Tuesday, April 07, 2009

#214 - My opinion - Febreze Candles - Vanilla & Refresh Scent

Product: Febreze Candles


TESTING NOTES: I put this candle (which I liked the scent to begin with) on the kitchen stove to test it out. I was happy to report the scent wasn't too strong and when lit it could be smelled through out the house. I wanted to try it out when the house was stinky. Well hubby cooked a ham and the house smelled so I lit the candle to see what it could do!

RESULTS: Yummy! Love the smell of this candle (vanilla & refresh) and it did manage to get the 'stink' out of my house. It didn't take very long before the cooking ham smell was gone. It wasn't just covered up it was actually removed! I made sure to put the candle in a safe place away from the kids, sometimes I am nervous with young children in the house. I was also happy to report that in the morning I could still smell the sent of the candle in the house even though it had been off all night. So I thought that was the end of my test, but the next day I went to start our stove (/fire place) in the basement. Well all I did was create a whole bunch of smoke. Hubby put the candle on to get the stink out of the house, it worked great!

THE BOTTOM LINE: I really like the scent of this candle. I am a little cautious of candles in the house with small children so I may not use it as often as I would like to!



At 5:15 p.m., April 07, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Ooooh...I love vanilla scented candles.


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