Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#389 - Sick Again

Oh great another cold... I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! :)

I have to prep for a make and take this weekend for National Scrapbook Day... not to mention a zillion other things! I just want to go to bed!

They are back in their preschool program... so guess what we are all sick again. Boy1 is up coughing at night and he adds in his thumping and other noises just to make sure we wake up about every 20 minutes! Ugggg... Baby finally stopped screaming due to her nose being plugged. Oh when are we going to build up some resistance to this crap. Why do people send their snotty nosed coughing kids to preschool anyway? Just so the rest of us can suffer?


Monday, April 19, 2010

#388 - Aww shucks

Soo freaking tired... have to teach wed/thurs this week! Need to get some energy and put on my "I can do it panties" :) Where did I leave those things anyway

Today was a preschool day. The boys noticed that one of the teachers cars wasn't there this morning. Well Boy1, who I might add has never had an accident, noticed that there was a new teacher today. He peed a little in his underwear. Poor kid was mortified. I left Boy2 with Baby and headed to take him to the biffy. Boy2 of course followed leaving the girl standing there alone. One of the Teachers watched out for her for me (thank goodness! : ) ). I was a little shocked as Boy1 hasn't had an accident since he started using the potty. We figure it was stress due to the new teacher?? He seems no worse for wear, thank goodness.. Poor kid had to go commando when I ran home, good thing we are close, to get some new briefs for the poor fella!

That leads me to my awww shucks moment. When I went to pick up the kids at the end of the day I wanted to thank the gal who took care of the baby while I was trying to get the boys organized at the start of the day. Well I love this woman to death, she is amazing with the kids! (She manages 15 better than I can manage 3 LOL). She took me aside and said to me "You are doing amazing things with these kids, they are the most well behaved and kind kids I have worked with." Then she said "You are obviously doing a great job parenting." Now let me tell you that made my day!!! (I am no super mom, not even close! I am very happy that the kids are so well behaved and good when they are out though! I have been so set on consistency from day 1 and I think that is the one thing that really pays off. No means No and that's it around here. My hubby (you know the one who was being an arce this weekend) also happens to be very kind (go figure?) anyway that gene has definitely been passed on to the kids. You can really only teach them so much and some of it is built in. Let's just hope it gets them through those tough teen years!

The preschool teacher also said to me "I bet you aren't looking forward to kindergarden". Ok so really now can she read my mind too? :)

Her comments really struck a cord. After all the years of pleading with the powers that be that I will try to be the best parent I can if only I can take home that baby one day...... I am just happy that so far so good! We have a long way to go but at least we are starting on the right foot.

and with that thought I am off to bed... here's to better days!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well it just goes from annoying to more annoying! What a Craptastic Weekend... Between hubby yelling at me because the house needs cleaning and that I work is calling too much. (Duh I just installed a new system what the eff do you expect. I did warn you didn't I!) His latest is he throws things and yells at the kids if I am a) on the phone or b)on the computer. NICE! I am so stressed as I work when he is home and apparently he doesn't like that. Yes I have been busy lately and yes it will slow down after I get some stuff finished. I guess patience is not a virtue that he chooses! Yes the house is in need of some TLC... but I guess he forgot that I was sick for the first six weeks of the year then 2 weeks off then sick for another 2 weeks! WTF of course I am behind. And NO I am not just working in the middle of the night! Needless to say Friday night SUCKED... then I felt like crap all day at work on Saturday! I hate it when weekends SUCK!

I feel so attacked. This is what I do.... I was so incredibly proud of my latest accomplishment and I haven't even been able to enjoy it. No one that I know really understands what I accomplished either so I am pretty much alone in my joy, but the hubby managed to suck that out of me. :( So to my bloggy friends.... I did a good job please enjoy with me as no one else is!!! The sad thing is this is something I have always wanted to work on from when I got interested in computing.... and now it's just tears that I am left with. It's amazing how the loved ones around you can just suck the joy out of a person... :(

Well that about wraps up my weekend!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

#386-You know what they say about the one bad apple?

Well I finished another class. I am beat and I am glad it is over! There is just this one thing.... Every class you get student reviews and most of the time there are no comments and all the instructor related stuff is rated as great or 'really' great (I like those ones). Well this time there was one comment and it's really sticking to my ribs. It's silly as there really wasn't anything bad said about my teaching or what I do but this one really got to me? I am paraphrasing here... "Instructor shares too much personal information I don't want to know her personal business".

