Friday, April 10, 2009

#217 - Friday!

Happy Good Friday to you!

Well I made it through my course... just barely! :) It was just plain painful! I had my largest class ever, 18 people. They were all at varying levels (the painful part). A few students were downright ignorant too! Lovely. I had a really tough time getting through the material. It was just plain gross. I was not expecting to get great reviews, but they were actually pretty good considering how crappy I thought it was going. Two people commented that I was "dull". That one just cracks me up! (I guess I was just too focused on getting through the material this time I guess!) One lady said I was the best instructor she has ever had at the college that I teach at. (That one cracked me up to as this class was just brutal! LOL)

Oh yes and another Lady has asked me to do some contract work for her. Silly me I said yes! It should only be a couple hour job though! I know I am an idiot! :)

I am just listening the the thunder roll. It's raining and thumping here. That should help take the rest of our snow away! :) We never get thunder at this time of year, it sounds kind of strange!

- feeling so tired every time I teach a 2 day course

- having hubby home for the day

We had a busy day today! We made chocolates this morning, Baby was even trying to help. I let her lick a wee bit off the spoon that kept her happy for about a half hour! After lunch we decorated Easter Eggs. Baby was totally into that! I couldn't believe it not even a mess, phew! They had a great time with the eggs.

At times like this I think of how lucky I am. So many years hubby and I celebrated Easter, wishing and hoping to one day have a family. I just loved watching the kids create our Easter gifts today it brings me such peace to watch them. At least if I had to suffer for 11 or so years, now I am getting to just enjoy.

Today was our first day without afternoon naps, for the boys. Last night was a yet another nightmare at bedtime so we decided to try not having a nap today. Well at least tonight it seems to have done the trick. Time will tell. Baby had a bit longer nap today and that seemed to make a difference in her disposition this evening too. Now we won't get anything done in the afternoon either! Yikes, when am I going to work?

During Baby's afternoon nap the boys and I had a date with my cricut. I cut out some boxes to put our chocolates in and some cards. The kids love to pull the paper off the mat! They even did some colouring on the boxes.

We did have our usual toy fights today... but other than that it was a great day.

Off to work tomorrow then we have Easter Brunch with the family on Sunday.

Happy Easter to those who Celebrate!

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At 7:49 a.m., April 11, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Glad you made it through your class.

We eliminated Gabe's naps for the same reason and it made bed time soooooo much easier.

Happy Easter

At 9:32 a.m., April 11, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Happy Easter!! Sorry for the stressful class.


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