Wednesday, April 08, 2009

#216 - Uggg!

Well today was PAINFUL! Day one of two. Large Class, some very bitchy/annoying people. Well I am sure there will be a few not so great reviews tomorrow. Well it's impossible to please everyone, that's for sure! One more day to get through. I made a couple of mistakes today, I am just hoping I don't foul anything up tomorrow! :)

I am so glad I have no classes next week. It would be a bit of a break if I didn't have to do some re-work on my next class and have the contract to work on... But when I am done I will be able to take a bit of a break. Well as much of a break as I ever get anyway! :)

- people who talk when they should be listening

- hubby is off on friday, so I get to sleep in a bit, well at least get out of bed later than usual!!!

I love coming home to all three monkeys just waiting for me at the back door. Hubby usually takes my bag so I had to have something for the boys to carry... they got my keys.

Baby was some kind of foul tonight. She got a little better after supper so I am assuming she must have been really hungry, especially since she ate and ate and ate after supper!

Need sleep... off to bed I go

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At 10:32 p.m., April 08, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

How cute that the boys want to help too!


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