Thursday, February 26, 2009

#177 - I am either a trooper or an idiot... you decide!

Today was interesting! So here goes!

11:22pm last night - went to bed
12:45am woke up - very sick to stomach - went to washroom wasn't sure which end stuff may come out of! Dodged that bullet
1:50am - up again, still sick, went looking to see if we had and Pepto Bismol. Hubby was just leaving for work (definitely idiot! LOL). Asked him to help me out, YA RIGHT... back to washroom again. Dodged another bullet
5:20am - Alarm goes off - yehaw! Had a shower and one spoonfull of breakfast. Feeling HORRIBLE!
6:00am - found out what end it was going to come out of! The top end! Lucky me it was quick and projectile, now I have to clean up the bathroom before I leave for work
6:30am - left for work (they are short on instructors and I didn't figure there was anyone to fill in for me anyway on that short of notice)
8:00 am - started teaching
3:30 pm - YEY made it through the class, didn't get sick on the first row, and got some great comments and some good reviews! It was a pretty good group!
4:00 pm - off to Job#2 (still haven't had anything to eat all day, and only a few sips of water through out the day!)
4:30 pm - arrive at work, dump off stuff and GO!
9:00pm - wow made it through the night! who new! Starting to think maybe I am hungry now, but I still dont' really want food!
10:00pm - finally got to leave work due to a cash out issue... ugg!
10:30pm - home and blogging!

- people who follow to close when the roads are icy
- rush hour traffic
- projectile vomit

- another good round of reviews!
- being done this day and making it through this day!

*sigh* I never saw them today. I am just hoping that if I have a flu bug I don't give it to them. I missed not coming home to their hugs tonight. I hated opening the door and coming in and not seeing them.

By the way MY hats off to those Moms who manage to run a house, work full time, and manage their kiddos. I am only out of the house a couple days a week and I find it is very difficult to manage everything!

I hear my bed calling! Good Night

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#176 - One more Day

Well I just have one more day for this class and I will be done another one. I am not quite sure how I am going to pack it all in. I have some users that are not quite as 'advanced'.

- grumpy people
- nasty snowy roads! About 2 or 3 inches fell last night!

- getting through my courses!


Boy1 'sang' his ABC's tonight! He has been sitting quietly well Boy2 attempted to sing. I knew he was up to something so way he went tonight! He does great up until S, then sometimes he misses TUV, but then he finishes it off! WOW my boy is so smart! Boy2 had been doing really well since the start but he has kind of slowed down on the 'singing' thing!

I love it when they sing the 'next time won't you sing with me....' Things that make and IF mom's heart melt!

Baby was right in there too! I wonder what is going through her little brain?

Good Night!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

#175 - Please I need more timmmmmeeeee!

What a day! Hubby was supposed to be home early, but he wasn't. I was trying to get my course prep done for tomorrow's class! So much for that idea! That rotten headache set me back.

After my documents were sent to print I found a bunch of errors! Ugg! I hate that, but at least I can 'fix' them before the students find some of the problems.

I am tired, but I think I am ready for day 1 now. I will have finish up day 2 tomorrow night.

By Friday I should be toast! Just in time for my Retreat, that it looks like I may be working now instead (the owner's daughter is really sick and she was supposed to be going this weekend). I am not sure that I will get as much done as I thought I would but time will tell. I still have to pack my stuff and get my photos.

- not enough time
- not enough time to spend with the kids, I thought the whole point of not working full time was to spend more quality time with the kids. I just always seem busy and behind these days!

- ICLW.. I love it, not sure if I will make it through the entire list, but I am sure going to try!
- Getting a hair cut!


One word for today

BAD! (Of course I needed to get some stuff done! :))

Boy1 wasn't bad at lunch, while Boy2 was having a meltdown. Boy1 was feeding Baby half of his lunch? He likes to rip up pieces of his bun and give them to Baby, then take some back for himself. He gives her grapes and other things he doesn't want to finish off his plate. I think he likes that he can tell her what to do, unlike his brother who yaps right back at him! Baby seems to like all the attention so I just let him go, and make sure he doesn't give her his carrot!

Off to bed, early morning and nasty roads tomorrow!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

#174 - Out and about!

I was went out for a while today and it wasn't for work. It seems like the only time I get out these days it is for work! I had to go pick a few things up, I was annoyed that my photos that I sent last night weren't all ready. I have to send my hubby back tomorrow! (I had over 600 developed! Guess that will keep me busy at my retreat this weekend). I also stopped at the scrapbooking store to pick up some paper for the weekend. I can't really think much about it until I get this next course over with.

I teach Wed/Thursday. I just finished the exercises a few minutes ago (I need to send them in to get printed!). Now I just have to add a couple sections to my outline and do some work on timing. I think I will be at it most of tomorrow too! Sheesh! I guess I will pack on Friday! Not like it will take much, some jammies, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, my sleeping bag (as I am NOT sleeping with my mother!) and some of the other essentials! I think I may need to find some wine before I go too! :)

The weather here has turned back to winter. It has been snowing all day and it is supposed to continue all week! I am not looking forward to rush hour traffic in the snow when I have to teach Wed/Thurs! Yikes!

Lucky me my headache decided to visit at 6am this morning! I did manage to get rid of it with some drugs, it kept trying to reappear all day with the worst of it around supper time. More drugs for me! It is strange to be able to take something, when we started TTC with dr's assistance I stopped taking everything and anything. It was a painful bunch of years! :)


- the headache that doesn't want to go away (although when I get these they seem to last for 3 or 4 days after the bad day!)
- nasty roads

- a lovely covering of snow over everything!
- getting all my courses updated and ready to go!

Well the monkeys were awesome today. I was actually able to get about an hour of work done this morning while they played nicely together.

They usually have a snack of goldfish in the morning when we go downstairs. Boy1 gets the bag and the bowls ready to GO while I am starting the stove(fire place thingy). I give them each a handful in a bowl and they sit and eat them. Lately they have been sitting at their picnic table. All three on the same side because both boys want to 'sit side baby' as they say. Good thing that doesn't tip over easily. They look so funny all sitting on one side! Baby doesn't really care, all she wants are here gold fish!

They were just so good today that I am worried about tomorrow!

As for potty training, they seem to do much better with liquids with me then dad. I suppose we just have to be patient with the solids, Boy2 has really been trying. Boy1 just screams when he is trying to poop and we ask him if he wants to go to the potty. We have even tried putting him on the potty but that usually goes south really fast!

Good night

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river. -Nikita Khrushchev (1894 - 1971)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

#173 - I am finally out of bed!

Well it was a rough night and that led to a nasty day of headaches! My poor hubby... left him with the kids Friday and Saturday, then even though I was home he didn't get any help today either! I got up at noon had something to eat, stayed up for a while then had to go back to bed. I was pretty much in bed most of the day. I am not even sure I remember the last time I did that. Finally at about 4:30 I managed to get up and stay up. The headache seems to have passed now. I hope it stays that way.

I was supposed to work on my course today, but that never happened. Yikes. I have to finish my handouts tomorrow so that they can be printed in time! Sheesh what a wasted day! I am also trying to get some photos printed since I am going on a scrapbooking retreat this weekend!

I also want to try to do the Iron Commenter thing for ICLW as well! I think I need to find myself some more projects to do! :)

I teach again Wed, Thursday so I better get to bed as I don't want to see that headache again!

- nasty headaches

- a day in bed (too bad I had the headache!)


The kids were fairly quite today. Which was good because in addition to being sensitive to light, noise also drives me crazy! I was really annoyed about my headache as I wanted to spend quality time with them today.

Potty training has not been going so good for the hubby. Hopefully tomorrow I can get them back on track. (We are going to need to re-mortgage our house for the amount of pull-ups we are going through!)

good night

The Internet is like alcohol in some sense. It accentuates what you would do anyway. If you want to be a loner, you can be more alone. If you want to connect, it makes it easier to connect. - Esther Dyson

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

#172 - Ouch and Yey!

Hello ICLWers! (Sorry for the crappy welcome post... I blame the headache!)

