Wednesday, December 31, 2008

#119 - Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy 2009!

Boy2 is getting over his cold, Boy1 and Baby are catching the cold!  Hopefully we won't be up to late with Baby tonight as she is crying every now and again due to stuffiness.

The kids were pretty quite today and played well, which gave us some time to get some stuff cleaned up around the house.  (Laundry, painting, cutting a hole in our floor (more on that later), etc...)  Hubby went to bed around 10pm so I am ringing in the New Year all by myself, well I am with my computer!  LOL!

Baby was funny today, she found one of the boys Kleenexes and was scooting around fake coughing into the Kleenex.  It was just the funniest thing to watch!  The hubby and I had a good laugh over that one!  It's amazing how much more advanced she is compared to the boys at this stage.  It is so amazing to watch them all interact.  It's too bad they have to teach Baby their bad habits too!  LOL

With that Goodbye 2008, you were here for a while but you seem to have left us so fast.  Looking forward to another year of watching my little ones grow and learn.

Wish me luck we are starting full fledged potty training with Boy2 tomorrow (boy1 gets a respite as he is feeling pretty crappy!)

Monday, December 29, 2008

#118 - Home, Home on the Range

Well today was an at home kind of day... well sort of!  I had to make a quick run to grandma and grandpa's to get pictures with Santa.  I never got time to take Baby over there before Christmas so I headed out in the snow today!  Yuck!  I didn't feel like going anywhere but I am glad I went as I got some great pictures (once we told Baby that Santa was actually Grandpa!  I don't think she will remember come Christmas next year so we should be alright!)  I didn't take the boys as you can't pull the wool over their eyes, they would know that Santa was Grandpa and I don't want to mess up 'the belief' for them just yet.  (I don't think Grandma is happy about this but that's just too bad!)

I am looking forward to not having to go anywhere one of these days.  We are going out for family photos tomorrow morning so I have to go out again tomorrow.  After that I hope to stay home until I work on Friday!

I was happy today to get a few things done around here, a few more boxes out of the basement (still not totally unpacked since moving last year!)  I was happy to find spots for 3 boxes that I unpacked!  I think other than some pictures I am pretty much done with the unpacking thing!  FINALLY!

- my husband, I think him and I have some issues that are starting to become big issues.  I am just so exhausted I don't have any energy for us right now :(
- my hubby giving me crap for being in the bathroom to long... unbelievable!
- time passing so quickly

- my baby girl smiling at Santa
- when calling baby by her name she points to herself and says "Baby" instead of her name!
- my smiling kiddos

Boy2 is getting a cold now... 1 down, 2 to go.  He is the miserable one (like his father) when he is sick.  I wonder who will be next!

The kiddos have been busy playing with their new xmas toys.  The boys like Baby's new pink stroller and pink shopping cart and Baby likes the new train table.  Baby is kind of like Godzilla with the train table though!  She likes to take stuff off, take stuff apart and steal stuff!

Anyway I better get to bed so I don't have bags under my eyes for our family photo tomorrow!

Friday, December 26, 2008

#117 - Well it was here an now it is gone!

Hope Everyone had a Merry Christmas!  I am glad to have it all over with and finally have a day to enjoy with my kids.

I was looking forward to spending some time with the kiddos and seeing the look in their eyes on Christmas morning, and enjoying Christmas Eve with a wander around our yard.  Then having to spend the obligatory time with the grandparents after the gifts were opened.  Then hoping for a nice quiet dinner at home. 

The grandparents were supposed to arrive later in the morning to give us time with our kids first thing.  But they showed up as we were getting the kids out of bed.  I never even got to see the kids when they came into the room to see their new toys from Santa.  All I got to hear was blabbing from the grandma.  Ugg.   Then the hubby was in a foul mood as he didn't know they were coming for breakfast (I told him a while ago, but I guess he was ignoring me as usual)  We did the gift opening thing, forever it seemed... it was pretty much all gifts from grandma and grandpa, insanely overboard as per usual, then they will be mad as we have to rotate toys as we just don't have room for everything. We opened gifts until almost 1pm... then fed our poor starving kids before nap time.  Boy1 was sufferning from major constipation/screaming which got worse as the day went on. 

Then the grandparents finally left, we got the kids down for a nap.  I cleaned up a bit, had a visit from a good friend (the only person that was really enjoyable other than the kids of course)  Then the husband got even fouler as we had to go out for supper.  I was upset as I enjoy getting out from time to time, and the kids do too.

We got there just in time for supper, Boy1 was feeling worse, the hubby was getting more angry.  I was getting more stressed.  After supper we went downstairs, more gifts for the kids (cause really they needed more!  NOT)  Gee I wonder why kids now a days have no attention span?  Gee I wonder!  Well Boy2 started having more issues, so then hubby is, mumbling "lets get the f*ck out of here".  I heard him and I imagine everyone else around me heard him too. So he went storming upstairs, to pout I suppose? So now I am almost in tears, and the hubby is in a hurry to go (we had only been there for maybe 2 hours at the most).  To top it off on the way out I missed saying goodbye to my b*ch of a cousin.  (She wasn't around so it wasn't like I was trying to ignore her).  Anyway I was halfway upstairs, one of the boys was crying so I was trying to hurry (given hubby's cheery mood).  So she let me have it for not saying goodbye. 

