Friday, October 31, 2008

#89 - Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.  I am glad to see the weekend here as it has been a challenging week with the kids.  Although I am not thrilled that I have to work Saturday and Sunday at Job1, I have stuff I have to do I don't have time to work! :)  Not to mention that the Twins club Garage sale is Saturday and I wanted to go, I forgot to take the day off!  I am still getting used to this changing schedule thing, I am programmed to the 5 day work week from 17 years of the full time work.  Some day I will remember to take time off when I need it! :)

I managed to get the rest of my Halloween decorations up (well at least the ones I was planning on putting up anyway!).  I did manage to get some more things setup on my computer, and I had a visitor today. 

- not enough hours in the day
- Halloween costumes that say 4T on them but are more like size 2T  Uggg!
- working both weekend days

- my little trick or treaters
- help from my visitor
- carving pumpkins with the kids

The boys were dressed up as Lions for Halloween.  The costumes were a little short in the length so it was almost impossible to get the Lion heads on them, I did manage to bribe them with a treat to get a picture! :)  (Then Boy1 thought they should get a treat after every picture.  FAT chance kiddo, I take way to many photos!)

Boy1 was not to happy, so I tried to take part of the costume apart to give him a little more room.  If my boys have fertility problems when they grow up it's going to be my fault.  Boy 1 is in the 'testing' phase he was rotten for me today.  I think he is trying to see how much he can get away with.

Boy2 is just plain grumpy, hopefully he will adjust to the new routine soon.  He did like trick or treating though and there was no crying (unlike last year!), so I was happy with that!

Then there is Baby, the Fairy princess, complete with wings.  She just scoots around with her 'whatever' face on.  She was trying to grab her wings though as they would rub her ears every now and again.

We stopped at a few places trick or treating, one was near our old house so we went there, man I miss that place!  I am so disappointed that the kids costumes were a little small though, as they looked so cute with the hat/lion head on!

I did manage to get their pumpkins carved.  The boys liked to play with the pumpkin guts in a bowl.  Yuck I hate that slimy stuff.  They even helped pick out the seeds so that we could cook them.  Boy1 was much better at the seed removal, he is more detail oriented.  Boy2 liked the slime, so he was picking that out!  Worked really well!

I put those led tea lights in the pumpkins after and put them on the floor the kids really liked to look at them.

It's getting late so I better be off to bed!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

#88 - Busy Day

Well it was another busy one at our house.  Up and off to Rhymes and Story times.  Baby was more interested in crawling around than any of the nasty singing 'schtuff'.  Trust me if you have heard me sing you would know why I say Nasty!  :)  Then it was home for the scream fest!  We are talking massive scream fest.  I thought the kiddos would be happier after being out all day, guess not! I fed them lunch.  Had a call that really upset me then it was nap time, do a little setup on the new computer, and doing work for Job #3!  Now I just have to finish my invoice and send it in and we are good to go!  (There is a part of the money for my computer! :) )

After all that it was supper, then the folks came and brought out their motor home to store for the winter.  We have a lot of crap around here now! :)  Just when I thought I could sit for a minute it was time for baths and bed for the kids.  Finally I get to do some setup on my computer, but now I am so tired!  Oh well all in good time!

- rushing in the morning
- not being able to helped my stressed little boy
- my husband loosing patience with the kidlings
- not having any time to get anything done
- how fast the kidlings grow

- when stressed little boy smiles
- looking at old photos of the kidlings
- a new computer that works great and is close to being setup
- being home

Baby was not into the whole Rhymes and Storytimes today, and I did not talk to anyone one except one of the folks leading the circle.  (I suppose I don't have much in common with the five unwed moms that are probably close to half my age! :) )  Baby was trying to stand up as she saw another little boy doing the same, I guess she didn't want to be outdone!

Boy1 was just starring at everyone with his finger up his nose. Lovely! He just leaves it there and stands and stares!  Weird kid! 

Boy2 was in one of his over protective moods today.  He didn't want Baby to scoot around.  I think he was afraid I may leave her there or something?  It was kind of funny that there was a sippy cup from another boy on the floor and when Baby was near it Boy2 would say "No BABY, Mooooom, BAAABBBY".  It was so weird, I am not even sure what he was worried about and she wasn't even touching it.  At one point he went and got Baby's sippy cup and gave it to Baby.  Strange little man.

The kids had a pretty rough day.  They know it's only me and they are testing the limits, I guess they figure they have mom outnumbered!  Greaaaaat!  I hope we can get back into routine soon, I suppose all that spoiling at Grannies is going to make my life a little interesting and very loud right now!

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#87 - I should be in bed

What a crazy day!  Our house guest left (more on that later).  Lets just put it this way I was not happy until he left.

I had to go to a meeting with Job #2 this morning and install some changes for Job#3 this afternoon.  Not to mention feeding/dressing/changing kids.  Getting rid of the house guest and purchasing a new computer!  Tomorrow is not looking any better, Rhymes and Story times in the morning and Job #3 in the afternoon.  I really need to go to bed! :)

That reminds me I need to put my laundry in the dryer!  If the kids are going to wear their cute Halloween outfits tomorrow!