Lucky me, it's head ache day! I did have a good day at work! Wow I can still do three in a row! :)

So I am off nursing a migraine now, hope it passes quickly. It's a good thing I can mostly touch type as the light from my screen is not really agreeing with my headache! :)

- head aches! :)

- being done my 3 days of work in a row
- spending time with the kiddos
- hearing that a fellow IFer is about to be a Mom through adoption. (we had a crop at work today and one of the girls is waiting, she is adopting and the birth mom is due tomorrow) She has been waiting 12 years. When I heard she was adopting I got happy chills for her and I have never met her before! :)

At least I got to spend a little time with the kids today! A little before work and a some time after supper. Hubby tells me that potty training is not going so well. I am coasting thinking it will change one day. I think Baby has developed a new language, she just natters and natters away. I think that she thinks we can understand what she is saying! She is into kissing all her dolls right now, it's hard to believe the boys went through that stage it seems so long ago!

Good night... Saturday night and hubby and I are heading to bed at 8:30pm! Can you say pathetic?

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Friday, February 20, 2009

#171 - My People They Loved Me

Well I think I have used this title before... but it's my blog and no one said I have to be original every time! :) *insert smart *ss here!*

Well my two day Class is done! Not one complaint and my rating was either great or super great! I even got some great comments from a few people! I don't think anyone noticed that this was the first time I taught this class so I am pretty happy about that. I don't know why I always feel like I am doing such a crappy job, must be the years of my mother tell me so?

It's is amazing how even as grown adults the things that were said or done to us in the past affect us still (even though we should know better!). I guess I have always been a perfectionist due to my surroundings/experiences more so then genetics. I thought if "it" was perfect no one (the mother) would have anything to complain about. It's truly amazing how a parent can affect a child for their entire life, heck I haven't even lived at home for almost 15 years! I suppose now I am in 'recovery' mode at least. I have identified the issue and I am trying to move past it! Wish me luck it's hard to just 'let go' and let it be. Before we finally had success with IVF I was obsessive about it, now I am learning to let go, I have my kids to thank for that.

I am happy to report that I can still make it through a long day! I left the house at 6:30am this morning. Worked from 8am - 4pm teaching, then drove to my other job and worked from 4:30pm - 9:30pm. Got home around 10ish! Glad to see I still have it in me! :)

I had to laugh when I read this comment on my last post from martha
"I always laugh when I see your profile where it says, "quit my job/career", Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! You have three jobs including the Mommy job, so thank you for the chuckle." I never really thought of the fact that I just changed careers! Now it makes me laugh too, thanks for the giggle! I guess sometimes I need the obvious pointed out! (p.s. I thought the career that I had before was busy! I can't imagine keeping that one and adding this new role!)

- My alarm that rings at 5:30am when I teach (parking is NASTY so I have to get there really early!)
- Grumpy people
- not seeing the kiddos alllll day :(
- people who bark at me for things that I have no control over

- Awesome course evaluations, not one Negative/Bad one!
- The nice lady at Tim Hortons. She is always there during the week when I am teaching. She is the cashier, she is always smiles and is very friendly, it's a great way to start the day! (Hmmmm I should find out how I can pass that information on to her boss!)


Well I didn't get to spend any time with the little monkeys today. I am so glad they will all talk to me on the phone. I got to have a little chat with them between jobs today. Baby's kind of hard to talk to but talk I did anyway. Boy1 is MR, give me the phone and way-he-goes-a-thousand-miles-a-minute then he will finally take a breath. Boy2 is good a waiting for the phone, and Baby wants it the minute Boy1 is done with it. I get to see them in the morning before work, I can't wait for my hugs!

Good Night! (I really should have gone to bed earlier, but I had to update my blog first! I hope that it makes some sense as I am a we bit tired!)

Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable. - Brenda Ueland

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

#170 - I am Beat and I still have 2 days to go!

Well today was a teaching day! I was up to late last night getting ready, so 5:30 am came way to early this morning!

This is the first time I taught this course, it was a bit painful. I have material that I have to cover and most of the people in the course had used Excel before so it was a review for a lot of them. I have a few newbie's but not to many. It will be interesting to see how the course reviews go after the class is over. I SUCK at judging people so I guess I will have to wait and see!

The worst part is we are just burning through the material so I had to come home tonight and create some new exercises for them that will hopefully help them learn something else. The worst part is I can't get crazy and show to many other functions are they are covered in the next level... sometimes you feel stuck as an instructor! Only one more day to go and I will be done. I am too much of a worrier, I want to please everyone... I need to let goooooo *insert ommmmmhmmmmmmmmmm here* :)

The mother came to look after the kids today. The part where she showed up in the morning wasn't much fun, but after work it wasn't so bad. She is such a downer. She started complaining about how the government is changing percentages for medical coverages for things such as drugs. They will have to pay up to a certain percentage of their income before they get refunded any of their prescription costs. She of course is assuming that they are going to need thousands and thousands of dollars of medication in the future. (Neither of them have any "real" issues currently) Well told her she is part of the baby boomer generation and there aren't enough of us youngins to support them so I guess they will have to pay a little. (That went over well as you could imagine.) She kept going on and on. So finally I looked at her and said WELL at least you didn't have to pay to have children! (I was actually awake enough to come back with something that shut her up!)

Hmm let me do the math, if you have to pay $1000 a year for the first portion of your medical bills... it will take you at least 20 years to put out part of what we put out for IVF. So lets say she all of a sudden needs a tonne of meds at say 70 years old (cause Dad isn't allowed to retired until 65 anyway so they will have full coverage until then. So I am assuming they will be somewhat healthy for another 5 years after retirement). Well anyway that would mean she would have to live until she is 90 to spend almost as much as we have on Medical costs for our kids... oh ya and add another $30,000 to that amount for some jaw surgery that my husband needed to fix some major headaches that he used to have (it was considered cosmetic... even though that wasn't why he had it done??) So you can add another 30 years onto the 90. Then maybe well will be even. God help me if she makes it to 120, I am sure she will complain that she finally spent as much money as we did! Only she shouldn't have to because she's thinks she is entitled! (Now I am all for free health care, but in the end someone has to pay for it somewhere, so I say spread it around! :) ) WOW that was a rant now wasn't it?

Tomorrow is going to be a loooong day, I go from teaching to my other job. I won't be home until after 9:30pm...

- when I copy the wrong files for my samples (no one noticed though! It's easy to 'fake it' when you are doing level 1, no complex formulas! :)
- 5:30am mornings
- my hair... I am in desperate need of a hair cut!

- doing a good job of 'faking it' when I have the wrong files
- actually being able to read my notes!

I barely got to see my kiddos today. I was nice to come home to their hugs and kisses though! I felt so guilty as I had to do some prep for tomorrow so I didn't get a lot of time to spend with them tonight!

My hats off to all you women who can managed working full time, kiddos, getting dinner on the table etc. It's going to be hard for me to make it through the next 3 days, and that's not even a full WEEK!

I am sad that tomorrow I will not see them in the morning and they will be in bed by the time I get home. :( I also work Saturday so there won't be much quality time until Sunday *sigh*

Good night!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

#169 - This gets me every time!

I was poking around on the Generations of Hope site (they raise money for IVF treatments for people who can't afford it) and I found the above link. I just had to click on it and it took me back. *insert tears here* The first time I saw this was after my sixth transfer, I had found out that it didn't work. *insert more tears here*

It is amazing how something can bring you back to a moment so quickly.

So with this I leave you with HOPE... hope that you can cross over to the other side whatever that may be


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#168 - Wooohooo

Shopping today! Nuff said!

Well it wasn't that exciting but I suppose it was for me. I had to go out to meet a fella regarding one of my contracts. The meeting went well (except the part where I have more work to do! :) ).

After the meeting I headed out shopping. Just me, it was bliss! I stopped at Micheal's craft store first! Yippee. I bought a new exacto knife... how exciting and some embroidery floss to make a bracelet or two in my spare time! Then it was off to the Dollarama. I was annoyed to see that they now have $2 items! LOL! I love to walk around in there just for fun. I picked up a few little things for the kids for Easter. Then it was off to The Childrens Place. I still feel so weird about the fact that I can actually shop in these stores, and now on both sides! Who would have ever thought? I was happy to come out of there spending only $54 and getting a full bag of stuff. I even managed to score a winter coat for next year for baby for $9.99 - regular $54.99! Sweet! Everything else was $5.99 or less! It was so fun!

