Friday, November 28, 2008

#101 - Whatever!

What an interesting afternoon!  It all started with an email regarding the teaching that I do part time.  I was supposed to write up 3 course for them before the new year.  Well apparently they changed their minds, however they didn't tell me that.  Good thing I didn't get too much done or I would have been very angry!  I was supposed to get paid to do it too. Arrrgg!  I am kind of glad I don't have to do it now, but I would have been seriously ticked off if I had it done already!

Then there was the mail.  A while ago we had a friends dad (bad idea), a supposed electrician, come and do some work for us.  Well I asked him a zillion times for an estimate (none of course), and when we got the bill we were surprised at the amount.  Well we just got the total to start so I asked for details.  Well to make a short story long, this guy charged us for a switch we had already, for 60 feet of cable, when our garage is 35feet long (he charged us for 60 feet 3 times), and so on and so forth.  Oh he did give us a deal on the labour rate but he wasn't there half of what he charged us for, so in the end it wasn't much of a deal.  Well anyway I sent him a cheque for the amount we were owing.  (after some difficulties getting the details of the bill).  I also included a letter, it wasn't nasty, but I decided to point a few things out that really pissed me off.  Well today we received mail back from him, with a nasty note, revised bill aaaaannd our cheque ripped up.  (Well if he was so pissed off why didn't he just cash the cheque?)  It also happens to be around $200 instead of the original $600 of the previous bill.  WTF?  I don't imagine his daughter will ever talk to me again... whatever!

- the idiot 'supposed' electrician
- cleaning up barf
- having no time to get anything done
- freezing rain
- having to go to a course tomorrow
- job #2 not telling me I didn't have to write up the course materials after they asked me to

- job #1
- not having to do any extra work for job #2
- not being busy with job #3 right now
- making cards... I managed to get a couple done today!  I will have to post pics one of these days!


Lucky me, woke up to Boy2 screaming as he just threw-up this morning (and Boy1 telling me he was smelling it... ??? weird kid)

Baby and Boy1 were really good today.  Boy2 gets so grumpy when he is sick (it's either a male thing or genetic from his father... I am just a whiner when I am sick!  LOL)

I missed supper as I was at work, bummer, as boy2 managed to get sick all over himself/dad/ and baby!  Gross!

(I almost joined the barf club the last one I cleaned up... I am such a gagger.  I even had to leave the really nasty stuff for the hubby to clean up when he got home from work.  I guess I owe him now! :) )

Good night!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

#100 - Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

Wishing all my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your time with family and friends, and have fun shopping tomorrow! :)

#99 - Support Systems affected by infertility

Sometimes I wonder when infertility will keep rearing it's ugly head.  Before I finally got pregnant I thought that once I had a baby it would be done, gone, part of my past.  I thought that it would just be a distant memory that could no longer rear it's ugly head and be such a prominent part of my life.  Three children later I have come to realize that it will always be a part of my life, just now it's playing a different role.

It seems like some things take a while to 'sink in', and it is just becoming clear to me that the support systems for parenting seem to require a different spin after 11 years of IF.  I was at my Rhymes and Story Times, sitting across from the very young mothers, a few I think were not much older than high school aged.  These gals had made friends with each other and seem to have built a mom's support system.  It already knew that I didn't fit in with this group (maybe it's the decade age difference?), but as I sat there I realized that IF has really made it difficult for me to build those parenting support systems.

Why is that you ask?  I suppose it's due to the years of having friendships of those without children or those with grown children.  The years of avoiding those who could pro-create around my age group.  The years of avoiding anything child related, just to survive.  Even just after the boys were born I was still somewhat 'gun shy' of the entire parenting thing.  So only now am I starting to feel somewhat comfortable in the parenting world and my boys are almost 3 1/2.  In the socialization circles my children are suffering due to my lack of friends with children, I am trying to get them involved in programs to get them out there, but darn it's hard to find a place where I fit in.  It's not about me though it's about them, I want them to thrive despite my issues.

