Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#206 - 1/2 WAY!

One thing that I like about teaching the two day course is that at the end of the first day you are half way there! Half way done and half way to another pay cheque! (Pay Cheques are good when you have a mortgage to pay! LOL)

It's a pretty good class, 16 people this time so not the 19 that was expected (phew!). I have a couple of non-computer users in this one which makes things interesting. They should know at least what the basics are when they get to this class. Like where the shift key is... or at least that there is a shift key somewhere! :) It always makes it challenging when you have a couple folks that just don't get it and can't follow simple instructions and then the other half of the class is probably WAY to advanced for this course. Well you do your best and way you go! :)

- rush hour traffic (man I don't miss that from the good 'ole days working 8 to 5)
- rush hour traffic, 3 lanes, red light, 3 full semi trucks (can you say "slow") It really bugs me when they get beside each other. Can't they at least leave one lane open for us poor vehicles that can go more than 2 kms per hour for 3 blocks until they get rolling! :)
- messing up my document update! Sheesh!
- when my mother arrives in one of her moods in the morning. What a way to start the day with a big ole grumpy face. (When I lived at home I would get screamed at for days on end, hours on end if I didn't say "GOOD" in front of Morning when I got up. I also had to be in a chipper mood or else! WTF? Now I am no morning person, but if ya just don't bug me I am fine and not at all grumpy (unless of course I can't find something! :))

- half way done another course
- finally getting a key to the class room so that I don't have to keep borrowing my dads... sheesh! (my mother is such a crab about it too! She is like the troll that guards dad's key)
- only one more morning this week to see the nasty crazy lady!

I love to come home to all three kiddos standing at the back door just waiting to greet me! Hugs and kisses all around. They just can't wait to tell me about their day even if they haven't got all the words they need just yet! Makes me feel so good that they are so very happy to see me. It's also nice that I am home at a decent time!

With that I am off to bed!

Good night

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Monday, March 30, 2009

#205 - Swamped

Well I am almost ready for my class that I am teaching tomorrow and Wednesday. MS Excel here I come!

I am a little irritated that I have gotten myself into so much these days. I would like a couple hours in the evening to so something I would like to do instead of class prep or programming a new system or working at my other job. It will get easier once I have been through all these courses again, I am just so impatient. I can't wait for Job #2 - teaching to require less of my time for prep. It seems the more I do the faster time passes and the more stuff piles up. It doesn't help that I seem to have to work on most things in chunks of 2 or sometimes 3 hours of time, it makes it feel like it is taking forever! :)

- bathrooms in my house that need cleaning
- my mother (she is supposed to look after the kids this week, but apparently someone she is 'close to' passed away and she 'thinks' the funeral might be Wednesday. She is so close to this woman that I have never heard this ladies name in my entire life. She has never visited this woman who has been in the nursing home for who knows how long either. Now if you were so close wouldn't you visit someone cooped up in a nursing home? So anyway I may not have a babysitter on Wednesday now. I could understand if it was someone she kind of knew... but this is just crap!)

- being ready for my next course and it's not midnight yet!

It was a pretty good day around our house today. We had the usual fighting over toys but other than that it was pretty calm. I like calm. I even got 1 entire hour of peace today so I was able to work on one 2 page scrapbook layout!

I suppose I shouldn't do that, spend an hour (well not quite I am usually tending to someone or checking out what someone is building) of me time. I feel like I am neglecting the kiddos. Then when hubby gets home it's back to work for me. I just want to not have so much on my plate. (I probably should quit the scrapbook store job, but I love it there! I won't be taking on any contract work anytime soon that's for sure!)

Grandma will come tomorrow and look after the kids for a half day, then hubby will have to load up the kids and drive her home (she won't drive here in the morning because it's dark... her latest excuse because the roads aren't bad). I am sure she will tell everyone that she was here all day though! The kids will be up for 3 hole hours at the most when she comes... now there is some hard work for her!

Good night!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

#204 - Weekend update

Well it was a busy one. Friday night was demo night and scrapbooking night in the basement. Saturday I worked all day then worked on my course prep in the evening. I even found a little time to play with my Cricut. I am making some Pooh characters for a friends baby shower (that I haven't decided if I am going to yet, hmm just checked my Calendar, guess I am working so I can't go. Even after all this time I still have this aversion to Baby showers, go figure?)

