Monday, August 31, 2009

#302 - HOT

Well it was a HOT one today. Probably just about as hot as it ever gets around here. So what were we doing? Putting sealer on our paved driveway, hmm black stuff on a hot day! Now it wouldn't be such a big deal but we live on an acreage remember and we have a looooong driveway! We were out there with brooms and the sealer just a working away. I am sure the neighbours though we were nuts! (They aren't far from the truth!) Oh ya and hubby and I were both in jeans neither one of us wear shorts! Ha Ha a sight for all to see that's for sure!

Hubby bought the sealer at the beginning of the year when it was on sale and we haven't made time to do it. But since it can't freeze through the winter we had to get it done while it was nice and before the rain comes too. That's a tough one around here, one never knows!

Hubby says next time he has the idea to seal the drive way himself to hit him with the broom and go hire someone... duh! I could have told you that, have you looked at the size of our driveway! Oh ya and we got six buckets and we will probably need about 5 or 6 more after we are done. So part of our driveway will have to wait until next year when the stuff goes on sale again. I am way to cheap to buy any more right now given the reduced wage situation!

Oh ya and I bought two things off the internet and guess what, someone stole my card number. I got a call from the credit card security department on Sunday night. So I called them and arranged to have my card canceled. Then later that night I wanted to check as I had a weird feeling and I couldn't find the transactions in question on my statement. FREAK OUT here! So I called the regular number that I usually use for the card company and checked to make sure I was actually talking to their security department and that my card had been canceled. It was Freak out for nothing! So now I am annoyed about my card. I think I am going to get a separate card just for internet shopping with a really low limit as my other card scares me due to the limit on it!

- working in the heat
- credit card thieves
- laundry (I keep forgetting to take mine out of the washing machine... ick)
- too much work, not enough time

- good kids
- getting 2 of 3 courses ready and working on the last one

My boys don't need me anymore :(. They went and played on their swing set (in the shade thank goodness) while hubby and I painted/sealed the driveway. I could see them from where we were, but they were playing without one of us right with them. I am so sad they are growing up WAY to fast. I am also happy that they love to amuse themselves with sticks and dirt and whatever else is in their 'play area' outside. They did come check to see if we were done once but that was it. Usually they have to play right beside where we are working, but not today. Baby was sleeping and my boys were busy busy!

(Oh ya and I saw a school bus, first day back around here, and I wanted to cry. Next year my boys will be off to kindergarten. What happened to those two babies we brought home? I am not ready to send them off into the great big world just yet! I have a year I better enjoy it!

Better be off to bed now... very very tired and lots of work to do on my last course!
Good night!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

#301 - All work...

All work and no play this weekend. A friend came over to help hubby out with Shed #2 from recycled materials. It has a roof and 3 walls now so it's well on it's way.

I started working on my next round of courses. I start in two weeks so it's waaaay past time to get ready! I managed to get one totally finished (The first one I teach... of course). I also got through about 70% of the second one. I was hoping to get it all done this weekend too but I didn't get it finished. I did start on the 3rd one too so that is a good thing! (This is a start from scratch one so it is going to take me WAYYYY longer!)

Tomorrow I need to make a list of all the things I need to accomplish for all my clients. I am not sure if I want to see the entire list that's for sure!

It was a beautiful weekend so have computer did travel. I found a nice shady spot and there I worked! I re-did all my walkthrough exercises so I am just hoping that I didn't mess anything up. I guess I will find out at my classes. If something is kind of wonky I am pretty good at 'winging it' if I have too! Can you tell I have had to do that a few times? :)

- how fast the weekends are passing
- bugs
- saw dust flying at my computer (a little to close to the construction zone)
- moon sand, that is definately an outdoor activity!

- being able to work at home most of the time

Potty training still sucks and to think I thought I was getting somewhere! :)

The kids had a great weekend playing outside. They were really good, only a little whining so that is awesome! For the most part they actually listened to me, well Baby is a bit of a wanderer so I have to keep one eyeball on her when I am working! (I sooo wish our acreage was fenced, although I suppose I would still be watching them anyway!)

I am so lucky that they usually play so well together and are really good at keeping themselves entertained. It made for a productive weekend! Tomorrow until Dad gets home I am all theirs, then it's back to work again!

I dislike Moon sand immensly. I am so glad that I got a table setup outside then gave the boys the 'stuff' to play with. What a freaking mess, but they sure had fun with it. Boy1 was really into it, Boy2 was just making a big old mess and happy as could be!

The boys also spent some time 'helping' dad. They cleared away all the cut off bits of wood. They loaded them up and took them all to the wood bin and dumped them in the bin. It's nice that they still think helping dad is cool!

