Saturday, April 25, 2009

#229 - Working hard or hardly working!

That would be working hard!

It was a busy work day, with some boss craziness (an hour before we closed she wanted someone to run to the post office... wtf?). There there was the whole hour and half before we closed create a new window display! Sheesh talk about the busiest part of the day to add some craziness! Oh well it didn't all get done today, but there is always tomorrow!

After the kiddos went to bed it was back to work for me. Looks like I may be almost done with the application I was building! I was busy testing and fixing some minor bugs tonight. Just have a couple questions to be answered and I will be all done! Yay!

Now I have to get back to my course stuff, one more course to revamp! Ugg! :) I just want to scrapbook at night instead of work!

So me and my sore feet are off to bed!

- the frame of my glasses broke tonight. I can just barely see my computer and I can't see our television! Hubby needs new glasses and he was supposed to go get them, but we can't afford for both of us to go so I guess he will have to wait longer. Call me cheap but I am p-oed I have to get new glasses!
- never being able to find stuff at work, we are all constantly moving things around to make room for new stuff! It's just crazy!
- Hubby never did anything in the storage room today.. WTF get to work! LOL

- seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as far as my extra work is concerned

By George I think he's got it! Boy2 was doing 'all' his business in the potty today! We may just transition from pull-ups to 'big boy' pants tomorrow! I asked him if he wanted them tomorrow and he said YES! He usually says no so I am very excited! We will see how it goes tomorrow though! I am very hopeful!

Boy2 has actually regressed with the Potty training... again! I think it's going to be a longer process with him, but I suppose it will eventually happen. He SCREAMS like someone has cut off his arm when we ask him if he wants to go potty. I think he is going to be a challenge, but I suppose that's what makes it more rewarding when you are done!

Baby has decided that now is a good time to move into the terrible twos I think. He has been one nasty little beast. I used to call her crab-atha when she was teeny tiny, I think this name may be in the back of my head for the next little while. She sure lets you know when she doesn't like something, but then you have to try to figure out what it is! Then she walks around saying 'Pretty Baby". Ok miss muffet you better get rid of that little princess attitude soon or you aren't going to like it much around here! LOL

Off to get some much needed zzzzzzz's

Good Night

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At 9:23 a.m., April 26, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Sorry about the broken glasses and crazy boss. I am so happy to hear about potty training success. Maybe you all can just quit asking the other twin to go potty and let him request it especially since he now has peer pressure from his brother and the new underpants. It sounds more like a control issue.

At 7:40 p.m., April 26, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

A has totally regressed with potty training, too. Grr.


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