Sunday, September 27, 2009

#317 - Really now do ya have to visit?

Well the house PEST is back. I was not happy to find him in the garage drinking and smoking. (We finally got the smoke smell out of the garage after the previous owner... and our nice cars are in there getting all stinky.) As non-smokers I find the smell a little hard to take. At least he took the booze outside, not that I am against booze but this is a dude that can't handle his, not to mention his previous drug addiction. I personally think that booze should be off his list too. Hubby knew I would be pissed I suppose so he never said anything to me. I told the House PEST that he is welcome to stay but not to bring booze to our house again. (Did I mention that when I picked him up he had also been into the booze and was a little loud an obnoxious for my liking, I could have SWORN I told him not to EVER do that again when he was coming out to our place. I really hope that he continues to get his 'sh*t' together... and this is not all a waste of our time and energy trying to help him out. It's just so sad that he can't seem to catch any breaks these days. The dude does have a black cloud following him around. Lets just hope he isn't here too long! :)

Oh yes and my other visitor. The one I really want to kick out... my flipping anxiety attacks. There isn't even a good reason for them after the mostly awesome weekend I had. I was really hoping that one day I could get off the meds for Postpartum depression, but every time I try to get off them I seem to get really bad really quickly. This is my third try and it just isn't happening. The worst part is that I am on such a low dose that it really shouldn't make that much of a difference... according to my new family doc (no comment).

- See above!
- People that have no respect of other peoples time.
- People that think they are better than you because you work in a retail store part time

- knowing that the anxiety attacks can be stopped
- sleeping in

I didn't get enough time with them today. :( Hubby tells me they were pretty good. Sadly Baby Golem didn't come to visit tonight! Instead she was replaced by a howler monkey that didn't want to go to bed.

Good night... in bed before midnight tonight YEY!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

#316 - Gushing!

Well I completed my class on Friday... it was the first time I taught this one. I even had to deal with a fire alarm that put us behind and I still managed to get through all the material! The best part was the reviews... someone said that out of 3 instructors at the college I was the best one! Wow what a way to end the week... I guess they didn't notice that it was the first time I have gone through this course. Needless to say I am really starting to love this job too! I also had some other great comments, but this one will stick with me for a while... that and the one that said I was dull! (To this day I still laugh about that one!)

Today was a nice day at home... the five of us in the same place at the same time. It was really nice.

- wind... man it has been bad lately
- the lack of rain... it doesn't look much like fall, more like things are dying. We really need some raid.

- when I do a good job and people actually are able to learn something from me
- finally finding my 'happy place'. I should have left my old career years ago... money sure isn't everything that's for sure (although it is nice to buy stuff!:) )

I am so enjoying the 4th year... the boys are just wonderful to be around and they are learning so much. So far 2 four year olds has been about the easiest time to have twins. I am so dreading them heading off to school I love having them around.

Oh yes and Baby Golem was back for a visit tonight. We were getting the boys ready for bead then all of a sudden I noticed Baby 'circling' my hubby. She was on her feet and hands again going around and around saying "My Precious". The hubbs and I almost fell over we were laughing so hard! What a kid!

Good Night... better get some sleep I have to work tomorrow ....

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

#315 - Golem and other 'stuff'

This is a great post on recovering from infertility, it's from Jamie over at Sticky Feet! I love it when other people can organize my thoughts and make them all make sense for me!

We all got through a different journey but it never ceases to amaze me how similar the emotional side of the journey is.

So if you are still in the trenches.... hang in there.

Today was a teaching day. A new course and I am really having fun with this one. It's cool to be able to explain database normalization to NON-Systems people and they actually "GOT IT". It's nice to work with a group that is actually in the right class and are advanced enough that the basics are fairly easy for them to follow. Unfortunately I am behind where I wanted to be... but am hoping to catch up tomorrow! :)

Tonight I am watching the Season Premier of Grey's Anatomy... Apparently I missed the final episode of the last season (PVR issues). So what the heck... George, they killed George... rotten writers! The first time in MONTHS that I am NOT watching Treehouse and they freaking kill George! What the heck is that all about?