So if I stay home I get the miserable husband, if I go out I get stuck with an even more miserable husband, but at least I have someone else to talk to.  So THIS is Christmas?  WTF!  I think I will stick to celebrating New Years with my kiddo's at least it's only us!  (I do have to do something about the blasted Bug up the hubby's arce though!)

Oh and did I mention the grandparents couldn't even come and see their grandkids or phone them as they were to busy going around playing Santa clause with their friends kids/grandkids.  Then they went over to a friends afterward, they felt bad for them as they were alone... I guess it doesn't matter that we were alone Christmas eve?

I am so very thankful I have my kids, they are what make me smile.  I can't imagine my life without them.  Here's to my sweet children, Merry Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful day.  Love Mom

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

#116 - You better watch out you better not shout....

I guess Santa will be here shortly, do you think he can shove some Christmas cheer up the hubby's arce for me?  So the hubby is off work for 2 weeks as of last Friday, you would think that he would be in a good mood now wouldn't you?  I am ready to get out that sharpie and draw a freaking smile on his face!  ARG!  I guess that's my early Christmas Present, one grumpy hubby coming up!

As for other miscellaneous rantings, not much to report.  I finally got my Christmas letter today that I always wait for.  It's the most depressing grouchy letter every year and I just can't wait to see what the lady has to say!  I do feel a little sorry for her, but not too much, as when you are that miserable to everyone there is a reason they don't come to visit you!  She is an older woman 70ish I guess?  She is probably close to 400 or so lbs and she is GRUMPY.  Her letter basically complains about people not coming to visit her, family included, and there is usually something about her health in there too.  Her husband is a sweet man though and is kept very busy tending to her needs, I am still waiting for her to say something nice about the poor guy.  I guess it's just me but if I didn't have anything nice to say I think I would not send out a Christmas letter.  Oh well at least it gives me something to blog about! :)

I got something in the mail today that wasn't expected.  It is a calendar that the IVF clinic that I go to, I guess that's went to, sent out.  It is in support of their Generations of Hope, a foundation to raise money for people who cannot afford IVF.  The calendar is full of IVF Children and it has interesting facts about infertility for each month.  I am going to hang it proudly on my wall, I just wish it was somewhere where more people would see it!  I was kind of speachless (not that I had anyone to talk to when I opened it as it was at 11pm) when I opened it.  Without IVF I would not be where I am today.... something to think about I guess.

I talked to the annoying friend today, she has one child who is 11 months old.  I asked her if she was done her Christmas shopping.  She said no.  Then I asked if she finished her shopping for her daughter.  She told me she was to tired, she got her a couple books a while ago, that will do.  She is too tired to take her daughter out to go buy her a toy for Christmas.  I was LIVID.  It wouldn't kill her to make a run to walmart or something.  Yes it's cold but this is your baby's first Christmas, the only 1st Christmas she will ever have.  Hey annoying friend YOU CAN NEVER GET THE FIRST CHRISTMAS BACK!!!  I am totally disgusted and it's not like she can't afford anything. It's not like she lives that far away from any store!  She told me she had enough toys anyway!  (Well get her something for when she gets a little older then.)  I am not sure why it made me so mad but it did.  I guess it's because the first christmas with all my kids was so very special.  I didn't even spoil them, but I made sure they each got one toy and a santa sock! OK I need to breathe now, just thinking about it angers me!

Speaking of angers me.  My parents aren't coming to see their grandkids on Christmas Eve.  They are too busy!  WHATEVER!  I get to spend some quality time with my kiddos so that will be nice.  Hopefully Santa will have stuffed that Christmas Spirit up the hubby's arce so we can have a nice day tomorrow!

- grumpy hubby's
- the annoying friend
- still feeling crappy
- cold weather
- stupid drivers

- I am so loving my new tooth brush still... it even winks at me! LOL
- my kids being good for 2 days in a row!
- kisses from baby

Baby is saying thank you now too.  The pardon me thing was craking me up, but thank you is just so cute too! I guess she learned that from her brothers.  She is starting to really get demanding though, I really need to curb the squacking that comes with it though! :)

The kids all got a message from Santa today they just loved it!  Baby was blowing kisses to Santa and the boys were saying Merry Christmas.  It's realy cool as it will say the childs name and you can even upload a photo!  It was quite funny to watch them, watch their message from Santa!

Boy2 is very concerned that we are going to take the presents away.  I wonder if he will be upset after they are all unwrapped? 

Boy1 woke up screaming last night, he had a sore leg.  I am hoping it was nothing and doesn't happen again, after my cousin's daughter going through childhood cancer and my friends little one I think I am a little paranoid.  We asked him today if his leg hurt and he said "no".  I am hoping he may have just had a growing pain or he banged it on the bed or something.  How does a mom stop from worrying in this crazy world?