Instead of fighting it, I need to embrace IF... I am trying to stop thinking it should be gone and realize that it has shaped my life.  I know it will always be in the back of my mind, and I fear my children may suffer some day as well,  I pray they never feel the pain of IF. 

Now if only there wasn't a play group for IF'ers!

- Taking so freaking long to have the 'light bulb' moment
- Dry skin
- Being broke before Christmas (thanks mr. septic tank)
- Doing homework
- Not enough time to scrapbook

- Card making
- Quiet, but only at night
- Not needing the TV on in the house during the day for something to listen to

Boy2 is trying to be quite the parent to Baby.  Baby no, Baby don't do that, Baby here's a toy, Baby... Boy2 is getting more difficult to take out.  He is not liking being around people at all.  I am not sure what to do with him, so I am just going to try to keep taking him out.

Boy1 has perfected spitting, where do they come up with these things.  We sure didn't show him how to spit!  Yesterday he decided to spit on the floor, Baby thought it was funny, that was all the ammunition he needed.  Now you try and stop that behavior when Baby and Boy2 is laughing!  Then there was the chewed carrot episode.  I just had to quickly pay my very nasty Mastercard bill, yuck, before I forgot and had to pay interest.  Anyway I heard the laugh in the bedroom.  The laugh that makes me run and cry all in the same second.  So off to the bedroom I went to find bits of chewed carrot all over the room.  Boy2 and Baby were laughing away so Boy1 thought it would be fun to spit tiny bits of chewed carrot all over.  Lovely!  I got the garbage can and told him to pick it up while I cleaned up the toys and helped a little.  So then he gets his stern voice going and says "Boy2 help Boy1"... and Boy2 did.  Little bossy monster! :)  I could have vacuumed it up but I was hoping that if he picked it up he may learn not to do it again.  HA I think he had fun picking it up.  What a monkey!  If anyone has any anti-spitting techniques feel free to share... duct tape possibly? :)

Boy1 has learned quickly that when mom is tied up he can do as he pleases.  Today I was changing Baby's bum and he took his cup and started hitting the table.  We have a pine table, that now has about 50 dents from his cup.  Ugg, just not enough hands to keep the peace all the time these days!  Speaking of hands.  After the table meets cup episode I made Boy1 go to his room.  He was banging the door so I went to give him heck, well guess what I did, managed to accidently close the door on Poor Baby's hand.  I was watching for her too as she is bad at putting her hand in the door.  Sometimes I just feel out numbered and out of control.  The future scares me already! :)  I am hoping that NO means NO right now (not maybe) will lead to more peace in the future!

Baby, she was some kind of tired today.  I don't think she was really into the Rhymes today!  She did have a cute outfit on at least!  (A friend from the states sent it to me)  I am glad to report that there is no marks from the door on her hand.  She did sit with me for a while after (Boy2 had to keep bringing her toys) the door incident.  I do like when she sits with me, as she doesn't for very long anymore.  She still isn't walking.  I wish she would start soon, as her dresses would be so cute on her when she is upright!  I guess she is just too busy learning new words.

Good night!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

#98 - 3 days down and one to go!

Only one more day left in the training course I am taking!  Next Saturday!  Then if I pass I am done!  We had our first 'practice' teaching session today.  We were scored out of 5 in 4 categories and our passing grade is a 3 in each of the 4 categories.  I got a 5 out of 5 in each category (ok Mr. Instructor, no one is perfect, were you really paying attention?) 

After our practice the instructor does a one on one with each student.  He seemed almost surprised at how well I did.  I guess I look younger than I am and more confused than I actually was.  I did a short 15 minute lesson on 'how to crop a photo into a circular shape'.  I was worried it would not take 15minutes but I guess I was pretty much dead on. (Not bad for not watching the clock! :))  I was quite surprised that I received a 5 out of 5 in each area, I guess I really need to give myself more credit!  (We had the marking guide so I ensured that I covered all the points in the guide.  I made sure I picked something I really knew well so that I could cover all the 'stuff' I was supposed to!)