- back to the morning thing... 5:30am sucks!

- Boy hugs and Girl Kisses


You know that dude Golem from Lord on the Rings... the creepy-ish looking dude that walks around all crouched over. Well this dude has a sister and She is living in my house. Let me explain!

The other night my sweet girl was 'walking around' on her feet and hands, kind of crouched over. A buddy was over and said "Look Golem lives here". So what do any good Parents do? Well teach little Golem girl how to say "My Precious" of course!

So tonight, after the lights were turned off for bed... my little Golem was creeping around the bedroom repeating "My Precious"! Really I must get this on video! :)

Boy2 was also providing entertainment for us at the supper table. All three kids were chatting! Three different conversations all wanting answers... it was a little nutty! Finally Boy2 pipes up and says "Mom I can't help myself, I am talking and I can't stop". Out of the mouths of babes! :)

So goodnight... my precious.... es! :)

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

#314 - Hot Hot Hot

So the hottest day of the year so far was the 2nd day of fall.. +34 Celsius! Can you say Gross not to mention weird?

Oh well it should be down to freezing by Sunday! Gotta love our weather.

I am just hoping for a bunch of rain because it is really really really dry here. To dry, it's scary. It's already worrying the farmers for next year.

Teaching a new course the next two days. I should be reviewing, but I am not. I went to a scrapbooking class tonight instead! :)

Anyway I should be off to bed, it's an early morning tomorrow... good night!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

#313 - Christmas Anyone?

So I needed a break from all the work chaos and I started on making my Christmas gifts tonight! I saw this cute little idea to make little books to keep track of birthday's. So off I go creating a Birthday book for everyone in the family. Labour intensive yes, but easy on the pocket book too. When I have one done I will post a pic or two!

Ahh it's good to craft!

Good night!


Monday, September 21, 2009

#312 - My Opinion - Nestea Vitao

PRODUCT:Assorted flavours Nestea Vitao



I was sent 3 flavours to try out... here are the details from the Nestea site:

NESTEA Vitao™ Fuji Apple Green Tea is made from premium whole leaf green tea to extract the plentiful natural tea antioxidants. This light, refreshing tea taste is sweetened with crisp Fuji apple flavour.
Key Enhancements:
* A source of natural green tea antioxidants for the maintenance of good health
* Vitamins C and E, Calcium
* No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
* Made with real fruit juice
* 90 calories per 341 mL can
* 120 calories per 473 mL bottle

NESTEA Vitao™ Açai Blueberry Red Tea is made from the South African Red Bush – rooibos. This mellow tea taste is sweetened with the subtle berry flavours of exotic acai and natural blueberry.
Key Enhancements:
* A source of natural red tea antioxidants for the maintenance of good health
* Vitamins C and E, Calcium
* No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
* Made with real fruit juice
* 90 calories per 341 mL can
* 130 calories per 473 mL bottle
* Caffeine Free

NESTEA Vitao™ Mandarin Orange White Tea is made from hand-picked, rare, immature tea leaf buds, which are minimally processed to preserve their plentiful natural tea antioxidants. This light, delicate tea taste is sweetened with the aromatic flavour of mandarin orange.
Key Enhancements:
* A source of natural white tea antioxidants for the maintenance of good health
* Vitamins C and E, Calcium
* No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
* Made with real fruit juice
* 90 calories per 341 mL can
* 120 calories per 473 mL bottle

I really liked each of these drinks. My favorite is the Açai Blueberry Red Tea, with the Fuji Apple Green Tea one next. I am not much of a fan of oranges so the Mandarin orange was last on my list, but it happened to be my husbands favorite so we pretty much had them all covered! I was amazed by the fact that the Fuji Apple Green Tea actually tasted like a green apple!

I do like the fact that they are made with real fruit juice and that there are no artifical flavours, colours or preservatives added not to mention that they taste soooo good!

THE BOTTOM LINE: We will definitely be purchasing more at our house! I was happy to see them in the stores finally (I think we are a little slow out west! :) ) P.S. here are some great recipes too!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

#311- Oy!

