Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#332 - Rest

Well I get to 'rest' for a couple of days. Well at least rest from teaching. One more course next week. Then I am done for this term. I wasn't scheduled any classes in December so I get that month 'off' so far.

We managed to survive once again without our sh*tty babysitter. Grandma would not come over because I had a cold. She figured that she would catch H1N1 from me. Did I mention I had a COLD not H1N1. That woman has more excuses than a child who doesn't want to go to school!

I managed to make it through my two days of teaching even though I wasn't feeling very well. I am blessed with a naturally loud voice (normally a curse but in this job it works out well!) so I didn't have to put any extra effort into projecting my voice. I don't think I would have survived if I needed to use any more effort. It is hard work for me to talk all day, so anything extra would have put me over the 'edge'. It wasn't one of my stellar classes and I need to do some work with my content however I had a lot of good comments. I am happy with that given that I really want to change a few things around.

So I am going to rest a little now before my next class!

- colds
- making decisions about important things
- my mother... see above! :)

- 2 day courses, get to meet new people, get to 'pass on some information', instant feedback so you can improve for the next one
- hubby is back to working Fridays for at least a couple of weeks (unfortunately we aren't quite up to 40 hours yet due to him working a very short day to make up for our 'babysitter')

Kids were happy to stay with Dad the last couple of days... I will have to work extra hard for them to like me tomorrow! :)

Have I mentioned how much I like life with toddlers now that 2 of 3 are potty trained. I complained so much about potty training I figured I should share my post training life! It's good to have less diapers around here! Better for the environment to I suppose!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#331 - Still hanging in there

Well it was a teaching day today. Boy am I glad I have a naturally loud voice because it took all the energy I had to just talk. I am sooooo glad I didn't have to 'project' as well! I am on the down swing of this cold thing however I am still kind of tired.

I am reminded of how much I hate rush hour traffic everytime I teach. At least this week is midterm week so it is a bit quieter than usual.

Apparently the word of the day at our house is Booby. Boy1 is obsessed with boobies right now... great!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


The former house pest called hubby today. Apparently he was offered a job that isn't on a bus route, soo he wanted to "rent" one of our cars? Yes this is the same dude that ruined the top of my grandmothers dresser! (not to mention living here for a month rent and food bill free!). Seriuosly dude do ya think we would "rent" out one of our cars? Can you imagine how that woul turn out? ( funny the car was my grandmothers too... Old and ugly, yes, but clean and reliable too. Can you imagine what it would look like if we ever got it back? Not to mention it would be our insurance too.. Ha ha dude you are funny! Oh and since I was at work today hubby had to go meet him with some of his crap that he has stored here. Hubby=gruuuummmpy about that one! Lucky me I had to come home from a crazy day at work to a miserable husband!

(hubby even told house pest about the dresser.... I can't belive he had the balls to ask about the car!)

Well with the people I know at least I always have something to blog about! ;)


I am going to miss the day when there isn't a little creature toddelinfg around here in some fuzzy footed pj's! Baby was running around with her funny little run and I was watching and thinking it won't be long before she is all grown up! I suppose she will always be the baby but I will miss the terrible twos one day!

More bad parenting tips!! Well baby is a little chinsey with the kisses (unless you are a stuffed animal). Well one night she bonked my nose and I said ouch. Well around here we still kiss boo boos goodbye, so Baby decided she should kiss my nose to make it feel better. Now at night I have a boo boo on my cheek so I can sneek those adorable kisses! If you just ask for a kiss you get her absolute favorite word NO, so boo boo it is! (I think she has caught on to us though but she humors us anyway with kisses). The little monster has changed the game now though. We now get dad kiss mom, mom kiss dad, dad kiss moms cheek.... Etc! The she giggles wildly! What a monkey!

Better be off to bed, still feeling sick... Rotten cold!

Good night

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

#329 - Sick

Ugg... stick a fork in me I am done!