Good Night and Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

#115 - What was I thinking???

Well back in February I told a friend that I would help her with her birth announcement for her daughter that was Born January 2008.  So guess what she comes over this week to get me to scan pictures for her daughter's birth announcement (I think everyone knows already?).  Well I should have known better after the whole wedding invitation disaster about 10 or so years ago (I hand made paper for her invites, then she decided she didn't like the paper colour.. even though I had done several samples.  So I ended up having to remake all the paper,  She needed 300 sheets.  I said 300 invites or 300 people as there is a difference due to couples.  Well I made 300 sheets, when she only need 150.  Then I remade them (and she kept the old stuff... and I did all the work and provided all the paper.  She probably threw it out! ARG).

Well I thought the birth announcements were a non-issue given that her daughter is 11 1/2 months old.  So I decided to be nice and made up the announcement for her.  I used 3 photos from her professional sitting when her daugther was about 6 months old, 2 from when she was born and 1 recent one.  I put the title A year of Memories on it.  Then I did a bunch of photoshop stuff to it.  I also did a Christmas card photo for her (that after it was done she decided that she wanted another picture, there was a wicker chair in the background and she decided that she didn't like it, after several chances to pick a photo!  ARG)

I emailed the "birth announcement to her"  she said she loved it, then she called me and said there is too many pictures from one 'stage' so she wanted to change them.  WTF did you say you loved it for then.  The thing that really bugs me is I told her to send me 4 to 5 pics that she wanted on the card.  Guess how many she sent... 54 (that is going to be one cramped 4 * 6 card if you ask me!).  She had the nerve to get annoyed with me as I told her I wasn't sure if I could get to it before Christmas as I had a bunch of my own stuff to do.  (No she is not paying me anything for them... this was supposed to be a quick volunteer thing!) 

Did I mention that this is a gal with one daughter, who is way more tired and busy than I am? (I didn't know it was a competition)  Well girl if you don't have time, then I certainly don't either!! 

NOTE TO SELF, shut my mouth and don't ever offer to do anything for her again! 

I did one for another friend.  Just kind of whipped it up and sent it to her for revisions.  She said it was perfect and I didn't change anything (I felt bad because I didn't spend much time on it!)  Talk about two different people!

I am supposed to call the OTHER friend back about her 'birth announcement' but I am just to freaking mad!  I imagine she probably won't use it anyway!  I showed it to a few of my other friends and they thought it was adorable!

OK enough griping, onto my regularily scheduled program!

I have been busy today making home-made nuts-n-bolts for the family for Christmas (just call me cheap! LOL).  We go to my aunt and uncles for Christmas and my Aunt has 10 grand kids so I make them nuts-n-bolts as they love them and it's much cheaper than buying them all gifts anyway.  They range from about grade 10 to about 22ish, so it's not like they are little anymore.  Given that we 'flushed' most of our cash into our septic system, cheap is good this year! :)  I also made all my cousins 'name frames'.  I stamped a family and decorated it for each of them as well.  They turned out great and were very cost effective (ie cheap) for us to give this year.  The boys even helped me wrap them!  They are all very generous to our kids so I feel as though I need to do something!   I am happy that my nuts-n-bolts are all made and packaged up, now all I have to do is make some fancy tags to put on them!  I am so far ahead of where I am usually I am very happy!  (Usually I do everything Christmas eve!  LOL)  Oh and I almost forgot, I also made them all one page style calendars with a collage of photos of the kids!  I am just outdoing myself this year!  LOL!

We are heading out to a friends for dinner tonight, I can't wait to dress baby up in a little dress my mom got at a garage sale this past summer.  It's all pink and wintery looking!  On that note I better be off to have my shower!

I sure hope this cold weather doesn't last too much longer... -33 (-27.4 F) today and going down to -38 (-36.4 F) by monday night.  Let's hope there is no wind as the wind chill could be brutal!  (My idiot husband is putting Christmas lights out right now, bet he wishes he put them out in November when it was around freezing!  LOL)

- being tired
- my 'can't decide what I want so lets change it 4000 times' friend

- making nuts-n-bolts and NOT screwing them up for a change
- my fire place (stove thingy) that keeps the house nice and warm

The boys and baby helped with the nuts-n-bolts today.  I gave them each a bowl and let them stir up the 'stuff'.  Baby of course just started shoving stuff in her mouth.  I thought she would just stir like the boys.  HA HA!  I gave her some small pretzles, and the minute I wasn't looking she shoved an entire one in her mouth.  I was worried she would choke, but I think she sucked on it until it was soft!  She was drooling out pretzel as it was so big for her mouth... yummy!  (I made sure her bowl of 'stuff' was for her and it wasn't put in with the actual batch.)  I took the rest of the pretzels away and gave her cherioos instead!  Much better idea!  You would think I would be a little smarter than that by now!  ha ha!

