Monday, June 29, 2009

#271 - I need some toothpicks

I am so freaking tired... and the in-laws will be here on Thursday... and I still need to clean my house... and hubby is still not helping. Well he did wash the truck today??? OK dear what about the house?

I am totally stressed now as I am trying to get prepared for inventory at work. I just got a call to make some changes to the system I built and setup a spreadsheet for other data collection. Then there is the whole getting ready for the in-laws to come over. I asked my mother to help out with the kids today so that I could get some stuff done, but she had to wash wine bottles. (She used to go and CLEAN our neighbors house when their family (not related to us) was coming to visit. But she won't even watch the kids for me for a couple of hours so I can get some cleaning done. She will go and help EVERYONE & ANYONE else and the TELL ME ALLLLL about it after. But when I need help she is too busy.

So wish me luck trying to get this place cleaned up. I am so embarrassed to have visitors here anyway this place is not even a 1/4 the house we used to have and it needs so much work it feels kind of dumpy to me. No it feels like a total dump to me :(. I can still see all the dirt that we cleaned up before we even moved in. I keep trying to see what all we have accomplished, but it's like a pig. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. :( (It's a good thing I like the yard and the location or I would be totally miserable... I keep thinking some day it will be better but it will never be our other house. It's like finding your dream house and wishing you could move it with you, but then you have to leave it behind and move into a nasty house)

- stress
- sleeping in

Boy1 said when we are out of pull-ups then he has to wear big boy under ware... and way he went. He was peeing in the potty the very next day (this was on Sunday). He still is having pooping issues though... ugg. I am doing a lot of laundry these days. Boy2 is doing awesome but there are way to many trips to the potty, he tries to go every time his brother does. (I found the ultimate

Baby is embracing the terrible twos, can you say whine and cry? Good thing she is cute or we would definitely have to eat her! LOL

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

#270 - Wow have I been busy!

Life has been crazy this past week. I met with the guy to go over the system I built for him. Then I released it for testing. I also made a few changes too. But of course now his email client is complaining and I can't get the changes to him.

In addition I have been working on some system clean up for one of my other jobs. This has equated to working until 1am all last week. I am a little tired! I finally got to bed at a decent time last night and I couldn't sleep anyway! What's a girl to do? (I know stop taking on too much!)

Now I have to try to get ready for the inlaws who are coming on July 2nd. The hubby has been totally useless as far as house cleaning goes. I am hoping that since he got the freaking mole that has been digging up our mound (aka poopy hill) that he will be a little more helpful in the cleaning up department. I guess I will have to let the vacuum boy loose in the house to at least get that done. He was a little angry with me today for using the vacuum and not letting him have it. I guess he is still obsessed with it! PERFECT! :)

We were outside this evening (at least there is no frost warning like on the weekend, what the heck is up with that? Frost warnings at the end of June are just insane!) enjoying a nice cool spring-ish evening. Just enjoying the yard, watering plants and trying to get rid of the ants around the house. Blasted dry weather there are ants everywhere! Oh ya and a little bit of dreaming too - a much needed addition to the back of our house. Hubby is like that would be 3 or 400 sq feet more do you realize? I know what I want, I just have no concept of size... so it may end up being smaller. I just want enough to add on a larger back entrance full en-suite and a walk-in closet. If our bedroom ends up too big then I will move our closet over and put a walk-in in the boys room too. You can never have too much closet space. When (ha ha.. more like IF) we redo our bedroom it's getting laminate that's for sure. I hate the crap *ss cheap laminate we put in. I guess you get what you pay for! 99cents a sq foot compared to the $5.97sq foot hardwood that we put in our last house makes a big difference! (You can tell when I still had the really good paying job... teheheh!)

Speaking of work... man we do miss the money of my old job but it sure is nice to be out of the full time consulting business. I am much happier now, albeit a little over worked these days!

Anyway I should really get to bed... good night

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

#269 - fun!