- Having to run around
- Having more things to do than time to do it in, can someone tell me where the last year went please?
- The bill for my new computer!
- My mastercard bill! :)
- The house guest (I feel like a house for wayward souls!)

- My new computer
- My house to our family only FINALLY

Baby was standing on her own yesterday, I thought she may walk today, but not quite yet.  She gets all giddy and excited.  It looks so funny she has her legs so far apart.  I remember the boys doing the same thing when they started walking.

Boy1 has decided to be shy.  We had visitors tonight and he hid in the kitchen most of their visit?  I went and got him and put held him on my knee for a while.

Boy2 is totally freaked when either his father or I leave the room/house.  God forbid either one of us go out for a while.  I wish he didn't have such anxiety, I feel bad for the little fella.

Anyway more stuff to do before bed.  I have some more interesting stuff to post about our vacation and house guest that I hope to get to in the next couple of days!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

#86 - Blasted Phone

Well I put the last post into my phone yesterday and guess what, the phone must have been hungry and ate it!  ARG!

The flight back when well, except for the part where I spilled ice water on the gentleman sitting beside me.  He was asleep, until I spilled the water!  I felt like a total sh*t!  He was ok though.  I think he realized I had my hands full with the munchkin!

Oh well I am back to using a real key board on a real computer!

We got home yesterday, it was a pretty uneventful flight (which is the way I like it!) and the kids were pretty good.  I was pretty tired, but I had a great nap with the kids and an even better night sleep.  Unfortunately I had to work today so that kind of sucks!

We managed to get all 5 suitcases unpacked yesterday, so I am pretty happy about that.

Work sucked the big one today, it was grumpy day today, every miserable scrapbooking person decided to come in or phone today.  I thought all scrapbookers were happy people, who knew! :)

So the kids are put away for the night, I have my computer up and running on the internet, life is good!

This post is all over the place!  I guess it's because I am so tired tonight!  I really need to get to bed!

I am not sure what is going on with my eye, it almost seems like I may have pink eye but I am not sure.  I will probably have to get it checked out.

- an itchy eye
- stupid people (who comes into a scrapbooking store looking for tourist gifts, and they didn't want stickers or paper?  Is it just me or is that a little strange?)
- friends who call to stay over night the day we get back from holidays
- vacations that aren't really vacations
- needing groceries when you get home from vacation
- getting back to normal after a vacation
- my phone when it eats my emails!

- my kids
- my bed... oooooo aaahhhh comfort
- my own tv remote and control over the tv
- high speed internet
- my own bathroom! :)
- unexpected hugs
- Boy2 blowing kisses to my feet as i said they were sore after work
- being back in MY time zone

Poor baby, on our ride to the airport she barfed.  We were in the car for 3 and a half hours and we had no idea, not a peep out of her.  It was all over too!  Poor thing!  She was happy to get out of the car seat, gee I wonder why.  Baby has been busy today, almost standing on her own, walking soon I am sure?  Baby was pretty good on the plane, she was a little angry when she was waiting for me to feed her, and a little fidgety but other than that it was good.

Poor Boy2 had a meltdown about 3 hours into our drive to the airport, poor little fella.  I am so worried about him and his meltdowns.  I think he is going to be the challenging one.  He also had a meltdown on the plane about 4 hours in (it was a 5 hour flight).  It's really hard to treat all of them the same as they all have their own needs, I hate to seem like I am being different to one than another though.

Boy1 was an awesome traveler, not a peep out of him on the plane or in the car.  I wish they could all be that good! :)  Not that he doesn't have his moments at home though.  Poor fella is constipated again... We just got him straightened out too!

I am going to bed, and hoping to get caught up on some blogs tomorrow!

Friday, October 24, 2008

#85 - Bittersweet

Well this is my last sleep at the inlaws before we go. It's one of
those things were you are glad to be going home but sad to be
leaving. You just never know who will be around the next time we make
it out this way.

I always feel guilty for all the things that drive me absolutley
insane when it's time to leave. (well except the flushing thing)

I doubt they will ever come out to see us at our house, which makes it
even harder on us as we know we will only see them when we can afford
to come here. We haven't actually taken a vacation, a non family
visiting vacation that is, in many years as we know the hubbys family
isn't getting any younger. I know that down the road we will be happy
that we came here instead of taking a "real" vacation. The kids are
really not at a great age for sightseeing yet anyway, I just hope
that they will get a chance to get to know their grandparents over the

Things that tick me off
- saying goodbye
- crying when saying goodbye, I hate being emotional!!!
- not taking more pictures

Things that I love
- my kids

Kiddo notes
Went and dipped baby feet in the lake today, I just had to get a pic!
It was windy and cool and she was not happy!

Went to get a family picture today, asked Boy1 to sit beside grampy,
what does he say, "Boy1 no like Grampy". I could have killed him!
Boy2 sat beside Grampy, thank goodness, I was almost afraid to ask!
Poor grampy! (I just hope Grampy doesnt take it personaly)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

#84 - Yummy!

Well it was a pretty low key day, nasty weather! The wind can sure
howl here!

We took a trip to town today, I wanted to download my email. That
didn't go so well! I guess the weather affects everything around here,
my joints, the internet, etc! LOL

I like to get the kids ortanments for Christmas every year and I found
some cute ones today!