Off I go to shower before we go out, I better check on the hubby to make sure he isn't frozen to the xmas decorations first! :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

#114 - I really need to learn to go to bed!

Well I am exhausted today.  I actually fell asleep for about a half hour while Baby was napping.  The boys were playing downstairs.  They were quite the entire time, and when they woke me up (probably because it was lunch time and they were hungry) I was covered with their blankets.  I think they were worried.  They asked if I was OK and if I was Sick.  Boy2 thought I may have to 'barf'. :)  The moments an infertile can only dream about, waking up to two little faces that are worried about you. :)  Usually it is way to noisy to fall asleep around here! :)   I can't believe they didn't get into anything, they just played quietly. 

Tonight we had a visitor.  We finally got to meet our good friends' new girlfriend.  For some reason I was nervous about this.  I was afraid she may not like us and that could put a damper on the friendship with our buddy.  It went well though, I really like her and I am happy for him as he seems very happy.  The kids loved her too and she liked them.  Kids are usually a very good judge of character so I will go with them! :)  First time meetings are sometimes kind of weird, but this went very well.   Us girls hit it off so I really enjoyed chatting with her, instead of listening to boy talk for a change! :)  (Work and trucks!  LOL)  It was a fun evening!

- feeling crappy, I think I may be getting the stomach flu, great!
that's all I got today folks!

- meeting a new friend
- my kids helping me decorate and organize Christmas presents
- my new tooth brush!  I love my new brush, it's the Oral-B smart something or another.  It comes with a wireless thing that keeps track of how long you brush and if you push to hard.  It has a little happy face when you make it to 2 minutes.  And today I found out that it winks at you! :)  It makes my teeth feel nice an clean too which is a bonus!
- my hubby starting his two weeks of vacation today.  I am soooo sleeping in tomorrow!  (I guess that would be my vacation not his!  LOL)

I am slowly getting into the Christmas spirit now that I am done teaching/taking classes and work has slowed down a bit!  I think the boys helping me but bows on presents today helped too.

Anyway I am looking forward to Santa!  Today Boy2 got up and sat on the chair and said "Boy2 no like Santa"  I am not sure why but he spent about 20 minutes talking about why!!  I wish I could remember the conversation it was hilarious.  I am still not sure why though?  He likes Santa tonight!  HA HA!

Baby was busy dancing up a storm.  She could actually dance before she started walking?  Strange child!  She walked from the living room to her bedroom today.  I can't wait to dress her up in a dress and watch her go!  She is so huggy and kissy right now that I am enjoying every moment.  Hope she stays that way for a while.  When our buddy came over today she was saying his name it was so cute.  She finally said Bye today, she repeats EVERYTHING else but she just won't say Bye.  Until today! 

Good night

Thursday, December 18, 2008

#113 - Now take that you Nasty Hum-bug

Well I was feeling a little more Christmas-y today!  The kids were in a good mood today and I was able to get some Christmas wrapping done. Boy2 figured I should wrap his present too, I tried to explain to him that I wanted to wrap it when he wasn't there to see it.  Ahh but the explanation was lost on a three year old!

It's nice to be done shopping and not really have much else to do.  I am winding down from my busy couple of weeks and finally getting focused around the house again. It is making Christmas seem a little less stressful, right now anyway!  So I will just go with that and enjoy!

I finally have my own little family to spend Christmas with so it's about darn time I enjoy it! After all those years of depressing Christmases wishing for that baby that just wouldn't come, it's time to just ENJOY!  My heart always goes out to those still suffering from infertility at this time of year though.  Hugs to you!

I received my latest item to provide my opinion on... a new Oral-B toothbrush!  It's very cool and I have used it twice and I love it already.  It comes with this great little timer that makes sure you brush for the correct amount of time.  It shows this little happy face when you are done too!  Gotta love a happy face! :)  Stay tuned I will let you know how it goes!

- Stupid Drivers - nuff said!  Does everyone forget how to winter drive over the summer???
- Really cold weather -37c with the windchill the other day (that would be -34.6 Fahrenheit in case you were wondering)
- Having to go out in really cold weather

- my remote starter in my truck
- the fireplace in our house, hopefully the gas meter won't have to turn so much!
- a good day with the kids, no grumpies!

Baby is still walking away, trying to run actually.  She goes crazy on the carpet, but doesn't like the laminate as it's to slippery.  She is liking her Dolly these days, and even feeds the doll her bottle.  She is into kissing too, and she kisses away.  It's funny to hear her lips smacking!

Boy1 is still suffering from the runs.  He is in a good mood, poor little guy.  He woke up from his nap crying as he had a dirty behind.  My husband says to me "Is it a bad sign if I can smell it before I open the door?".  I dunno Hunny you figure it out!  (I must say Hunny a lot as Boy1 ends just about everything that he asks his brother to du with Hunny!  LOL)

Finally Boy2 wasn't in a bad mood today!  Yey!  He even helped pick out ribbon for some of the gifts I was wrapping!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

#112 - Lost

So now that things have slowed down I feel lost.  I have lots to do but I am not sure where to start.  I guess I just need a wee bit of a vacation from being busy! 

