Friday, April 03, 2009

#210 - My MAC rocks

Well today I spent a lot of time working on one of my contract jobs. To my horror my access database with a lot of work completed became corrupted. Really badly corrupted! I thought I was going to have to start all over! Luckily I connected up my computer to my portable drive on the 25th and Time Machine had a backup copy of my file. So I was able to recover a great deal of work. I lost about 5 hours, which is like 3 days of my actual working time, but it's better than loosing about 25 windows that I had developed! *insert major sigh of relieve here*

Tonight we went out and found what we needed for our new door in our storage room. I want a pocket door so that I don't have a door to get in the way of any of my storage needs! :) We found a great frame (hubby says he could make one, but I told him that we should just get it to save him some time. I would like the storage room finished before I am 100! It will be bad enough as it is, he is a little on the anal side)

Hubby heard that lay-offs are going to be starting at work. He should be safe for a while, but of course in this day and age one never knows. He may have to go down to a 4 day work week (which would be nice, if we had the money to reno the house! :)). I am nervous because you just never know, but this is the day we are living in right now. I know that he will find work where ever he can if he does get laid off so that is good but still I worry. I am sure glad that when we moved that we didn't go into the bigger nicer house, at least this one has a smaller mortgage! So for now we will watch our pennies and make sure we have something set aside just in case.

- database crashes

- my mac


The monkeys were pretty good today. Baby is a little 'off', she had to sit with me most of the day. That makes life interesting to say the least! We went out to Home Depot to look at doors tonight. I asked Mom if she would come and watch the kids (since Dad wants to see them apparently?) so we could run out. She of course said, you guessed it NO. She told me it was good for us to take them out... to a park maybe, but Home Depot? Not to mention it's almost impossible to look at anything with them as they want to keep moving. Then there was Baby who screamed all the way from our house to Home Depot. At least she shut up so we could get through the store, very quickly I might add. It is so hard to get anything done when no one will ever help us out.

I was thinking of trying to find someone once a month, just to give me time to work on what I need to for my jobs, or just hide in the basement for a couple of hours (scrapbook stuff is down there!) But now with hubby's job I don't think that it's going to fly. It's not that I don't love my kids, but if we could just get a couple of days every now and again we could get soo much accomplished. Then we wouldn't have to work on this for a couple hours here and there and feel like nothing is ever getting done. I want to spend more quality time with the kiddos, instead of always playing catch-up. (Note to self, do not EVER let laundry get behind, because then it just never gets caught up!)

Well it's midnight and I have to work tomorrow... I better get to bed!

Good Night

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At 6:26 a.m., April 04, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Glad you were able to rescue most of your work. And, just so you know, laundry NEVER ends.


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