It was another one of those days, the ones where you just sit back and say wow I am so lucky! I have my family, we are all healthy, and happy. What a difference a few years makes. It feels good to be truly happy inside, it makes me realize just how sad I was when we were dealing with infertility. I really never realized the full impact of having children. Yes it's a lot of work, yes it crazy at times, yes it can be beyond frustrating, but there sure is heck isn't any feeling as good as loving a child.

I am still preparing for my course on Thursday and Friday, but I am almost there... then I have to finish of the next one! No rest for the wicked that's for sure!

It is going to be crazy though. I teach Thursday, Friday. Then I work at my other job Friday night and all day Saturday. Gee it's almost like have a full time job again! :) I am a little sad though as I will not see the kiddos all day Friday. That will drive me crazy!


- people who cut you off then slow down!
- not sticking to my bed time!

- my family


Well the kids were pretty good today. I love these days, can you tell?

Boy1 is quite the thinker I have decided. We went downstairs this morning as per usual. I keep a bag of goldfish down there for them to snack on. Well today I was in the middle of something so I asked them to get their bowls and the gold fish. Well the boys couldn't reach the bag. I said I would be a minute and get it for them. I could see Boy1's wheels a turning so I decided to wait for a bit and see how his problem solving skills were developing. Well he looked around at a few things then headed to the toy box. You could almost see the light bulb go on above his head, he grabbed a small hockey stick. He then proceeded to work the bag over until he could reach it. It was so funny to watch him, I was impressed at his ingenuity. Maybe we will need that college money we are putting aside for him after all! :)

Boy2 looked at the bag, said he couldn't reach it and moved on to other things. He wasn't interested at all until Boy1 reached the bag! Hopefully he learned a thing or two from his brother today.

After bath's tonight I proceeded to clean out the outside of Baby's ears. She is like the gucky ear stuff collector. She totally hates having her ears cleaned, but I hate when they are all icky. Later Boy2 said his ears needed cleaning too as they had "boogers" in them. His father was out of the room when he came back I told Boy2 to tell his dad what he had in his ears! Hubby thought it was quite funny!

We are still doing well on the Liquids around here, but if anyone can tell me how to get the solids into the potty instead of their pants please let me know! :)

Good night!

"Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut after wards." Benjamin Franklin

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Monday, February 16, 2009

#167 - Stuff... and where did my Phone go?

Today was a pretty quite day. Hubby had the day off for Family Day. He was in one of his 'moods' today. It is so hard to get work done when he is like that. I feel like I have to keep the kids from being bad and try to work. I am sick to death of feeling guilty when I try to get work done. I have to teach a class this week and I need to be ready. Sometimes I wonder about that man. I am just feeling like I need a rest. Between trying to give him time to himself, and trying to keep the kiddos entertained and trying to prepare for a course and doing some contract work. When the heck does he expect me to do my work between 8pm and 1am every night? I think we are heading for another 'discussion'. Which of course goes no where. He just gets mad and leaves the room and won't talk to me. I generally enjoy his company when he is not in his moods. But I just never know how long and when.

I did manage to get through most of Level II today. Now I just have to review some things for the class that I am teaching this week. Level I. I have never taught this class before so it should be interesting. I am usually so over prepared that I don't really worry much about getting through it. The tone of the class usually just depends on the people in it. I have 19 folks registered though, that is big. I am not looking forward to that part. Oh well it's not until Thursday.


- a pissy man (that would be the husband)
- feeling guilty for working during the day


- A good friend came over for supper
- Bed time!

Well the monkeys were in pretty good cheer today.

Baby has been a little grumpy since yesterday as we cut her off the bottle cold turkey. (We cut the boys off at 1 year but it was a pain in the but, so I decided to wait a little longer with Baby and I am glad I did). With the boys we went through several sippy cups before we found one that they would use. With the girl, we just gave her one and that was that. I think she was less impressed by the milk. I ran out of frozen breast milk. (if I ever see a breast pump again I think I will run for the hills! LOL). I meant to kind of wean her off of it, by mixing with more milk, but I forgot! Duh! Well anyway she was a little annoyed at first but she seems to be OK with it today. Yet another step towards old age! :)

We are still struggling with bed time with the boys, but the struggles seem to be getting shorter most of the time. Thank goodness. I am glad that it is getting easier and hope the trend continues!

Oh and the POTTY BLOG. I think we may have had a breakthrough with Boy2 this weekend. He actually asked to go twice today and he actually went. So maybe he is on his way with Liquids now too. Boy1 is doing fairly well with Liquids too. I am trying to get them to use the big potty as much as possible so that I don't have to 'clean out' the little ones. YUCK! So I guess our next hurdle is the solids! We are on our way now, some day we may actually not have to buy diapers/pull-ups around here. What a concept! Something to look forward to!
I was busy trying to get ready for my course and keep the peace around the house. Hubby and a friend were gone most of the day to go cut firewood. Lucky for me the folks never did show up!

Baby decided that today was a good day to steal moms phone... Where did I find it? In the 'downspout' of her House toy. I had to call it to find it as I had no idea where to look! I had the ringer turned off so I sent the boys on a mission to find my vibrating Iphone! My hubby was out cutting fire wood and I missed his call. I am surprised one of the kids didn't answer it! LOL (I have a passcode on my phone for a reason... Baby thinks it's a toy! Sheesh)

Rotten Kiddo day! It was a challenge keeping my calm today let me tell you! I know that they have been bad before but when all three of them were screaming at the top of their lungs for different things I really wanted to A) Join IN B) Bang my Head on a hard surface or C) Run very far away. Instead I just spent a lot of time breathing deeply.

Now I need to go to bed!
Good Night!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

#166-Public Service Announcement


The "Teal Ribbon"is the nationally recognized ribbon color for awareness and support of Ovarian Cancer. The month of September has been chosen as the National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

In celebration of being Cancer Free for 8 years (Feb 13th) I would like to share the following with you.

Don't ignore your body!

I got lucky, but it isn't always that way. If something doesn't feel right get it checked out. I was one of those stubborn people that wouldn't go to the doctor unless I was in excruciating pain. (Although for those of you have been or are going through infertility treatments I am sure this isn't an issue... but I just had to say it anyway!)

Here's the LONG Version
In the summer of 2000 I started getting pains in my abdomen. They were pretty painful but I thought they would go away. In October they got worse. I had to leave a painting class as I was in horrible pain. Still I did nothing. In November it got so bad my hubby had to take me to emergency. The emerg doc wouldn't tell me anything, except you need to see your family doctor tomorrow! (That was comforting)

Well my family doctor was on Maternity Leave so I had to go to a 'fill in'. She sent me for an ultrasound. Which turned into an utter disaster, I only go to the big clinics now. I left with the tech telling me I had to come back, because I either had a full bowel or a large growth. WTF? They wanted me to clean out my bowel first and come back. Of course I went back to the doctor, freaking out, they called the U/S tech and they said there was nothing wrong. Made me feel like a total idiot.

Well I went back to the same place (what an idiot I am I would never do that again... it's amazing what you learn after going through IVF!). By this time it was December. I went back and heard nothing, given that the office hadn't been that good at calling back I kept calling them. It was over two weeks and they still hadn't received any results. Finally they got my results but I had to wait until a dr. was available. I had to keep calling as no one called me. Finally a doctor called me back, at work, to tell me I had a growth that needed to be removed.

They managed to get me in with an OB/GYN in December. They never did send the Paper Work to the OB/GYN (big surprise). Then I found out that I had 2 growths not one.

This is the part where where I got lucky, the 7cm growth grew to the size of a grapefruit between Dec and Feb when it was removed.

Eight years ago I got very lucky. I am an ovarian cancer survivor and hope to keep it this way.

So I leave you with were I started, listen to your body and get it checked out if something doesn't feel right.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

#165 -Sleepy

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day.

I think the hubby liked the gifts from the kids, the cards that they made. I got nothing, not a kiss, not a card, nadda, nothing. *sigh* I was hoping for chocolate at least. Oh well I got hugs from the Kiddos so that will do!

It was a good day at work today. The gals I was working with were lots of fun and hard workers! We had some great customers today too. (Bonus the mother came over when I wasn't home!) We even manged to get out of work on time today!