Instead of wrapping gifts I did some scrapbooking today.  I am bad!!  I am feeling the pressure of Christmas coming so I guess I am kind of shutting down.

I love Christmas with my kids, I just hate the rest of the stuff that goes along with it.  I am sad that in this house I may have about 1/3 of my decorations out (it doesn't feel like Christmas in the house.)  The tree is small, I only have one tree vs. my 3 trees.  At this time of year I really miss the old place.  It was just the greatest house to decorate.  I guess it's time to move on as I live here now.  Then there is the impending New Year, before kids it was one more year of infertility, one more year of no children.  Now it's a reminder that the kids are growing up WAY to fast!  It always feels like such a let down after Christmas, all this build up, then bang it's over and you just have a mess to clean up!  It's also a reminder of the year we started treatment for infertility, we started in January.  Then there is the whole memory of loosing my Grandmother before Christmas.  Then add the craziness of the last couple of months I think I am just a bit stressed.  I hope it passes soon.

I need to change for me, for my kids.  I need to celebrate my kids, my life and the heck with the rest of the stuff! 

- not being able to let the 'stuff' just slide of my back
- the fact that I feel like crap every time I teach a class
- the fact that Christmas makes me feel sad
- feeling anxious
- grumpy kids
- a full PVR (DVR) whatever you want to call it!

- a good night sleep
- my kids of course

Not to much new around here.  Boy2 is still grumpy.  All the kids seem to have the runs... lovely, definately past time to potty train.  I almost got sick this morning with the diaper I had to clean out!  Not to mention the stench in the room!  GROSS.  Even poor Baby is runny!

The boys were good/bad today.  They were OK, then one of them would decide he wanted the other one's toy, then the fight was on!  Then there is Lunch time, it is always a nightmare.  When I am getting it ready the grumping starts.  I want this/no I don't want this/I want this/no I want that... ugg what's a mom to do?  I am thinking ear plugs may be a good idea! :)

I would still take a bad day at home over a day at work!  (Just wish staying at home paid better, then I wouldn't need all these part time jobs that are driving me batty! :) )

Monday, December 15, 2008

#111 - What was I thinking?

Well I decided to go for the 12 day marathon instead of the 11 day one!  When my hubby got home from work I headed out shopping!  What the heck was I thinking?  Oh well I am DONE Christmas shopping now!  Done in more ways than one! :)

I picked up some cute little Nascar books for the kids and I got Baby the 2008 Holiday Barbie.  I stopped at Walmart too, there wasn't much to purchase as they were sold out of EVERYTHING.  How annoying! 

- shopping at Christmas time! :)
- the fact that no one says Merry Christmas anymore, how sad.
- my messy house!
- waiting until the last minute to get my Christmas cards ready to send, what was I thinking?  I am going to start them in July next year I think!
- not enough time to get done what I want to get done!
- trying to find stuff (moving sucks, reorganizing sucks, moving sucks... oh I said that already)
- I am sad that another year is almost done
- our

- when the kids miss me, and how excited that they get when I get home
- being done Christmas shopping
- finding the Calendar I lost downstairs a while ago
- Not having to prewash my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher! LOVING the new Cascade All-in-1 ActionPacs dishwasher pacs - NO prewashing, YEY!!!
- our nice warm fire place


Boy2 was some kind of grumpy today?  I guess the bug that was up Dad's butt moved to Boy2?  Poor Boy1 is still feeling sick, I just hope he doesn't get sick anymore, poor little guy.  Boy1 is much more agreeable when he is sick, except the part where he likes to antagonize his brother!

Baby was trying to run today, I think she needs to get a little better control first! :)  She is not walking all that much, she still likes the butt scoot better (I guess it's faster).  She is also busy trying to repeat every word that is said around here.  I was bugging her yesterday, she was able to say Santa, but Christmas was just Mas! :)

I think Christmas is going to be fun around here this year!  So far so good with the tree and the decorations.  I am amazed at how good the kids all are at not touching things they aren't supposed to.  I am just lucky I guess (either that or they just take after their wonderful mother!  HA HA HAHAHAHAHA)

Anyway off I go to finish a calendar I am making for everyone for Christmas!

Good night!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

#110 - Only one day left!

Well I have only one day left in eleven day in a row work/craziness marathon!  I am so glad that I actually get a day off with my husband next Saturday.  This is only the second one since we got back from vacation Oct 23rd!

I hate to complain (too much!) but I am beyond exhausted tonight!  I had to do a presentation in my class today and I was up late and I had to get up early today to get to class by 8am.  (I got an excellent review again from the instructor so at least I passed!)  I taught everyone how to stamp and create a card.  I think they wanted to keep going they had so much fun. 

I don't have to work until noon tomorrow so it will feel like a bit of a vacation since I get to sleep in a little tomorrow!

