Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Crazy Busy...

Well it seems as though I have been a super bad blogger lately. Life has just been so busy and I am addicted to that freaking f.a.ceboo.k, fricking scrabble I say!

My PPD is still with me. My dosage of medication was lowered and I am feeling it a bit. I am waiting to see how it goes I may have to go back up again. I am not thrilled about that but I would rather be a happier person than all depressed and wanting to stay in bed. (As if that's possible with 3 kids 2 and under! LOL) Generally it is going well as long as nothing really stressful is going on in my life.

I recently got a part time teaching job teaching in my field at the local college. I am very excited about this and I think it means that I won't be going back to my full time job. I am excited and nervous about quitting as I have been there a very long time. Change is always hard but it usually seems to be a good thing in the end so I am keeping that in mind.

My oldest has to go to the doc this week as he has major constipation... It's been about a month since he has had a good one. I have taken him to the family doc and she put him on some stuff. I have also loaded him up with bran and prune juice. Nothing seems to be working. He screams about every 20 to 30 minutes in the day and yells Moooom. Then he says 'tummy'. I feel sick. Needless to say he's off to the ped this week. I hope they can get things 'moving'. It breaks my heart to see him that way. Wish him luck.

The next one is good. He is not a morning person, I am cool with that as I get it! His moods drive me crazy though, he gets that from his dad. He is hard to keep track of as far as happy or grumpy but I am sure some day I will get the hang of it. He has become quite the TV junkie so the darn thing is off other than his one show a day, the doodlebops. (He gets the TV thing from Mom!) He likes to hug his brother when he is crying about his bum. He is pretty good with the sister too. I am hoping it stays that way FOREVER! :)

Then there is the little one. She is becoming quite a character, nattering all the time. She is cutting 4 teeth right now, so sleeping through the night is a thing of the past again. She loves it when her brothers play with her. She isn't crawling yet, but man can she get around on her butt. I have to keep an eye on that one. She likes to put everything in her mouth, including the throw rug in the boys room. She is growing so fast I wish she would slow down just a bit. :(

I still would like to try for one more but the husband says NO. :( I suppose I should just be happy as we never thought we would even have one.