- missing a day with the kiddos
- my mother


- A good day at work
- Long weekends


Baby was a little crabby this evening, but it is amazing how much easier it is to deal with one crabby baby then two. When the boys were little I remember just looking at my hubby and waiting for bed time when the boys were crabby. With Baby, you know she will eventually move on and stop crying for a while and stay that way for a bit. With the boys it seemed like it was one or the other. Twins may be double the fun but as I say they are 4 times the work! (Good luck Nadia S!)

I don't mean to sound like I am complaining I would not change my family for anything. I just feel like the boys sometimes got and are getting kind of jipped. We try so hard to give them each their own time but it's not the easiest. We really need to work harder on that, but right now they just don't like to be apart at all.

It will be interesting to see the way their relationships develop over the years. I hope that I can help them be understanding and loving of each other as they grow. I wish there was instructions on how to do that! :) Growing up as an only child I never learned how to develop relationships with a sibling. It should be an interesting challenge.

Potty training is pretty much not going forward, but it's not going backward either so I am happy with that.

Tomorrow is just me and the kiddos, Dad is going out with a buddy to get us some more firewood for our stove in the basement. I am hoping that the mother doesn't show up tomorrow.

Good night

It's kind of fun to do the impossible. - Walt Disney (1901 - 1966)

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Friday, February 13, 2009

#164 - It's Friday and the 13th!

Well first I would like to thank everyone for the comments on my new digs! I did want to let you know that I can't take full credit. I borrowed code from several places to create my layout, it was interesting to try to put different components that I liked together though! I want to play with it a bit more and create some more of my own stuff, such as photoshop brushes etc. I did use things I found as a base and built on them from there. It has been fun and I definitely would like to do some more! :)

Today was pretty much run of the mill around here. Not too much exciting... and then the phone rang.

Well it was the call I was dreading for almost a month. It was my mother. She had her I am going to cry voice starting so I knew I was in for it. She started in to me about next week, she is supposed to help when I teach. Oh yes and then she made some comment about how she goes out of her way to help us out all the time, are you effing kidding me. So finally I got really mad and told her that If she isn't interested in her Grandkids that it was her problem. She TOLD me that I should be calling her, but that I am always to busy (imagine that I am busy?). Well when I started saying stuff about her not wanting to check up on the kids she let me have it, and I couldn't do much from there. You see it was her birthday yesterday and I forgot. I did feel like crap for that one, I can't believe I forgot. So anyway she 'got me' I shut down. The worst part is She will think that I didn't phone her on purpose, not that I actually forgot. I won't live this one down ever. I guess I am the b*tch of a daughter she thinks I am after all. Oh boy am I going to pay for this one.

They are coming out tomorrow to drop of valentines presents for the kids (because really life is only about giving gifts for every holiday). Lucky me I am at work! Phew. I am concerned that they are coming out on Sunday to park their snowmobiles here, I pray they don't come as my hubby will be gone all day, so it will could get ugly.

So let me see tomorrow is Valentines day. Of course we aren't going out for supper as we don't deserve it I am sure. Then there is the whole anniversary of my hubby's getting screwed at work, and the delay it caused our first IVF. My parents will come over and be a downer. Then they will probably show up on Sunday to be more of a downer, and my hubby will be gone so I will have to take the brunt of it. Then there is Monday, a holiday day, to which I will have to work all day to get caught up. I just want this weekend to be done.

I was so enjoying my reprieve from my mother. I really need for her to get the eff off my case!

I did have a friend over to make cards tonight. I was planning on getting a bunch of stuff done, but I just wasn't into it after the whole mother thing. I did get a few cute cards done, when I have a chance I will post some pics. I even made my mother a belated b-day card from the kids. Sheesh no wonder I wasn't into it!


- see above!

- a visit with a friend
- crafting with the kiddos today

The kiddos weren't in as good as cheer as yesterday. I really needed them to be after the call from the mother. I did manage to keep my calm with them so I was happy with myself as that was a bit difficult, but I knew that they didn't deserve to have a grumpy mom just because of grandma.

Before Grandma called I was downstairs with the kiddos making Valentines cards for Dad. The boys stamped some hearts on some paper I cut out for them. Then they coloured their paper and used my glue runner to glue the pieces on. They love the glue runner! Baby had to join in of course, so she went crazy colouring with the crayons. She did a really good job of 'scribbling' on the page. When the kids were done with the cards it was on to the foam shapes and foam sheets. They loved to pull off the backing and sick the sticky foam shapes on the sheets. Baby was even sticking the shapes down too. I loved watching her chubby short little fingers try to maneuver around to stick the shapes down. She does catch on really quickly though. She was even pulling some of the paper off the back (the paper that covers the sticky stuff) and of course she had to put it into the recycling bucket just like her brothers. It was a great moment with the three of them. I just wish the mother didn't call before we were done as I felt ill after getting off the phone. Not to mention that I don't like fighting in front of my kids.

Why do I let that women get to me like she does?

The boys didn't not want me to make cards tonight. They were quite upset when I went downstairs. It's amazing how quickly they recover though!

I just can't ever imagine treating them like my mother treats me. I sure hope that they never look at me through the same glasses I see my mother.

Well I need to get to bed as I have to work tomorrow.

Good night...

Life is a long lesson in humility. - James M. Barrie (1860 - 1937)

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

#163 - A new look

Well I was bored (ha ha) so I decided to create a new template. Actually I just wanted to work on learning something new for a change. It all started with an obsession to learn Adobe Photoshop, and look what it lead to! I still have some "tweaking" that I want to do but it's a start anyway!

The funny thing is that I hate when people change the look of their blogs. It kind of becomes a 'picture' of them and when it changes I get confused sometimes! Let me know what you think!

Today was a busy day, I was trying out a few new blog things and I had to work this evening. Funny thing was I had to do some Adobe stuff at work too! I think I have irritated my arm though, freaking tennis elbow! Oh well this to will pass! :)

On the Mom front, still no calls! I wish I could just cut her out of my life because I am a lot more relaxed and less stress since I haven't been talking to her. She is such a drama queen that always has to stir sh*t up. It's nice to have a break from the drama!


- my sore arm
- cold weather... it's getting nasty again!
- when my remote start doesn't work!

- the cool thing that happens to lights when Horror Frost is on it's way. If you have never seen it it's when the light goes straight up into the heavens. It's very cool and that means we will have some lovely frost on the trees tomorrow!
- long weekends


Well things are pretty much the same on the Potty Training front. Boy2 mostly goes in the potty, except for the solids. Boy1 goes in the morning and sometimes at lunch, but he is still in accident mode.

All of the kids were super good today. I always enjoy them so much on these days. I try to absorb as much of their goodness as possible as they are so enjoyable on the good days. It's kind of strange to have a day were all three kids are awesome all day. It makes me marvel in the wonder of my kiddos!

We go to play with train tracks today. Boy1 is quite the track builder, he is amazing at problem solving. I think he it's great that his mind works they way it does, he is outside the box, something I wish I could be. One thing I learned from my Mother is not to 'stifle' creativity, like she did and still does. I just let him go and help him when he asks. I don't tell him what to do or the way it should be according to me.

Boy2 is into his cars right now. He likes to ride them up and down the road. He seems like a linear thinker right now. Things have to be in order and he likes to work at things in the order he likes. (Kind of like mom, everything has a place and has to be in order :)). He does have a bit of a creative side, but is more of a follower when it comes to new things.

Baby is so different in a lot of ways. She likes to go off on her own and discover new things and she likes to follow her brothers. She was busy today playing with the furniture in her doll house (I really need to get her a doll that fits on the furniture! It came with all the furniture but no dolls?) I love to just watch her when she is on her 'discovery' walk. She will sit and play for a long time, then she wanders off to her room to get a new toy and back she comes. I just love to kiss her little cheeks, she still likes it when I do that (the boys not so much, but I kiss them as much as I can too).

With that I am off to bed, good night!

Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.
Aldous Huxley

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

#162 - I suck at awards!

My dear Martha gave me two awards so I thought I better do something about them!

The first one is the Honest Scrap Award:

The rules:
Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. Then, list at least 10 honest things about yourself.

As for the 10 Things:
1. My very first day of High School I barfed on my desk. (Can you say humiliation?)
2. I am sad that I had my tubes tied and angry that my Husband doesn't understand
3. I love to bake
4. I lived in Atlanta for 6 months
5. I wish I had more energy to share with my kids
6. I am terrified of spiders, no matter how tiny they are
7. I have 'issues' with all things public bathroom related
9. I have way to much craft stuff
10. I am a TV junkie (only I have had to cut back as I only watch after the kiddos go to bed!)

