Friday, September 03, 2010


So today was the first full day of Kindergarten... Help me out here ladies?

OK so I am new to this and most of my friends kids are way past kindergarten(K-G). But is it not supposed to be a warm fuzzy place, at least the first effing day?

Tell me what would you do?
They told me to get the kids on the bus the first day. Well that didn't go well. Needless to say we are the last stop so I had to really move to get them to school. Then we had to wait for all the busses to leave so we weren't there early to say the least. There were other kids getting their shoes off still when we arrived so we weren't the last ones there either.

So... It does take me a bit longer to get everything organized with two kids (I think the teacher was irritated). There was no one to even direct or greet the kids as they came in. Or here is a thought tell them what they are supposed to do? (I guess they told them ONCE on Monday for orientation and their job is done??).

The kids had to take their lunch, I have to send two snacks as well so I had them each in a ziplock bag, with the kids name on them. (Insert irritated aid here) Well frick I had no idea what to flipping well do I thought it worked out fine, but the kids had trouble carrying them. Here's the kicker after Boy #1 put down his lunch, I was getting ready to say goodbye. He exclaims MOM I want to give you a hug and Kiss and starts running for me. Teacher is pissed and grabs him. So what I am not allowed to say goodbye to my child because it is disrupting your 'class'... hmm it was your stupid idea to put them on the bus and that is why I am not early!

Needless to say if she didn't let go I would have gone over to him. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to Boy #2 as I scurried out (other parents still present by the way). She said OK I guess you can give your Mom a hug (she has no NICE voice, just condescending). So as I left I hear hear BARK (yup like a dog) to the kids "Now Colour Your PICTURES... and DO YOUR BEST JOB!" It wasn't nice at all, like I said I don't think she has a nice voice. (Who hires these people to teach our kids anyway?) I just about threw-up right there. I thought where the frickin heck am I leaving my kids, at school, or detention camp? (Well at orientation she did say she wants to evaluate the kids because there is funding available for Aids... hmmm sounds like she is fishing to get out of some work). Now there is 21 kids in the class and I realize that each child can not have individual attention, but really, its a big school you would think they would want to at least help the kids get to their classes?

Well it was everything in me not to scoop them up and get them the frig out of there, but what kind of example does that set? I flipping well moved from our old city to get out of the crap school system they have there, guess what I may have moved to a worse area? I didn't want the boys to know how upset I was so it took everything in me but I managed to make it out the door before the tears started flowing. Yes I suppose I want the best for my kids but this seems a little odd for a K-G teacher?

Well do you want to know what happened when we went to pick them up? Well the school paper work said they get off at 3:15. So we were at the school around 3pm. The busses were all there. Guess what I see the teacher taking the kids out to the bus (I guess she has to be in her car by 3:15?) So we saw the boys but they didn't see us. We stood on the other side of the busses where the couldn't see us. I thought maybe they would get on the bus for the teacher since they looked fine when we saw them. Well all of a sudden we hear them SCREAMING. Well hubby was in front and he came around the bus to see the teacher PUSHING Boy#1, trying to get him on the bus. Really now is that how you deal with a terrified child? My husband said very loudly "Hey, what's going on here?" I think the teacher knew he was pissed! The bus driver even said something to the teacher apparently. I didn't get there for that part.

So the bus driver was trying to help us as it was a few minutes before the gr 1 through 12 kids got out. Hubby walked on the bus with the boys just to get them used to it. In the mean time K-G teacher looks at The Girl and says "You have another one?". No we stole her from some other parents picking up their kids you idiot. She also says "They were Screaming as soon as I mentioned bus in the class room". Well WTF do you want me to do about it? They are scared you stupid cow. I tried to talk to you about it but you weren't listening! She told me they are loud... no sh*t? Then she said to me "I was surprised they made it through the day after the way they were in the hallway this morning". Duh Chase was fine and you weren't in the hallway this morning. She said "I thought I was going to have a day with them". Well you didn't did you? I don't think she likes kids that cry!

So anyone recently experienced a first day of K-G are the kids supposed to do everything with no supervision the first morning? I feel like my kids are at a disadvantage because they didn't go to day care?

I don't know what to do... Boy#1 is saying he doesn't like the bus and why did the teacher try to push his brother onto the bus.... Hmm guess she had a go at both of them, we only saw one? Boy#1 also told me a bigger boy was trying to mush him (push him) on the bridge at lunch. Boy#2 held it all day and didn't go potty... that is just heading for a disaster with that teacher I am sure...... Do they really watch TV in K-G? The boys got to today? I am not sure what to think of all this I wish I had a K-G teacher to talk to? Am I just an IF nut gone crazy??? Should I move them to another school. I am beyond myself and this is just day one.......

Very Sad Mom of Twins

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At 10:51 p.m., September 03, 2010, Anonymous Kristin said...

that witch needs a lesson in how to treat kids. I would be going in for a meeting with the principal ASAP and, frankly, I would be driving them to school (if at all possible). Screw their "rules". They can NOT make you have them on the bus.

I Am so sorry you had to go through this.


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