Well it's been a while. I have been keeping out of trouble. I managed to make it through a painful course last week. Painful in that it was difficult to get through all the material. The funny thing was all the good comments that I received. I was really rushing to get through the last bit of the class. Sometimes I don't know where the time goes? It was also a small class so I am not really sure what happened. Oh well I managed to get through everything and no one seemed to irked by the speed at which we went through stuff at the end of day 2 (I think everyone is pretty much ready to leave by then anyway!)

I slept in on Friday - lucky me as the hubby was off. Well not so lucky me as hubby was in a 'mood' because he hasn't been getting any time to work on his shed. I have been so busy working that I haven't had a lot of time to take the kids off his hands when he is home. What's a part time working mom with way to many jobs to do? Put up with a miserable hubby I suppose! I get yelled at about an hour before work, then get yelled at because I was crying. What good is crying going to do he says... talk about support there. NO sorry, nothing, then I get home from work and he won't talk to me. Sheesh and I didn't even do anything except be so totally exhausted that I had to sleep in. Oh well he is back to work tomorrow and I am almost ready for my next course so maybe he can have his ME time and shut the frig up!

Oh yes and I just sent my handouts for my last course that I have to develop for this semester. Phew... Now I just have some final preparations and I can go teach on Thursday/Friday! Then work Friday night and Sunday at my other job... then pass out for a while! :)

- grumpy men

- sweet boy who brings me my 'blanket' when I am sad. Poor little fella

Well the boys have really been a treat for quite a while now. They are getting along so well and playing so well it's a amazing. I didn't expect this kind of peace in the house until they moved out. They are kids after all! :) Oh yes and we are officially pull-up free (well except bed time but that's a just in case deal) with the boys! They both are Potty Trained! (My sweet Boy1 gets my Iphone every evening then he proceeds to the bathroom to do his business... sometimes he sits there for 20 mins playing on the phone! I am thinking he will be the magazine reader in the Potty room as he gets older! :))

Ah yes and Baby... she is growing up way to fast for my liking. She still loves the word NO. We also like to ask her if she is Mom's girl... she will say NO, then we ask if she is Dad's girl... NO again. So then what does she say... baby's girl! Oh yes she is her own person that's for sure!

I am looking forward to getting through my four week course marathon (at least that's what it feels like) so that I can just spend time with the kiddos... no work involved! (At least until they go to bed that is)

Oh yes my growing boys. For the first time Boy1 and I built a train track, we got to work together, no more just mom doing it. What a treat! I really can't put into words how much I love these little folks that run around my house and make noise all day! It's good to be a MOM!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

#310 - Still keeping out of trouble

I was busy working on another contract today! I needed a break from my course. Actually I may just take a break from it for a while. Well until the weekend anyway. Then I have to get going as I teach the new course the following week.

I got out for a while today too, I should have been working but instead I was spending money. (I could really use some new clothes but a netbook was in order for moi) I do love my gadgets... I shouldn't have spent the money but it was time for some retail therapy! LOL

I had a guest with me today, Boy1. No potty accidents which was exciting since we were gone for 2 1/2 hours and I forgot to ask him if he had to GO (bad mother) before we left. He was good as I dragged him around to three different computer stores, the bank, the dollar-rama and work (to install a printer cable). He was so tired out that he fell asleep in the truck on the way home! Poor Gaffer! :)

Off I go... good night

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

#309 - I made it through the weekend...

I am happy that I made it through my first class and a crazy weekend at work. It was a 3 day work week for me! I can't believe how tired I am after only 3 days!

Well I suppose it's usually because I start my day at 8am... but for teaching I start my days at 5:30am (man I don't miss working at my old job where that was the normal time to get up). I usually get home around 5pm so that's not too bad, but on Friday I had to work at my other job so I didn't get home until 10:30pm. Then I had to be up early on Saturday for a mega sale at my other job. IT was insane all day. I came home and fell asleep in the chair after supper. (Well sort of, hubby decided it was ok for the kids to keep trying to wake me up... Arce! I always tell them to leave their father alone if he doses off, you think he could extend me the same courtesy.) Well I did head to bed when the kids did so I got some extra sleep anyway.

