Thursday, July 30, 2009

#289 - Yey!

The system is updated! It's already for tomorrow... all the counts are in (minus a few fixes!)

Now I get to go to bed... and it's already 4:00am! Ugg! It's going to be painful tomorrow!



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#288 - Waiting again....

Well I am still working on inventory for work... tomorrow I will hopefully be done the 'cleansing' part of the activity. Then it's just the load and the ongoing clean-up... at least the clean-up will be done at work on work time! :)

This is WAY worse than last year for me... that was only ONE late night!

Now if only I could sleep when I go to bed!

I can't wait to be done this so I can spend some quality time with the kiddos on the weekend! :)

Take care

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

#287 - Waiting....

I am just waiting for an extra to finish before I can go to bed... although at the rate it is going I may just leave it go and hope the system doesn't time out on me!

I had a busy day at work and I am still working. I am trying to clean up our system at work (what a mess! I had to manually update about 1,000 records... gaaaag) It sure would be nice if I had the backend password so I could get into the database and cause havoc! Good thing I looooove data or I would be going crazy by now!

Hopefully I can sleep tonight. I got a bit of sleep last night, but the 2 nights before absolutely NOTHING! I can't blame the heat as we have a room A/C unit. Speaking of heat it is still hotter than heck here. YUCK! Just what I want to do work on a hot laptop in a hot house. Hmmm maybe I should have headed to the basement? Oh well to late now I am almost ready for bed!

I sure missed the kiddos today!

Good Night

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Friday, July 24, 2009

#286 - Finally!

We finally got into the pool today! It was finally hot enough outside (well too hot), but enough to get the pool warm enough to get into. I really would like to get a solar heater for the pool though as I like it really warm! OK so I don't like it really warm outside but I like it really warm in the pool? OK I am messed up, according to my hubby! (Just like I like the temp of the house about 25 in the winter and that's too hot in the summer... go figure!)

The hubby was even in the pool today. (He's not much of a water guy) He said now we are living the life! HA HA it's a 12' pool 36" deep. Yup definitely high style! HA HA At least it keeps us cool!

- needing a hair cut
- cutting my bangs (hairdresser is going to have a bird) and not doing such a great job! Oh well at least they are out of my eyes now! I didn't touch the rest of my head, but I was tempted. Hubby asked me if I used scissors or a knife. Remind me to make him some chocolate cookies with ex-lax! :)

- finally having a pool to swim in, well cool off in. A little to small to swim laps, circles maybe?

Kids were good today. They really liked the pool. Boy1 is like mom, Mr. Freezy. He didn't want to get out and he was shivering away.

Boy1 was is always 'swimming' in the bathtub so we figured he would be the brave one in the pool. NOT! Boy2 was more willing to try things. I don't get it? Just when you think you have the little buggers figured out they change it up!

Ahh and then there is Baby. She was not happy when she got in, but either was I, it's cold at first! She has this thing about walking on 'stuff' other than the usual floor and carpet. She doesn't even like to stand on the ceramic tile in the bathroom. Well there was no stinking way I could get her to put her feet on the bottom of the pool at first. She was floating on her belly and kicking away. She was having a great time. After some coaxing I managed to get her to put her feet on the bottom and walk around. Then she liked that! Toys to play with too! After I had her on her belly she wanted to do it again, but being Miss Independent she wanted to do it herself. She was holding on to the side and sticking her legs out. She comes up will all sorts of original ideas that continually amaze me!

(I just like the pool because I can sit on the bottom and cool off when the kids play! Although I am a bit obsessed with the skimmer. I like to keep the water clean-ish! :)

Yet another day to put in the memory vault as a great day. (It really enforces in my mind how much infertility SUCKS!)

Good Night...

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

#285 - Misc Meanderings!

Busy busy... I really thought I would manage to slow down for a couple of months this summer! HA HA HA. As I sit here waiting for a routine to run on a work computer! :)

Well I have handed off the application I created to the user and sent an invoice! How exciting! (I really need to charge more! :) or get a life! :) ) HA HA HA! So that is one large thing off my plate. Then I just have to get our database at work straightened out! (What a mess!! Good thing I looooove data and a challenge!) Oh ya and the owner is now planning to go to the lake this weekend instead of hanging around to finish off year end! Oh Brother! Then after I am all done this stuff I have to finish setting up the blog for the store then look into an E commerce solution. Oh yes and get ready for a new course I will be teaching in September! So much for my lazy summer!