We were invited out for dinner, a cousin of the hubbys made fresh
seafood chowder. It was so good! I don't normally eat stuff like
that, but it smelled sooo good I thought I better try some! Am I ever
glad I decided to be brave as it was amazing! Complete with fresh
lobster, fish and shrimp just plucked from the ocean!

There was a pile of folks there and the kids did really well,
considering how many visitors we usually dont have at home. It was a
great evening.

Only 2 more days before we leave the inlaws. As much as I can't wait
to leave it is also hard, I know that one day when we come back that
the whole family may not be here. I always worry that the next time
we come back it will be for someones funeral. It must be hard for the
hubby to leave.

It makes me feel guilty for wanting to go home so badly! (it always
seems that I end up leaving for home at "that emotional time" of the
month too.... Ugggg! Poor planning on my part!) :)

On another note I think I have an iPhone injury, my pointer/typing
finger is twitching when I am not doing anything!

Things that tick me off
- having to say goodbye
- being so far away from home
- my twitching finger
- feeling guilty

Things that I love
- chocolate cake
- seafood chowder, who knew?
- unexpected hugs
- when the boys want Mom instead of dad when dad is actually available!

Kiddo notes

Baby stood on her own again today, briefly. At supper baby stole
Boy2's water bottle and started drinking out of it. Later on she
cozied up to his plate and was stealing bits of bun when he wasn't
looking. She even managed to crawl up and sit at the picnic table
with the boys. Boy1 was concerned about Boy2's supper so he kept
moving it over, and telling Baby, "no".

Granny was baking today so the boys were telling her where her flour
was and they were helping her count. Now if only they would include
the number 4 when they count to 6!

The boys have started to tell everyone to drive safely now. I guess
they have heard it a few times now! :)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

#83 - Just another day at the inlaws!

It was a cold damp one today, poor boys couldn't get out to run
around. The old folks went to town today. I ended up in bed sick
most of the day. I am feeling better for sleeping though.

This morning I got the what for. The MIL put a towel in the dryer,
while I was loading up the washing machine. Well a while later she
comes in and says "did you take my towel out of the dryer". I said "no
I didn't know I was supposed to". She runs to the dryer "Oh my god,
the power, the power". I am just standing there looking stupid I
guess. She said "you weren't watching the dryer". I said "no, I
thought that's what the timer is for". She went on to tell me I
should be watching the dryer and taking the laundry out Right as soon
as it is dry. Hmm I think I have better things to do with my time than
opening the dryer every 10 minutes!

Things that tuck me off
- doing laundry at the inlaws
- MIL telling my kids to shush during murder she wrote. That just
posses me off to no end!!! We are leaving in a few days you would
think that she would rather spend time with the kids?

Things that I miss from home
- heat, I am freezing here
- my own potty! Yes I am still on that one
- my bed
- Internet!!!
- my own space
- my own food
- being in the 21st century

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Monday, October 20, 2008

#82 - Unbelievable!

So the SIL actually showed up today. Took her 4 kids out of school to
cone visit. The SIL's hubby made gifts fir the boys. Well this guy
is a piece of work. He made the boys 4 foot wooden swords, complete
with sharpened tips. They were whispering back and forth, waiting for
the hubby and I to react. Of course I refuse to give them that kid of
satisfaction. We waited till they left and put the swords away, poor
boys still wanted to play with them, we are just glad no one got hurt.

Glad that's over with!

Things that tick me off
- hmm the SIL
- head colds

Things that I love
- hugs from the boys when I am sick

Kiddo notes
Baby said Dot today.

The boys were very good with all the visitors today.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

#81 - Stupid phone!

My phone must have eaten my last post, guess it was hungry?

I have been trying to get connected for a few days, what a pain in the

Freaking 1800's land!

Well we did have a trip to civilization this weekend, escape from the
1800's as I like to say! We had a great visit with some friends the
kids were awesome and they even slept in the car for a while.

It's amazing how a trip to reality really can make a persons day!

The sil was going to come today, no such luck! I am not sure that I
was disappointed! But come on you can't make an hour trip to see your
brother, it has been 2 years!

Today was a busy one, some of the family came down to cut some
firewood. The boys loved to see the trees fall and they thought the
wood splitter was pretty cool. The inlaws have a whole lot of land
and a wood furnace so they need a little wood for the winter. I think
they have enough for 2 winters after a couple hours in the bush! It
is quite amazing to watch folks who are skilled with a power saw!

Then the guys all came in for lunch, the boys had to eat with them.
Poor granny was worried about everyone eating, then she made food for
the SIL and gang who of course didn't show.

I am no longer sure if I am sick, or if I am alergic to something
here? I seem to be fine when I am out of the house, when I am in all
I do is sneeze!

Things that tick me off
- sneezing my head off
- getting up in the morning

Things that I love
- watching the boys discover something new
- all the words baby is discovering

Kiddo notes

I have been replaced, baby likes hubbys aunt better than mom! Baby
wouldn't come to me, that was a first! Oh my sweet, little grump, is
getting so big. It's hard to think of her as a baby anymore. :(

Boy1 is quite the character these days, trying to keep everyone in
line. He is busy telling everyone what to do, and how.