Tonight I got out of the house! I went to a class on different scrapbooking techniques. It was all to do with painting which was pretty cool! I have a bunch of work to finish my layout but when it's all done I will post a pic of some of the things I did.

I was sad to find out that my last course was canceled due to low enrollment. No so much that I will miss teaching the class but with the in-laws coming we really need the money. Renovating the bathroom was not cheap... So now I have to try to pick up some more work :(. (I really wanted a bit of a break!)

Boy#1 started throwing up just before I left for the class... lets hope it's a dry night for him and me. I am not so great with cleaning up that 'stuff'.

Baby was running around going "Boy#1 Bawwwf, MOM Boy#1 Bawwwf" Poor little guy! Lets hope it's not catching!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

#268-I think a Toy store fell into my Living Room?

Well I made it through the weekend. I am soooo glad that I didn't have to work today! Lets just say I was a little tired! Next time only one party per day! :)

OMG all my house cleaning this week for the in-laws coming... ha ha ha! Well at least the kids rooms are still clean! The living room looks like it puked up toys and clothes. (Now I have to find somewhere to put all this new stuff and I have to do it quick! 11 days and counting until the in-laws get here!)

We were planning on spending the day getting more done in the bathroom downstairs! HA HA HA, who the heck am I kidding!

Tomorrows job - continuing to clean the Living Room Up and the basement! Oh ya and getting ready for a meeting on Wednesday (the system I built) and getting ready for another meeting on Tuesday to which I have to learn about our inventory system! Oh and I have to send my handouts to be printed for the class I teach on Friday. I need a rest just thinking about tomorrow!

- my parents always stay to clean-up at the relatives places. They brought some stuff in the house then buggered off (and she said she cleaned everything up when I walked in the house? WTF it looked like a bomb went off!) I spent an hour and a half cleaning up dishes. Yuck. She cleaned hers and went home (she is still mad she hasn't got her stuff back from the relatives at the last party.. I would say they are gone now!)
- I am so sad baby is 2 already... where did the last year go?

The kids were really good today, I am surprised after the late night and all the excitement yesterday.

Baby was sort of into opening gifts this year, she had her brothers helping out. She got a pile of night garden stuff. The boys were quite happy to play with it, luckily Baby was quite good natured about it. She entertained everyone while she ate her cupcake. She was telling everyone she had a mustache (from the icing). She had a cute dress on that dad got her, everyone said how adorable she was (awwwww!). (We always joke that two uglies made a pretty! *ha ha*)

The boys were really good all day, they had fun with their balloons (so did baby). Friends with twins the same age came to play as well and the boys shared their toys really well. Boy#1 was funny opening gifts... he would just tear through any clothes and throw them aside, looking for the good stuff. Poor Boy#2 couldn't keep up and I am not sure that he was really grasping what the heck was going on. The kids had a great time. A friend had my camera, I can't wait to see the pictures!

Today we quietly celebrated Fathers Day and Baby's Birthday. It's hard to believe my little Sweet One is 2. I am really not sure where the last year went!

Here's to you little one.

Friday, June 19, 2009

#267 - All ready

Well we are all ready for the big party tomorrow. I will be glad when it's over with! :)

I am hoping that the weather is good as I have cleaned my house for the Inlaws coming and I really don't want to have everyone inside so I have to do it again! :) (Well I will have to clean it but not quite like I have this week... :) )

My mother has actually been out helping this week??? I think she must have been hit by lightening or something??? I won't complain it gave us a chance to get something done.

Oh and I had to help with the mowing before it rained today! YEY! A chance to sit down and listen to some fav tunes while driving around in circles. All I was doing was cutting of the miserable dandelions! Arg! I had to do 2 passes to get rid of them. I left grandma with the kids. She said she went ahead and got them lunch, then I thought wait a minute all she did was get it out of the fridge as it was all ready to go anyway? Whatever at least I could get some stuff done!

Good Night... must get sleep

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

#266-Are you kidding me?