Well since I can barely form a sentence I think I should head off to bed!

- not enough hours in the day!
- being tired!
- Not having a weekend off since October

- coming home to hugs... this alone is a good enough reason for me to be a parent!
- sleeeeppp

Not much to report today since I was away today.  Baby is still walking and apparently the kids were good today.  They were good this evening when I was home so that was nice.

Baby has picked up the screeching wildly habit, from somewhere.  It's going to drive me a little nutty I think!  Although I don't think she is quite as high pitched as her brother (Boy2) was when he used to do that!  (At least I hope not as I believe that I have lost hearing from his high pitched wailing! :) )

Good Night

Friday, December 12, 2008

#109 - Remembering

Five years ago today I lost my Grandmother.  She was very dear to me, and really the person I was the closest to in my extended family.  I am sad that she never got to meet my children.

I believe she is with my lost angels somewhere and sometimes I think that she sent my children to me. 

I miss you Nannie...

On a happier note my daughter started walking today.  She took a half a step, then got up again and the next time it was 4 steps, and now she is pretty much on her way.  It's her first time she even tried to take a step.  I guess there is no practicing for her, I suppose she will be running tomorrow by the time I get home from class!  (It's kind of strange that she is named after my grandmother and she started walking 5 years to the day after she passed away... at about the same time.... Things that make you go hmmmm?  :) )

Good night!   

Thursday, December 11, 2008

#108 - The people, they love me!

I just finished 2 days of teaching. So now there is a few more people out there that know the basics of MS A.ccess! Lucky people, and I got a lot of "great instructor" comments. Yey/Phew! I am SO bad at reading people so I am always relieved when folks are happy at the end! So now I only have 3 more days in my crazy marathon as I call it!

I am not looking forward to going out this weekend as it is supposed to be about -25 celsius for a HIGH on Saturday and down to -30 on Sunday! (For my American buds that's -13 as a high and -22 Fahrenheit... so for those of you who are missing winter, you are more than welcome to mine! :) ) I think it's time to find my mittens?

It's not looking good for the start of next week either so I don't think I will be going to far unless I HAVE to! (Sure glad my crazy week is this week!)

I am excited to continue with some product testing.... I have a swiffer wetjet sitting in a box just a calling my name! I can't wait to try it out on my constantly dirty floors! I am trying to wait until Monday to get through some of the things that I need to get done! I am just so excited about being asked for my opinion, now if only I could get on a toy testing list and a car testing list! :)

- folks that don't pay attention
- my lousey ability to get my point across - sometimes! Why is it the words just won't come out sometimes?
- getting up at 5:30am to start teaching at 8:00am (parking sucks around the place where I teach, early or nothing!)
- lack of parking
- people who are late
- talking all day... I wish I could do something to quench my thirst, it doesn't matter how much water I drink I am still thirsty! (Who knew? I thought I could talk non-stop for days on end! Guess I need more practice)

- when someone 'gets it' in a course I am teaching
- coming home to hugs and smiles
- peace and quiet

I hate being away for 2 days I feel like I have missed so much (you know grumping, whining etc. LOL). I am so glad/lucky that I am able to be home with them most of the time. I just can't imagine not being with them almost every day.

Boy1 is still sick, he had us up in the middle of the night crying/getting sick. Poor little fella!

It's just such a wonderful feeling to come home and see how excited all three of them are. Almost jumping up and down, great big smiles and of course those awesome hugs. Little people hugs are so great as they are too young to have the 'grown-up' baggage that we have, they are just so filled with happiness I love it! They just can't wait to tell me about their day. (Not that it's a really robust conversation just yet, but I still love it It's so funny that they have no concept of yesterday, today, last week, before nap time, one never knows just what you are going to hear!)

Baby has learned a new skill today, squawking loudly, just for fun. After Grandma has been here for two days that usually means that I have to de-program my children. I am sure tomorrow will be 'fun'. She thinks that discipline is not required... I guess she didn't use it on me so why would she bother with my kids?? Joys of being a Grandma I guess!


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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

#106 - Still Hanging in There

Wow this week is just flying by!  (I figured it might!)

I did get my hair cut tonight (thank goodness).  Boy 2 got his lovely locks chopped off too.  I am really not sure how my hairdresser does it, he never stops moving!  I was supposed to take Boy1, but he was still feeling really sick.  I did have to drag the poor sucker out tonight though.  The roads were not in stellar condition so the hubby drove me.   Poor little fella didn't want to go out, I don't blame him as it's very wintery outside!

A while ago I mentioned that I have been asked for my opinion on some consumer products.  Well to my surprise they arrived today!  I hated to open them as they were all wrapped up in a beautiful bag and basket.  Well they definitely got me interested on presentation... my opinion will be coming soon!  Like I told my sister-in-law the other day, opinions are like arce holes, everyone's got one! :)

Well I better get to bed as I have to teach the next two days.  (I think someone asked if it was distance education, I haven't forgotten about you, just really busy.  Nope it's not I actually have to go in and do my thing!)