Well we got a call from the in-laws the other day. A few days after they got home from our place they woke up to someone trying to get in their front door. (MIL didn't think to call 9-1-1??) They did manage to scare them off but they haven't been sleeping at night. They live out in the boonies so it is kind of worrisome that they are there alone. There are a few neighbours around but not police for miles and miles. My MIL called the police the next morning, they suggested that they get an alarm system. Oh ya that will help! Well hopefully it would be a deterrent anyway. Just glad that the would-be hooligans took off instead of other things that you hear about these days!

- hot weather (wasn't I just complaining about cold weather? A 30 degree temp change is not fun in my books!)
- stupid people at the trailer place (I was looking for an A/C unit for the top). She wouldn't quote me a price without the Make and Model and she would suggest a model for the size of trailer we have... isn't that why you call a parts person to find this sh*t out?)
- stupid bank account... why can't it have more money so we can go buy the trailer we want and WHY do they have to be soooo expensive?
- not sleeping a wink last night?
- forgetting to take my PPD meds for 3 days (well actually trying to wean off of them again). It was BAD very BAD, mix that with PMS, a PITA mother and a grumpy hubby, shall we say MELTDOWN?
- my mother! She was going to come out in the day for the boys birthday (so dad couldn't come out because he was too busy working on their deck and getting ready to go camping). Are you frigging kidding me? Too busy for your grandson's actually birthday?

- sleeping in
- carmel spread
- I am sure there is other stuff but I am to tired to think of it!

Boy1 has reverted to using his pull up for all things bathroom related. (This is driving hubby crazy. I pretty much am just trying to let it happen and promoting it as much as possible. I am sick of stinky poop! I think that kid has something festering in his butt!)

Baby wouldn't go to bed for hubby tonight, she cried and cried and cried and wanted MOM (YEY for MOM!) Hubby just doesn't get the part where you put her down and let her cry for a few minutes if you need too! I am just enjoying her soo much right now. It truly is a great time for learning new things (too bad it has to come with the crabby part of the 2's!)

Boy2, he likes to sleep in, bless his little heart! He is adjusting well to Dad being back at work! Thank goodness, he is such a dad suck!

The kids have all done very well since hubby has been back at work after his 2 weeks vacation. I am thrilled! :)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

#284 - My Opinion - Destination Collection - Febreze Products

PRODUCT:Assorted Febreze Products - New Destinations Collection

TESTING NOTES: Stinky kids in the house and a stinky sink in the basement(couldn't reach the water trap to put more water in it!)!
Hawaiian Aloha™
- The bright tropical scent of hibiscus blooms.
- Available In: Air Effects®, NOTICEables™, Candles
Brazilian Carnaval™
- Lush green acai berry palms energize and inspire.
- Available In: Air Effects, Candles
Moroccan Bazaar™
- Fresh-ground ginger and spice stimulate the senses.
- Available In: Air Effects, NOTICEables

Diapers in a Bag - Air Effects works wonderfully to remove the smell. Just have to watch the about dispensed!
Kitchen - Loved the candles, either burning or just sitting on a warm stove they smelled very nice! Not to strong and they removed the kitchen smells that you don't want to linger around.
Stinky sink - The trap in our basement bathroom sink went dry, we had a load of storage room stuff in the way and couldn't get to it for a few weeks. The Air Effects and the NOTICEables kept the nasty scent at bay until we could fix it! I really like all three scents I think the Moroccan Bazaar was my fav, but it's a hard call as I liked all of them!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Yummy! I am not sure if the Candles or the Plug in air fresheners are my Favorite? Both my candles are done, so I am going to have to pick up a new one next time I am out!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#283 - 4 years ago today...

4 years ago today our 11 year battle with infertility came to a screeching halt with the birth of our boys.

I am thankful that they weren't too early and only needed 5 days of hospital time
I am thankful for modern medicine or I wouldn't be here to enjoy their birthday
I am thankful that we were able to win the battle against infertility
I am thankful that I am now a parent
I am thankful for the frustrating days
I am thankful for the amazing days
I am thankful that my precious boys give me hugs almost every night before bed
I am thankful that I am finally part of a real family

Happy Birthday Sweet Boys

Love Mom

P.S. stop growing up so fast will ya!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

#282 - What a fun weekend!

Well this weekend if was off to a friends farm. It was HOT... really really hot. Did I mention it was hot? 34 (93.2 F)degrees in the shade. Well when it gets that HOT it usually means nasty storms at night. Boy did we get wind last night. It was so bad that my hubby thinks that if we had been parked the other way the trailer may have been blown over. It was not fun. When it finally passed at about 4 in the morning I finally got some sleep. Other than the nasty night time weather it was a great weekend.