So now I am racking my brain to figure out what the heck that person was talking about? Why? Because A) I don't really have time to 'share' B) I pretty much keep my mouth shut about personal stuff. I may try to interject the odd time with a little humor (cause it's got to get boring some times listening to me! :) ). But my personal life it pretty much off limits. I was entering some data in a table with Movie and TV characters and I made a snide remark that Tree House is on so much I think I am starting to get a crush on the Wiggles. A bunch of people laughed so apparently someone thought it was funny! :) I don't talk about my kids, unless someone comes up to me at a break and asks about them. (My old infertility days kind of keeps that one off limits for me. I know if I was still suffering I wouldn't want to go to a class and listen to someone talk about their twins!).

Originally I thought it may be about the fact that sometimes I will mention that I don't use some of the features I am reviewing and give them reasons why not and why. I also talk about places where I may use some of the features in the real world but I don't share any details it's all very high level.

I just thought it was very strange about my personal business... I do talk about my love of technology (but it is a technology related class?) I suppose this one will bug me for a while as I don't really get what I did to set this person off? I suppose that it's not a big deal since it was one comment and this person didn't dislike the class and marked off the Agree to the Treated the student with respect box.

I am so careful what I say because everything has to be so politically correct these days... sheesh at Christmas time I am even careful to NOT wish the class a Merry Christmas. (I do tend to stick my foot in my mouth from time to time but I don't think I did today?)

Aren't you supposed to tell a little about yourself anyway so that the students get to know you a bit and feel comfortable?

Now why am I letting this one little teeny weeny comment bother me... time to move on... there will be more comments! Why can't everyone just play nice. Really how is that constructive if you really don't get what the issue was?

It's funny a few years ago it became my personal mission to pass on positive feedback... now I see why I am doing a good thing! I have written letters to companies to say nice things about people. I have passed glowing comments on a job well done to folks bosses and I am really so glad I do that. It seems that the nit picky people will complain just because and the happy people just go on their merry way!

So go out and say GOOD JOB to someone's boss next time you are thrilled with the service you receive! It will make someones day a little brighter! :) (I also believe that constructive feedback can be very helpful. If it is relevant and not presented in a hurtful manner!

OK I think I am good now... off to bed I go!

What the heck has happened to my hubby? I got home from work and he was letting the kids play in my car? Personally I am thinking that is not a great idea. Door Open/Close can lead to fingers getting squished (I know that hurts, my Mother slammed the door on my Finger once. Of course she didn't believe me so a) she wouldn't open the door and b) she made me go to school anyway. I had to mange to get the door open myself and I got in trouble for that too...) Not to mention I wouldn't want them getting a hold of keys and 'playing' in the vehicle. Mr. Strict and Anal about the Cars has lost his mind I think.

The kids have been so grumpy in the evenings lately all that fresh air is making them nice and tired! I think the little one still needs a nap... but good luck with that one!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#385-Toooo bussyyyy AGAIN!!!!

Yes it's happening again... to much to do and not enough time to do it!

I have to teach the next two days and I think I am getting a cold. I will be so glad to have my 'other' job on the go so I can rest for a while. I guess I will be working all weekend again... Then I have to teach again next week. Then I have to get ready for a demo at National Scrapbook days... then... then... Must rest... on that note I am going to bed early tonight, 5:30am comes WAY to early on Teaching days!

night for now

How do you make a two year old stop screaming because you won't give her a cookie? (and no giving her a cookie isn't an option.. No means No, unfortunately! :) ) That kid has LUNGS and she is stubborn as a goat! There goes another 20% of my hearing and I am sure the neighbours are talking now.

Oh and do you know how to get two boys to let go of your legs when they have a death grip on them? Two weeks off their preschool program and they freaked out again when it was time for me to leave. The teacher came to 'help' me and they grabbed on to her and Boy#2 (Who wasn't crying until Boy#1 started) hugged her for all he was worth. They had fun, but decided to be miserable all afternoon to make me 'pay' for dropping them off. Little monkeys! I bet school is going to be FUN in the fall!

Off to bed I go...

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Friday, April 09, 2010

#384 - Oh nooo!

Oh crap I think I feel another cold coming on... early to bed tonight hopefully will do the trick!

Not much sleep last night due to the nasty storm... the wind was howling and stuff was banging all over the place. I sure hope the wind dies down soon...

It was a good day today... gotta love those! Everyone was happy until supper (then the little one lost it! But really all day is good for her so who can complain!)