Boy2 is really suffering I think the time change is hard on him, like
mom! He does love to be outside though, poor little guy!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

#80 - 1 week 2 days to go

I am really feeling tired today. I think this head cold is trying to
get a good hold on me.

We actually got out for 2 hours sans kids today. Thank gooness for
kids that still nap! We left them with the inlaws.

Not to much exciting today except our run to town, oh ya and I had a
bath. No showers here. There's a story for a day when I have a
keyboard type with!

Speaking of keyboards, I think I have an iPhone injury! LOL my
finger keeps twitching, I think it's from speding too much time on my
phone sending email and blogging!

Things that tick me off
- runny noses
- the SIL, she was supposed to come and visit this weekend but I
guess she is way to busy. It's too bad we are only here for 3 weeks,
maybe if we were here for to months she may have time to see us. She
has only seen the boys once and she has never met her niece (although
she never has anything nice to say about the pics of Baby anyway)
-the MIL, she thinks we should find an hour that works for the SIL
and go see her. Drive an hour each way to see her, I don't think so!
Not to mention one time when we were supposed to see her she never
even showed up.
- crappy reruns!

Things I love
- fuzzy outfits on baby
- hugging my kids
- shopping sans kids!!! LOL

Kiddo notes

Boy1 is trying really hard to colour in the lines. (I thought that
colouring in the other room was a better choice than watching Cops on
TV. What the heck makes the inlaws think that's ok for 3 year old to
watch is totally beyond me?)

Boy2 was extreemly crabby today, I wonder what's up with him? I know
I am all messed up from the time change, still! Maybe that's his

Baby was her typical high maintenance today!! Granny of course gives
her what she wants, I so can wait till we get home, boy am I going to
have my hands full! She started saying mickey today.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

#79 - 10 more days

Crap! I am getting sick! What a wonderful holiday!

I spent most of my day sleeping, well when the kids were plus a little
extra, thanks hubby!

Things that I hate
- head colds
- hard beds, I like mine soft thankyou
- planning around the hubbys sister, when you never know if she is
going to actually show up when she says she will
- being cold

Things I love
- my camera, thanks grandma (when she passed she left me enough money
to buy a digital slr)
- wide eyes when the kids discover something new
- surprise hugs
- baby saying hi when she sees you

Kiddo notes
The kids got to sit in their first back hoe today! They thought it
was pretty cool, I missed it as I was lying down :( I wish hubby had
come and got me up.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

#78 - Is it Friday yet?

It was a good day today, we went to town today. The kids aren't
liking shopping much, they hate walmart! That's about the only place
to go here. It's the smallest walmart I have ever seen!

I did manage, (are you sitting down?) to find a cable for my iPod!
Thank goodness for wallyworld! The kids were none to impressed
though! Waiting for mom to find the one and only cable they had, great
selection!! LOL

After we went and grabbed some lunch at Timmys, we fed the kids in the
van at the only place that I could borrow an Internet connection to
download my email. It wasn't very long but at least I got a little fix!

At nap time I managed to get on the Internet from my phone, I found a
spot in the yard that gets a good enough signal! I finally got to
catch up on some blogs yet, a little commenting but not to much! At
least I got to read!

Holly crap the MIL just came and got the cup the hubby was drinking
out of, it's the cup she takes upstairs at night. Friggin heck ya
have a whole cupboard of them!

THINGS that tick me off
- vacationing without the vacation
- the usual potty thing (I really need to get over it)
- the inlaws and hubby expecting the kids to be quiet when the inlaws
are watching murder she wrote, they are 3 for f's sakes people!
- fricken mole has started digging up our mound, our friend watching
the house let us know

Things that I love
- wine gums
- nice people that actually are bothered to come see us
- cute smiles
- imaginations of little people

Kiddo notes

Boy2 likes to look at the water and is fascinated by boats. He would
love to go out for a ride, it's to bad there isn't anything open here
to take them out.

Boy1 is quite the character these days he likes to annouce
everything! And it all starts with his name!

Baby oh yes baby! She came into the kitchen walking with grannies
help and was just giggling and saying hi then she said bye too, first
time I have heard that. She was just a giggling! I feel like Baby has
grown 6 months in the last week . Holly crap!

And yes I am getting your comments as they are bounced to email!
Thanks for asking!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

#77 - Monday monday

Just another day at the inlaws. It was a cooler day today, the inlaws
went to a funeral today. I managed to work for a while today, I
almost forgot to put the chicken in the oven for supper! Wouldn't I
have been popular! I get pretty wrapped up when I am working.

THINGS that tick me off
- no dishwasher! WTF, dishes and pots and pans for seven. I hate
doing effing dishes. I am on vacation right?
- ok so the no flushiing by the inlaws is still grossing me out.
Sorry I think I have beat this one to death! Today took the cake, I
almost barfed, add some effing lung butter to the unflushed potty.
Uggggg. Sorry I just had to get that out, the memory made me throw up
a little! If you are so concerned about water usage try buying a low
flush toilet, probably a little more sanitary!
- working harder on my vacation than at home

Things that I love
- when baby says please
- silly things the boys do
- watching the boys play outside and making their own fun

KIDDO notes

Baby starting climbing up the stairs today. She was eating an apple
and didnt realize that she was standing without holding on to
anything. She stood for about 5 seconds. Not my little baby anymore :

Boy2 was right moody today, I am not entirely sure what is up with
him. Tired maybe? Time change? I don't know, he's got all his teeth
so it can't be that. Maybe it's the no flushing thing... LOL

Boy1, well I don't think this kid needs any sleep. He is like his
father, and when they were babies we thought they would be the
opposite. I felt kind of bad for boy1 tonight, he was asking for
water, saying please and everything. Well murder she wrote was on and
he was told to be quiet. Poor little guy. I was working but I got up
to get him some water. (I can't believe they are supposed to be quiet
when that stupid show is on, they are 3 for frigs sakes!)