I would like to invite Sky Girl, Infertility Licks, My New Reality, Mothering My Multiple Miracles to play along in the Honest Scrap pile.

The next delightful Award is from The Jason Show, a warm and witty blogger who always brings a smile. Thank you, Jason for The Lemonade Stand Award. (Does this mean I make lemonade out of lemons?)

Here are the rules for The Lemonade Stand Award:
1. You must link back to the person you received the award from.
2. You have to nominate 10 bloggers who are deserving of this award!

All of the folks that read me, you are the "pause that refreshes", please consider yourself tagged! :)

I started working on my inventory today, so I can get my taxes done on time this year. Usually I don't worry about it but I am afraid that I may have to pay this year. (I make almost nothing and I may have to pay... great! Gotta love Canada!) I usually don't worry about getting them done on time unless I may have to pay! :)

I was talking to my high maintenance friend today (the one that wants me to redo a birth announcement, again, for her 1 year old!). Well man does she have hubby issues, granted she is high maintenance, but this guy is a real *ss! Why is it that people think that having a baby will 'fix' their marriage? She really has issues and she is passing them all onto that poor sweet girl of hers. *sigh* (and it only took them about 3 cycles to get pregnant... sheesh! What is up with Mother Nature??)

- I forgot to tape lost 2 weeks in a row
- Finding time to find out what's happening next on Hero's (I am still looking at Novembers episodes!)

- clean teeth
- being nominated for awards from blogger buddies :)


Baby was busy climbing on stuff again today! She was up on the boys train table when I walked into the living room. Boy1 was 'ratting' her out! She likes to climb up on the little stool the boys have to turn on their lights or pretty much anything she can get onto.

Boy1 just loves to tattle on anyone. I was in the bathroom and he came running to the door saying "Daddy bad". I am not sure what hubby was doing but Boy1 thought he was being bad!

As for the Potty Training, it is still going better for Boy2. If only we could get him pooping in the potty too. Hubby keeps getting mad when he poops in the potty, what an idiot! Arg! I keep trying to tune hubby in! I can't imagine what his house was like when he grew up?

Good Night

"Shun idleness. It is a rust that attaches itself to the most brilliant metals." - Voltaire

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

#161 - A visitor today!

We had a visitor today, my cousin's eldest daughter. I was a nice visit and I am so glad that she came by.

I was exhausted today for some reason, probably because I was up to late last night. I am not sticking to my times that I was hoping to go to bed! I will have to work harder at that.

The problem is that I have to get the course prep done (for MS Excel Level 1 and 2) and I am addicted to learning Adobe Photoshop. So you see the problem. One hour a night to update my blog, read blogs, learn Photoshop and start redesigning my blog just isn't enough time. I really want to add tabs to my blog plus update the templates so I am trying to learn xml as well as Photoshop. Oh while I am doing all that I am trying to catch up on my TV watching. As you can imagine it's not all going that well and I am staying up way to late! But I am having fun!

I was happy that the fella I was supposed to meet up with this week had to postpone until next week for the contract work that I am doing. It give me more time to play with my blog template! :)

- my brain doesn't seem to soak in a lot at midnight!
- potty training

- visitors
- bananas, yes I like bananas and they make me happy because they smell so good!

The kids went WILD this morning when my visitor came. I suppose they need to get out more. They usually don't get quite that hyper, so it was kind of driving me a bit crazy. Although I knew secretly in the back of my mind that they would nap well!

I got Baby all dressed up in a cute outfit and put little pig tails in. Poor kid starts screaming the minute I come near her with the elastics. When I am done all she does is cry... 'daaaadddy'. Poor thing, but she looks so darn cute. If anyone has any tricks to putting in Pig Tails in fine hair that is all over the place please let me know! :) I should have taken a pic first thing as the pig tails didn't last long (even though I glued them in with hair spray). I just kept looking at my little Baby who is no longer a Baby. *sigh* (I also wonder how the heck she got so cute?)

The Boys finally did calm down, which was nice! They even managed to get most of their liquids out into the potty instead of their pull ups. By the way why do they have to scent those things? As if anything can mask the smell of solids anyway. My boys are worse than women though, they even pee at the same time. Thank goodness we have 2 potties! I am getting sick of emptying them. Mornings are the worst, I almost hurl every morning (just like being PG with them all over again! LOL). I hate dumping them, yuck. I was gagging this morning, so Baby decided to join in too!

They still don't want to do the solids in the potty, they tell us they are afraid to poop in the potty? My husband says it's because when Boy1 was little he rode his car down two stairs at the back entrance way and landed head first in the potty! (We were working on the house before we moved in and had to move the baby gate from the old house) Hmmm maybe that is why it has taken him longer to try to go in the potty?? *grin*

Baby was showing our guest all the usual tricks today, Fall down, dance, etc!

The boys never stopped talking the entire time she was here, I am sure they will sleep well tonight!

Good Night!

"Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow." - Swedish proverb

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Monday, February 09, 2009

#160 - It was a good day!

Well typically I don't like Mondays, but now that the hubby comes home early it is so much better.

I was able to get more course prep done today since the hubby was home early. I am over half done this one so I am hoping I can take some time off on Sunday. I teach my first class next week. It will be nice to put some cash into my bank account again! I hate it when it just keeps getting smaller!

- the fact that windshield wipers wear out (can't they make those things last longer?)
- not being a morning person
- stupid train operators that don't toot their horn, they hold it on and you can hear it for 5 minutes straight! Ya I think we hear ya buddy!

- having some ambition to work on my course prep
- finding out we are going to have a visitor tomorrow


Well today was an OK day on the potty front. Boy2 is still doing really well with the liquids, now if only we could get him going on the solids! Boy1 has his moments with liquids. I am glad that we seem to be at least getting places with the training. I am happy if we stay the same at least, going backwards drives me crazy! It must be hard to learn about that 'stuff' for a young fella. I am sure glad we waited to start as I think that they are catching on somewhat better now then they may have a while ago. I suppose if I had of listened to my pediatrician and thrown out their diapers when they turned 2 and put them into real underwear we would have been done by now. But I don't think I would have been too happy! :)

Baby loves to climb, she was standing on the kids picnic table in the basement today. I can't take my eyes off that kid for a minute! I suppose we will find her up a tree this summer out in the yard! I am worried that kid is going to break something. We finally got her to say her actual name. Usually when we try to get her to say it she points to herself and says "Baby".

Boy2 has so many fears, the poor kid. Today a light bulb broke and it scared the crap out of him. So I tried to take him into another room and he walked right into the corner of the counter top. Nice shiner he is going to have, the poor fella. His father ticks me off, he gets angry when Boy2 is afraid. I told the hubby that that doesn't help and proceeded to take Boy2 out of the room. For cripes sake he is 3 1/2. It's a good thing the hubby is really good to them otherwise or I may have to kick his arce out! Hmmm, there is a furnace in our garage?

Boy1 is in the don't touch me phase or I will cry! He is also being really good to Baby right now (I guess after the doll to the lip incident on Saturday he thinks he better be good!). I love to see him play with her and bring her toys. I might as well enjoy it now as I am sure there will be some 'disagreements' as time goes by!

It looks like hubby can adjust some work hours to come home early so that I can teach next week. I am teaching Thurs/Fri next week. The mother was supposed to look after the kids but since I haven't heard from her in over 3 weeks I don't imagine she will show up. (So much for making much extra money, since hubby will have to take two half days off).

Well that's my story and I am sticking to it!
Good night!

"Sometimes success is due less to ability than to zeal." - Charles Buxton

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

#159 - Another weekend DONE!

I just can't believe how fast the weekends have been flying by. I spent some time outside in the morning, then the afternoon was spent working on more course prep. We had a friend come over for a visit in the afternoon and he stayed for supper. It was a good day!

- how fast time is flying by before my eyes!

