Sunday, April 05, 2009

#212 - Anyone want a grumpy hubby? You can have mine!

What a day! My hubby needs a big time arce kicking!

1. Took the kids outside to play in the morning, I told him he could go work on the storage room OR I would go do my work (since I am swamped due to the little database crash issue I had). So what does he do, say Yes he is going to go inside, then he stands around. So I asked him again so he went off on me. Around here time is very precious, if you want to work on something and you have an opportunity you just go freaking do it! If there is 2 hours to be had you better not waste a freaking moment of it if I can be getting my stuff done. I was just trying to be nice, as I knew I should have been working. So anyway he told me to go do my stuff then. I explained to him that it didn't matter if he didn't feel like working I am cool with that, but I am not wasting time that I could be working while he stands around. So finally he went off in a huff to go work (Apparently Karma is a b*tch as he hit his hand with the hammer!)
2. At nap time I am trying to get work done, so he effs off doing something. One of the kids woke up screaming so I had to drop my work and go deal with it. Which meant no work for me in the afternoon. Well I was frozen from being outside so I took baby into the bed to lay down. Apparently he was pissed off at me for laying down. What the heck else was I supposed to do? Then another one of the kids got up and he had to deal with him, so he was pissed at me again. Well I guess he shouldn't have wasted his morning time since he knew I had to get some work done! So what do I do instead? Stay up half the night working! Friggin heck!
3. He wakes me up, cause I fell asleep with baby. (hmm maybe it's because I am effing exhausted?) He starts yelling at me are you coming to eat supper... at 4:30pm, I will get right on that. Now he knows it takes me a few minutes to get moving after I have fallen asleep but still he yells at me anyway! ARG!
4. After he wakes me he goes into the kitchen. I guess the pot was boiling, and OMG some water spilled out, must be the end of the world (*insert sarcasm here*). So what does he do, start SWEARING, in front of the kids. And we aren't talking the 'nicer' of the swear words either. The kids already walk around here saying the "f" word, I am afraid of what is coming next. If I ever here them say the c-sucker word I think I may just cut my hubbies vocal cords out! (I hate the c-sucker word, I would NEVER say that. I can't believe he does this in front of the kids) He gets mad at the kids when they say the "f" word... you would think he knows where they get it from! One of the boys even said "Daddy no say that word". I could hear him all the way in the bedroom so I know the kids could hear him. ARG!
5. I am not allowed to say anything to him about his language or he just goes off on me. Lets pray this mood doesn't last long or it is not going to be pretty around here for me and the kids.

Grow up is about all I can say right now!

- horrible words

- finally being warm

Well we had the kids outside today. It was windy and freaking cold. I almost froze to death out there for 2 hours. It's hard to enjoy being out there when there is so much to be done in the house, and at this time of year nothing can really be done outside yet. We are loosing the snow fast but we still have a whole bunch. We have quite a mess to clean-up this year, I am not looking forward to that.

Anyway I pretty much hate being outside when I have stuff that needs to get done. The kids cannot be left out there on their own so I just kind of walk around and follow them. They had a blast, they finally got their gators out. They also had their 'fred flinstone' cars out too (you have to use feet to move them). They were quite happy to be outside, Mom wasn't thrilled so I am glad that they had fun! (Hubby got a few things done in the basement, he's so gosh darn slow I am afraid this will never get done!)

I bathed the kids tonight, no way I was sicking Dad on them. (I should have been working but hubby is so foul that it wouldn't have been fair to the kids.) They were really good today, I suppose the fresh air and change of scenery was good for them. I do find it hard to get outside with them as I am so NOT an outdoor person. In the summer will be better as I can pen them in on the deck and still watch them from the kitchen when I try to get stuff done. We have no fence here so I can't really ever imagine leaving them outside on their own. We have a major range road on the one side of the house and it can get busy.

It's almost midnight again so I better get to bed. I got a bit of work done tonight, but not as much as I would have liked. I am so tired I just can't concentrate anymore.

Good Night

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At 8:34 a.m., April 06, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Wow, your husband is a grump. He needs to take a chill pill. Sorry, I hope he starts behaving himself.

At 1:06 p.m., April 06, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...



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