This is a short one tonight

Good night

Monday, December 08, 2008

#105 - Barf anyone?

Yes we have yet another sick kid around here.  Boy1 finally caught the bug Saturday night.  He was fine Sunday and now he is sick again today.

I am on Day 4 of my Marathon... thinking I may actually make it through this week!  :)

I have even been managing to get a little done on my scrapbook from time to time! YEY!

- Cleaning up after a sick kid... weak stomach here!
- Waking up at 4:30am to listen to a child rocking!  Ugg!

- Hugs from my kiddos
- Listening to Baby say Pardon Me after she coughs or toots... I still can't believe she does that!

Today I was sitting at the table at lunch and Boy1 says 'look mom'.  He motions toward the ceiling fan.  'Watch' he says, as he 'throws' something onto the ceiling fan.  Then he says 'Look snow ball'.  Now I am confused?? Then he says 'look snow ball on ceiling fan'.  Then apparently it fell onto the table.  This lead into an all out pretend Snowball fight at the lunch table.  Baby was even going through the motions?  What a laugh.  We all had fun.  I am not sure where he got the 'pretend' snowball from in the first place.  We were all just sitting there eating and woolaa he just started up.  I have never had so much fun throwing pretend snow in my whole life!   Where do they come up with these things I wonder?

We had a busy Sunday with 2 kids Christmas Parties.  Dad wasn't feeling to good so I headed off with the kids and Grandma and Grandpa to go to West Edmont.on Mall.  (It's big for anyone who hasn't heard of it)  Anyway Grandpa's company rented the place for the morning.  The kids got to go on rides and they had a great time!  They went on their first ride alone, without mom.  It was a happy and sad moment, they are growing up so fast.  They don't need Mom anymore. LOL (My friend pointed out that they still need me to wipe their butts, can you tell it was a guy?)  It was something to stand back and just watch them go.  It was one of those 'moments' that one will probably never forget, the first time my kids didn't need me moment.

In the afternoon it was off to Dad's kids xmas party.  It was at one of those play centres.  There was too many big kids and they were all running wild so I kept the kids in the toddler area, they are really gental anyway so it wasn't an issue.  I can't believe how parents just let their kids run wild and do whatever they want.  One of the other little boys that was there was getting bullied by three other older boys.  I am begining to think I am to over protective or something?  Boy1 had a major meltdown when it was time to go, but Dad was so mad that he was the one that was embarrassing.  Yeesh.  Dad was feeling sick so I guess I will cut him a little slack THIS TIME.

Baby is still not walking but she did poop in the potty twice this weekend.  The first time she started screaming after she was done as it was stinky and she wanted it cleaned up.  What a kid.  Maybe she can teach the boys for me?  I SUCK AS A POTTY TRAINER THAT'S FOR SURE.  (I suck at many other things too but this is a biggy!

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Friday, December 05, 2008

#104 - What was I thinking? Free stuff maybe?

Well today I signed myself up to do some product reviews and provide some feedback!  I guess it's my old career coming back to haunt me, I need to feel like I am 'doing' something.   I am actually looking forward to it, as I wanted to try out some of the products anyway!  Besides if I like them and they work good and they make my job easier who can complain?  Stay tuned for more information!

Well the last few days have been kind of busy.  The kids are finally getting back to normal after the massive grump fest for the last two weeks.

I am on my marathon now.  I am on day 2!  Last night was work, tonight was the first night of my course.  I get to spend my entire day in Class tomorrow too.  Yipee!  I hope I get more out of it than I did tonight.   Then Sunday is the kids xmas party craziness!  We have one in the morning and one in the afternoon... no naps, OMG!   Wish me luck with that one!

I am thrilled to say that my Christmas decorations are all up, I managed to get all my 2008 photos loaded on my MAC (I love my MAC!) and sorted!  I also have started working on Isabel's baby book/scrapbook again.  (Finally back to scrapbooking)

I spent some time with Adobe Elements this past week too, WOW I love it!  I got the kids xmas picture done and managed to get most of my Christmas cards made (the rest are getting un-made ones!)  I really need to get them organized and sent now though! 

- people who drive to slow when it's not requried
- wet snow, freeze already and stay that way so the roads aren't so mucky

- getting through grumpy week(s) without getting to mad at the kiddos
- when baby doesn't want me to leave... insert *ahhhh* here! :)

The boys like colouring with markers, and they deny putting them in their mouths (hmmm, check your mouth boys, I see blue!)

We are still hoping the testing phase slows down a little soon.  Hello No still means NO kiddos, just like it always has

Baby 'tooted' today, she said "Pardon Me", then "Poop".  I think I will have her potty trained before the boys! :)  When she coughs she says "Pardon Me" too, she is so polite... hope it lasts! :)  

And I am off to bed...


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

#103 - Bliss to craziness!