Well when I went to get water I went out to the porch to grab the
bottle, boy1 is looking at me like I am crazy. He says "no mom water
fridge, silly mom". I guess I was supposed to give him water from the
container in the fridge. (The water here is all from a small brook
that runs by the house, it's not fit to drink.)

The boys have been eating a lot of apples lately all morning that's
all they do, and still we are dealing with constipation. Go figure?

2 more weeks but who's counting?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

#76 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving! Eat some turkey for me, we
had hamburgers?? I guess we are having chicken tomorrow. I am going
to miss my turkey this year :(

Things that tick me off
- no turkey at thanks giving
- no spell check on my iPhone
- people who never flush, then finally decide to when I am washing my
- drying dishes, to me this is just a waste of time? They will dry if
you leave them in the sink
- doing dishes for 7 while on vacation
- my SIL! We come all the way across the country and she can't be
bothered to drive an hour to come see her brother and new niece. She
was invited for thanksgiving and changed her mind about coming. Nuff

Things to be thankful for
- my children
- their smiles and hugs
- the fact that they are all healthy

Kiddo notes

Baby is just so cute she is ratteling of please all the time now, in
the cutesy voice. I just love the way she cuddles with a pillow. She
loves to play with with "race cars". Not much of a girly girl, so
far, mom will have to work on that one!

We spent the morning outside, I am really impressed with the boys.
There isn't much for them to do but they have been pretty good
anyway! I am going nuts here so I am surprised at how well they are
doing. We went down to the beach with the boys when baby was napping
(granny was home with baby). They had a great time throwing rocks
into the water. I found some really nice ones that I want to make
necklaces out of. The boys found some snail shells and some crab
shells, they thought that was pretty cool, boy2 did not want to leave.

Boy1 is fascinated by hills right now, he likes to run to the top and
laugh. For having no outdoor toys I am really happy with the way they
have been amusing themselves!

Baby is just happy to have an apple when we are outside!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

#75 - Oh crabby me!

I am at my wits end today..

Me: baby is high maintenance
MIL: (talking about baby) just wait till she's 14. Then she will want
a dress and shoes and YOU will get it for her.
Me: I don't think so
MIL: I bet you did that!
Me: no
MIL: oh I know only children you did
Me: (biting on tounge) actually my mom said I threw a fit over
something once so she left me there. I never did it again.
Me: (changed subject before I got really nasty).

I am sick of being dubbed an only child, ya I got extra stuff at
christmas but I never wanted or asked for any of it. I have worked
hard all my life and bought everything including my first car myself.
I have worked my summers since I was 12 years old, I babysat full
time. I have never been handed stuff just because I was an only
child! Arg, to this day my parents refuse to help me out.

Oh ya and the MIL told the hubby to go do what HE wants to today, so
off he went. I guess he has to do to much with the kids.

Things that tick me off
- assumptions about who I am
- feeling uncomfortable living the way I live
- my husband being totally unsupportive

Things that I love
- hugs from the kids
- naps with my boys

Kiddo notes
Man am I stupid, baby grumpy and clingy equals new teeth. She is
cutting 2 molars. Poor sweet girl. She was a little better today.
She is still obsessed with the moon, and can say Moon fairly clearly.
She is now using please to ask for things. She is so much more
advanced with her speach than the boys were at that age. She has a
new obsession today, apple, and I think she says it more clearly than
the boys! Baby is into spinning today as well, she lies on her back on
the floor and spins around.

Boy1 is finally starting to clear out, I think his constipation is
finally starting to clear up.

Boy2 is feeling better hopefully his cold is on the way out.

The boys got to see dad cut down a tree today, their first. Dad was
cutting firewood for granny & grampy today. He loves to cut down
trees. So we stood way back, just in case, I am a little paranoid.
Anyway the boys were all wide eyed watching. (I am sure granny wasn't
impressed as dad needed his time, but too bad!)

1 week down 2 to go. This is not my idea of a vacation.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

#74 - It's almost been a week, I am ready to go home.

Yesterday was my birthday, so we went to town, not that there is much
there! LOL! I tried to find a place that sells steamed milk good
luck! Then I tried to find another wireless site, if you ask for a
wifii hot spot they look at you as if you have horns. Last I checked
it's 2008 in the entire country? I could not live here that's for
sure, I am into technology and conviences! Thank you very much.

So today it was off to town, the kids were all foul, we can't seem to
get them aclimatized here. They are driving me crazy, the inlaws are
driving me crazy(not that they aren't trying but it's hard to live in
someone elses house). If I see another episode of murder she wrote I
think I am going to hurl! We have to watch their shows even if they
aren't in the room. WTF. Hubby is getting crabby with the kids, all
things considered the boys are being pretty good at night anyway.