One of the gentleman did a lesson on how to fold laundry!  He made it interesting, who knew laundry could be interesting?

It was a good day and I will be glad to be done next Saturday... although not totally done as I am taking the next level as well (assuming a full enrollment in the next course!)

Christmas is going to be here WAY before I am ready for it this year!

Oh yes and I also was out 'crafting' on Friday night... made some cute little stamped pictures with our family name and all the people in our family.  I also made one for my parents and my in-laws.  I also decided I am going to make them for the rest of the family for Christmas (because I have so much spare time!)  They are just so cute and fun to make!

- freezing rain
- EARLY mornings
- people who don't pay attention

- getting a 5 out of 5 in every category in my practice teaching
- playing with my kids when I get home
- as always... hugs!
- supper already when I get home and vacuuming all done!

Baby 'tooted' today (when I wasn't home *sniff*) and she immediately said Pardon Me.  It's so amazing what she picks up from her Brothers.  I knew all that watching since she came home would eventually lead to something.  Maybe I won't have to teach her as much as the boys?  HA HA!

Boy1 is becoming quite the character, between the funny faces, and the (what seems to be) insightful comments he keeps us all on his toes.  It amazes me how he is starting to put things together, recognizing related things and coming to conclusions based on a related item.  Sometimes I have to remember he is only 3 and try not to over explain things.  One day my mother was over and I said I wasn't feeling good and needed to sit down before I passed out.  The kids kind of looked at me all confused, so grandma says "mom is sick".  I suppose being detail oriented is good for lesson planning but not so good when explaining things to a 3 year old! :)

Boy2 is trying the smile and hug technique now to get himself out of trouble!  I guess they are both pretty smart.  He does have amazing empathy for a 3 year old though.  If mom is sick, then mom must need a hug.  If Boy1 stepped on mom and gave her an boo boo, then Boy2 comes to the rescue with a kiss and hug!  He is also very concerned about what Baby does!

I have truly been given a gift, or in this case 3 gifts.  They are mine to cherish, nurture and enjoy.  I truly believe that anyone who really wants to be a mother should not be denied this joy, as with most other things in life, until you experience it you can not fully understand it.

Before I go for the night... it's hard to believe it has been 2 yearssince we found out our daughters twin passed away.  We never knew you,and only briefly saw your little heart beat, but you are always in ourhearts and in our thoughts.  Blowing a kiss through the heavens to oursweet angel.

Good night

Thursday, November 20, 2008

#97 - Ahh days you dream about!

Well today was a wonderful day.  The kids were so awesome it was just such a nice day.  We all had fun (except the part where Baby barfed on me). 

We finally are all finished with the septic install!  They had some issues with electrical, but they came back today and got it all resolved.  So now we just have to get some water running into the system before it freezes up here. Speaking of frosty, man is it cold, 10 degrees below zero and a nasty wind to go with it!

I am still fighting off a cold, the sore throat is back again, I just wish it would go away!

Next up, getting ready for my presentation on Saturday in the course I am taking.  Some how I have to try to find some time to get the courses written up for the classes I will be teaching in the new year.  There just is not enough hours in my day!

- sore throats
- sucking at potty training
- disorganization
- not getting the pay cheque I used to, when there are big expenses to pay

- being home with my kids
- a good day at home
- getting stuff cleaned-up
- my PVR

Ya no mother of the year awards here!  Baby fell off our bed today, she was fine, but I feel like crap!  That's what happens when you turn around to do something with one of the others.    I am just so thankful she wasn't hurt.   I heard a thud, my heart stopped as I knew what happened.  She was just sitting there crying.  I think she landed on her bum.  She stopped pretty quickly after I picked her up so I figured she was ok.  I looked her over before I picked her up, and I did breath a sigh of relieve when I knew she was ok.

One of the boys is trying the potty training thing so I decided to go with it.  He only goes to sit on the Potty after he has done his 'business', so hopefully he will figure it out soon and go to the potty before he fills up the pull-up.   Man we went through a lot of pull-ups today! Hope that doesn't continue or I may have to get a 4th job! :)  So wish me luck with the potty and Boy2 tomorrow!