Baby counted to 10 tonight, finally she managed to make it all the way without missing the nine! She was so happy she just kept counting and counting!

It was a hot one this weekend, I had some tired kids this evening, Baby was some kind of grumpy. When she finally got her supper into her she was much happier though! I do love it when they go to bed and fall asleep so quickly!

With that I am off to bed and just before midnight too! :)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

#300 - Phew

Well hubby still has a job! Thank goodness. I am not happy about the 20% wage reduction but at least he still has a paycheque coming in and maybe it will save a few other folks jobs as well.

Now for the good news my mother is NOT going to the next scrapbooking retreat that I am going to! YIPEEE! ( I probably shouldn't go due to our new budget but I am sure I can dip into some of my scrapbooking money I have socked away!) I will just have to eat 20% less to make up the difference! LOL

With that I am off to bed. I have so much extra work right now I need to get some good sleep!

Good Night


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

#299 - What a week!

The MOTHER came over yesterday... I am about done with her visits! I think she is pretty annoyed with me as she wanted me to go find something for her and I was busy so I didn't. I also pretty much ignored her so I think she is really pissed off. She likes to be the center of attention ALL the time! Well too fricken bad I was trying to get bills done I was doing them before she got her so p*ss off comes to mind. I am not changing my plans just cause you need attention. One of these days I am going to ask her how old she is, even my 2 year old isn't as demanding!

So yesterday I was so stressed out that I had to lay down after she left and hubby got home. In the evening I started getting pains in my side. Today I am having major weird muscle type spasms around my lung area. Only the muscles are spasing they are just tight, really tight. It's nasty and nothing helps. I am not even sure what I did different yesterday that would cause this issue? Hopefully it feels better tomorrow!

Oh yes then there is today, hubby will find out tomorrow if A) he has a job OR B) he is cut back to a 4 day work week, essentially a 20% pay cut. I of course a, hoping for B. I still say we don't have an economy here in Canada, we just follow what the US is doing! Can you folks pick it up down there it would really help us out! :)

Sometimes I wonder what kind of times we have brought our sweet kids into?

Yesterday I was sitting in my usual chair. It's the only one that rocks. Baby comes up to me grabs my hand (she doesn't like to hold hands EVER) and says MOM GET OUT. Apparently she wanted the chair! :)

Boy1 actually asked to use the potty for solids yesterday so I am hoping we are finally on a roll.. then he peed in his pants tonight. So Boy2 is worried about Boy1 getting in trouble so what does he do? Well he decides it's a good idea to soil his pants too. I will be so glad when my blog is no longer about poop! :)

Good Night


Friday, August 21, 2009

#298 - Yup I am still here!

Wow what a week...

Here are some of the things I have done since last Sunday
- chopped firewood (don't ask)
- designed a new blog for work
- moved an existing typepad blog to blogger - not fun! Well the images anyway!
- worked
- found out the job I like the owner is thinking of maybe selling (she said not to worry nothing is decided yet). I finally find a job I like and sheesh!
- figured out how to setup a network printer at work
- meet with the boss to determine what hardware we need and the possibility of a new POS system (I have tried them all if you ever need one talk to me! :) )
- played with adobe
- worked on some scrapbooking pages
- ignored the fact that my bathroom needs a clean
- cleaned the toilet bowls at least... I really need to find more time
- started trying to get to bed earlier
- took one night off working
- went into work to finish off the inventory but ended up updating her email distribution list instead (hoping to get it all done this week)
- started looking into OSCommerce to setup an on-line shopping site for the store
- built a train track
- ordered some Christmas Presents
- watched some of our trees turn more yellow
- helped hubby with the new shed (from mostly recycled materials.. YAY). I looooove the air nailer
- finally remembered to put chemicals in the pool... it's amazing it's still nice and clean and not GREEN!

I think that about covers it! :)


Friday, August 14, 2009

#297 - Just another day.. not to much exciting!

Well today I managed to look into some 'work' stuff during the day. Then it was off to work this evening. I was a nice evening out! (Ok how sad is that!)

I need to start working on my sleeping hours though. I did manage to get to bed at midnight, but I was awake until 4am! How annoying. I never stay up that late anyway!

- lazy people at work
- frost warnings... what the heck there is a frost warning tonight? (I think we have had one or more every month this spring/summer) Any chance we are going to have a nice winter? HA HA HA
- my trees are starting to turn... fall colours are on their way :(

- figuring out system stuff


I think I will keep them this week! They have been awesome. Either they are getting older and less screaming has come with that or maybe they are just.... listening (NAH can't be that! :) ) Now I have just jinxed it haven't I?