THINGS that annoy me
- not being able to get an cord to plug my iPod into the van
- sitting around at night with nothing to do watching crappy shows
- people who mute the commercials, quiet, noise, quiet, noise, etc....
Drives me nuts
- trying to adjust my family to someone elses schedule, ugh
- being so far away from home
- listening to stories about the town folk
- everyone here telling me my baby is a big girl? WTF she's only 20
lbs and 16 months old. I guess since I am fat...arg frigin genetics!
- still grossed put by the no flush/no handwashing thing, grosssss
- being told to wipe baby nose, I will when I see it! ( I think baby
is getting sick now)

THINGS that I love
- peace and quiet
- my own TV
- dreaming of home

KIDDO notes
Baby is still ultra clingy, it's about enough to drive a mother
crazy. She wants to look put the window, she will point and scream
until she gets her way. She wants to be held, she wants down all at
the same time. She is really talking though. She is trying to copy
just about everything.

The boys are still both full of the cold and boy1 is still very
constipated, great!

I am just finding it very hard to be here! :(

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

#73 - Finally found a wireless connection to 'borrow'

So I finally hacked into a Wireless connection!  To bad it's a 1/2 hour away.  Anyway here is the first part of my trip!


Day 1

After supper we decided to keep the kids up and we headed off to the airport at 8:00pm.  Let the Adventure begin!  We arrived at the airport at about 8:30pm and thought sheesh we are a little early (ha ha ha!).  We parked at the airport parking and started to unload bags and crew.  I didn't do bad, only 5 suitcases (2 bags of diapers so it took up a bit of space, didn't really feel like having to stop and get diapers on our way to the inlaws).  Well we got on the shuttle bus and the screaming started.  The shuttle bus lady wanted to hold baby.  That didn't go well. Shuttle bus lady called it, she said "Stay at home mom?  Good for your!".  So we got our little screamers on the bus.  Hubby was loading the luggage, everytime he got off the bus to get another suitcase the screaming got louder!  Then we almost forgot baby's car seat, luckily there was a baby on the bus and I saw the car seat.  Phew!

So off to the airport, dad in tow, screaming stopped.  YEY! Off the bus, shuttle lady wanted to help push stroller, screaming started again.  Mom is thinking OH my this is not going to be a good evening.  Next stop the checkin counter.  We are all sitting in a row - phew! The nice lady checking us in made them airplanes out of the heavy tags (I always end up with those on my luggage! :) ).  I must say Westjet is awesome to fly with.  Then it was off to send the car seat on to the plane.  I had the double and the single stroller, that was interesting.  The boys are a little heavy for one handed steering.  My triple stroller doesn't fold up :( so I couldn't take it with me.  Then it was off to security, I thought that wouldn't go well but it went fairly well.  As per usual they had to go through my baggage, baby food and chocolate I guess?   What a pain, the lady was nice, and one of the security guys was ammusing the boys, and yey they weren't screaming!  Then it was the long walk down to our gate.  The kids were a little off, one of the security guys offered to push one of the strollers, but the kids freak so we were on our own.  Very nice of him though. 

By the time we got to the gate we only had to wait about 20 minutes to board.  Our flight left at 10:55pm.  We got loaded onto the plane and the kids were pretty good, Baby wasn't to great to fly with though! Baby is quite the wiggler, which is not fun when you are stuck in a plane.  Of course the minute we got into the air the guy in front of me reclined his seat.  I never recline my seat when I have a baby behind me as I know how tight it is. (He should have known better as he was flying with two young kids).  Well baby was making his flight comfy I am sure as she was kicking and pushing at the seat.  I would have stopped her if he hadn't of reclined his seat (I am bad!).  Baby got really cranky, she wouldn't go to dad so I got to keep her for the 4 1/2 hours.  Yey! LOL.  I did finally get her to sleep for a couple of hours, but I was so uncomfy all my moving kind of irritated her I think.  She is even grumpy in her sleep, if she couldn't roll onto her side she was pretty grumpy! Wake up, squack, go back to sleep.  The boys weren't into sleeping at all!  UGG!  Finally they managed about an hour.  I was glad to be at our destination as I wanted to get going to the inlaws and hopefully get some rest fairly soon.  We landed at about 3:30am our time, 6:30am local time.