I better get to sleep and hopefully get rid of this sore throat!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#96 - It's just to busy for me!

Well this has been a week so far, and it's only Tuesday!

I was on a training course all weekend and the came today to start installing our septic tank (usually it takes less than a day to install, but not for us!  No water from 8:30 am until 6:00pm and more importantly no flushing! YIKES)  Well hopefully tomorrow it will be all done.  Time will tell.  The guy running the backhoe was quite amazing to watch, so much for getting anything done today!  Lets just put it this way I think he excels at his job.  The truck driver that works with them said one day he was waiting and he must have been bored so he was stacking bricks with the backhoe.  Not to bad I would say?  I am always fascinated by other people's jobs, it was very interesting to see how they work and what they have to do.  I was also amazed by how small the main line for natural gas is.  I figured the one coming into the house would be much bigger, especially given the cost of that stuff!

The training course was interesting.  He was supposed to get through modules 1 and part of 2 on Saturday.  He didn't finish Module 1 until lunch on Sunday, then we had to rush through 2 and 3.  He skipped so much and didn't review any of the exercises so I am more confused than ever.  We have to do a presentation this coming Saturday based on modules 2 and 3.  Sheesh!  Oh well I will do what I can, speaking of which I should be working on that now as I have to work Thursday and I am out on Friday night.  At least I know what they are evaluating on so I will work my way backwards!  Just what I need more freaking work, and I paid over $400 out of my own pocket for this course too!  GAAAA! I need to win the lotto!

I am in the process of getting sick too.  Great, I have so much to do to get the courses written up and I have to teach another one in December.  Oh well maybe I will get this cold over with and be good for a while!

- stupid people
- real estate contracts (as far as I am concerned they aren't worth the paper they are written on, if you are allowed to get away with what the dude who sold this house did)
- colds
- courses that you pay for that the instructor kind of sucks!
- having to get up early for courses that suck, on a weekend
- a big credit card bill
- having no exhaust on my truck

- a good contractor
- sleep (hopefully I will get some now)
- my MAC
- finally being able to use the bathroom!

The kiddos were amazing today.  I never thought they would watch the 'digger' out in the yard all day, but they did!  We even had a dump truck and a flat bed truck make an appearance.  They all thought it was pretty cool. (So did mom and dad)

I figured that they were so good all day that they would be rotten this evening, but they were perfect little angels... ok who stole my kids and left me these ones?  Actually I think I will keep these ones! :)  I am sure I will pay later this week!  Tomorrow should be good though as they will be back to finish with the tank.

I love the boys current word for Zipper, it's still kind of Lipper,  I will enjoy when I can as they are getting better at saying zipper.  Baby seems to get most words out correctly the first time.  The boys will say something then all of a sudden she will just come out with it clear as day.  Like she has been practicing in for months without us knowing or something.  Maybe that's what she does at night when we are sleeping?

She has also found a chair that is low enough that she can climb up on.  She is so pleased with herself when she does that it is quite funny!  She has become quite the theif lately.  If the boys move away from a toy, she does a grab and scoot, and she goes as fast as her little butt and leg will take her!

And I am off for the night!  Good night!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

#95 - What was I on a blogging break or something?

I keep trying to get to my computer to blog, but by the time I get here I am exhausted!  I have been super busy with the kids and trying to get my house cleaned out.  I am still procrastinating on starting the course write-ups that I need to get done!  Although I have started a course on instructing adult learners so I am really happy that I waited as I am sure I will learn something that I will be able to use to make my documents even better than they would have been!

Needless to say I am already exhausted and I have just started my course today.  I am busy today and tomorrow then the next 2 Saturdays.  Of course I work the following Sundays after my course! :)  Then after I am all done the first one the following weekend I take the 2nd level!  2 weeks later it's Christmas (now you know why I have my Christmas shopping done already!)