Today I finally finished my course that I was developing! Now it's just review and checking time! I am so glad I am on the down swing of this class. It seems like it took me forever, even though it didn't! I just have so much to do I want to get on with it I suppose!

- early mornings
- talking alllll day and having to listen to myself!

- weird work hours that let me spend more time with my kids then if I was working out of the house all the time.

I was sad that on Friday I was gone before the kids got up and didn't get home until after they went to bed. It's not very often that I don't see them during the day... and I don't like it at all!

Boy1 is still happily pooping in the potty... thank god for my iphone!
Boy2 likes to lean over when he tinkles... he peed in his face this weekend! He has some serious compression
Baby still wants everything her way. Tonight she kicked over a little log house that Boy1 built to get the car she wanted out of it. She looked around to make sure he wasn't watching and poof with the foot over it went, then the sly little smile appeared. She grabbed her car and took off. But not before I gave her heck! What a turkey, she knew she was being bad but did it anyway!

And off to bed I go... good night

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Friday, September 11, 2009

#308 - Thinking of all those affected by this day in history

Thinking of all those affected by September 11th... from planes, to the pentagon, to New York... to those still overseas.

May the craziness in our world come to an end one day and there be peace in the world. If only we could just all live together on this great planet and respect that we are all different in one way or another and just live in harmony.

That is what I wish.....


Thursday, September 10, 2009

#307 - It's a rough week but with some humor!

Well my work week has just started (well my work out of the house part of the week anyway! LOL) I am teaching my first course of the semester. One day down and one day to go! I am trying to just enjoy what I do, but I always worry about the students that are in the class that should be in the more advanced classes. Oh well I guess they are warned at the beginning of the course what is actually in the class and they do have the option to transfer. I always seem to get a few challenging ones in every class. I have a lady that I am not sure if she can read or even understand English for that matter. I can point to a cell on a screen, tell her to click on it and she will do EVERYTHING else but. I am not really sure what the deal is, but at least it gives me something interesting to try to figure out! So tomorrow is the 2nd and last day of the class. After the class I have to head to my other part time job and work until close at 9pm. Then on Saturday... Job2 again. Sunday = Me passing out I think! :) Actually I have to finish off one of the other courses I am working on, not to mention the ecommerce site I am trying to setup and some fixes to another application that I support.

Why does everything have to happen in the same month? LOL

- stupid drivers (It never ceases to amaze me at the stupidity of the drivers on the road. I sure am glad I don't have to drive in rush hour traffic every day) There was an older gentleman that was cruising to get run over. He got out onto the freeway drove directly into the 'fast lane' and was doing about 20kms lower than the speed limit. Not to mention that everyone drives about 20kms over the speed limit. So what the heck he needed to be out in the fast lane for (besides to cause a traffic jam) is anybody's guess. We went for miles and he never turned left (not that you can really turn left on that road anyway!)
- my mother (she actually showed up to look after the kids today... one never knows with her) and she is such a joy to be around in the morning that I could just Throw UP!

- coming home after a long day at work! :)

It's so great to come home and the kids actually want me instead of Dad for a change. I even manage to get some hugs and kisses out of Baby... usually she only gives those to Dad when he gets home from work!

So here is a bit on Potty Training... When all else fails turn to technology to help out. If you have been following for a while you will know that we have been having some issues getting Boy1 to use the potty. I have tried everything and could not find anything to bribe the monkey. Toys, new toys, gummy bears, bran bites (ya I know weird, but with twins you are doing a lot of 'bribing' so I wanted something a little more healthy than candy.) Well anyway months later Boy1 is still not using the potty for the solids. Little did I know the answer to my problems was in my back pocket the entire time. (Now you are probably thinking what the heck is she talking about). Well he is my kid and I am TOTALLY technology addicted. Makes sense that one of my kids might be that way. Low and behold my IPHONE is the trick to potty training, haven't even had an accident since.