I am so ready to throttle the hubby. We have 24 people coming over on the weekend and the house has been in need of cleaning for some time. (I guess my jobs aren't full time so I am the only one available to dust and clean?) Well I have been busting my butt this week trying to get the entire house cleaned (and it's a deep clean this time). I also needed to find my phone and clean the kids toys.

I have found the phone (which of course led me to more work, it was in the couch cushions. When I took the cushions out of the couch I was horrified at the stuff in there. YUCK! Considering we never eat in the living room there are some weird things in there! Raisins, rice crispies, parts off of xmas gifts (apparently I need to de-cushion a little more frequently) So of course then I had to take all the cushions off and do the vacuum thing. Can you imagine how horrified the MIL would be if she dropped something and had to go digging. Sadly there was no money in the couch though. :( I have decided that Hair is going to take over the earth once humans are gone. The bits of hair under there was crazy and I am usually in my chair so how does my hair get over and under there? I know it's mine as I am the only one is this house with really dark, almost black, hair.

I never did get the living room finished... gee i wonder why?

So anyway back to the house cleaning. My hubby is so freaking busy doing the basement bathroom he couldn't even lift a finger to help get ready for the guests. His parents aren't here for a while and I told him I have Sunday off so he could have done it then!

So now I have a house finish cleaning and he will be too busy tomorrow because he has to mow the lawn. I suppose I would just be annoyed as he doesn't clean the way I want it cleaned anyway.

Off to bed it's late and I am tired! :)

Good Night

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

#265 - It's a good thing your hair doesn't catch on fire when you are going 1,000 miles an hour!

Crazy is as crazy does? Or something like that. I am in the process of getting ready for the kids birthday parties this weekend. I decided to have the Girls' in the morning and the Boy's in the after noon! It seemed like a good idea at the time. Not so much now that I only have a few more days to get ready. My poor hubby can't help me at all as he is trying to get the bathroom fixtures installed before his parents get here.

I spent today starting my pre-inlaw visit cleaning. I ripped apart Baby's room today and cleaned it all. It was in desperate need of a serious dusting. So one down and several to go. Tomorrow is the boys room. I figure if I can get them all cleaned up then I can just do a quick dust before the in-laws get here. I also have to do some re-arranging and hopefully find my lost phone since it's still MIA!

I had a chat with a friend last night that made me happy. They were the ones that moved away without any contact. I am so glad she reached out and said hello. It warmed my heart.

- never having enough time to get anything done

- only 2 more teaching days until I get the summer off, next Friday and the following Monday.

My boys were fighting over the vacuum today?? Apparently the two vacuums I have are not enough to clean the house. I need one and each of the boys do. They were busy helping me clean all morning. Baby was just all over the place. I think she was enjoying her time with all the toys and no boys to bug her!

Boy1 is currently my challenging one. He drives me crazy. In the morning he was telling Baby to throw her spoon on the floor. Then he hit Boy2 as he had a toy he wanted. Then there is the whole potty thing. He can also be very helpful too, what's a Mom to do (oh ya... just wait soon someone else will annoy me more! :) )

I don't think Boy2 is enjoying our warm spell (frost a week ago now it's a blistering 30 degrees Celsius). I guess he takes after his mom, I don't like the heat either. I am hoping we get some rain soon though as it's so incredibly dry it's scary!

Baby can almost count to ten now... she usually misses the 9 but gets the rest done correctly. I am really enjoying her right now... except the part where she says NO a lot. I just can't believe she is almost 2. I am so sad hubby won't let me try any of those frozen embies we have. I would love one more. :( They are just so much fun, exhausting but fun! :)

Off to try to get my printer to work... every time I shut it off it doesn't want to print... I am no longer going to be saving power this is too annoying!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

#264 - Where did the weekend go?

It is amazing how fast a weekend can just fly by!