News of the week, the installer didn't get the septic tank in yet, but, it's supposed to happen next Tuesday.  I of course am not holding my breath.  We will probably get a cold snap or something that will mess that all up!  Either way I am looking so forward to the mud hole that I will have in the spring *insert sarcasm here*

Well this is a short one as I am still feeling like I am coming down with something and I have to be somewhat coherent for tomorrow!  Not to mention that I am enjoying the course (surprise to me! :) ) so I want to be able to absorb!

So this past week I have managed to clean-out and organize the upstairs of my entire house and have started in the basement!  I cleaned everything too!  I love a sparkly house!  I have even done some work in the basement! YEY!  I can almost stand living here now (remember I said almost!  I am still waiting to win the lotto).  I also managed get most of my files organized on my new computer, which I love, and I have received peeked at my Mastercard bill,  I am happy to report that my heart is in good shape or I would have had a heart attack.  That little trip to visit the inlaws and the new computer that I needed and some essentials sure added up quickly, not to mention the pending bill to fix the septic system.  So I guess that means I am heart healthy too.

Speaking of hearts we found out the FIL is getting his 'stent' done next Wednesday.  I pray all goes well for my hubby and family's sake, not to mention the FIL.  If all goes well they will come out to visit next summer.  (I like them much better when I have the remote control and I am on my turf, much more comfortable for moi!)

- warm/cold/warm/cold - just get cold already, it's easier on the road conditions (but wait till after my new septic tank is installed.)  *i know I ask for a lot don't I*
- getting up in the morning, earlier than usual
- setting my alarm one hour to early as I forgot to set my clock after time change (i guess that means that I tick me off! :) )
- not enough hours in the day
- sore throats
- not enough time to blog... arg!

- finding out my friends 3 year old can skip chemo!  YEY
- my new MAC (now I only have to go to the 'dark side' for my teaching stuff and for my contract work)
- coming home to my kids after a long day
- learning something new.  I forgot how much I liked that


I will leave you with this...

Happiness is... dancing in the living room with my kids and hubby for no particular reason.

I really think that my infertility (or my old age!) has given me something that I may have missed out on.... just enjoy them (my family) and be thankful for them being there.  I am not sure that I would have appreciated these moments as much as I do without longing for them for so long?????

Good night   

Saturday, November 08, 2008

#94 - Finally a day off tomorrow!

Well this is the first weekend since we have been home that I will actually have a day off!  I get tomorrow off and I can't wait!

It has been such a busy week, trying to clean-out my garage sale stuff room (bathroom in the basement).  Trying to finish unpacking from our move (a year ago Dec 8), and clean-out the basement bedroom downstairs.  Ok maybe not clean it out, but at least find the floor and the bed in there! :)  I was hoping to get the boys room reorganized this week too, but it didn't happen.  It's not too bad so hopefully this week I will get that done and clean the remainder of the rooms/closets upstairs.  Apparently I am on some kind of organizing/cleaning flip out?  I think it is my way of procrastinating on doing the things I really need to get done! :)

Well hopefully by Christmas I will all organized!  Speaking of that nasty holiday, we managed to finish the kids Xmas shopping last night.  YEY! 

So tomorrow I will enjoy my last weekend day off until after the 15th of December... ugg when am I going to get those Christmas decorations up?

- grumpy customers
- not getting everything done this week that I wanted to get done
- sore feet/the fact that I get sore feet
- an un-organized house
- the piles that my hubby leaves around the house!  UGGGGGG

- the greeting my kiddos give me when I get home from work
- my computer
- hearing that my friends 3 yr old may actually avoid Chemo, just a few more tests to go


I gave Baby a fork for the very first time on Friday night, she picked it up, stabbed some food and got it in her mouth, the first time!  The boys took a while to master that one so I was totally amazed!  The words that girl is learning just amazes me, snow, bumma (the boys version of grandma), just to name a few.