- A day at home with my family

I got up this morning (kind of late, hubby let me sleep in a bit). Well I looked out the kids window I saw hubby. I never noticed the deafening quiet in the house! LOL. I wondered where the kids were. Then I realized they were outside. All of them, and my sweet baby she was walking around in the snow. I was almost in tears to see how much she has grown up. (happy/sad tears!) She looked like a big pink poof. Her snow suit is a little big for her so her boots were holding the pants up off the ground and she was all puffy. I am not really sure how she was moving! She was walking in the funniest way, little steps, kind of like a penguin. She fell over once and instead of putting her hands up near her head they were down low. In slow motion she would kind of teeter onto her face, getting snow on her face and hat. It was so cute. I grabbed the video camera, threw my boots on (no socks on yet), and coat and headed outside. It's hard to believe she is getting so big. She is just at such a great stage right now that I wish she could stay this way for a while longer than they usually do!

Watching Baby grow makes me a little sad, with the boys it seems that we missed so much as we were just trying to keep up when they were little. It just seems that it's easier to absorb everything that just one little person is doing. I feel as though the boys kind of got jipped of their baby time, having to share Mom and Dad. (Although it was nice to always have a baby to hold!)

The boys were funny outside, they both had the hoods on their jackets on and one of the boys had sunglasses on. They just wandered about, played with the snow, and their shovels. They are very good at amusing themselves, when they want to.

Well you know I have to talk about the Potty! LOL. We now have 2 boys working on the potty training. They were both dry when they got up this morning and directly headed to the potty and did their business. I just cross my fingers that it continues on the good side. I do not like having two potties to empty though, yuck!

The kids and the hubby were all very good today, I guess they all need that fresh air!

I am thinking that I should really post some photos of the kiddos on my blog. I think I may password protect them though. I still am mulling it over as I want to stay somewhat private.

Good night

"Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks." -Doug Larson

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

#158 - Oh No I missed a day!

I have been keeping out of trouble the last couple of days. I had to work last night and today (I think someone different was doing the scheduling this month... usually it's Thursday and Saturday or Friday and Sunday). It's a pain working Friday night then Saturday. There was a mix up on Friday night, there was a late night crop, only the lady that was working it forget. She did show up which was good, but we were a bit late getting out of there. Today was busy and we were training a new gal so that kept me out of trouble. Then we had the nice people that just kept shopping and shopping and shopping after we were closed. Like hello people have some respect for other people's time. I never do that. If I come in close to closing I am always out at least 5mins before any store closes. This one women kept looking for more stuff and her friend kept trying to get her out, that part was at least somewhat humorous!

Friday I didn't get much work done on my course prep, but I am back in the swing of things so I am going to get back at it tomorrow. I would much rather do something fun with the kids, but I have to take advantage of hubby being home. I also have to get ready for a meeting next week for one of my contracts, so I think Sunday will be a busy day.

- people who don't understand what Closing time means

- meeting new people at work (we have a new staff member and I really like her) Aaaannd she may be a candidate for looking after my kiddos when I work Fridays (now I just have to find someone for when I work any of the other days of the week.. uggg)


Huston we have lift-off! Are you sitting down? Boy1 got up this morning and peed on the potty! Yey. Boy2 did the same! Finally Boy1 seems to be getting on the 'train'. Hubby tells me it was a pretty good day for potty training today. I am hoping we are on a roll now! We just have to get the #2 thing going next!

Last night when I was at work Hubby tells me that Boy1 gave baby a fat lip. He wasn't in the room, but it looks like Boy1 bonked baby on the lip with her dolly. (It has a hard plastic head). He said he hit baby when hubby walked in the room. He is usually really good with her so I am not sure what actually happened.

We had visitors this evening so the Boy2 and Baby had their screaming fits. Boy1 was Mr. Social for a change. Hubby gets so mad a Boy2 when he is scared, it really pisses me off. I told him that doesn't help and walked out of the room, sometimes he is such an idiot with the kids! (he is usually really great, but I guess we all have our moments. I am certainly no Mother of the year, I screw up all the time!) I don't like to see hubby getting mad at him though as that is not going to help at all.

They did eventually calm down (hubby included) and we had a nice visit. Poor hubby was all flustered we had visitors as we needed to bath the kids. Holly crap that guy is un-friendly when he has other plans. Like sit down and enjoy a visit you goof ball! Men... uggg!

I am amazed at all the Baby is learning these days, she is so busy walking around and repeating everything it's just happening so fast. I am trying to soak in every moment as I know it will fly by so fast. Her latest obsession is to 'fall down', off the couch, off the bed, off the stool, off whatever she can get up on. I really have to watch her right now as who knows what she is going to climb up on and fall off. She isn't quite like the boys in that she does it very gently and carefully. I am glad to see she is somewhat cautious. I am however worried that she may try it off something to high one of these days. We try all sorts of words with her and she will pretty much try to repeat anything! Some she is better at then others.

On Friday our house pest stopped by, and no he's not staying. He needed to pick some of his stuff up. (We are storing a bunch of his belongings). Anyway he had gotten a hold of some second hand train set pieces for the kids and he dropped them off. He definitely has a kind heart. He also thanked us again for all that we have done for him. It does look like he may have a really good full time job now too, he finds out next week. I am crossing my fingers for him. Then we will only have a weekend guest every 2 or 3 months instead as it's in another city. I can deal with that.

Anyway after he dropped the stuff off for the kids, they waved good bye. The Boy1 said " Good Man", then Boy2 repeated it of course. I am not sure where they got it from but I thought it was pretty cute!

Good night!

To measure the man, measure his heart." - Malcolm Stevenson Forbes

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

#157 - The weekend is almost here!

Well I got back to work today on my course prep. I wasn't feeling it, but once I got going it wasn't so bad. According to my calculations I am 15% complete! LOL I need to know these things. I could have done a little more tonight but I wanted to try to stick to my 10pm stop time for all things work related. I am having trouble keeping to my 11pm bed time though, as I can't seem to get through my blog list and post updates to my blog in one hour!

Speaking of blogs. I am glad to see that MaryEllen and Steve are 10 weeks pregnant I am so hoping her PG is uneventful. More good news in the IF blog sphere, Sky has a cute little baby boy. I love to hear good news! When I first started my blog list there were little or no mothers but as each month goes by it seems as if my Mother's list is growing. I am always happy to see this. I can't wait until one day all of the gals that I read find their way to motherhood.

So I see IVF is in the news AGAIN, A 60 year old gave birth to twins here in Canada. Man I had my boys in my early 30's and it is quite enough work for me. I can't imagine trying to have twins at that age. Now I don't begrudge anyone trying to have a family but there just seems to be something wrong with this? I guess no clinics in Canada would treat her, so she had to go overseas. I am glad my tax dollars are hard at work paying for her hospital stay and her babies hospital stay. Isn't Pregnancy hard enough on your body without being 60? Maybe I am wrong? I just hate to see all this craziness these days cause a bunch of rules to be instituted that maybe don't apply to everyone. What a crazy world we live in. (Crap my husband is in his 40's and he says he's to old to try to have another one! LOL)

- MS OFFICE, it crashes when my default printer is set to an HP printer. Apparently Microsoft says I have to set a different default, but I can still print to the HP. That's a great fix people! So glad I spend most of my time on the MAC OS!
- grumpy hubby
- I can't figure out why my slice won't cut today? Arg!

- finding some ambition where I thought there was none!
- getting a tiny bit of scrapbooking done each day!


So as for my potty blog, well Boy2 was doing a little better today. He at least is using the potty a bit. Boy1, I am not sure about this fella, will sit and sit and sit, but nothing usually happens. At least he is sitting on it! One time something will happen I suppose. I just can't wait until my life is not revolving around the potty!

In the morning the kiddos want to go downstairs to play. So we usually go down around 10:30ish and come up before lunch. They all have their reasons, Baby likes to climb up and down the stairs, Boy2 wants to watch Bob the Builder, and Boy1 who knows? It depends on the day I suppose.

The boys each take a toy down with them and Boy2 takes his blanket (I am not sure what the toy thing is about as there is a much downstairs as up? But whatever keeps them from screaming!) Boy1 does whatever, builds a 'fake fire', colors, and other stuff. Boy1 is glued to the TV (as long as Miss Spider isn't on. I can't even switch to another kids channel as he is afraid of half the commercials, sheesh). Baby wanders from Toy to stairs to Toy to stairs. They also get a little snack when we go down (I am sure they are starved since they just finished breakfast?). Anyway I give them a little bowl with a few goldfish each. (Baby spills her's almost every day so today I decided to put the bowl on the floor and save a few steps!)

