Monday, April 13, 2009

#219 - back to the regular program!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Now that it's all over I am back to working my arce off again. I am so tired it just feels like it will never end. Eventually I WILL get through this! :) Then I won't be so tired!

I am looking forward to Saturday, more scrapbooking on it's way! :) I am getting closer to my goal of being caught up to the end of last year in one of my albums!

Easter brunch was a little weird this year, we went out to the regular place on Sunday. The food was the same as every other year and really wasn't that good as per usual. I think it's way over priced, but that's just my opinion. After we always go back to my Aunt and Uncles and usually stay until supper. There was some kind of weird vibe going on, I really wasn't sure what the heck was up until I found out today.

There are 2 families with kids in nursing, one is finishing her LPN the other is starting her RN. Well the LPN (who wants to get her RN) was telling the RN in training that LPN's are better than RN's. Then there was the whole University vs. College thing going on. (I guess hubby and I are not with the IN crowd since we don't have Degrees. The funny thing is none of their parents do either... and I actually had a better job than any of them do when I was working full time!) Whatever. All I know is it felt damn uncomfortable, especially when one didn't know what was going on.

The mother was not quite as annoying as usual, just the typical stuff. Like the boys all watch golf, so now she is a golf fan??? Then the whole, has to be the center of attention thing... WHATEVER! I am just glad it's all done!

Hubby was busy a couple of days this weekend (when I wasn't working/sleeping!). He has the framing done for one wall in the new improved storage room and is working on the pocket door next. Then he has a bit of framing to do on one part of the back wall, then drywall! It may get done this century!

Oh and the best part today was the Heavy Snowfall Warning that has been issued! Sweet! (NOT!)

-family politics
-snowfall warnings in April
-feeling like I haven't slept in months!

-the snow is almost gone in our yard (hmm suppose it won't last for long)
-a nice warm easter
-seeing bits of green poking through the grass

-potty training is back to the suckage stage...
-kids were awesome at Easter Brunch (wow these are my kids, the ones that scream all day at home? they can't be?) Baby took a liking to our server (she has been screaming at strangers lately so I was happy) Even my screamer at strangers, Boy2, was making friends with everyone! they had a craft room for the kids at the brunch, they had fun their too
- the kids were good after brunch too and we didn't have the battle I expected before bed time

We have 'dumped' afternoon naps for the boys. We figured the one that doesn't sleep (Boy1) would be OK and Boy2 would be grumpy. Wow were we wrong, Boy1 seems to need his nap. I am going to give it at least a week and see how it goes. To make mom happy he has been getting up even earlier since we stopped napping in the afternoon. The reason why we got rid of naps was to make bed time a little easier... HA HA HA, as if! Now they are just grumpier! This too shall pass.... (at least it better! :) )

I am really struggling with being exhausted so I am trying to get to bed earlier... so off to bed I go, good night!

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At 6:55 a.m., April 14, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Glad the kids cooperated. Sorry you had to deal with the family crud though.

At 9:18 a.m., April 14, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I am glad you are working on getting more rest, I am such a nicer person w/more sleep.
I have to chuckle over the "RN" vs."LPN" issue. I've been a nurse x 27 years and taught nursing and encounter these attitudes. This is what I tell new nurses, doctors, Xray techs, etc, etc,
"Each member of the health care team has an important role, our initials don't matter, it's all about the patients and families. Do your job, do it well!"
Okay, off my soapbox, Soralis.


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