I managed to get the basement bathroom painted (YEY!) and hubby, after some fun got the toilet bolted down. It's starting to look a lot less yucky in there! (Not like it could look much worse! Gross!) My cousin's wife was supposed to come out but she had to cancel. So I phoned my mother as we are really desperate to get stuff done before the inlaws come out. She said she was too busy as she had to get groceries and clean the car (if you saw the inside of their cars you would understand why I thought that was utterly ridiculous! LOL). Anyway I was really bummed out as the kids were grumpy due to the hot weather which meant that I wouldn't be able to help the hubby at all. Much to my surprise guess who showed up? (I swear she must have got hit by lightening! :)) Anyway it was a great help and we were actually able to get a couple hours of stuff done. Apparently they showed up today to do some yard clean-up stuff while I was at work??? My poor father had been working all weekend too, I can't believe she dragged him out here to do that. Maybe she is finally seeing just how impossible it is for us to get anything done with the stage the kids are at right now?? I was shocked but happy that some stuff finally got done this weekend.

Teach tomorrow, then my next project is House cleaning... and hopefully finding my missing cordless phone? Of course the ringer is off so the intercom button doesn't work. I have no idea where it got to???


Friday, June 12, 2009

#263 - That was rough!

Well it was a long one today, as I predicted. I was a just a wee bit tired. It is hard to yammer on when one is exhausted!

So on to tomorrow and house renos!

- when my babysitter (aka bitchy mother/crazy lady) actually decides to babysit she always tries to START something in the morning.

- making it to the end of a rough day

Well grandma was here today... so we had injuries. Boy1 clobbered Boy2 in the face with part of the train track. Mom told hubby that she was doing dishes (that were never done) and she told me it happened when she was in the bathroom??? Who the heck knows. The kids to bonk each other from time to time, however most of the time I can tell when they are getting 'that' way. You can usually see it coming for a while so I try to intervene before a big shmuck happens. I figure it probably just happened and Mom wasn't sure what to do when they started fighting. Usually they don't take to smacking with toys, I suppose this is a new phase I will have to deal with! Uggg! Of course I want to get pics done for Baby's birthday... we will have a lovely fat lip to add to the photos this year. They always seem to injure themselves before photos? Is there some kind of rule that says kids have to do something to their faces before pictures?

Good Night

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

#262 - Zoo Day


It was a busy day today. Took the kids to the zoo. I met another friend there who babysits twins. It was nice to get out with the kids, but kind of scary with 3 of them on the move and just me. I took the big old triple stroller but everyone decided to walk. So there I was dragging the stroller and trying to keep track of all three. I hooked Baby up to my little kiddy backpack with the 'leash' and the boys were roaming free. I didn't lose anyone so I guess it was a good day! I was very nervous of this trip as I knew if the boys wanted to walk then Baby would have to join in. She absolutely refuses to hold my hand, Miss Independent! :)

Boy1 went potty before we left and he managed to stay dry until we got home! Wow! Boy2 even stayed mostly dry and he also used the potty when we got home. My kids are weird they never seem to soil their diapers when we are out? I guess they know about mom's public restroom phobia's already! LOL

I came home got ready to go to work and I also have to teach tomorrow. It's a busy one as usual!

Good Night...

#261-What would you do?

Woohoo hubby picked up our 'new' bathroom today! Some assembly required! Ok a WHOLE lot of assembly required! So what did we do put a couple of pieces together and stared at it??? There is a good use of our time! :)

So here's the thing. I get a lot of folks who a) said you Had another one after twins? then then continue on to b) aren't you glad that your last one wasn't a twin? I am never really sure what to say to this since my last one was a twin too. I usually answer with 'actually she was a twin, but we had an early loss'. I think it makes people feel like crap when I say this but I just don't want to diminish the fact that my daughter is a twin too. (I must admit it does shut them up about the whole wow your busy thing!) I also feel like an impostor in the twin world given that mine were 'medically induced'. So it's just all very weird?? I don't know if I should just keep my mouth shut and say nothing or educate a few that maybe they shouldn't say that anymore. I would have been really tired and overworked but I sure would have rather had my daughters twin here with me.... I still see the little heart beat and the 2 sacs that were there the day we found out there was twins in there. I will never forget the next ultrasound when there was still two sacs, but one heart wasn't beating. :(

So what would you do? a) keep quiet or b)continue to make people feel bad unintentionally? Am I just being unintentionally nasty or do you think B is OK?