Baby is funny. One or two goldfish, then off to play, then back for another, then off to play again! The boys wanted to color today so I gave them their crayons and they sat at their little picnic table to color. Baby decided she wanted to join in. She doesn't like paper though so I have a nicely colored table. I have to take a picture of her first art work piece! (Thank goodness for washable crayons). The little turkey would just scream if I even tried to get her to color on paper. Hmm I wonder who thinks she is the boss of the house?

We always clean up the toys before we go upstairs. Baby was even helping today, hopefully this trend will continue! Boy2 is kind of getting lazy in the clean up department these days so I am not sure what to do to get him motivated?

All in all it was a pretty good day.... then comes bed time. I think the hubby actually makes it worse, I am not sure. All I know is I dread putting the boys to bed. It's just all chaos. Probably doesn't help that we are in a hurry to 'put them away' for the night so we can get other stuff done. I hope we improve on the night time routine soon. I can't stand when my hubby gets so mad at them. I think it has been good that we have actually been together a bit as he sees how I deal with them when they are bad, and I THINK he is actually paying attention! Maybe there is a little light at the end of the tunnel with that guy! LOL

Anyway off I go to bed! Only 45mins late!

"Never doubt the benefit of giving others the benefit of the doubt." -Joe Wilken

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

#156 - It feels like Thurdsay and it's only Wednesday?

I am bad. I took an entire day off working on my course prep! I had a nap instead *tehehehe*, then I went to the basement and worked on my Scrapbook! At least I was being productive! I will get back at it tomorrow though! I promise! I really want to be done with the prep so I can just do the quick review before I actually teach a class. That will be sooo nice! I am happy that I will actually have three done instead of two though. That will be great for in the future! Less work and I am ready to go go go!

The hubby is still coming home early and I am really enjoying that! (Hence the afternoon nap!). He finally when for a Medical. He has never had one (and he complained about providing a 'sample' for the Sperm Analysis... come on!) I didn't know until recently that he hadn't had one. Back in 2001 he had to get some major work done on his jaw. They sent him for a Medical before his surgery, at least that's what I thought. Apparently he didn't have one, it was just a review of his history. Remind me to kick his arce again! Well anyway he finally went and I think he will go again. Ever since his dad had his heart attack he has been thinking more of his health (probably cause he knows I would kill him again if something happened to him! LOL). I am glad to see that he is thinking about this stuff anyway. It sounds like she checked him out good to so I am glad that he went (now it's my turn I suppose, I am taking a respite this year though, I need a break after all the IVF crap. But Next year I will go back for my yearly appointments I promise!)

I am happy to report I am almost done up to Feb 2008 in one of my scrapbooks. This is making me very happy. Maybe there is hope that one day I will actually get caught up! It is driving me crazy that I was caught up before we moved and it has taken me so long to get where I am! Sheesh!

Well I figured I had to ring in on the Californian with the octuplets. I just don't get it. I am hoping that her 'reasons' become more clear when they talk to her. I am not about to tell someone they can't have more children, but you would think that she would realize that she already had a lot to deal with. The biggest thing that is driving me crazy is the articles and the news coverage. If you read or write the news please read this. THEY DON'T IMPLANT embryo's, they TRANSFER them! Arggg. I almost sent an email to the radio station that I listen to as they were talking about IMPLANTING again! Sheesh people, know your stuff before you report on it will ya!

House Pest update
Well I can't remember if I mentioned that he didn't come last weekend. I was ignoring the phone, bad me. Well it turns out that he was trying to get a hold of us to let us know that he dropped off something for the kids and the hubby, not to stay the weekend. The latest is he has a place to stay for 3 weeks while he takes some training and he may have a job lined up too. I really hope it works out for him, the guy deserves a break. (I am still feeling guilty for not answering the phone last week...) I will give him credit though as he has thanked us and told us how much he appreciates everything we have done for him. I will let him come on the weekends every now and again (and I will still complain no doubt! LOL), but I just hope it's not for a while.

Mother update
Still nothing. No calls, nothing. I have finally stopped getting tense when the phone rings. Although our phone doesn't ring very often anyway. (Talk to me about email and texting though that's a whole other story! LOL) Woot woot there goes the Nerd alarm again! I must admit I have enjoyed not talking to her, not having to listen to her b*tch and complain. I do have to go on a scrapbooking retreat with her soon though, so I am thinking I should bite the bullet and call... nah I am just to effing stubborn for that!

- still mornings, that will never change
- my new 'friend' Ringo - The hemorrhoid (I can't believe in the Younger years we used to make jokes about these things, they are SO NOT funny! :) ) No I still haven't gotten anything yet! (I know not to bright!)

- an afternoon nap
- not having an actual job that I have to go to every day (although I think I am working harder with all the part time things I have going on!)

We had some small successes today in the Potty department! Boy1 actually sat on the potty 3 times today and we even had a small poop. Boy2 managed to pee 3 times, once he actually asked to go before bed. Things that warm my heart. Lets hope the trend continues again. I think if it's not interesting for them they just don't want any part of it. How do you keep the Potty interesting I ask? (I am not enjoying spending quite so much time in the bathroom though... not my idea of a good place to hang out!)

I am thinking that having hubby around more is helping with the training. Sometimes it's hard to go all three ways at once. At least this way one can make lunch and the other can run to the potty! Like everything else when we are done the details won't matter anyway!

Oh yes and the quiet bed time we had last night, no we were back to the usual tonight.. *sigh*

Baby is totally obsessed with brushing her teeth. I swear I could brush that kids teeth for 3 hours and she would just sit there. Tonight I brushed and brushed and brushed. She is just great, she lays on my lap and way I go. She doesn't even have a full set of teeth yet so there isn't much to brush anyway! When I am done then she does her part. She actually does a really good job, she is much better than the boys and she doesn't chew on the brush. But let me tell you what a racket when you take that brush away. It's like the wild boars have been let loose! She screams and chases after the tooth brush! It is actually kind of funny (except the loud noise part).

Good Night

"Leap and the net will appear." - Julie Cameron
(If it doesn't I supposed you are screwed though! *evil grin*)

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

#155 - It's official I am old!

OK it's not my birthday.  I just got what I used to think was a pregnant lady/old people ailment.  I have a nasty Hemorrhoid!  Well I am definitely not pregnant (sadly) so I guess that means I am old.  Hmmph!  It is killing me but I refuse to do anything about it because that would mean it's really there!  Sheesh! 

What a way to start my daily post!  Makes you wish ya missed today doesn't it?  :)

Today I finished all the prep for my first course!  I also printed out the materials to start on my second course tomorrow!  (I would have started on #2 today but I decided to have a shower instead!  My hubby thought it was a good idea! LOL)  One down and 1 and 1/2 to go!  I also got a call regarding my second contract, I will be meeting with him next week to go over some details (so that means I have to do some work on that one too... when it rains it pours!)  The thing is I really need the money.  February is kind of a brutal month, between car insurance and having to pay for the car I ran into it is going to be an expensive month so I need some cash coming in to cover things like the mortgage payment! (minor detail! :) )  I am happy to say we don't have credit card debt and I hope to keep it that way!  I am a bit on the cheap side when it comes to interest payments.  I have 3 courses pretty much 3 weeks in a row so that will help the old bank account.  I will be beat no doubt, but at least I will have some money coming in.

I also got one more layout done this morning.  I think I am caught up with all the photos that I had.  I need to get more printed for the retreat I am going on at the end of February (between teach classes... yikes).  I have no idea what I will need to take with me? Or how much I will get done.  I am not sure if trying to get up to date in album is doable or not!  I guess time will tell!  I need to start collecting stuff soon so that I will be ready to go. 

- afflictions that are associated with old people (LOL)
- grumpy hubby

- getting one course prep done, and knowing that I can reuse some of my old stuff for the next one!
- my new sleep schedule.  I almost got to bed on time last night and I should be pretty close tonight


Yup potty training is still going in the direction of South!  The first kid (or in my case twins) are the ones you make all the stupid mistakes with, I guess I will know what to do with the next one.  I sure wish they came with instruction manuals!  It's probably a lot of my fault, I try to keep on top of the potty thing, but I get as sidetracked as they do it seems.

