Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#227 - Half Way

I love teaching these 2 day classes because after the first day I am already half way done! :) This one seems to be going fairly well after my revamp but I still have a lot of material to get through tomorrow, I am hoping the morning runs quickly! Time will tell!

It's a good thing that my day went better than the way it started. We had a major wind storm kick up last night (I have noticed that wind on an acreage seems to be a lot stronger than in town!). Well hubby tends to stack stuff in the breeze way between the house and the garage. Unfortunately he likes to stack it on the house side. So at 2am the 'stuff' started to bang on the side of the house. Well that was it for my sleep last night. It was driving me so crazy that I almost went out and did something about it! I mentioned to hubby that we have a new 'rule'. No more stacking crap (which drives me crazy anyway) on the house side of the breeze way. He seems to think it is a dumping ground! I have a different view of what should go in that area though! :) When I mentioned the new rule I got a nasty look. Well sheesh it was ME who didn't get the sleep dear I should be the one that is annoyed. (I have mentioned this after wind before but he didn't listen the last time so I figured I would be more direct this time!)

Holy I must be tired, I can't believe I just went on for a whole paragraph about the wind! Scary part is this is only my first of 4 days that I have to go out to work. I think I am actually in the middle of a work marathon. It started with the whole contract I think by Sunday it will be my 10th or 11th day in a row of working. What the heck? I thought I quit my full time job? :) Well at least that explains why I am tired.

Well it is getting cooler around here today so I thought maybe hubby would get back at the storage room... nope! We have a snowfall warning for tonight so maybe tomorrow. YA RIGHT! Then he will have to put the blade back on the quad so he can plow the drive way I suppose! Well it's just his parents that want to visit so I guess if he wants to take his sweet time go for it!

- rush hour traffic (and traffic lights in the middle of a freeway... great city planning!)

- coming home to hugs after a long day at work!

Well 'the mother' was here looking after the kids today. She was up to her usual grumpiness in the morning. LOVELY! She won't drive when it's dark, or now when it's slightly dark. So she made my dad drive her here today. She left her car here last night so that she could drive home.

Well hubby was home at 11:30 and apparently she just about knocked him over getting out of her to go home. I guess she doesn't like spending more than about 3 hours with the kids. Then I arrived home from work and guess who was here. She wanted to leave the car here again today. So why the heck didn't she just stay and hang out with the kids so hubby could get some work done? I guess she had better things to do?

The kids were some kind of foul tonight before, during and after supper. Hubby wasn't to cheery himself so I suppose it was rubbing off on the kids. Baby screamed and screamed and screamed this evening. I was glad that I was away for the day as it refreshed me enough to deal with it without getting frustrated! Yey for away time! I think hubby needs a bunch of that too!

Hubby and I are about to come to blows on the whole potty training issue though. No it's not going well but yelling at them isn't going to help. I keep telling him that he needs to stop doing it. His response is "Well what you are doing sure as H*ll isn't working". Yes I suck at potty training but it's not going to happen over night so don't blame me... your method sure isn't working either 'sweetie' *insert sarcasm*. I think I will save the potty discussion until he is a little less miserable. (In addition to everything else I think he is mad that I have been working so much in the evenings... well that's when I get to do it and I am already staying up half the night so suck it up butter cup!) Yup I sense another blow up coming on, he doesn't like it when I call him on 'stuff'. I think I will wait until I am a little less tired that's for sure!

Well I need sleep so off to bed I go...
good night

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At 4:21 a.m., April 23, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Hope you get a chance for some rest soon.

At 8:53 a.m., April 23, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Sorry for the wind and the uncooperative Dh and Mom. I wish I had a magic wand for potty training, it sounds like the boys are making progress.


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