It was a good distraction to get over the fact that the in-laws have gone back home! :)

Hubby was impressed at my lack of crap packed in the trailer! This is a first since we got it back in 01 it seems that we would spend hours un-loading the thing! I enjoyed not having so much clutter and not hauling as much crap. This will be a new trend I think!

- My mother calling with her freaking downer attitude this evening. Haven't talked to the nasty woman since the in-laws have been here and that was sssoooo nice. She called me because of the storm last night. Never asked about the kids, the visit from the hubby's parents etc. She just phoned to talk about HER and the storm at THEIR house. Apparently she was to afraid to go in the house so she was under the awning in her trailer... She's a 'bright' one. I told hubby the next time she calls after a great weekend to tell her I am in bed with a migraine!


Can you say dirt? Oh my what a bunch of dirty kids! They had fun. It was a little hot and Boy2 isn't much for the heat. They did really well with the nasty heat though. I didn't do much at all we just lazed about so it was relaxing!

We were late to bed Saturday night... Baby was so tired she just sat on the bed and then laid there in a little ball of Baby. She was asleep with her Eyes open I think. She was just so cute. I picked her up and she was actually cuddly. I just wanted to curl up with her in bed (I miss those Baby nap days from when she was actually a baby! :) ). I put her in the play pen and not a peep out of her she just went to sleep. My sweet girl! I could just gobble her up right now she is so freaking adorable! :)

The kids did well through the storm. Boy1 woke up and came and joined me in bed (It took a bit of convincing.) Poor Dad was in the smaller bed with the 2 boys! They wanted Dad when the lightening was flashing.

This morning was a bit windy still but we still managed to have breakfast outside. Lunch was inside then we headed home. So now the trailer is unloaded the kids are in bed, we are all clean and I am off to bed!

Good Night


Friday, July 17, 2009

#281 - Keeping busy

Well today was a HOT one and a busy one. We dumped our trailer full of tree branches after breakfast. The worst part was it was hot and humid. (We don't get much humid weather around here so it was brutal!) We went to the recycle station to dump our branches. They have great big bins with steps that you have to go up to throw the branches into the bin. That's ok if you only have a few, but it was a big tree that we had to cut down. Hubby had a big bucket of small stuff that he picked up and when he went to dump it, it slipped and fell into the bin! He was going to jump in to get it, but then thought, hmm how will I get out? Good thing he thought about how he was going to get out before he jumped it. We had the kids with us so could you imagine me trying to find someone with a ladder with the 3 kids in tow! Boy that would have been a good one to explain! :) We managed to retrieve our bucket (we had to pull it up full as it wasn't empty!) with some strapping that hubby used to secure the branches on our way there! Hubby was going to go without me but I really didn't want to stay home, I am missing Granny and Grampy right now.

I was busy cleaning out our trailer all day. (It never did get it's scrub that it usually gets at the end of each season. It got a wipe but no scrub so off I went. We also have our old foam mattress and it was a little to long for the bed so hubby chopped it off. Finally I think we may actually be able to sleep in that thing comfortably.

- heat and humidity

- hubby in a good mood

Baby was 'warming' up to me again today. She was afraid of me last night as I had some tears when Granny and Grampie were getting ready to leave. She did better than I expected today, she was looking for Granny but didn't get to crabby when she wasn't there.

The boys were wondering when Granny and Grampie were coming back. They were very good today too. However Boy1 is not doing so well on the potty AGAIN. This too shall pass I suppose!

Apparently Granny & Grampies (miserable, bitchy) cat was happy to see them. (As if that cat could be happy about anything. I can't believe how nasty it is considering how well it has been treated!)

Good night


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

#281 - So sad

I am sitting alone, the kids are asleep and the hubby took his folks to the airport. I am so very sad that they are going back home. In the 4 years that we have had kids this is the first time we have been able to get some things done around the house, play with the kids and visit. It was such a wonderful visit this time. Much easier than being at their house (probably because I had my own bathroom! LOL). The last time we were out the boys were 3 months old and we were still 'adjusting', so this time it was just a fun visit.

My entire life, before kids, I never really felt like I was part of any kind of family. When I am around my hubbies family I find out what it's like to be part of something that I never experienced growing up. I just wish they didn't live so darn far away. Even if it was a days drive it would be better.