The boys have been getting better, I think that they are finally adjusting to being back at home and the rules that come with that.  Hopefully the screaming will be back to just a dull roar, although it seems to be replaced by whining (at least that is quieter!)  Boy1 is quite the character these days, he always has something to say and he usually finishes or starts it with his name.  They are just growing up way to fast.  Now if only I could get him to stop with the whining!

Boy2 is my little helper, he always has to help me when I am doing something.  It slows things down however it makes him so happy! 

It's cool to be a mom!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

#93 - Will I ever get to bed before Midnight?

Well I started into cleaning/organizing baby's room.  (I am not quite done the kitchen, so I am sure hubby is happy!)    It was Rhymes and Story times day so I didn't get to do to much until the afternoon.  Then there is the whole baby nap time thing too!  I had to clean out clothes that don't fit and get some of the bigger ones out.  I think it's time for a garage sale!  I just wish I didn't have to sell everything, I so want to try for another.  Hubby is so not getting on that bus though.

Speaking of garage sales.  I have a collection of stuff in the non-working bathroom downstairs,  I went down to reorganize it tonight (to get more stuff in).  Guess what, there was a leak and there are boxes and stuff that is ruined.  NICE, I am sure the fat arce-hole that lived here knew about it.  We just noticed that you can see stains on the ceiling in the bathroom, guess the inspection company missed that too!  Where I am going to put my garage sale stuff I have NO effing clue.  I HATE THIS HOUSE!  (Oh ya and I called my mom, she thought it was funny.  Are you kidding me?)

As far as the septic issues, the guy was supposed to call me back yesterday, and he still hasn't.   What a freaking nightmare!  I need a vacation from my life!  LOL

- LIARS that sell houses
- my satellite system, I can't freaking change the channel half the time
- dirty venetian blinds and not enough money to get rid of them
- lack of cash
- moodiness

- Hugs
- Bedtime, and the peace that comes after it
- My new laptop (that I can't afford! LOL)

Boy1 called hubby by his name today?  Weird! 

Boy2 was busy helping mom with cleaning Baby's room.  He likes to help, Boy1 goes off and plays until he thinks he is missing something.   Both of the boys got into a bucket of hangers I had lying around, they hung them all on the bottom rail of Baby's crib.  Kept them busy for about a half hour... weird kids!  At least they were having fun!

Baby is off in her own little play land then when she wants up she comes and tells you, and when she wants something she wants it RIGHT now.  She had her glow pooh and couldn't quite get it to turn on so she was in the crib saying "help please".  I can't believe how much quicker she is picking up language compared to her brothers.  (I thought she would walk quicker too, but no suck luck. Thank goodness)

Tomorrow I am hoping to get baby's room cleaned up then I can move on to the mess in the basement.  I have to work tomorrow night so I better not work to hard or I will be too tired!

Good night

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

#92 - Baby is getting close!

It was a busy day today.  (Hmm I am not sure that they are boring any day?)  Well we got a new estimate on our septic tank and it was $5,000 less than the last one.  So I booked the guy now I just have to get a date, next week probably, and find a money tree with $10,000 on it!  Ugggg

I also managed to get my dining area dusted and cleaned up and most of the kitchen as well.  When the monkeys were napping I did a little in the basement as well.  I still have some boxes that need to be unpacked from the whole move thing.  (I am sick of looking at boxes)

This evening Baby actually pushed a chair around the kitchen walking!  She is very close now, then I will be in trouble!

- The whole septic system mess and the stupid inspection company that missed a very obvious mess!
- Having to deal with all this crap myself (thanks hubby!)
- Dust
- Cleaning the house!
- Needing more places to put stuff

- Getting something done, no matter how long it seems to take
- Temporarily getting some dust outta my house
- Sleep

I was in the biffy today and when I came out I caught Boy1 hitting baby on her head.  I gave him heck and sent him to bed.  He was surprised that I caught him in the act.  I was really mad.  He has been so bad lately.  He is usually so good to her I don't know what that was all about.  They were both sitting on the floor so I am not sure what led up to that.

Baby was so proud of herself pushing the chair around after supper.  What a big smile.