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Really Now... must you?

Mother Nature is b*tchy tonight! Nasty snow storm is a whirling around here! Seriously we could use about a month of rain to catch up from the last 3 years of dry weather so I guess I will take it however I can get it! The wind could get lost though! It was an interesting drive home tonight, bad visibility but at least the roads weren't icy!

Today was a cleaning up kind of day:
1) What is it with Men? Either he shoves crap where it doesn't belong or just leaves in a pile somewhere and doesn't put it away. Today I found out the Pile thing is somewhat better as the crap he stuffed caused me a whole lot more work. I get so annoyed when stuff isn't kept organized... we are so crammed in this house there is NO room for organization. He put a bunch of junk in my storage room that is for the garage sale and left the storage room crap out in the laundry room. WTF is up with that? Grrrrr!
2) I cleaned out baby's closet awhile ago so I decided I should put some of the stuff into an upcoming garage sale. Why is it that small bits of fabric that are sewn into clothing for small beings make me CRY! Blasted infertility, blasted frozen embryo's, blasted old age....

Needless to say I never finished what I was doing and went upstairs and fed the kids... at least I started anyway! :)

How do you make a 4 year-old stop screaming?
1) Threaten to take his lego away? NOPE gets louder
2) Take his bike away? Ooooo bad choice
3) Plead with him to be quiet so that he doesn't wake his sister (aka The Beast.. not much of a morning kid)? Nahh doesn't work
4) Yell at him to stop? Oh crap isn't that what we were trying to stop in the first place
5) Look at him with a stern look? As if!
6) Give up and ignore him? I guess he was 'done'

Some days if it wasn't for Treehouse I think I would go crazy!

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

OMG I am getting Geeky!

So today I loaded Ubuntu onto one of my computers... it's official I am getting Geeky! I am soo sad, but kind of happy as it made a really slow computer useful again! Oh what I wouldn't do to say goodbye to win.dows forever! :)

Off to bed (lets hope I don't have a geeky dream too!)


My Baby Girl rode the boys trike for the first time today. Oh I shed a tear at how fast she is growing up.... My sweet girl.

Boy1 was busy riding his new bike around the yard, speaking of growing up to fast!

Boy2 was driving his Gator around and still we have to remind him to look where he is going, at least some things don't change. I am thinking that he should never drive a car though!


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Where have I been?

Well let me tell you it has been super crazy in my life these days! :) I am sure most can relate! :)

I just finished installing a Point of Sale system for a client and training all the users. After some data load issues late on the 31st I managed to get them all fixed up in time to go 'live' on the 1st of April (Ha ha April 1st, what a day to start a new system!) It went very well though and I am just finishing up some clean-up tasks! I am looking forward to a few days to hang with the family instead of working. It seems like that has been what I have been doing from dusk to dawn and back again the last few weeks! Now I have to get ready to teach again next week! No rest for the Wicked! (I must be some wicked!)

I must admit I did have a lot of fun... the 1 or 2 am mornings really sucked but other than that it was all good. No one really understands what I accomplished in such a short time as they aren't 'computer folk' so I just had to give myself a pat on the back! (Either that or I just call myself as I have a new ring tone on my Cell Phone... it goes something like this... Can you hear me ringing? I am your cell phone and I love you! HA HA)

Easter was a little laid back around here and I enjoyed the quiet! Hope everyone had a good Easter!

I am thankful this Easter as my cousin is home safe and sound, 15 weeks pregnant, after a ruptured appendix. Her baby is doing great and she is out of the woods for the time being. Phew!

This was the conversation today.
Boy1: Baby you have a booger in your nose
Baby: Nooo I don't
Boy1: Yes you do
Baby: Noo
Boy1: Yes it's up in there
Baby: Ohhh?
Boy1: You need to get it out
Baby: (with Kleenex, tries to blow it out)
Boy1: NO NO you need to dig it out!
Baby: It's Gone
Boy1: NO it's not it's up there, you dig it out
Baby: No it's not
Boy1: Yes DIG way up there (mom grossed out by now)
Baby: No it's not
Boy1: Do you want my help (mom really grossed out now)
Baby: No baby do it!
Boy1: Oh... it is gone
Baby: I knoooow!
Boy1: Let me check again?
Baby: Nooo
Boy1: Oh wait, yes it's gone
Baby: I KNOW!!!

I am back... my next job is to catch up!

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