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

#260 - More cleaning up!

Today was another busy day... with some cleaning and organizing to go with it! We finally found something that would work in the bathroom and guess what 1 of the cabinets has been discontinued! Buuuut I think I found another solution! Thank goodness for internet shopping.

I have some new cabinets in my scrapbooking area so now I can get my tables all cleaned up! I am all about keeping the mess behind closed doors (notice I said the mess... it doesn't have to be neat if you can't see it, right?) :)

- discontinued items on the IKEA website... arrrg!
- potty training!
- kids that get up at 2:34am, when you went to bed at 1am!
- frost warnings in June (are you freaking kidding me?)

- hubby in a really good mood...

The kids have been so good lately when we have been trying to get work done that I wanted to spend some quality time with them today. We spent the morning with the playdoh. I think I am a bad mom though as I have this thing about mixing colours so they only get to play with one colour at a time. I do let them switch whenever they want. (I was a little annoyed when I took all the stuff out, grandma had it out last, what a mess! I never leave the stuff like that, I guess I am just too anal)

I was amazed that Baby sat and played as long as the boys did. She had one minor, throw the playdoh meltdown but that was it. (Brings me back to the day of the boys playdoh meltdown... can you say MESSY?) They were busy for almost 2 hours. Who knew they had such long attention spans (well Boy1 does when he is vacuuming?)

I told my mother that my cousin was coming to watch the kids for a while on Saturday so we could get some stuff done around the house before the inlaws come. Well guess what apparently MOM was coming out on Saturday to help out (5 seconds before in the same conversation she thought I worked Saturday). Ok she must think I am pretty stupid if I can't figure that one out. What a line of B.S!

The kids were pretty good again today, now if only I could get that BOY 1 back on the potty... *sigh*

Good Night


Sunday, June 07, 2009

#259 - Something is wrong?


Ok so my boys spent 2 hours vacuuming the basement today, something must be terribly wrong. Actually Boy1 spent even longer than Boy 2 (apparently Boy 2 is the smarter one! :) ) I think they actually do a better job than I do? I even took one of the extensions out to make it easier for Boy1 to use the power head on the carpet. Please someone explain to them that vacuuming is actually NOT fun (but wait until they move out please!)

It just goes to prove I do have weird kids!

Where do they get this stuff from? I certainly didn't teach them how to vacuum (apparently since they do a better job!). Hmmm do you think I can teach them to clean the toilets next? :)

p.s. It looks like I have a relative that is going to come out and watch the kids for a couple of hours on Saturday so hubby and I can get some stuff done. (She has 3 kids, the oldest is graduating from High School this year, I think she knows what we are up against)

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

#257 - A cleaning I will go!

Well so much for my nice storage room... It's full! The bathroom (aka storage room) is now empty and ready for new fixtures. Hubby will have to get at it now especially since his parents are coming to visit.

Well I had a minor meltdown on Friday. The mother! She is just pissing me off (as per usual). Unfortunately there was nothing I could even find funny this time. She is just a b*tch that's all there is to say about it.

In addition to all my organizing at home, I was also busy at work re-organizing stuff! I do like organizing so it was a good day! Also no backlash from the owner with the big mouth, so far anyway.

- People that just about knock me over to get back into the store (After we told her it was closed when she was in the first time) to come and get 2 - $2 items. To me it's about respect of other people's time. (I guess now that I am in retail my time isn't as important as others?)
- Tonight I came home after a busy day at work, everyone had eaten already. So hubby just disappears. (I really really hate when he does this!) He took off outside to try to get rid of our Mole that is digging in our mound. Oh he did tell me the kids were rotten before I took off. So I was trying to get myself some supper while chasing after the kids and trying to find my dork of a hubby!

