Monday, January 14, 2008

It's been way to long...

Well it has been a busy few months but I am back. My last post was at Halloween. The next day we started our Move/Renovation project, so we have been busy!

So here is a quick re-cap
-renovations started and completed
-working on packing up the old place
-move number 1 to the new place
-more packing
-move number 2 to the new place and finally staying at the new house
-Christmas Eve was amazing. Made shortbread with the boys and we had a nice walk
around the yard after supper. It was one of those moments you never want to forget and
are so thankful that you actually got to enjoy.
- The kids enjoyed Christmas but were both sick on boxing day. Our very first real Christmas
tree fell over during the night and I never did get any photos of it decorated! :(
- New Years was quiet
- We continued to do renovations in the house and continued to unpack
- Pretty low key
- Boys have embraced the Terrible part of being 2 years old so I am keeping very busy
- The girl is on to solids now and has stopped sleeping through the night so I am a bit
tired these days

As for me the move was easier emotionally than I thought it would be, maybe it's due to the medication I am on for Post Partum depression? Since I have been on the medication I have felt better than I have in a long time (Except when I was pg). It's nice not to have to deal with the anxiety attacks and it has given me some time to put some things into perspective. I imagine this is just the start of my journey to put all the baggage behind me, but at least I have had a break from the depression.

I still want to try for one more but my husband definitely done, but more on that later.

Hope everyone is well and I am hoping to read some good news as I get caught up