I have a free bubble app that I downloaded from the internet and a 99cent "PhonyPhone" app that I downloaded as well. When Boy1 has to go potty now he only wants Mom and he will sit and play on the IPHONE until his "job" is done!

I may have to send this one to apple as new way to use your iphone/ipod touch! HA HA!

I guess I will have to call it the Poopy Phone from now one! (And make sure to disinfect it with those nice antibacterial wipes too!:)

Hope you had a laugh over this one... good night!

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

#306 - What do I see?

I see leaves changing colours and beginning to fall to the ground... what do you see?


Saturday, September 05, 2009

#305 - It's a working weekend for moi!

Man am I messed up with my days. I have no idea what day it is with the hubby home on Friday now! (hmm my printer is making some funny noises in the background... I am not sure that wireless is the way to go with printers! :))

So Monday is Labour Day... guess what I will be doing, labouring over my computer! I am still working on one of my courses. I am a bit of a freak with wondering how much I have to do yet so I am always counting pages. (I have a student handout that I use as my base to create my course and my exercises and samples). Well I am 39% through the book. There are 4 major sections (2 yucky ones). I have one of the yucky sections done and I am currently working on the biggest one. Then one more yucky section then a small section then I am DONE. At least when I am done I am done all my prep work for all three courses.

Tomorrow I get to go to my fun job. I picked up a shift (dumb!) but it's ok as I need to go deal with some computer issues there too! We finally got a new computer and I got it all setup and working with the system (or so I thought) and we have had a few setup issues that required some tweaking by moi. Tomorrow I need to fix the receipts that I buggered up by accident on Thursday night. (Well I mostly cleaned them up but I have a bit of work to do yet! :) ) Then I have to deal with a blog switch over for our work blog... yaddy yaddy ya! I do manage to keep myself in front of the computer these days!

I managed to make it through the entire afternoon without one Vista crash! I am going to write that one down on my calendar!

But it's late and I need to be off to bed!
Good night!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

#304 - Are you kidding me?

My husband just doesn't get it! His annoying behaviour today lead to me still working until after midnight!

I CAN'T DEVELOP a course DEAR while I am watching the KIDS so that you can go outside and do whatever the friggin heck it was that you were doing!

To top it off he was miserable all evening even though he got to do what he wanted. A little help here would be nice MR man. He just doesn't get it? When he is HOME I need time to work on this stuff without a pile of interruptions. I let him do what he wanted all weekend and still tried to get as much done as I could! Now where does that leave me up have the effing night.

Can you tell I am a bit grumpy? :)

He gets home at noon these days and goes to bed at 9pm so he can get up early to go to work. MAYBE he should go in a little later and get some gosh darn rest so the rest of us don't have to put up with his snarly attitude almost every night! Then add some close to record breaking temperatures and a nasty man I have here. He makes me feel like I shouldn't be working when he is home and the kids are up because he doesn't want to do everything. Some days marriage is a wonderful thing isn't it?

Anyway he will be going to work soon and I need some sleep so I better be off to bed and try not to wake the beast! :)

Good Night... lets hope tomorrow is a better day!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

#303 - Hot hot hot

Well if this is the end of our summer weather it sure is a final melt! It was another HOT one today. So much so that we all hid inside! (Well except my hubby he was finishing up with the last two cans of sealer for the driveway. 6 huge cans and we aren't even done yet. The rest will have to wait until next year!)

We finally got our new computer at work so I rushed in to set it up today. Good thing as my other laptop was our second till for the last little while. I have to do some work for another contract and I need the laptop back so talk about just in time they are supposed to call me tomorrow!

- going from near frost conditions to super super hot!
- stupid Point of Sale (POS) system at work! Arrrrg!
- leaves already falling off the trees! What is up with that?
- a house that just won't cool off!

- Little smiles
- Getting the work computer up and running!

The boys were suffering from the heat I think... they didn't get up until 10:30am this morning! WOW. I thought it was a good thing but Baby and Boy2 were just MISERABLE after sleeping so late. No more sleeping in for those two!