- Knowing I have tomorrow off!

Still no more action on the potty with Boy1. I am not sure what I am going to do with that kid! I suck at potty training, good thing I am better at Math (for when they start school! LOL)

I missed them today, but I am glad I missed a grumpy day! :)


Thursday, June 04, 2009

#256 - Oh brother!

Well today was interesting to say the least (hmm... never short of topics to blog about I suppose! :) )

- My friend with the Kidney's that are failing spent the evening 'drunk' dialing and/or texting me. Great! First of all I gave him sh*t as he isn't supposed to be drinking anyway. It also drives me crazy that he talks way to much 'smack' when he has been drinking. I tried to be very careful in my words as he is really having issues dealing with this whole Kidney failure thing. I felt like I was walking on broken glass (hey wasn't there a song about that! 80's rock! Boy do I get side tracked easily). He has an appointment tomorrow so I am anxious to see how that goes. I asked him if he needed someone to go with him, but he said he was OK. I sure hope that's the last time I ever have to talk to the guy when he's on 'booze'!

- Oh yes the whole work thing. Three of us planned a meeting with the owner of the store that we work at. We planned to meet her off site (so as not to start the gossip train). There are some issues but we were very careful to be 'politically' correct. No blame etc (years of working with clients in the consulting industry has done well to teach me how to Dr. Phil the important conversations! LOL). Well later this evening one of the gals that works there and met with us phoned to let me know that the owner had apparently told one of the other (entitlement generation) staff. Who of course told someone else... you get the picture. So much for trying not to cause trouble. I seem to always get the brunt of all the crap around there from the 'other' staff so if this causes any issues I think it will push me to the 'get the eff out of there I don't need this crap' phase of this job. I don't work there to make money that's for sure so if it's going to become an annoying place to work I am sure as heck heading for the door! (I probably should quit anyway since I seem to have way to much to do anyway... but generally speaking I do like it there) In the mean time poor hubby had to take all three kids to the hairdresser. (yes my hubby can be the biggest arce out there but he is truly amazing too! I sure as heck wouldn't have attempted that one!)

- oh yes I also managed to 'break my wireless' network today, which cause a change to my ip address, which messed up my server! Fricking heck! Anyway I have it all setup now so I am not going to eff with it anymore! :) Still loving my Apple wireless router... it's awesome! (It's the idiot user that causes to many issues!) But not all was lost I did learn a few things today. Why is it one has to totally frig something up to learn something really good??? :)

- feeling like crap. I was trying to get some stuff cleaned up in the basement today and I started to get weak and thought I was going to throw up. Yuck! I am not sure why when I teach I get so freaking exhausted? In addition my little breathing issue has come back. It comes and goes from time to time. They can't seem to figure it out. I actually will be just sitting and all of a sudden I gasp for air? I am pretty sure it just some weird muscle thing, but it is annoying nonetheless. It all started after I had the boys. I have been through so many tests all with no answers. Well it's not really doing anything but being annoying so I try to just ignore it.
- people who can't keep their mouth's shut... see above. As a business owner she should know better!

- hubby telling me that the kids were good when they got their hair cut!

The boys were way overdue for hair cuts! They look sooo much better!

Potty training has returned to it's usual state... poop in pants instead of the potty! friggen heck! What a frustrating bunch! On the good side baby asked to go potty this evening. We sat in there for a while and nothing happened but at least she is trying!

Off to bed I go! Working tomorrow night so I better get some sleep.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

#255 - 2 more to go!

I am done yet another course and I only have 2 more to go! It has been around a year since I started teaching and I am really starting to enjoy it! :)

I am exhausted so off to bed I go!