Boy2 was really moody again today, man I can't wait until he goes through puberty.  I think he may have to move out to the garage for that (it is heated so he won't get to cold in the winter.)

Tomorrow it's Rhymes and Storytimes so I won't get much done :(  bummer!

I am exhausted so I better get to bed since it is midnight!

Monday, November 03, 2008

#91 - Some good news

Heard from my friend today.  The bone marrow test showed that the cancer is not through her daughters system, so now we are just praying that it is self contained.  They are still waiting for those results.  Children should never get sick or have to go through things like this.

As for my day, compared to my friends last few I really shouldn't complain, but I will.  I am having a heck of a time with stress.  We had another guy come in and give us an estimate on our septic tank and this time it's $14,000.  It's more than double what the last guy quoted, but now the last guy has backed out due to the fact we have effing gas lines in the way.  So now I am trying to find someone else to do it before the ground freezes here. 

Along with that I have taken on way more than I can handle work wise.  We have also owned this horrid house for a year and we still have so much to do.  I am in this place all day so it drives me crazy that I can't get anything done.  It's been an effing year and I still can't get into my spare room.  We have crap from my husbands friend down there, and everytime he comes over the kids toys get moved all over and I have to move them back.  (A note on the husbands friend,  he needed his broken car moved to the dealership to get fixed. It would take hubby a whole day, and for the first time EVER hubby said No to him... holly crap, I didn't think hubbs had the nads!)

I wish it didn't drive me crazy but I have so much Chaos with the kids toys all day that I like the rest of the house to be somewhat in order.  This house is so much smaller than our other one that we still have to get better organized, but I hate to ignore the kids all the time to clean up the house.  I just wish I could get it organized and everything put away so that when I have a mess I can clean it up and have some where to put it. 

Then there is my scrapbooking, I so want to get the kids books up to date.

Well today I decided to tackle one room at a time upstairs, then move down to the basement.  I usually start with the kids rooms and then the living room never gets done, so I pulled everything apart and dusted and washed the floors.  I found places for the toys that were bigger and hanging around in the kids rooms so that I could make the room look a little less kiddy when they go to bed.  I still have tonnes of toys for them but they are in the two shelfs and storage unit I have for them.  It feels good to have one room cleaned up, I guess I will keep going tomorrow, try one more.

I keep trying to take things one at a time and prioritize but it just seems like there is never enough time and that I just can't seem to get it all done.  I wish I was better at ignoring the things that stress me out, and just enjoy the good stuff.

- dust
- disorganization
- not enough room for all my sh*t and not being able to 'let go' of stuff

- hugs from the boys when I am sad
- baby saying HI HI HI HI really fast when she walks (assisted)
- actually getting one room cleaned up (and it only took one day)
- a good nap

I was pretty upset today so Boy2 gave me a big hug, then he brought me his brother's blanket and Teddy.  (I thought it was pretty funny that he brought me the bro's stuff)

The kiddos were all dancing to Dad's harmonica playing tonight.  Boy1 is so NOT coordinated, Boy2 should take step dancing lessons as he moves his legs and his head doesn't move and then there is Baby.  Baby was sitting on the floor wiggling from the butt up.  I went and got her and had her standing up so she could 'dance'.  She was just laughing away with the boys.  Then back to the floor to see dad.  I was busy cleaning some stuff up so she came back and grabbed my hands to stand up again and dance.  The kids do love their music, hopefully they take after dad and not mom in that department.  I am partially tone deaf, it sucks! :)

The kids are still really challenging since we got back home.  I am hoping it's a short adjustment period and not a new PHASE that they are going through.  It has been very challenging for me since we got back, I hope it gets easier soon.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

#90 - Prayers for a friend

A fellow IF mom found out last Tuesday that her daughter had a large mass, possibly neuroblastoma, they went in for an x-ray for what they thought was pneumonia.  She had it removed on Oct 30th, and they are waiting for the results.  She does not have a blog, but if you are of the praying kind, please say a prayer for her family and daughter.  Her daughter just turned 3.