I have a rotten cold! I haven't had a nasty one like this in years so I am just plain grumpy! On a good note I found someone to cover my shift tomorrow night so I don't have to go into work!

Now I am going to bed... lets hope the cough syrup does it's thing! (What a whiner hey! :) )


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#328 - Woohoo

House Pest IS GONE... and he is NOT EVER coming back!

I went downstairs to tidy up... (Not a good way to start the day!)

The spare room has my grandmothers old bedroom suite. Nothing fancy but kept nice and very meaningful to me. I kept it covered with doilies and stuff to keep it from getting damaged. Well the jerk that was living here pushed my stuff to the side and totally ruined the top of the dresser. He left water and pop cups on the dresser that were (spilled on the way to the basement and must have been damp still) on the dresser. There is water damage and pop damage to the top of the dresser and night stand. I am so incredibly mad it sure as hell didn't look like that when you got there. And it's not just a small cup mark... it was like he slammed them down and crap went all over and he just left it there.

There was pop 'circles' and water circles all over any piece of furniture in the bedroom. He actually damaged the dresser and the night stand. I am so incredibly hurt that he couldn't leave things as he found them... and to continue marking it up after the first time just pisses me off. There was about 10 large marks on the dresser and tonnes on the night table.

The mess that was left was not very nice. I am not even going to describe the bathroom. Lets put it this way... hubby has to clean it as I am NOT going in there again until it is cleaned up.

On Sunday when I was at work hubby was outside working with the kids. He said every time he was in the house (which is frequently with kids that need warmer coats/potty breaks etc) the house guest was eating and eating and eating. It's a good thing I was around the kitchen most of the time or I am sure he would have eaten everything else that was in the house. Now I don't mind sharing but I think him just taking what he wanted whenever we weren't looking was a bit uncalled for. It's not like we were starving him that's for sure. Hubby figures he gained at least 10 lbs in the last 3 weeks.

It was weird how he used to come up at night.. then go down, then come up and so on. I think he was just waiting for me to go to bed so that he could get into the cupboards. (Good thing I outlasted him most nights) One night he woke me up going through the pantry. I seriously would NEVER do that at someones house! (Personally after the 3 helpings of supper I thought it was a little over the top)

I suppose the thing that pissed me off the most is he would eat all but a little of the milk and cereal in the morning and some days I didn't have enough left for the kids. He knew what they eat for breakfast so I thought that was incredibly inconsiderate. He used to get up before me I guess so that he could take what was there before I had a chance to get the kids breakfast. He was going through a loaf of bread every two days, a tub of butter a week, a jumbo bag of cheerios about every two days, a box of my cereal about every three days, we were having problems keeping enough milk in for the kids, he would go through a case of pop in 2 days (if we were lucky), he was taking big bags of chips out of the cupboard and we would never see them again, he ate most of the turkey hubby made for thanksgiving, on Sunday he ate almost a bag of buns, and he got into my case of popcorn. He just helped himself one night. Hubby said he heard him go downstairs the minute he got out of the shower one night and he could smell the popcorn. You think he would have at least a)asked (we never once said no) or B) shared some with the hubby. We figure we were spending an extra $100 a week on groceries while he was here, he even managed to eat most of our 'stock pile'. He was even going through the extra stuff in the basement taking stuff out of there to eat.

Over a month here... probably about $600 in groceries.. and not once did he offer to get any groceries for himself or give us a cent. I hope he enjoyed is 'vacation'. Hmm I don't think I have ever taken a vacation where I didn't have to pay for food, laundry, and accommodations. The scary thing is if it wasn't for Hubby he would still be here!

I am so angry that we had to put out money on groceries, power, etc for an ungrateful jerk who ruined my grandmothers dresser and made a mess of my new bathroom.

