who calls herself my mother) is back from her vacation, the one that she deserves. I must admit I am sick and tired of hearing her go on about her Panama Canal Cruise. The hubbs and I were planning on doing that for our 10th anniversary but instead our money went to IVF. We had been planning the cruise since we were married (That was another disaster I will tell you about sometime). It was something that I was looking forward to given our wedding woes! Mom knew that that was what we were looking forward to doing, she also knows why we couldn't afford it. Needless to say I believe she likes to rub it in that she went on the cruise the hubbs and I wanted to for years. It's like getting slapped in the face repeatedly. But that's what she likes to do make life miserable for everyone around her, or at least try. She got a cold when she got home so apparently it put a damper on her holiday. Oh wait here is a little tear for her, hmm guess not! (I am sooo bad!! I guess I have to find humor in the craziness or I would go nuts! :))


Today was just a typical day with 2 - 2yr olds and a baby. Some smiles, some fights, some tears, some spit-up, some screaming and a whole lot of Poop! It was about as good as it gets around here these days. I just wish that when things get out of control with the boys that it wouldn't be so frustrating. Trying to get your point across to 2 year olds can be like banging your head on the wall, again and again and again. I never thought I could love someone so much and want to trade them in for quieter ones all in one thought!

I am really noticing the lack of energy, I am hoping when the sleep issues rectify themselves that I will feel a little more energetic. What I wouldn't do to be 10 years younger. I would much rather be doing this in my 20's than in my 30's. I suppose they both have their advantages and disadvantages, I like to think I am a bit wiser than I was 10 years ago and more reasonable, but I definitely had more energy in my 20's. When all is said and done I have my kids, my family and that I wouldn't trade for anything. It's good to know that dreams still come true, and more than I ever dreamed came true.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh look another post! I am on a roll now...

As promised in my last post I said I would update you on our possible Legal issues. As some of you know we sold our house back in September (a very nice house I might add, at least compared to the one we bought, but we are working on that!). Since we were purchasing an acreage we thought it best to get a home inspection done as we are not familiar with septic and water issues.

The day of the inspection I had a bad feeling (I guess Oprah is right about listening to our 'inner voices' :) ) . When the company was done with the inspection they sat down to go over it with us, one of the guys had a very strong smell of alcohol on his breath. GREAT!

They noted that the septic tank was in good to fair condition with some spalling. I questioned the inspector about this as I didn't really want to replace a septic tank for some time. Well he told me that was normal and not to worry about it. So I didn't.

Well we moved in Dec 8th after spending a month renovating the house. In January we got a cold snap and our septic pump stopped working. My husband did some work on it but wasn't able to get it working so we had to initiate a service call. When the gentleman arrived he opened the poopy hole, as I like to call it, his first words were "oh my". I am not going to get into a bunch of details but it means that we have to replace our 'poopy' tank (septic tank). I have had quotes anywhere from $5500 to $10000. Needless to say there are other issues that were visible with the water system as well that we need to deal with... another $5,000. There were several other issues that were minor but still things that they should have noted during the inspection.

Well I contacted our Realtor and the Inspection company. They came out. The Owner of the Inspection company looked, said they had some liability. He asked us what we wanted and my husband said 90 to 100% of the repair cost as we wouldn't have bought the house had they have done their job. He responded with 50%. He told us if we didn't like it to take him to court and we would get nothing. He would only pay 50% of what his 'friend' would do, and said he had to get back to us. He never did. He told our Realtor that my husband was to miserable to deal with so he said we could sue him. I have tried to contact him but all attempts have been ignored.

We are currently waiting on the Better Business Bureau, to see if anything happens with that. I am doubtful but we will see. They have until March 6th to contact the BBB so I guess we will wait and see.

I am not sure that we really want to sue him as our lawyer said we probably will be lucky to break even by the time we pay our legal fees. We can also look at going after the previous owner but then we have to prove that he knew that there was a massive hole in the tank where there should be a small one. We are 100% sure he knew because of some things that were 'updated' around the tank but how do you prove that? It's just more stress than I can cope with right now. In addition I am the one trying to find out all the information I can on septic tanks as my husband doesn't have 'time'. I am afraid to make any decisions right now because it seems like every decision I make these days leads us to paying money to someone. I guess it's cheaper than IVF though! <*insert sarcasm here*>

I guess my next topic Post Partum Depression...


