Monday, May 24, 2010

OK - Back at it again!

So I have been away from my blog (Sadly) for a little while, again. My work life has taken over all my 'free' time of late and it is finally slowing down.

Too many issues after a system install for a system that has been around for 10 years (hmmm don't you think they would have worked some of the bugs out by now?) Oh well at least they fix them and we move forward!

So other than work I have been busy getting ready for a Garage Sale (WTF was I thinking? Ohh but my Mother said she would come and help out.. with her stuff only of course and when it's convenient for her) Being retired and all she has a pretty un-flexible schedule *insert as much sarcasm as you can handle here* She is back to driving me ape-sh*t crazy. After 2 or 3 months off of the usual annoyances I am not really surprised that she is back to her usual 'wonderful' self.

These days with everything going on I am really stressed out and it's Panic Attack city for me. I am hating it and hope I can get back to my usual nutty self. This weekend is our garage sale, next weekend I teach and then we are supposed to leave for a week of holidays in the mountains. I am looking somewhat forward to getting away and somewhat not forward to going away. I have a lot of work to get the trailer ready... and 19ft of trailer and 5 people (even though 3 are short!) just doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me. I suppose it beats the crap out of a tent! (It's going to be fun, it's going to be fun... I keep telling myself that anyway!). Then it's back to get ready for 2 birthday parties and by then the summer will be half over!

I suppose less work, more sleep and a cleaner house will make me feel much better!


Boy1 has been driving me crazy of late. He is a real rascal right now, phone calls are a nightmare and he just likes to get the other two going. He is our version of the information super highway as well. At least I know what the other two are doing when I am not looking! I just received the Bus pick-up information for Kindergarten next year.. *sniff* I can't believe my babies are going to school in the fall!

Boy2 is pretty much the peace keeper in the house. He also loves to cry when his bro is in trouble *insert twin nightmare here! LOL* He loves to cause trouble when he thinks no one is looking so this one keeps me on my toes. He is my emotional one though and loves hugs (except at bed time-go figure). Boy1 usually likes to boss him around, or at least try

Baby she is finally moving out of the NO stage... HURRAY! She is the clone of #1. Her and #1 play together a lot (which makes me sad for #2 at times). I think Boy #1 really likes her as he can currently boss her around on a regular basis! I am really enjoying her right now and I love our time together when the boys are at pre-school. (Probably because that's the only time she is quiet!). She went shopping with me and everyone always comments on how cute she is... aww make a Mom blush! (They are really probably wondering how such a worn down, over weight, baggy eyed, gray haired old woman got such a cute kid! LOL!) She is back to being Mom's girl most of the time so I am taking advantage as I am sure it won't last long! :)

Yes I am tired and yes some days are beyond frustrating but I am soooo glad that we fought so hard for these little wonders. IVF sucked, going through IVF sucked but for us the outcome was worth it. This weekend is a reminder for me of my last failed cycle. I found out on the Friday of the May long weekend that I was not PG after using the remainder of the frosties from the same 'batch' as our boys. It's bittersweet as if it had of worked we would not have had our dear daughter however it meant another fresh cycle that we had to go through. It was also a reminder of our other failed cycles. So this weekend is the weekend I choose to remember all those lost little ones that never came home to us. I like to think of them as Angels that are watching over our children....

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