I really suck at potty training (probably because I hate all things potty related). Well at least Boy1 is starting to 'tinkle' pretty much all the time. I think we will have to wait for the solids to go where they belong. It took Boy2 a while to get the solids sorted out so I suppose that is normal.

I am looking forward to a day at home with hubby and the kiddos tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#296 - Just a relaxing day at home!

What a great day hanging out at home. I only spent about an hour working... it was bliss. I spent the morning outside with my computer! :) I actually watched an episode of Jon & Kate plus 8. What a sad story. No matter the issues or who's to blame it is just sad. I can't believe how fast they went from separated to divorce court.

Sometimes I wonder if the strain of infertility then multiples is just to much? I can't even imagine how much strain twins then six would be!

I know for us after 11 years of infertility then going to life with twins was a very difficult transition. You spend all this time in the infertility world, it's hard yes and then it consumes your thoughts. Then if you get lucky... bang 9 short months later you are a parent, or in our case a parent to 2 babies. There is no 'recovery' time... My twins are four and I am finally in some sort of recovery process, which I think would be so much easier if we didn't have frozen embryo's left. (As if infertility wasn't bad enough now you have to decide what to do with the snowflakes or 'maybe babies'. Now there's something a fertile person never has to deal with... I still envy them for this.) Anyway it seems like everything that you go through can add to the strain on a marriage in an already complicated world... I just think it's sad for all involved.

As for us as the boys get older life seems to be getting less complicated, we do have our days! I can sure tell you that one two year old is MUCH more enjoyable than TWO 2 year olds. I guess the boys 'toughened' us up for the girl. Even when she is difficult it's not 1/4 as bad as the boys were at that age! Two was difficult with the boys they really did play off each other! I love the way they love to help now, it slows us down but we don't want to discourage them a bit! I hope we can stand the test of time...

Good night


#295 - so much for my work break!

Well guess what I am doing... it's 12:30 am and I just finished working! More issues, data related this time! Well I think I got it straightened out anyway! Cross your fingers for me!

- computers
- poorly designed applications

- working computers
- see below

Ok well my day didn't start out so good. Boy1 was barfing as the kids like to say! Then I spent part of my morning in bed sick too! But by supper we were feeling much better and Boy1 had a plethora of energy that he had saved up from earlier in the day.

But on to what makes me happy.

I spent the evening playing with my kiddos. No fights (yey). Boy1 was playing with Baby's Dolly, putting it to sleep in the toy bassinet. Making sure that it had a bottle, blankets and toys. He was so cute 'taking care' of Dolly. Boy2 was 'hooking his trailer up', which consisted of a toy shopping cart and his blanket (the trailer). Baby was laying on the floor, using her teeny tiny pillow and playing with her other Dolly's. Mom spent most of her time putting the hats on and Baby was taking them off. She was all snuggled beside me. It was a little slice of heaven. These moments always bring me back to infertility and make me think about how freaking lucky we were that IVF eventually worked for us!

After play time then it was 'camp out' time. Each of the kids had a blanket on the floor for their bed, we turned off the light in Baby's room and they got their flashlights. Each had their own toys and own needs. They kept getting other stuff that they required for their camp out. We all had so much fun!

Just another moment in time that you want to freeze into your brain forever...

good night


Monday, August 10, 2009

#294 - Taking a break!

Ok so it was back to work today to clean up some computer stuff. I managed to get our receipt printer working, but now the font size is too big and it is not fitting on the receipt paper. NO IDEA how to change it. Driving me CRAZY! I was so excited that I got it printing and NOW I can't get it to 'fit' on the paper! So I am tired and sick of the darn thing so I am not touching it until I go in again on Friday.

Now I hope to sleep tonight... major panic attacks when I go to bed at night... very annoying/frustrating.

I am taking a break from all things work related until the owner is done with her vacation since we can't do anything anyway! UGGG and she is not returning calls as she said she would. I must admit if it was my store I wouldn't have left on vacation until I had the inventory mess all straightened out! Whatever not my store, not my worry!


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Saturday, August 08, 2009

#293 - Are you kidding me? and other stuff!

So today was a work day. I knew I was going in for some fun today as they phoned to warn me one of our computers was 'down'. (Which equates to one of our tills)

Sooo... try to find a floppy disk to update some files. HA HA HA! Then try to copy our system files from another computer to CD... guess what the 'broken' computer also has a broken CD drive. GREAT. Go get our receiving computer from the back. Start hooking it up, guess what no printer port (gotta love USB's). Phone hubby to see if my old lap top happens to have a printer port... nope. Get receiving computer setup (without cash drawer or receipt printer, hmmm kind of pointless!) Attempt to get one of our other receipt printers working (usb style). HA HA HA This printer is a label printer, owner bought it thinking it was a reciept printer! (Not to computer savvy that one!)