They aren't really ones to go out of their routine much, my FIL has to keep busy, so hubby got to get a few things done. My MIL likes to keep busy too and her hobby is house chores (not my kind of hobby). She was always doing just the little things that help out so much. (Quite a difference from my mother who comes and makes a bigger mess!) It was like a mini vacation, a few house chores done, extra hands around the kids... I am somewhat overwhelmed by having REAL help for 2 weeks. Hubby and I really don't ever get a 'break', well unless you call work a break? Well it felt like a break from the craziness of the kids but with them here. I was wonderful and somewhat hard to explain.

Anyway they are off to the airport... and I am left here a sobbing mess... (being an emotional person SUCKS)

Wish us luck tomorrow when the kids realize Granny and Grampie have gone home. Baby wants Granny all the time I imagine she may have some issues tomorrow. If only Granny's hugs weren't closer!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

#280 - Busy Day!

Today was a work day. It actually worked out quite well as the in-laws were invited out so I didn't miss much visiting time at all. They were also home early so we got to spend the evening together. I am very sad that their visit is coming to an end. It has been VERY enjoyable. I hope they feel the same way! I don't know how all you folks out there manage that live so far away from the relatives you actually like! :) It sure hasn't felt awkward at all, it is much easier to have them here, then to stay in their house with the kiddos. They are total home bodies so they are just happy to visit and putter around the house. My MIL loves to bake and the FIL has been busy helping the hubby with some tasks around the house. It has felt like a real vacation for me. It's amazing how a couple extra sets of hands makes life soooo much easier. Now I know why some cultures actually have generations of families in one house. It truly is wonderful to have a village to raise your children!

- Baby likes Granny better than mom! :)
- Being totally exhausted
- Making Blueberry muffins that have no taste??? What's up with that? I must have forgotten something! :)

- Having a good day at work
- FIL agreed to get a family picture done... we are off Tuesday to get our MUGS shot! :)

Potty training is kind of up and down with Boy1. I suppose the change of routine isn't helping. Boy2 is doing really well still. Baby tells us after she poops, and she likes standing up in the tub to see how the pee thing works (yuck). I think we are getting closer with her!

Boy2 is our emotional soul, he is driving hubby nuts as he is really really really clingy and he is crying and sad all the time. Poor little fella, hope he grows out of it.

Baby was looking for Granny tonight. I don't think she is going to like it at ALL when Granny goes home. We have started preparing the Boys as they aren't going to like ti much either.

I am beat so off to bed I go. Good Night

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Opinion - Oral B Vitality Toothbrush

Product Name: Oral B Vitality Toothbrush

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Opinion - PC Free Beef

PRODUCT:PC Free Beef (for my Canadian Friends)

TESTING NOTES: BBQ and some steak!

RESULTS: I was asked to review Presidents Choice Free Beef. This beef is available at Superstore. Hubby BBQ'ed it and it was great. It reminded me of what a great steak tasted like years ago. The Free meat is raised without the use of antibiotics and fed no animal by-products. I did notice that the prices did fluctuate and some times the steak was a little fattier than we like. There is nice cuts available if you are patient though.

I also got to try out the Salt & Pepper grinder with sea salt! I don't use a lot of salt and pepper but I liked this little guy. Grind what you want and put it on your meal. I do like some salt on any meat I eat so this was a lovely addition. My first time trying pepper on my steak and it was very good!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Well worth a try, I think we are going to have to try some of the other 'PC Free' products as the taste is great!


#279 My Opinion - Swiffer 360 Duster

PRODUCT:Swiffer 360 Duster

TESTING NOTES: Dust, lots and lots of Dust... Yuck!

RESULTS: We seem to have an abundance of dust in our house. I am beginning to think the kids CREATE it or oooze it! Well this is a great little duster, picks up the dust without leaving to much to float around in the air. This saves me from my regular method of vacuuming up the dust then wiping things down after

THE BOTTOM LINE: Works very well for picking up dust. If you have children get one for each, they love to play with the duster and the bonus is the house gets cleaned too!


#278 - Exhausted

I have not been sleeping well as of late, I think too many late nights have lead to my little issue! I am hoping that I am so tired now that I will actually be able to sleep tonight. One can hope anyway!

I am having issues trying to figure out what day it is these days. Since hubby has been off work for a week and a bit I have lost my weekend frame of reference! I am just messed right up!