It was interesting to see my hubby's reaction to all of this. He is some kind of angry (and not even because he has to clean the bathroom! :) ). After all was said and done it was interesting to me that he started in about the fact that he had a child (with a trashy woman about 13 years ago I think). Hubby says "why the h*ll can he and she have kids? That poor child doesn't have a chance". It is very true, the kid has 3 brothers/sisters, everyone has a different father. The latest man of the house is not very nice to him by the sound of it. Well it was interesting to me that hubby was disgusted by the fact that this guy pro-created. He can't even take care of himself.

So that is it with the house Pest. He has burned yet another bridge with us... sorry dude you are on your own from now on. (Now if only we could get the 4 hockey bag size duffle bags out of our garage. He dropped those off too... great!)

With that I must be off to bed it is very late... I do feel like a weight has been lifted off now that House Pest is gone so I am hoping for a good night sleep.

Good night and here's to another Pest free day tomorrow! :)

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

#327 - One more sleep

One more sleep until the house guest leaves. Hubby kicked him out... thank goodness! (I didn't know he had the stones! Better him than me as I would not have been very nice!)

I am beat... busy busy day at work today and I feel like I am coming down with something... I think I am going to bed with the kiddos!

Good Night

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

#326 - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

On my Birthday three years ago My precious Baby girl and her twin were transferred in what was my last go at IVF. Today I remember the loss of Baby's twin.

I will never forget the joy of seeing two heart beats and the day that there was only one. I could still see Twin B, but there was no heart beat flickering on the screen. Today no one in my family seems to remember that my youngest was actually a twin, it was if this other little person never existed, but this little person did, I saw the heart beat. It makes me sad to think that only my husband and I remember...

The world would be a better place if people would just have compassion for that which they do not understand.

My heart is with anyone who has lost a child or pregnancy on this day. I suffer in silence I hope you do not.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

#325 - Wednesday Already?

I really don't know where time goes these days? I sure wish I could slow it down a bit though!

Today I was off to the Dr. for a prescription refill. So I decided to ask about the H1N1 flu shot. She said I should definitely have my 4 year olds immunized. There has been so many things out there about this flu shot that I am really not sure what to think. So after talking to her (she is an expert right?) I figured that I should probably take the boys in for the shot. Then tonight I was at the twins club meeting and one of the girls checked out the ingredients.... one was thought to cause MS in lab rats and another was linked to some other horrible thing that I can't remember. So really how tested are these things? I thought most drugs had to go through years of testing and trials. I just don't know what to do? My kids could die from H1N1 or they could get sick or who knows what down the road from the immunization? I want to protect them from getting sick but I just don't know what is the best option. It seems like there are so many differing opinions what does one believe? I am terrified of making the wrong decision and I don't know how to make an informed decision anymore... who does one listen to?

House Pest Update
I was all excited I thought the house pest was going to the city today and leaving for a while (hopefully forever). He was wondering when I was going into the city. Well with the snow I wasn't going into the city. (I think there is 2 inches of the nasty white stuff on our drive way tonight... I want fall BACK!) Anyway back to the house pest, apparently he just wanted a ride to the bottle depot. I am not sure where, but he collected a bag of bottles. (I don't know what he needs money for, not like he buys ANY of his own food). So unhappily I report he is still here and we still don't know when he is leaving... if ever? Here is the kicker.... today I was sitting with the kids and he arrives upstairs with his shower stuff. He brings out a bottle of my Lavender body wash I had stored in the medicine cabinet in my bathroom downstairs (I have no room to store my extras anywhere else in this house). He says I ran out can I borrow yours. I was actually speechless (that doesn't happen very often, trust me!). I wanted to yell "Stay the Heck OUT OF MY STUFF". Instead, I said, Oh that's my favorite. He said OH, well I have some in my bag but it's in the garage (yes on top of taking over part of my basement he has 4 or 5 other duffel bags of his shit in our garage). So I gave him the key to get his own out in the garage. I think he is just a little to comfortable here? NO BUDDY what's mine is not yours... sorry!

First he wakes me up before 7am rummaging through the kitchen for who knows what, since he ate with us this morning? Then he GOES THROUGH MY STUFF. Are you frigging kidding me?