- rush hour traffic, people in the city have no idea how to drive. They want to ban cell phone use, instead they should just ban Stupid Drivers that would solve a majority of the issues! :)

- coming home to hubby with kids after a tiring day at work instead of my mother! (ya she actually showed up 2 days in a row! Wow! :)

I need to sit down to type this one. Hubby was starting to get the kids ready for their bath so he dumped Boy1 on the potty and told him to wait there. He left him all alone! I heard what sounded like a plop (all the way on the other side of the house!) then shortly after I hear Boy1 holler "I pooped in the potty". I went in and he stood up to show me! (Yummy! NOT) I am excited to report that the little turd FINALLY left one where it actually should be left (instead of his pants that is!). Crossing my fingers here that maybe he will continue to do this as we sure made a bid deal out of it! (That and my cousin gave me a big bag of old hot wheels so we are using them as a reward for doing 'the business' in the potty!) Boy2 also got a new car after his bath! YAHOO! Excitement all around!

I must admit I would have never thought poop in a potty could ever make someone so happy! :) Ahh the things you learn as a parent!

Good night... ever been so tired that you are to tired to go to bed? LOL

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

#254 - OMG write this one down!

Well my mother FINALLY showed up to look after the kids while I taught today. I was sure she would call in 'sick' about 9pm last night. For once I am actually surprised by what she actually did, show up when she said she would! :) She was more miserable than a dude who just cut off his 'member' when she arrived in the morning. I think she does it on purpose just to TRY to ruin my day. I said good morning twice before she decided to acknowledge me? WTF? Well anyway I didn't let her get to me and I just headed off to work.

Oh my dear Martha I would like to thank you for your last comment (and everyone else too! :) ) something you said has really made me think. "Your mom is so clueless, if it wasn't such a burden on you, it would Almost be funny." Well let me tell you she is definitely out there on the ridiculous side so I am going to spend my time trying to see the funny side of the things she does. This way at least I will get a laugh or two and not so stressed over the stupid crap she pulls! Humor, I like it!!! So tomorrow when she gives me the nasty sneer I am going to think about Scary Movie or maybe Night Mare on Elm street, when Freddy was getting a sense of humor! :) Hmm... she actually looks kind of like Freddy come to think of it... but a lot fatter! :) OK I am just evil tonight! :)

We got a call that the inlaws are coming to visit in July. This means my hubby has to get his skinny butt in business and get the bathroom finished downstairs and I need to get my fat arce going and get this place at least presentable! I am looking forward to the visit I find it much easier to be in our own space instead of invading theirs. It usually takes me about a week to adjust to their invasion, it always seems that when I am getting used to them they leave. I will finish my last course for the term on the Monday before they arrive. I am glad there isn't much prep involved as I will have to clean the weekend before they come. Well at least beat the big huge dust bunnies back into their corners! :)

I am halfway done my latest class, that means a total of 5 more working days this term. (Man when you put it that way it sure doesn't seem like much work now does it!). I am really enjoying this class, I have a really great group and I have had a bunch of folks that have really been happy about some things that they have learned. They think I am great??? (Hmmm OK I have the fooled! :) )

- people who cut me off in rush hour then slow down. THEN they proceed to SPEED through a construction zone! I speed from time to time but I believe that we should all SLOW down in a construction zone. Those are brothers, father's, sons, daughters, etc working out there, if you can't wait 5 extra seconds to get to where you are going you SHOULD HAVE LEFT EARLIER! OK I am done with my RANT now (road rage much?)
- Frost in JUNE... there was freaking frost on my windshield this morning? What the heck is up with that! (Yes I realize that I live in Canada, but contrary to popular belief we don't ALL live in IGLOOS. While we are on the show issue, NO I DO not have CHAINS for my tires either! LOL)

- little smiles
- little hugs
- my new Airport wireless modem arrived in the mail today! I got in on sale for a good deal. I plugged it in and hooked it up (and turned off the wireless on the crappy gateway that I have) and woollllaaa it was working. NOTHING PC ever works for me the first time! I am MC loving my MAC stuff! (My only issue was I was assigned a new IP address which of course mucked up my server. But I was able to fix it fairly quicly! :) ) I am also happy to report I have not dropped my wireless connection once since I hooked it up! (I am not even talking about the issues I had with my gateway that I had... the gateway is a Modem/router/wireless router that was provided by my ISP in case you were wondering. Only problem is it is a piece of crap and the wireless never worked properly. So I solved my problem by getting a new wireless router!) So to make my very long story very short. I am happy that I have functioning wireless NOW!!!