The in-laws are leaving on the red-eye Wednesday night. I will be sad to see them go (I know that's just wrong). It is good just to have other folks around with the kids. It's like a vacation even though there are more people around! It makes me wish I could afford an extra pair of hands around here... everyone is less stressed and the kids are getting the attention they need/deserve.

The only thing that is driving me crazy is the in-laws friends (they used to live out here). They show up at supper time and stay for hours. Like hello people need to eat! Ugg!

Look for my first give away coming next week! :)

The kids have adjusted well to having all of us around. I think they are enjoying all the extra attention (god help me when Granny and Grampy leave and Dad goes back to work. I am sooo screwed! :) )


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

#277 - Woot Woot and other stuff!

Well I am keeping out of trouble these days. It has been a nice break since the In-laws have been here. I have cut back on my work a little the last couple of days and it has been NICE!

I was ready to string up the hubby today. I had a meeting at 1pm and the hubby went out with the folks and called at 1pm that he was going to get his dad something to eat and they still had to go to the grocery store... I was really happy, me, 3 kids and a demo via the internet and phone! Well I made it until the hubby got home. Then I felt bad for being pissed off as the inlaws bought us a new BBQ. (our last one is 15 yrs old, and too small according to hubby! :))

-sweet girl
-a visit from a friend that we haven't seen in a while

Today we had a major breakthrough... oh constipation/screaming/anti potty boy... headed to the bathroom by himself today. And we had MAJOR splash down. I think this may be the start of the end of potty training for the boys in this house! How possibly exciting! :) When I get these two going we are moving on to the littlest one.

Speaking of the littlest one. Granny was out for the day with some friends. So Baby and I dropped off Granny and headed out for a shopping day with baby. What a treat! I really enjoyed just having one to drag in and out of the car. We went into the Children's Place (clothing store). Baby saw dresses and way she went. "LOOK MOM... PRETTTY DRESS!" She was just in heaven, pretty dresses everywhere! It was too funny, then she found shoes, LOOK MOM pretty shoes! She was even looking through the racks and showing mom the stuff she liked. Then it was on to check out the slippers. She found some with butterflies and she really liked them and since they were only $2.99 I got them for her. (I also managed to get some Saled items for Christmas presents! YEY) As I was at the checkout she wanted her shoes off, then her sweater (it was raining, finally). Then she wanted to put a pretty dress on. I think she was about ready to strip down to her diaper! (She was not happy when we left the store! :) )

We had a nice lunch together, she kept looking at me an smiling. I was so proud of my little girl, she was soooo good. We had a pit stop at the dollar store and I let her walk. She kept saying 'ooo look mom' to everything she saw. Our last stop was some groceries, which was cutting into nap time. She did really well considering! Someone in line said how cute she was (*insert me gushing!*). She was nattering away in the truck on the way home then all of a sudden it stopped, she was fast asleep. What a treat it was for MOM! (I think I will keep her... for now! Ask me again when she is a teenager! :) )

I love moments like that, but it really makes me realize just how much you miss out on with two at a time. I am sad that my little ones are growing up so very fast. I am afraid to blink! :)

Good Night and here's to Poop in the potty instead of the pants!

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Monday, July 06, 2009

#276 - Just hanging out!

Not to much exciting around here these days. My sleep/wake hours are all messed up. Working to late. The system at work is still a mess. Next project getting new hardware and trying to get it all working with the crap system we have. If we can get the crap system off the crap computers maybe it won't be such a crap system! :)

I was up until 1am last night, then up at 4am and 7 am to try to do an inventory extract. Fat chance of that, the system kept crashing! So wish me luck with the new computers when we get them!

I have had a goo time with the in-laws since I have had my computer stuffed in my face most of the time! :) Rude or what! :) I think they don't mind.

Anyway MIL is out for the day so I am heading out with the girl so hubby can get some stuff done... hopefully the boys will be good for him. He is trying to finish off the 'shed' he started last year. He just has to put doors in the back and I think he will be done.

Anyway off I go, since my battery is almost dead! :)


Sunday, July 05, 2009

#275 - Sunday sunday!

Well it's another busy computer day for me. I am trying to do some stuff for the store I work at in preparation for inventory... the system is a mess and slower than molasses in January! Hours and hours of trying to extract our inventory is just no fun. I am also looking to upgrade our system so that we can actually maintain it... then there is the whole upgrade our computers. There is no rest for the wicked! :)

I haven't done much with the inlaws yet, I think they are just happy to relax, yey! :) I think I am going to take the kids out on Tuesday as the MIL is going out, ightso it will give hubby and his dad some time to do some stuff??? (Hubby is more annoying than the parents.. go figure! :) )

Off I go, hopefully to get some sleep tonight! (I am not sleeping so well these days!)