So my husband and I have resorted to texting each other to bitch! So sad. (I have a habit of saying the wrong things when someone can hear so I haven't really said much). I didn't realize my hubby was as pissed off as he was. He doesn't understand why he isn't looking EVERYWHERE for a job. Not just through his union, which doesn't seem to be helping him out at all anyway. Not to mention that he has to have a camp job as he has no where to live and he doesn't have any wheels so it has to be close to somewhere too.

You would think by this point he would have the sense to get out of our house? I guess we have to be crabbier or something. Granted he wants to help out, but helping doesn't do anything for the food budget dude... go buy what you need, you don't have to share with us, at least feed yourself.

To think I thought he was going to be here for the weekend... that was over a month ago!

Man I love those little buggers! Makes me glad I fought so hard and keep trying IVF until we got lucky! I had no idea that life could be this good. It is so going to suck when they go to school I am going to miss their little smiling/grumping/whining/complaining/cute little faces! They will be with their teacher more than me... how sad! Seriously where did the time go?

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#324 - Arrggg...

OK I am trying to be the bigger person here and help out hubby's friend, but really I am ready for him to leave now. I suppose I would be OK with him staying if at least he would buy some of his own food from time to time. The first week he was here he didn't eat anything... let me tell you NOW he is eating us out of house and home. I suppose the quitting smoking thing isn't helping (and man am I glad he isn't smoking right now or I would have gone batty by now. I just can't handle the smell of that stuff). I think he has just made himself a little to at home now for my liking. I feel like I am ranting like a spoiled child but really I am trying so hard to just smile and be nice... really my hubby is only working 4 days a week dude I really wasn't wanting to spend my little extra work money on filling your belly instead of putting it toward some things that desperately need to be done around here. It's been just over a month now, no work, no input into his own food intake... he does try to help out all he can... So I pray he gets one of his camp jobs very soon so that he can leave for a while. (and to think I was missing his visits! Be careful what you think of you never know what could happen)

Unfortunately kicking him out just isn't an option for us, he has no where else to go. So I really need to step up and just deal with it. Maybe some Karma points will be in my favour some day? Although I suppose grumping about it will reduce the value of the Karma points! :)

I just wish I had the nerve to tell him to eat in the Kitchen NOT in the bedroom! Our basement stairs are sticky from pop and schtuff that has been dripped on the floor... great more floor cleaning to do. So help me out here... I need some of the strength of you blogger wonder gurls to help me get through this! :) (Oh yes and wish the dude some luck to get a job!)

- house guests that seem like they are never going to leave
- winter weather in the fall
- psoriasis out breaks YUCK
- mornings (still you think I would be over this by now?) :)

- getting some stuff cleaned up around here
- planning the paint I am going to purchase for the boys room tomorrow! I am going to start with one wall (the black and white checkered flag wall... then go from there. I figured get the hardest one done first then the rest will go much easier! I can't wait to get started
- getting organized to scrapbook on Saturday

Well the kids weren't quite as crabby today after their late night Sunday night. They are finally getting back to normal crabby instead of extra crabby! :)

I have been working with the kids to put away a toy when they decided to move onto a new one. (When all three get going we are talking MAJOR CHAOS in the matter of minutes!) It's finally working with Boy1, now I just have to get the other two to get on board. Boy2 has been really bad a cleaning up in general lately so I imagine it will be a bit of a challenge to get him going on this one. Baby just yells NO to everything and takes off! (She is a smart one that one!)

