Monday, April 06, 2009

#213 - Stress is...

... the desire to choke the sh*t out of some idiot who desperately deserves it! (nope not the hubby today)

So I am starting my quest to find a part-time in home sitter for my kiddos (good luck with that one!) I am so done with the SH*T that my mother seems to have following around her. She calls me today to tell me that she may not be able to look after the kids on Thursday (hmm... sounds EXACTLY like last week!) There is always an excuse with her, she has to have drama with everything. WTF does she think my Hubby can walk out of work whenever SHE feels like it! Like last week, some close relative died and the funeral might be on thursday. If they are so effing close why the eff have I never heard of this person in my entire life? She lies so much she forgets that I used to live in that god forsaken house and I would know if this relative was ever mentioned OR not!

Well they were supposed to come see the kids this weekend, but they decided to go to a "good" friends funeral. Which is fine other than the part that I have never heard of this person, ever. So don't effin lie to me about how well you know this person. Then they went and got groceries to help someone out who NEEDS help. (Oh ya what about when my hubby went to see his father after his father's heart attack. Home alone for 2 weeks with 4 month old twins, they lived 5 mins away, where the eff were you then). What about your effin family you miserable mean b*tch. (No I am not Angry at all! LOL) Then she asked what WE got done this weekend. Well let me see I worked on Saturday, so that means hubby got nothing done, and well I was home sunday but we didn't get much done then either (I didn't mention Hubbys mood to her!). I said we just need some help a few days to get a few things around here done. (Like the program that I am trying to write, 2 hrs at a time. If I had two bloody days I could finish the effing thing!) Sure glad she is retired and LOVES to help OUT! Well everyone but me that is. Not like she is any help when she comes over anyway! It's like she has done to me all my life... THROW things in my FACE. Then if I was to say anything she would just yell at me anyway! Then she told me we shouldn't be doing any reno's anyway as we are supposed to spend time with the kids. WTF do you think we are doing, we only work when they are sleeping so that's why we don't get anything effing done!

I am so done with her sh*t. I have decided that I am going to find other child care then I never have to ask for anything and I will also reduce the stress in my life! Strange that someone who spent 11 years saying "I am NEVER going to have any grandchildren" can't even be bothered to take some time out of her weekend to see her own grandkids!

OK that feels better! Now if only gravity would stop holding that woman on the planet! She thinks she hates me now, just wait until I don't actually need her help. Then I won't have to be nice even after she doles out all her sh*t. Now I am being nice as I need the work.

p.s. at least hubby was out of his mood today! phew!

- ya I think you figured that one out today... if not see above! LOL

- knowing that I am not going to take this crap anymore. I am going to do something about it

It was pretty quite around here today. Boy1 was sick all day. He is such a good kid when he is sick, he even makes sure to have a bucket to get sick in. My little sweetie pie. He must have been feeling much better at supper as he was really eating a lot (yikes) and he was barking orders to his siblings.

I was sad today, then Baby spent most of her day at the back door crying Daddy. Then she fell off the couch and banged her head (more of a scare than anything, not even a bump, phew). So I pick her up to cuddle her, what does she do? Yell Daaaadddy. OK so now mom really feels like crap!

We had a breakthrough today. I caught Boy2 making the POOPY face! So I did the Grab and Run to the 'big boy potty'. Well of course the poopy face was gone. So we sat, and sat, and sat, the phone rang and I had to take it, so dad sat and sat. Well then, from the other room I heard a splash. We had lift off. I figured if we could get him to sit there long enough it would eventually have to come out! Theory worked tonight! He is the one who usually does all the liquids in the potty, so maybe solids now too? Wooohooo Do the Potty Dance! (We put this on and Hubby and I joined in. Baby looked at us like we had totally lost it. I think the boys were trying to ignore us! LOL

I must be off to bed. Trying to have somewhat better hours since I am teaching this week.... Good night

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At 8:03 a.m., April 07, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Standing up for yourself can be hard but it is so good for your mental health. {{{Hugs}}}

And congrats on the potty training advancement.

At 1:27 p.m., April 07, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

Our relationships with our moms is too similar.

I have realized, that I can never make that woman happy.


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