Well today was better than yesterday. T1 and T2 were in much better moods today. Little Missy had me up for 2 hours last night. Which wouldn't be so bad if I could actually go to sleep when I go to bed. I am usually up until 2am, LM gets me up between 3 and 4 ish, then it takes me another hour to go to sleep and I am usually up again at 6 or 7. I must be starting my spring insomnia early this year?

When the kids scream I am trying to stay away from the munchies and it went well today, but the screaming was not so bad today. I am just going to try to keep away from the 'bad' stuff! I need carrots in the fridge to eat when I am stressed! :)

LM has terrible diaper rash, I was finally getting a handle on it and then bam she was busy in the poopy department! All progress was lost and her poor little bum was bleeding again. I hate to see her like this, I feel so bad that I can't seem to do anything to help. Trust me all I do is change diapers some days, I try to keep her as clean as possible.

The boys were happy today because they found some new 'toys' to play with. The curtain rods for my toppers in the Living room. I am sure Dad would not have been happy I was letting them play with them but they were quiet, happy and not hurting anything so I decided to let them be. Pick your battles right?

Out of the mouths of babes... T1 comes up to me today, points at my not so small belly and says bum. I say no it's not mom's bum it's moms belly. So what does he say then? Baby? No T1 that is not a baby. Ugg I really need to loose some weight!

So that was my day... hope you had a good one


Monday, February 25, 2008


Once again I have been a bad blogger... abandoning my blog once again!

I have been thinking about blogging for a while and am trying to figure out what I am going to do. I have decided to stay around and document my life as it is today, from surviving infertility, dealing with Post Partum Depression (PPD), to making it through a day with 2 naughty 2 year olds and a baby!

I haven't been around much as my PPD meds just aren't doing the trick and in addition to that we are dealing with the possibility of a legal issue regarding the purchase of our house. I will have to write an entire post about that!

I am struggling these days so I am just trying to take it one day at a time. The little miss is now 8 months old and still isn't sleeping through the night. I was so spoiled with the boys as they were sleeping through at 4 months.

I feel like I am doing such a poor job with the kids right now. Sometimes I am wondering if this is the reason I was suffering from infertility? I feel guilty on the bad days when I sometimes yell at them for misbehaving, I feel guilty as I don't get them out that much, I feel guilty because I don't have enough time to spend with each of them. I feel guilty because I want a break every now and again.

Today was a difficult day. The older twin (T1)was wanting everything his brother had, when he couldn't get it a temper tantrum was inevitable. It was a constant fight today, with many trips to the crib for some 'personal time'. I was exhausted after being up for a few hours with the little missy last night. T2 was in a good mood until lunch, then he decided to join in the screaming game. By the time nap time arrived at 2pm I was all-in. I didn't get the dishes done and I had to lay down for a nap. It's not helping my weight it seems like whenever the screaming starts I am looking for comfort food, this is something I need to stop TODAY.

The little Missy, other than the night wakings, has been a great girl. She still loves to be held all the time, and she never sits still, ever. I am not complaining that she likes mom still, as she is growing up way to fast. I dread her first birthday because that means she is that much closer to 2. She hasn't been an easy baby but I still find her less than 1/2 the work of the boys at this age. She is busy discovering everything and has started the drop game. She has nasty diaper rash that I have been trying to get rid of. I feel so bad for her, but she is truly a trooper. She has a goofy little smile with her two little teeth, I love her to bits.

As for me it was a tough day. To top it off my husband is not so supportive of the PPD issues I am having. When I laid down today I didn't get the dishes done. He was annoyed at supper so he HAD to do them before supper as he wanted certain plates for the boys for supper. He was with the boys for 2 hours and the minute they started to whine he looses it. T1 spilled juice and he was mad at him, poor T1 was crying he was so upset. My husband needs to learn that the kids are just learning and stuff will get spilled. My hubby and I have been at odds these days over discipline, he definitely is of the old school of thought there. I am pretty much not knowing what to do these days in the discipline department.

It would have been so much better to spend time learning about parenting instead of IF issues the last 10 years before T1 and T2 , it sure would have come in handy now!

Next post... possible legal issues

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