Tonight before bed Hubby was laying on the floor while I read them a book. Then Baby decided that she wanted a Horsey ride. She was trying to get the hubbs to get up on his hands and knees so she could go for a ride. Before we knew it both boys were on Dad... his poor back. Then Baby decided mom could give her a ride. She fell right off, and was laughing away. Then somehow I ended up with Boy2 grabbing on to my shirt and digging his knuckles into my back (that wasn't the fun part! :) ) and Baby holding on to him. She was holding on to him around his arms instead of under them, it looked so funny. (We have mirrored closet doors in the kids rooms... Mirrored doors suck with small children in case you are wondering! :) ) When I was 'done' hubby had to come and rescue me from the kiddos on my back, the knuckle digging was not making the ride enjoyable. Then I proceeded to lay down on the floor. Baby decided she wanted me to sit up so she grabs my arm and starts pulling... Exclaiming "Mom HEAVY" (Thanks dear). She then wanted to 'jump high'. So I had to toss her up in the air and catch her. I think I completed my work out tonight! We were all laughing so hard it was a moment in time that I would like to freeze forever...

And now I am back to sorting through photos... I need to print them so I can scrapbook this weekend! :)

Good Night

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#323 - Monday's Don't Suck Anymore

When I was working at my regular 5 day a week job Mondays used to suck. Now I don't mind them so much. (I never like getting up in the morning... heck I still don't). I do like working at home at nights, I always knew I was a night person, so those 5:30am mornings were never a fun thing for me! :)

Today was a holiday so the hubby was home for an extra long weekend. The poor bugger has been trying for a month and a half to get the shed done so I kicked him out of the house when I got up this morning. Because of my work schedule he hasn't had much time to get anything done as I usually dump him with the kiddos to get my stuff done. So what do I do? Kick him outside on a below freezing day to build doors for his shed. Apparently he wasn't cold, so that made me feel better! He was happy to actually get the doors done today too. The kids really wanted to go outside with him and I knew that would slow his progress so I kept them in the house with me. It was pretty chilly for them anyway... especially since I haven't pulled all their winter clothing out of storage just yet! Toques and Mitts would be good! I am still hoping for some nice fall weather here. Fall is my favourite season and we seemed to have skipped right over it! :)

(The house pest even helped out the hubby so that was handy for my husband. He tries to be very helpful, but the strain on our food budget is going to kill us with my husbands new 'reduced' work week... )

This last week was a productive one... i now have my Living Room and the Kids rooms cleaned, re-organized, and Boy1 finished all my vacuuming in Baby's room tonight. I even managed to get my updated photos into their frames. I have also been organizing my craft area as I have friends coming over on Saturday to Scrapbook! That should be productive. I have enough projects to keep me busy for about 10 weeks!

Driving home from Thanksgiving Dinner Boy1 blurts out "My willie fell off, how am I going to Pee?" Where that came from I will never know? Hubby and I were just looking at each other wondering what is up with that kid when he blurts out "it's back again Mom, I can go pee again".

Baby Golem has been hanging out at the house again... just about every night she starts that up? Yet another weird kid? (She was some kind of crabby today after a late night... but man one crabby kiddo is MUCH easier than what we used to have to deal with, with the boys! They must have broken me in good!)

Boy2 is in his 'afraid' zone again. My idiot cousins brought their dog to dinner. (Just what my Aunt and Uncle need on their new hardwood floors, have some respect people). It jumped up on Boy2 and was puppy chewing on him. So now he is terrified of the dog. Every time the dog got close after that he would freak, well maybe we should keep our dog away from this poor kid... every 10 mins at supper poor Boy2 was freaking out. They kept forgetting about their stupid dog and letting it take off. (I love dogs by the way, but sometimes their owners need a slap... kind of like some parents I suppose? :))

With that I am off to bed... night!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

#322 - Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my Canadian Friends... Happy Thanksgiving!

We had Turkey at my Aunt and Uncles house, it was great! (I guess Grandma and Grandpa were to busy enjoying Camping to spend Thanksgiving with their Grand kids? Oh well I consider it a nice Birthday Present not to have them around.)

My Aunt and Uncle are always so kind to invite us, but the last little while it has just felt uncomfortable. It's like we are there but we are not a 'part' of their family. Since the kids aren't babies it's like they are invisible. One of my cousins wife thinks she is 'all that' because she is a facilities manager... it is very annoying. I guess it's because I am part of the extended family and we really don't see them very often. I am sad for my kids, but hope that our family is the start of something wonderful for years to come.