My kiddos are still loving the stick vaccum.  Oh no I am passing my floor cleaning obsession on to them (my hubby just looks at me and shakes his head).  We need this nasty ice to melt so we can get the boys out to run.  They are full of energy today and I think they need to let off some steam (either that or my hubby may blow the gasket) 

Baby was really mad as she wanted to go downstairs today.  I have to watch how I say that to the boys now, because if she hears 'stairs' she wants to GO now. I think she may be the climber.  She is happy downstairs as long as she can sit on the first step.  I put the baby gate on the second step, just for her!  God help you if you say 'stairs' while you are downstairs as she thinks it's time to go up NOW!  My little creature! :)

The boys spent the morning colouring (I am not a fan of markers, unfortunately they are).  I finally got them to use the crayons instead for a while.  I was trying to teach them how to write their names.  Boy1 was trying so hard.  He was so mad that he couldn't do it the same as Mom.  I told him he just had to practice.  Boy2 didn't give a hoot.  He kind of tried then went back to scribbling!  Baby didn't try to eat the crayons today so it was all good.  She did have fun with the hockey stick that is in the  basement.  Maybe a female hockey player in the family? (personally I would prefer one of the boys, then he could take care of Mom and Dad in their old age... oh wait we are already old, it's too late! :) )  I am just waiting until Baby learns how to 'take out a bro' with the hockey stick!

Afternoon naps aren't going so well, but mom is persistant to say the least.  Today Boy1 was mad so he cried and cried, woke everyonelse up of course (rotten light sleepers in this house).  I snagged him out of the room and put him in our bed.  (I was trying to work while dad was sitting on the couch doing nothing and for some reason he was going to let him scream?  So I had to do something about it, arg! <-insert whiney complainy voice here! )  Dad finally got up and went to the room so I left Boy1 with Dad and went back to work.  Boy1 and Baby ended up getting up first.  Boy1 went and got two piles of toys, one for him and one for Baby then after telling her what to do and where to sit they played for quite some time.  Boy2 was in bed 'waking up' (i.e. getting the crankies out, at least mom hopes so anyway)

The boys were wild tonight running around the house.  Dad was cranky so it was pissing him off???  They weren't being bad just getting some 'energy' out.  Needless to say I quit my working 'stuff' and went to wrangle the monsters.  Pretty much I was just trying to make sure Dad wasn't being an ass!

OK I need to write this one on the Calendar.  The boys went to sleep tonight with no Yelling or Screaming!  (At least when the lights were shut off anyway).  THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED since we took them out of their cribs.  Lets hope we are entering a new phase! Please please please!

Good night!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

#154 - The usual stuff

I made it through another Monday!  I love to get Monday over with, then I can enjoy the rest of the week!

I was going to go out today, but I would have had to get the kids up 2 hours early and that just didn't seem like any fun, especially on a Monday and by myself.  I suck at doing much of anything but the basics in the morning.  It takes me about 2 hours to get to the fully awake and 'cheery' stage and get all the parts moving in the correct fashion! (I really need to find some joint oil for this old body, mornings are kind of ugly!)

I managed to get one page done in my scrapbook this morning (only because hubby came home early!)  After lunch it was back to working on my course prep.  I think I only have a couple of hours left on the first one!  Yey!  Then I can start on the next one (ugg).  Hopefully I can have the first couple done by about Wednesday next week.

I am trying to set some new evening time management goals.  I have been staying up way to late.  Since I am making pretty good time on my course prep I have decided that I am only going to work until 10pm at the latest.  Then I want to be on my way to bed by 11pm, so that gives me an hour to read blogs and update my blog.  I think it's doable and hopefully I can get a better sleep pattern going!

Oh yes and my floor washing craziness continues!  I am pretty much washing it every day.  I have gone nuts haven't I?  Well it is getting cleaner, the more I wash it the cleaner it seems to be when I check out the swiffer pad after.  Imagine that huh! LOL

- the sore ear that I have
- not being able to find cotton baton to put in my sore ear! :)  (This drives my hubby and friends crazy... I know where it was in my old house! LOL)

- getting closer to completing the prep for one of my courses
- making it through another Monday!

OK so potty training is still going nowhere.  I did get Boy1 to sit on the potty for a while this morning (he figured because he sat there he should get a treat, good luck little dude.  Yup this boy is already trying to 'beat the system')

Boy2 is not going in the potty anymore at all, I have no idea what to do with this kid?  He gets foul when you ask him if he wants to go.  (I am going to have to change the name of this blog to "Potty Training - that's all I talk about"  LOL)  Hubby is not helping with the training as he gets so annoyed with them when they mess in their pull-ups.  I have to train him too I guess! Ugg!

Baby is a little crazy, heck all my kids are a bit nuts (it's genetic I think!).  Today she was 'diving' off the couch then saying 'fall down' (actually it sounds like fall dow without the N)

It was a good afternoon, the boys let me play with their train set again! :)  We have so much fun.  Baby was even joining in today.  Boy1 was sitting on the lazy boy chair telling me what to do.  What a little turkey!  Well he was only telling me what to do when he wasn't talking on his cell phone.  What a kid.  The laughing is the funniest thing, I wonder what is going through his little brain?

Good night.... I am only 20 mins over my bed time so I am at least improving!

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

#153 - Prep Time and Playdough!

So much for our weekend day together.  I spent most of my time Prepping for my next course!  I am scheduled to teach Excel Level I in a few weeks so I need to get my butt in gear and make sure I am ready.  I like to be ultra prepared to make sure that everything is ready to go and I don't have to do to much extra 'thinking' on the fly.  Thinking on the fly is not one of my strong points, I would much prefer to have everything laid out.  Then I just have to react to questions and not worry about the rest!  I imagine after I have been doing this for a while I won't need so much time to get ready.  Until then it's definitely worth my while.

No scrapbooking today!  bummer!  I must admit I did have a little nap this afternoon.  I was really tired for some reason, A couple hours of using my brain seems to really get me tired these days! ha ha!

Oh yes I crashed Vista today - blue screen of death!  Sheesh I bet I have less than 40 hours using vista and kaboom!  All I was doing was looking at the help screen in excel!  I am sooo good at crashing all sorts of 'stuff'.  (Our wireless keyboard at work doesn't like me too much either!  It must be my magnetic personality <insert me laughing my arce off here!>)

Mom update - still haven't heard from her.  Not that I am complaining (except for the part where I cringe when the phone rings).  I must be in big trouble.  I think the hubbs is going to have to take a day off work so I can teach in February.  (Great she is coming to the scrapbooking retreat at the end of Feb.  ugg!)

- How quickly time flies by!
- Potty training

- I am almost half way through my Prep for my first course (I need to do 2 before the middle of February!)
- I found out they have wireless where I am going for my scrapbooking weekend


Well it was playdough day today (note to self do this when hubby is not around, he can't handle a mess?  I wonder if his mother ever let him do anything fun?).  I was trying to keep the kids amused while I worked on my class prep so I got out the playdough.  It's not something we do a lot so they really enjoy it.  (Hubby thinks this is an outdoor activity... whatever!) I put Baby in her high chair and gave her some playdough toys and then I squished some playdough through one of those spagetti maker thingys.  Well that kid is quick.  I popped the playdough spagetti off and wammo she grabbed a piece and put it in her mouth.  I got some of it, but I guess it wasn't to tasty as she spit the rest out.  She had a totally disgusted look on her face, as if it was ALL my fault!  :)  After that I didn't have to worry about her putting it in her mouth!  She didn't really like the feel of it so she just played with the tools for awhile instead.

The boys had a blast.  They played until lunch.  They sat there for an hour and a half and went crazy with playdough.  I couldn't believe at how little of a mess they made.  There wasn't even much to clean up off the floor after they were done (I think hubby may have been cleaning up as they went, a little anal I would say.  Although I should talk, miss floor washer!)

After lunch they were back to their 'fire' building in the play kitchen.  I hope they grow out of this phase before they are teenagers, we have a lot of trees on our property!

Baby is into hugs right now and I am looooving every minute of it.  I even managed to get her to sit with me for a while when she was looking at her shelf of stuffed toys.  She is a mover now so it's nice when you can get her to sit for 5 minutes!  I wish I could freeze time for a while, she is growing so very fast.

Good night

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