Well today was a trying day around here.  The kids were grumpy with a capital GRUMP.  I was going crazy inside, I am proud that I managed to keep myself from yelling/getting really angry at them.  We are going through a 'testing' phase with Boy1 and boy is he testing me.  Boy2, I am thinking he is still sick, at least I hope so as he was a whole new kind of miserable.  I had to have a rest in the afternoon when they all went down for their naps/rest time as I was shaking inside, if that's possible.

Then hubby came home,  I guess he was pissed that the 4 dishes in the sink weren't done.  I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up, I just didn't get the misc stuff done.  Oh ya and I forgot to vacuum around the kitchen table.  I suppose that set him off.  He was ignorant to me all evening.  Then after I said I had a very bad day, he left me with the kids to go out and shovel.  What he was shoveling I will never know as we got a teeny bit of snow today.  Just what I needed.  Well I guess tomorrow will be a better day.  If not I may have to 'cool off' by rolling naked in the snow!  (As if! :) )

I did manage to get a few Christmas decorations up with the 'help' of the kids (that means they were just getting in my way, but that's ok!).  After they went to bed I put up our tree and I have been enjoying the peace and quiet ever since!

- The fact that the stupid government is more concerned in themselves than the economic crisis that is going on in the world
- Having grumpy kids and not being able to un-grump them!
- Not enough time to read all the blogs on my blog list!

- Peace and quiet after a long hard day!
- Kisses from Baby
- My MAC!  I had to call Apple support today, I must say it ROCKS.  From what I could tell they didn't seem to be following any script, they listened to ME and sent ME to the right place, they didn't assume I was stupid aaaandd they actually understood what I was saying!!! WOW!  Oh ya and they fixed my problem too.  (my wireless kept dropping when I was running on battery power!)  It was so weird to actually explain my problem and to be answered without being asked a bunch of stupid irrelavent questions first.  I think this is the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed talking to a help desk! Oh ya and no sitting on hold.  I booked a time on the internet and THEY called me!  Cool!  I am so glad I didn't buy another PC!  (I always wanted an Apple back when Apple IIe's were cool... you know green screens, c prompts... ok so I am a geek!  Lets just put it this way I am going waaaay back here!  Well I finally got my Apple/Mac and I am SOOO happy! )

Baby has a shoe thing already.  At least once a day she brings me one shoe to put on.  Just one??  Hmm I wonder what this will lead to in the future, should we plan to add on a shoe room for her?  Yikes

I am sure hoping that Boys get through their testing phase soon... I may pull all my hair out if it doesn't end quickly!  Although I suppose it's just a start of what's to come, isn't that what all teenagers do too? :)

Off to bed!

#102 - I never thought I would feel content

On Sunday I was driving to work and just being happy where I am in my life right now.  I never thought it would ever be this good.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and it was warm for the end of November.  I was going to a job I like, thinking about how great it was to have a family and just how well some portions of my life are going.  Now everything certainly isn't rosy that's for sure but the important stuff is great.  Back in the middle of trying so hard to start our family I never thought that I would ever feel this good about life.  Before it was the little things that drove me crazy, now they just don't matter.  I do have what is truly important and I appreciate having my family more than even I can comprehend.  It's good to be where I am now, I just wish it would have happened sooner.   It's funny how you don't realize how things (work, etc) are dragging you down until you are removed from the situation.  I am just glad to be on the 'other' side, the grass is definitely greener on this side for me!  (Now if only I could win the lotto and build a new house! :) )

Starting Thursday things are going to be CRAZY here...
THUR: work at night
FRI : course from 5pm -9:30pm
SAT : course 8am - 4:00pm
SUN : work noon - 5pm
MON : card making
TUE :  hair cut - WAY over due!
WED: teach 8am - 4pm, twins club 7pm - 9pm
THU: teach 8am-4pm
FRI: meeting - re: teaching 4pm -7pm
SAT: course 8am - 4pm (done - YEY!)
SUN: work noon - 5pm
.... holly crap I think I need a vacation! :)

- The stupid opposition parties in the Canadian Gov't... as if they could all get together and 'play nice'.  What the heck is up with that, and we could possibly have another election because of it.  HELLO stupid politicians, STOP wasting our TIME & MONEY.  Oh ya and in case you haven't noticed there is a bit of an economic issue going one, maybe you should be paying more attention to that instead?
- Damp, cold, wind!  I am shivering just thinking about it!
- How quickly Christmas is coming

- Adobe Photoshop Elements.... I finally got a good pic of all three kids at once!  Thanks Adobe!  (they have a great tool for creating a group shot from two photos!)
- On-line shopping (avoiding the xmas crowds... yuck!)
- When the kids sleep in!

Boy2 is over his lovely stomach cleaning exercise, now we just have to get the grump to leave too!  He is just a little grumpy.  I missed part of the spewing exercise when I was at my course on Saturday.  Poor fella, lucky Dad!

Boy1 still is obsessed with spitting, yummy!

Baby still isn't walking, she is 17 months so it's about time she started.  I hope she does soon.