It just reinforces to me that I am an only child and it is just me... no extended family for the kids to enjoy. It also makes me so very thankful for my children, we are all now a family and it can only grow from here.

I am thankful for:
- my kids
- my hubby, without him I would not have the kids I have (and I wouldn't have such yummy sandwiches when I go to work)
- having a house to live in
- having enough part time jobs that I can stay home with my kiddos
- having healthy children
- being able to spend the day making thanksgiving turkeys from the kids hand prints
- finally being truly happy (thanks kiddos)
- finally feeling like I am part of someones family (my own)
- having a safe place to live
- having a few really good friends
- the strength to make it through 6 IVF transfers which has brought me to this wonderful 'place' that I am in today
- the experience of twins
- the experience of a singleton
- being a mom...

Good night

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

#321 - It's officially over!

Well it's past midnight now so that means my Birthday is officially over! YEY! I really am not a big fan of my own Birthday. It's a reminder that I am one year older (closer to death is what I tell people I want to freak out! LOL I know I am evil, well a girl has to have fun right?)

So the hilight of my day was when I got up this morning. The hubby got the boys colouring pictures for me for my birthday. (Finally he got a little creative with the kids). So it was a wonderful birthday present and the boys were so proud of their pictures it made it a great morning. If only the rest of the day was that good. (The boys were crabby so hubby was crabby.. you get the picture.)

So I started cleaning the boys room and reorganizing. (And planning for the room colours!) I managed to injure my knee while vacuuming though... I was on my knees trying to vacuum under something. Well I must have twisted the wrong way, I heard this awful pop and fell over. Boy2 was covering me with his blanket, baby was laying beside me and Boy1 was asking me if I was ok. My leg felt like crap but the knee was ok. I think I just pulled all my muscles! We will see how it goes tomorrow at work!

Guess what MORE snow today! We went from summer to winter and skipped fall I think! We are having unseasonably cold weather, great!

Anyway I must be off to bed... work tomorrow


Thursday, October 08, 2009

#320 - Cleaning

Well apparently my spring cleaning mode has hit me... a little late this year.

I have been foul all week, pretty much just hating my house! (I so miss the old one, but I do love the location so I guess I just have to buck-up and deal with it). I am just frustrated that I have so much less space and with the kids so much more crap! :) It seems like everything is stacked on top of everything. Not to mention that I have been so busy lately that the house has gotten super messy, and pretty much hubby only vacuums. (He did clean the bathroom the other day. The toilet wasn't done, the shower was gross, the mirror was disgusting and the floor was nasty. So apparently cleaning the counter is 'cleaning the bathroom'?? Oh ya and he can't figure out why vacuuming once every two weeks just doesn't keep the floor clean? HELLO 3 kids running around dude!) So anyway I am just on a cleaning kick and I am trying to find room for stuff. The trying to find room for stuff always makes me angry... I just hate it when crap is piled on top of crap. I am the person that opens the fridge and if it isn't in the first row it's not there! LOL... so if 'stuff' is not in the first row it will not ever be found, well I am not quite that bad but you get the idea.

I started off just being grouchy and now I have graduated to CLEAN UP the house silly!! :) Speaking of cleaning, the house pest, I mean guest is still here. I think we are pushing a month now. He tries to help out a bit but there are certain things that bug me. Sharing the one and only shower, the disgusting mess he has made of the downstairs bathroom (my brand new shiny sink is all yucky now), the fact that he eats in the bed room (I have a bug phobia and I was always taught that you shouldn't eat in your bedroom.. Weird I know..) So NOW I will have more stuff to clean when/if he ever goes. Not to mention that the spare bedroom is my OVERFLOW room when cleaning up the house. It goes there to be dealt with when I have time. He has also decided to quit smoking, yikes to our food bill. It is kind of frustrating that we have these extra expenses with the hubby and his 20% wage reduction. The other day I went to feed the kids and there was barely enough cereal and milk for all three, as he had gotten into it before I got to it. I don't mind if he eats something but make sure there is enough for the kids in the morning please. Really he's not that bad, it's just the little things some times drive me crazy. Not to mention that we have no idea when he is leaving this time. I really do feel for the guy and I hope he finds a good job so he can A)get the heck out of my house and B) support himself. Oh ya and don't sit in my freaking chair! (My computer is there as there is a plug in so don't mess with THE chair! :) ) OK I feel better now, thanks!