The kids were sooo tired today that BOY1 fell asleep in the chair before supper. Baby and Boy2 greeted me at the door when I got home, but no Boy1. I guess he was to tired after being outside with Dad this afternoon! It sure makes it easy to get them to go to bed when they are so tired. It's nice now that they are a bit older they don't go into the MELTDOWN mode like they used to. They do get crabby, but not as much noise is involved.

I sure do miss the little creatures when I am at work!

Good night!

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Monday, June 01, 2009

#253 - A organizing I will go!

Yipee the spare bedroom is almost cleaned out, the garage sale 'crap' is almost out of the bathroom! Next job hubby is to put in a new toilet and put a sink in as well. Wohoo! Even better we can now get into the bathroom to flush the toilet as the water was getting disgusting! Well I thought it was the toilet but it turns out it was from the sink drain (there is no sink just the drain and there was no water in the pipe so yucky stink was filling the basement! That's gotta be healthy! Well hubby fixed it tonight!)

It looks as though my mother may actually come and look after my kids while I work tomorrow! I left a big mess in the basement (mostly empty boxes!) and I made it so she couldn't see into the spare bedroom, the bathroom or the storage room. She keeps asking me if I am done yet? WTF? The shelves weren't even in the storage room and she was wondering if I had everything in there yet. Needless to say I was a little bad today and made sure that she couldn't see what I have done. She is so bloody nosy it drives me crazy. Then she was on my about the garage sale we are going to have. I said we aren't going to be ready for June so I am going to wait until late August. She said they have plans to go camping so it doesn't work for her, so I said what weekend and I will plan around her. Of course she couldn't answer because she is lying again! Then she said that she needed my course schedule for the fall semester. She said she can't help as they are going away in September (first it was for their anniversary, then it was for a week, now it's for three weeks apparently). I have 3 classes in Sept so I am sure she will make sure she is gone for the entire time. Most people would want my schedule to work around it, she only wants it so she doesn't have to come and watch the kids. Did I mention they NEVER take their holidays in September!

I am still trying to find part time care for the kids, it is not going well. Anything not to ever have to ask her to help out!

Well I am tired tonight so I better be off to bed so I am awake for my class tomorrow!

- my mother!
- cold sores (i haven't had one in about 7 years! Ugg)
- early mornings
- my mother! LOL

- Getting my basement closer to being cleaned up & somewhat livable!
- Getting closer to not having to move things from one room to another then back again!

Well the monkeys were really good today! Boy1 was playing with the vacuum in the basement so I said he might as well turn it on. He did the entire floor and he did a great job too! I am going to have to let him 'play' with the one upstairs too. Maybe if I get both my vacuums going the kids will have this place spic and span! LOL

I dug one of my old 'toys' out for Baby today. It's my old 'walking' doll from when I was young. Baby had a great time with it, although I think she was a little freaked out by a Doll that was her size. Boy1 took a liking to her as her eyes shut when she is laying down and they open when she is sitting up. Boy1 was busy playing with Baby and the Doll on the bunk bed that was hiding in the back of our spare room. (I found the floor in the spare room and the kids liked the bunk beds in there!) Boy2 was busy between checking out the TV and what everyone else was doing. I found some old toys that were from my grandparents house and I gave them to Boy2 while Boy1 was playing with his sister.

Boy1 had fun with them for quite a while before Boy2 decided to enter the picture. They were really good though, no fighting over any of the 'new' toys! I was happy!

I spent the afternoon building 'stuff' with the 'new' toys I dug out! The kids had a blast! (So did mom!)

(potty training still sucks! :) )

Good Night

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