Finally after 3/4's of the day get the stupid computer printing to our other receipt printer for our other till. (Great both tills print to the same printer!) Did I mention that printer is almost illegible... hence the purchase of the two other printers that ended up being label printers. Are you still with me? I think I am getting confused.

Anyway got everything working, then decided to type up a note to the rest of the staff. (a half hour before close). Our laser printer at the tills NOT working either. Are you kidding me? Drag another printer from the back, hook it up and get it working so we can cash out. Get it working about 10 minutes before close! (Oh ya and the power cord wasn't long enough so I had to find an extension cord too!)

So that was 7 hours out of my day.. how about you! :)

Oh as for the other stuff... it seems as though my panic attacks are coming back. They come out of the blue and really aren't tied to anything stress related? Arrrrgg... Maybe they will have to increase my medication. I am so bummed!

- windows
- broken windows
- computers
- printers
- printer drivers
- etc!

- my MAC! :)

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

#292 - Lost

I just don't know what to do with myself. It's the big slow down after all the craziness. It's not that I don't have stuff to do. I just can't decide what to do next. To top it off my wake/sleeping hours are all messed up! I think my hubby is getting frustrated with me, I had to lay down again today when he got home. He never says anything but always seems to make me feel guilty for having a rest.

I have been trying to use my new found evening time to catch up on a little scrapbooking. After the kids go to bed I head downstairs to work for about an hour. That's about all I can handle in one day anyway!

I am kind of feeling stressed again, not sure why. The extra sleeping has been helping but it's not going away. It's probably because my mother said she might show up tomorrow.

I should be very happy laundry is almost caught up (for today anyway! :) )

- Not knowing where do start
- Our TV... the sound is toast and the picture is going. We have had this one for years but haven't used it much as it was in our basement in the old house. It's a big one and it would be expensive to replace. We have managed to hook up our surround sound, hopefully that will keep it running for a while! It seems that we live in a disposable society, nothing seems to last anymore!
- not knowing why I am stressed

- little smiles
- chocolate
- naps


The little monkeys have been good the last few days. They are helping me make it back to my normal hours by being good and letting me get some rest.

Boy1 is still trying to cause trouble. I am not sure about that boy? He likes to get his siblings doing things they are supposed to or just bugging them. He looks at me with one of his smiles, he knows that he shouldn't be doing that but he does anyway.

He has gone back to using his pants instead of the potty. We have tried everything. At least Boy2 is doing well. I think I am going to just leave him be for a while and work on his sister.

Baby has now decided she doesn't want to go to bed at night. The bonus is that she wants to sit in the chair with Mom (or Dad) and she is all cuddly! She only cries briefly when we put her in her bed so that is good too I suppose. At least I get my cuddle as I am sure that won't last forever.

Off to bed I go


Sunday, August 02, 2009

#291 - Busy busy

Well I made it through 2 more late nights and now I am going to be early! I just hope I can sleep now! :)

I had a great time at the wedding. Got to spend some time with the old kids from the neighbourhood, the ones I used to baby sit! I really enjoyed the visit! (Totally ignored the annoying Mother so I was even happier!)

It was a very small wedding and we shut the place down so to speak! It was a lovely ceremony and the food was awesome!

I worked all day today so now I am just a weeeeee bit tired!

I will be glad to get back to normal hours this week!

Good Night and thinking of those injured at the Big Valley Jamboree (it's a major weekend of country music around here and a bad storm went through and flattened the stage. So far one is dead and 2 are critically injured. I suppose it could have been a lot worse but any loss of life is so tragic.) Mother nature can be so very harsh, I think she must be pmsing all the time!

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

#290 - Am I still awake?

Friggin heck I was up until 5am last night... and 2am tonight... Stick a fork in me I think I am done! Lucky I had a short nap today! (Did I mention how bad this system SUCKS and I am not even talking about how slow it is!) Well of 48,000 records loaded I have 500 or so that need a bit of TLC. Not bad considering!

Now I must go to bed. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow (yey! *insert sarcasm here*) I will be attending with my parents as hubby has to look after the kids. I just can't wait (*insert more sarcasm*) to spend a day with my parents, especially since all they will do is complain about how tired they are and how HARD THEY work! (Speaking of sticking FORKS in someone!)

On a good note I think (hope, pray, etc) that I am done with the late nights on this system!

p.s. My husband is an idiot! He is major crabby with the kids because HE is tired! (self inflicted tired I may add... screwing around in the garage) Not to mention that the kids have been awesome through all my tiredness and lack of attention to them! *hubby needs a slap* for his lack of patience!


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