When we landed and let most of the plane go we decided to head out ourselves. The boys almost got to the front of the plane when someone said Hi to them.  Well they freaked out.  Back to mom and dad, Boy2 sat down.  Dad was MAD.  So I had baby, and bag and Boy1, Dad had a bag, the boys bags and Boy2.  The nice flight attendent took my bag and we headed off.  I was bugging the guy that said Hi, he felt bad.  I was just laughing, what else can you do.  Then we loaded the kids up in to the strollers and off we went to get the luggage.  Hubby picked up the luggage and off we went to the rental car place (We got paged for another piece, only to realize hubby had picked a wrong bag... ooops).  The rental car place was supposed to be open, but it wasn't.  We were the first ones there, but the last ones to get helped.  UGG.  We had the kids and the luggage so we were kind of standing off to the side, so everyone budded in front of us.  The poor kids were at the end of their rope.  We just wanted to get to the car and get going as we still had a 3 and 1/2 hour drive ahead of us.  I was a little ticked off, I told the lady our story so she gave us the car seat rentals for free and an extra driver free too.  So needless so say I was a little happier about the wait after that.  The rental car lady couldn't believe everyone budded in front of us.  She felt bad that they were late opening, I guess someone didn't show up.  So off we went to get our car.  Hubby had the cart with 5 bags, a car seat, and two back packs.  I had two strollers and the kids backpacks.  Of we went, well there was construction at the airport, so we had quite a walk.  It was cool, damp and windy, brr.  It was interesting trying to get those strollers moving and keep them in a straight line!  I am not that coordinated I guess! :)  We finally made it to the booth.  Then guess what we had to wait again as they had no car seats at the site for us.  It took about a half an hour, 2 screaming kids and one grumpy husband before we got the seats.  Then we loaded the car, unloaded the car (van actually) and loaded it again.  The folks there were really nice and helped us get all our crap in the van.  I just wanted to get the heck on the road!  I was telling the hubby 'just shove it in, I want to go'.  So finally we got the seats installed, the crap in the kids loaded and off we went!

We stopped at Timmy's (Tim Hortons) and got the kids some bagels for the drive.  The kids had a little nap in the car, but not that long.  Boy1 was starting to cry a bit, we thought it was a constipation issue.  Boy2 said "Boy1 has sore tummy".  We were about an hour from our final destination and Boy1 really started to cry, hubby wondered if we should stop, I said "keep going, he's fine".  No sooner did I say fine and he started to get sick (or "barf" as Boy2 said).  Poor little fella.  So from there to the destination we stopped when ever he cried.  It took until the 4th stop until I figured out to put a bag under his chin.  So he covered his coat, his blanket and his teddy before we got it straightened out.  He finally 'cleaned-out' and he was fine after that.  Thank goodness!

So we arrived.  They didn't cry when we saw the inlaws, Yey!

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  Just trying to get organized and get the kids aclimitized. We had a nap with the kids in the afternoon and were happy to go to bed.

It was hard eating Lunch at what is usually our breakfast and having supper at lunch.  My stomach just doesn't adjust that quickly.

- Rude people
- Red Eye flights and kids
- Waiting 2 1/2 hours to get out of the airport
- Annoying people on the plane (some dude kept getting up, just as a boy was ready to go to sleep, he would get up again.  He was eating gummy fish or something out of a bag.  Take the freaking bag with you dude instead of getting up every 10 mins to get another one!)
- The smell of dog poop on the plane (the people in the row behind me had a dog, it must of crapped, gross)
- not being at home with the comforts of home
- screaming kids (mine :) )

- being at our destination!
- getting all our crap in the van.

To my surprise we actually all got sleep the first night, I suppose the lack of sleep on our travelling day/night was helpful in that department. I feel like an awful mother Baby was sick last night and I didn't get up, I didn't smell it so I didn't think that she had gotten sick.  I am still suffering from the time change and I think it is still affecting Boy2 and Baby.  I am hoping that they adjust soon.  Boy2 is awful whiney and Baby is stuck to mom like she has been glued to me!  We took the kids out today, it was windy and cool.  They enjoyed the walk, but I think they miss all their outdoor toys from home.  I hope they don't get to grumpy while we are here.  We had a visit from one of the hubby's cousins today and got treated to some fiddle music by his daughter.  I love the music here and hope to see her play again.  I am not sure what we are up to tomorrow, hoping to get out for a while, maybe go to town or something?

- being tired
- being in a new time zone
- folks that don't flush, gaaa

- the look in my kids eyes when they discover something new

More barf, Boy2.  So they have all had it now so I guess they are done, I hope they are done!  Boy2 is the projectile barfer, so glad he got Dad and not mom! :)

Today was pretty low key, I think we are all tired.  I am not great with the time change thing so I am sure I will feel like crap until we go home, then another three weeks after I get home.  It drives me crazy that I don't adjust well, the FIL says it's all in my head.  Yup it is, the tiredness is in my head for sure.

Baby is so clingy it is driving me crazy.  She wants to be held all the time, and then she wants down for one second then up again, down, up, down, up, you get the picture.

I was hoping to get out for a while and go to town, but with the barfy kid we thought it would be better to stay at home.  He was fine after the episode though and ate the rest of his breakfast shortly after?  I guess it was just another clean-out thing?

I found out that I don't get charged extra for using the internet on my cell phone, but I haven't been able to get onto blogger.  I hope to get that working soon.

- Projectile Barf
- Getting up 3 hours earlier than normal
- Trying to function away from home
- NO Blogging :(
- 7 people, one bathroom, no shower, tub only
- My inlaws choice of television (did you know that muder she wrote is still on?  Uggg)  I am missing Prison Break and Heroes, yikes

- The feeling of being clean after a bath
- A good nap
- When the kids are good

The boys asked for an apple today, so baby said Apple.  Then Boy2 said Cracker Please so baby said Please.  She says Race Car, Cheese, Apple, Please and Daddy.  What about Mom?