- not having the stones to tell my house guest to eat in the kitchen!
- my house
- snow in October
- birthdays... just another year closer to death! LOL! I have one tomorrow...
- my parents can't be bothered to see their only grandkids at Thanksgiving

-my parents are going away for thanksgiving! I don't have to see them!
-3 years ago (tomorrow) was the transfer for my last round of IVF... Baby girl and Her Twin were transferred on my Birthday. I am happy that Baby is with us (sad that her twin passed away)

Time to renovate! I want to spruce up the boys room. I am thinking NASCAR theme. Checkered Flag(black and white squares) on one wall, one Blue wall, one Purple wall, One Yellow Wall and Red Trim... That should REV things up! :) I have some cars on the walls but I really want to make their room a little more interesting. I am not sure that I will like the Checkered Flag prep but if I do a good job it should look cool! I may even paint their door red just for fun! I hate the doors in this house so I figure they will be replaced one day anyway so I might as well have fun! :) I think I am going to use Porch and Floor paint. It's a little shiny but it washes really well (not talking about the rest of the walls in my house that can't be washed as the paint marks... arg)

Besides I need some new projects! HA HA

Anyway that's all I have for tonight... good night

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

#319 - Well I made it through another crazy weekend!

Well that was nutz! I was at a trade fair on the weekend it was insane. The store owner was not prepared as per usual so it meant for craziness on getting setup and ready for customers. All in all it was pretty fun though. I was a little tired however I think I am all recuperated!

So tonight I am watching TV... I don't remember the last time I watched something other then Treehouse!

Today was a meltdown day for me. I had to clean out some stuff in the basement and I have no where to put it. I do not like this house AT ALL and when I can't organize things so that there is room for everything and I can see everything it drives me insane! I was wandering around the house grunting and muttering under my breath. To top it off the furnace issues we had, even before we moved in, have gotten worse. Of course there is some obscure furnace in our basement that they aren't sure if they can get parts for... so do I bother to call someone in or just forgo the service call and get a new furnace? I really HATE this house. I still miss the old place terribly. I guess going backwards (from a nice newer house to an old yucky house) is not a great thing to do. I will keep that in mind for the next time I move (if ever).

Well I did an outing with 2 of three the other day. They were so good. I had Boy#1 and Baby. I have been trying to get Boy#2 to come out with me alone but there is no way he will leave his Dad. I guess I will keep trying. We even managed to get through Michael's with the two kids, again they were so good! I really enjoy taking them out when they are so good. For some reason having one or two instead of three seems like a vacation.

With that good night...

Forecast for this evening .... snow? What happened to our +34celcius a week ago? :)


Thursday, October 01, 2009

#318 - Busy busy

My life will never change ... if it's not one thing it's another. The store I work at is in a trade show this weekend. I am going to be busy! Wish me luck staying awake and not getting sick this weekend! The worst part is the drive, it's about 45mins away and I will have to drive in rush hour traffic! Yuck! Well it will be something interesting to do as I have never been involved in one before.

Today I needed Boy1 to do something for me. He really didn't want to do it... so what did I do. Why bribe him with the vacuum of course! As soon as I said he could vacuum off he went to do what I asked him. Then he spent an hour vacuuming???? Weird Kid!

With that I must be off to bed!

Good night!