Monday, March 08, 2010

#381 - One down...

Well I actually got one of our tax returns filed today... 1 down 1 to go! If you live in Canada you have to check out I used Quickbooks for years (until they changed their pricing structure... ptzzzz! I now like ufile better though easier to follow! Anyway I am just glad that I just have one more to send in. It's pretty much done just waiting to see if I get any more paper work that I have forgotten about!

Yey I think my latest round of the cold is gone... stats so far since Jan 1st
2 weeks healthy
the rest sick! (and it's freaking March already! ugg)


So if you were thinking of nominating me for Mother of the year (*snicker*) I have a good reason not too! I forgot *gasp* to send my kids to preschool with their Show & Tell item. This was their day! Lucky we live really close to the building that it is in. So back into the truck with littlest kiddo to run home and get toys for the boys. Then back to preschool to drop them off (I guess I win a few brownie points for doing something anyway!) I knew it was in March I just didn't know which day. Next time that kind of info goes directly into the Calendar so I don't miss it!

Oh ya as I was getting home, the 2nd time, the furnace guy arrived. We got a new furnace back in November. It has been spewing cold air into the basement making it uninhabitable since we got it put in. Typical me, didn't call until last Friday. Well there wasn't anything they could do about it, well for 'nothing' anyway. $600 later they added an electronic *shudder* damper that opens only when the furnace is on. Sheesh. Well I did notice an improvement right away so I guess it was worth it. Now I have to go find me some more contract work to pay for it *sniff*

My girly sleeps in so I usually feed her breakfast after we drop the boys off at preschool. She sat at the table until it was almost time to go pick them up. She was busy playing with her fishy (her spoon) and it's blanket (paper napkin). She talked to that fishy for over an hour. Then she told me to be quiet when Fishy was sleeping. Well at least she has a good imagination!

I got to spend the evening building a lego house for my daughter too. She wanted a new one so I was building (or trying to build) while she was playing. It had to have a 2nd story like her brothers houses. I must say I outdid myself this time. It is a very pretty house. I do think we need more pink lego though! :) She loves the little lego people (well after she takes their hair off?). She plays with them for hours. It was cute after I was done Boy2 came to visit Baby's new house! :) Then he invited her over to his house! Boy1 was to busy to visit as he was adding an addition onto the garage of his house! LOL

I love the lego blocks, the kids never seem to get bored of them. When one thing is no fun anymore they just change it into another! (I was going to take Boy1 one of his lego car creations for show & tell today. Of course he had disassembled them this morning so I was out of luck!)

Anyway with that I am off to bed.... trying to get more sleep to fend off the preschool germs that I am sure the kids brought home today! :)

Good Night

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Friday, March 05, 2010

#380 - Never a dull moment

Last evening at work was very interesting. We had a shoplifter in the store. The worst part was my co-worker saw her put something in her bag just after she arrived and she stayed for over an hour after that. I didn't think she was ever going to leave and we just wanted to get it over with!

Given that I haven't worked in retail most of my life the thought of confronting her scared the crap out of me. (That and you never know with people these days). Anyway my coworker was totally cool with confronting her. I said I have your back, since the thief was twice her size.

The lady even bought stuff before she left the store. She was trying to confuse us by changing stuff in and out of her order, but both of us were there so I worked on getting it rung in and my coworker dealt with her. I was freaked about how she was going to pay I was so glad it wasn't a credit card! I am surprised everyone didn't hear my sigh of relief after! :) (One of my other co-workers laughed when I asked her if that was everything... then after she said no... I said Are you sure?)

If you don't know already you have to wait to confront a shoplifter until after they leave the store. So we waited and waited and waited.... you get the picture! Minutes seem like hours in that situation, never mind HOURS!!! Well my coworker dragged her back in after she confronted her out of the store and hollered at me to call the police.

We have decided that I am not doing that again. I didn't have the correct street name and they kept saying Ma'am what street are you on... I wanted to tell the operator to freaking google it. It's hard to concentrate on a phone call when you are trying to make sure your co-worker is OK. Not to mention that the lady was getting agitated and I was starting to worry. I finally handed the phone off to another co-worker and said can you tell them where the heck we are. I needed to go help my friend anyway as the lady wanted to leave the store.

We had the door locked and my teeny tiny friend was standing in front of the door in kind of the corner. So I stood in front of her. The lady tried to push behind me to unlock the door. I gently pushed her arm down beside her side and told her that she had to wait for the Police. She said she was going to charge me with assault. I said go ahead! She really wanted out of there (hmmm I wonder why... she had dumped one bag and said 'ooo I forgot about it, here is all your stuff back' then it was 'I'll pay for it'. We won't mention that she still had another larger bag full of stuff in her other hand.)

Her next project was to try to intimidate me! I was just standing staring at her with a nasty look. I wasn't going to engage her in any conversation as it was pointless anyway so I just stared... She decided that she was going to try to stare me down. HA HA HA HA... I have twins and 2 year old I have PRACTICE lady! LOL

Needless to say I think it ended up freaking her out that I was coming off as being so confident (if she only knew... I had spent the last hour determining that I outweighed her and I should be able to tackle her if I had too! LOL Oh ya and that I am SO non-confrontational and a wimp to boot!) It's amazing what a good nasty stare can do? Anyway I think she realized that she wasn't getting by me and she started to calm down and go on with the pleading... I told her to save it for the Police I wasn't interested. She then started to pick up the stuff she dumped on the floor. I told her not to touch it, she said I need to clean it up. I said step away from the merchandise NOW... in a nasty form of my Mommy stern voice!

Well I was very happy to see the police and they took her off to the car so we didn't have to listen to her any more. They eventually came in with the other bag of stuff... she nabbed close to $500 in product. She was even taking rolls of ribbon from beside the front counter where at least one of us was standing the entire time.

I did feel bad for her as she obviously has a big issue. I am sure hoping that she gets the help she desperately needs. It truly is amazing what people will say/do to get out of trouble when they are caught red handed.

I really hope I don't ever have to go through that again.... but ya never know I suppose, at least I know what to do the next time if I ever have to confront someone.

I was so ill after that I was up most of the night last night feeling kind of sick.

So here is my funny thing I realized today. I have always been a fan on Angelina Jolie movies. You know the ones where the HOT chick kicks some a**! I thought it would be so cool to be tough and hot at the same time! It was my Angie moment last night (no physical violence, but whatever). I got to scare someone into realizing that they shouldn't cross me and I was really HOT (It was HOT in the store the temp was set to high! LOL). Oh yes and I was fighting crime too! :) So I can cross something of my bucket list now!!! LOL (Oh ya I have a new nickname at the store "the muscle", I wonder if I get paid more for that?)

Today was kind of boring in comparison... working on my taxes... YUCK!


I got to spend the afternoon making lego houses for the kids! They all complain I am too slow. Baby was right in there trying to 'help'. I couldn't see what I was doing as she was between my legs right in front of me. It was a good day! :)

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