Baby got to check out the moon tonight, she spent the rest of the evening squacking because she wanted the door open so she could look at the moon.  No matter how we tried to distract her, she wanted to see the moon. 

Boy1 had a round sticker that he tore in half so it looked like the moon.  Who knew he was so observant?  The boys were pretty good today.  I was so happy with them, it must be hard for them to be out of their environment.  I really wish they would go to bed good now too!  (Fat chance of that I suppose!)

Here's to surviving another day away from home!


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

#72 - Another vacation day... I think?

Today it was up and going, 5:30 am my time. Yuck. Baby was sleeping
head down, butt in the air. To cute, but can you imagine sleeping like
that as an adult? The boys went out for a walk with dad, when Baby
had her nap I went out with them. After lunch we took the kids out in
the woods where dad had cut some firewood. The boys liked helping
carry wood.

At nap time I spent a couple hours working on job#3, FIL thought I was
playing on the computer. As if without Internet!

Now it's an exciting evening watching; reach for the top (makes me
feel dumb), then jepordy (makes me feel even dumber), then murder she
wrote (I thought that went off the air 10 years ago)*insert banging of
the head here*

Close call, the MIL invited the SIL to stay the weekend with her 4
kids. There is already 7 of us here. Not to mention the SIL comes
from a different planet. The one that is against progress, hello
systems analyst here. Let's just say the less we visit the happier I
am! Maybe I am just anti-social?

THINGS that tick me off
-5:30am mornings
-being cold every night
-crappy tv shows

THINGS that I love
-figuring out a program that isnt working
-dreaming about home
-grannies strawberry shortcake

KIDDO notes
Isabel likes to sit and spin, and usually that's what I tell the
hubby to do when he ticks me off. :). She has been busy learning new
words. Please & apple are her latest.

The boys were really good today. Boy1 is very constipated, we are
hoping it clears up soon. Boy2 still seems to be getting sick as well,
I think it isn't helping that it's either freezing or boiling in the

Still trying to find an internet connection!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

#71 - No Internet sucks!

Well I have some posts ready to go on my computer, but there isn't
anywhere around this place to get a connection. I asked the hubbys
relatives if there was any wifii around. The looked at me as if I had
horns. I am going insane without my Internet connection. That's
about all there is to do around here after the kids go to bed. (or
listen to stories about people I don't even know! Yawn! LOL)

THINGS that tick me off
No internet
The inlaws don't flush between pees
No Internet :)
No wifii hotspots around
Being miles away from anything
Being in a different time zone

Things that I love
Getting out
My iPhone, to bad my browser doesn't work here

Kiddo notes
The kids have been pretty good today, baby is driving me nuts though.
She is stuck to me like glue.

Hope this posts

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

#70 - Feeling anxious

Usually I look forward to a holiday, but not this time.  I just feel like crap, I don't want to go, I don't want to pack, I just want to stay home.  Apparently home is my comfort zone and the thought of being away from it and living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks is just a little more than my little brain can handle these days.  I guess once we are there and settled I will be fine, until it's time to go home.  I hate saying good bye too.

I doubt I will sleep tonight and the red-eye tomorrow will probably keep me up too.

- stress
- not sleeping because of stress
- not having any help getting ready
- stressing over what needs to be done
- not having enough time to make sure I have a clean house before I go
- being sad
- not having enough time to scrapbook

- when my kids want me
- big hugs
- the internet
- a good nap

Baby wanted mom today, it's really hard to get anything done when she gets this way.  I think she is cutting another tooth, she has really been chewing.

Boy2 was all about mom today too.  He was whiny too. I am not sure what is up with him, I guess he is not so great with my ever changing schedule.  I hope the lack of sleep isn't too much for him tomorrow. 

Boy1 was typical Boy1 today.  He doesn't need/want to sleep and he wants to play outside.  He did manage to pedal his tricycle fairly well today.

Wish me luck with the flight, not sure when I will be able to post again... no internet at the inlaws... no wonder I don't want to go away.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

#69 - Two more days to pack

Holly crap I was tired today!  I have decided not to whine about it though because it's not like I can fix it until I get some sleep! :)

It was a busy day, out in the morning, picking up some stuff for our trip, lunch then home. I managed to have a small nap before starting my laundry. 

It was Rhymes and Storytimes day today.  I managed to go sans twins.  It was nice to get out with Baby although I am not really feeling like I fit in.   I suppose I am just not of the whole 'mommy' mentality, maybe it was the crash course in parenting with twins, maybe it was the years of infertility, maybe I just don't relate as well to other women... maybe it's just me.  I just want to be normal, do things the normal way, I am sick of being different, I am sick of letting Infertility be a part of my life.  I am sick of being sad that I lost the innocence of pg and parenting due to infertility.

- not being just boring old normal
- always being late... i never seem to get going on time these days
- having to much work to do
- stinky diapers
- hang nails
- sad stuff on the news
- kiddos that need a nap
- my singing

- The smell of fresh laundry
- afternoon naps

Just another day at the zoo!  The kids were not so much fun this morning, they usually are horrible after spending a day with grandma, as she lets them do whatever they want.  Yey. Baby was grumpy today as she missed her morning nap due to Rhymes and Storytimes.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better and hopefully I will get some packing done.