Saturday, July 04, 2009

#274 - Happy 4th!

Wishing all my American friends a Happy 4th of July! Enjoy!

Funny of the day at my house: Boy2 had to 'tinkle', dad suggested he use a tree, he wanted the Potty. So Baby goes up to the tree, grabs hold and says Baby Pee Tree! Ummm no Baby you don't the the correct 'equipment' :)

In-law update: nothing to interesting yet. So far so good but I have had my face stuffed in my computer most of the time! LOL (She couldn't find our line to hang out the laundry to dry... ummm in the 21st century you use a drier???)

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

#273 - Can't sleep crazy day!

Wow it was a busy one!
-finish cleaning house (clean yucky toilet... did I mention that our boys won't stand up... yuck)
-meeting #1 for Job #1
-meeting #2 for Job #2
-arrange for someone to watch the boys while hubby picks up his parents from the airport
-do some more stuff for Job #1 after the in-laws and kiddos are tucked into their beds

Meeting #1 went well and I was beyond surprised to find out I am getting paid my regular consulting rate for the extra work I have been doing... wow, not expected at all. I also got some really nice compliments... and I am in charge of organizing our Inventory taking.

Meeting #2 went well.. there have been some adjustments made to the content of the classes I teach, so I think that will be very helpful!

A friend was available to watch the boys for me today, sweet. Not enough room in the truck for everyone so it worked out great, and granny got some one on one time with Baby!

Days like today make me so glad that I quit my OTHER full time job/career that was sucking the life out of me. I am finally working on the things I love to work on. I am tired and overworked but at least I get time to spend with my kids everyday too! :)

The in-laws are here... it already feels much more comfortable at my house than theirs! :) But I am sure I will have some frustrations! LOL

Good Night!

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

#272 - Happy Canada Day!

Well it's Canada Day here! A lovely day with some wind and lots of sunshine. I am glad that it was a nice day as we set a record low last night of -1c. Are you kidding me? (And no I do not need the cold air to keep my igloo frozen... we have freezing units here! LOL)

We spent the day in the city (more like town) that we used to live. The kids enjoyed the parade (to bad Grandma and Grandpa found us... considering we did our best to avoid them). And why come and bug us if you are just going to be foul anyway? So after we snuck off to the car show. They had over 200 cars, pretty cool since I planned the very first one years ago!. (I am really glad that I am not involved anymore though! :) )

On our way home we stopped off in a local farmers field to check out the Flying Clubs' display. We caught the tail end of a plane flying around and then we saw a couple of helicopters, very cool! The kids really enjoyed it too, which lead to a meltdown by Boy2 when we left! :)

All in all it was a good day! (I also managed to avoid doing to much cleaning... the house is the way it's going to be when the inlaws get here. Hubby sat down while I busted my a** so I did the minimum I felt like doing and said frig it!) I was not impressed to say the least... I haven't even cleaned the main bathroom yet. Guess he will have to do it or it will stay as it is cause I don't use that one anyway! :)

I think I am a little stressed about the in-laws coming. Hopefully it will all turn out ok. The house isn't as clean as i would like it to be, but I work too Mr. Man, so that's all I am doing!

Next project trying to figure out how to pick up the in-laws. I have a must attend meeting... and we have a vehicle that fits 3 car seats and two adults, and we need room for 3 adults! My mother offered to come out but Hubby went nuts on me when I suggested it, so I guess it will be interesting tomorrow. (LOOOOONG story! :) Goes back to our wedding) Does - We NEED a mini van mean anything to you hubby? LOL

Well you may be in for two interesting weeks of posts.. they arrive tomorrow night!

-Hubby sitting and resting while I am working my fat butt off!
-When I miss a bit on Baby's arm when I am applying the sunscreen and she gets a big pink blotch. :(
-Grumpy Man
-Poop on my bed - Boy1 and potty training no going well! :)
-Pee on my carpet - same day and yup Boy1 again!
-Pee in Boy2's bed - this time it was Boy2 (oops mom forgot the pull-up last night)
-Our weather... a lot of areas have been declared and agricultural emergency around us. It was sad to see farmers fields looking like stubble when we went out today. Usually we live near prime farm land, it scary dry here.

-When you go out to a large function such as Canada Day and everyone is happy and doing their own thing. If only the world wasn't like this every day.

Good Night and Happy Canada Day!