So now our basement is in a big mess, but hubby has most of the framework from the old, useless storage room, out of the house! I am so excited I just wish it could be done NOW! LOL

Today was a pretty quiet day. Some more basement demo and some more work on my Pooh Characters and some course prep. (I think I must have a short attention span, I have to do a little of everything! Actually it was more like, I would much rather be scrapbooking than course prep!)

I am not looking forward to the week ahead. It's a four day work week for me, plus I need to get going on my next class I am teaching and the system I am building. This is the second go through of this next course so I am thinking I shouldn't have to do much prep for the next one at least! Phew! I have a bit of rework to do for the next course I am teaching though so I need to get to that too! Like March I think April is going to FLY by!

Oh ya and what the heck have I been doing lately... seriously 6 loads of laundry were piled up. I NEVER do that. Bloody time change has really messed up my schedule!

- not enough time to scrapbook
- never getting time to go out for supper with my hubby

- one of my jobs (the one I really should quit as it doesn't really make me any money, but I just love the people there and the time out. It doesn't feel like work, but it is killing our free weekend time)

Potty training still sucks! This too shall pass... right?

Friday night the kids played in the basement while I organized some stuff and Dad worked on the destruction of our old storage room. They were really good and we both got lots done. The kids had fun watching Dad cart stuff out. We blocked off the bottom of the stairs so they could watch. They like to 'help' and love to get under foot! Someday I am sure they will understand "it's heavy pleaaase get out of my way", until then we will block things off to keep them from getting stepped on!

Well I am sad, on Saturday while I was at work my boys made their first snowmen. Well it was more like piled up chunks of snow but still. Boy2 even made one for Baby. He is so thoughtful when he wants to be! I have trained hubby well though (maybe too well!) He had the camera and took about 50 pictures of the kids outside. There goes another gazillion scrapbook pages! Maybe by November I can be caught up to the end of last year? One can hope!

This morning we had the kids outside. The snow is so hard in the morning that they are able to walk on top of it. I was even up on the crust so it can take some weight! :) There are spots where it would probably be mid thigh deep if one was to break through. In some of the lower spots every now and again the kids break through, the love it, it's funny when they fall in. Baby was enjoying walking around. She is the one we are going to have to watch, she gets going and way she goes. The boys don't like to get to far from us or each other most of the time. It was a warm one in the sun, hopefully the snow will start to go (and not come back until next winter!) For all of you who are starting to enjoy your spring flowers... I still have to wait until May!

This evening the kids and I played downstairs while hubby continued the rest of the demo. Everything takes a long time with him, he is has to have everything just so and he can't stand a mess! It takes him forever but you should see how clean it is downstairs! Well clean of construction mess anyway. The kids love to check out what he is doing.

I was also in Laundry mode today. Doing and putting away! I must put away because I have a pile more drying on the line(we have a line hanging in our basement, trying to save some dryer power. Doing my part for Earth Day on a daily basis! :)) I think after tomorrow I should only have about 4 loads to do!

Speaking of Laundry hubby asked if I had seen any of his clothes. He lost most of his jeans and underwear and a bunch of T-shirts. He didn't say anything until today, he said he has had to do his laundry twice as often. (I usually do it but I have been so freaking tired lately that my brain is elsewhere.) It has been missing for quite a while. Apparently it was under a pile of kids toys & clothes in our bedroom. We put their stuffed animals in there when they are being bad, then they get them back when they are good. There seems to always be something in our room... ugg! Anyway I decided to dust the bedroom today and guess what we found, the lost clothes. :)

I also cleaned the boys room today. The dust was nasty. I hate dust! I have been using these new swiffer dusters that I am going to do a review on soon, they are awesome! After dusting it was time to vacuum. Well I had my vacuum, Baby had an extra piece of the vacuum, Boy1 had our cordless stick vac and Boy2 felt left out so he went and got Baby's fisher price vacuum. What a site! When they are teenagers and they refuse to help clean I will have to tell them about today! :)

Good night!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

#203 - Friday!

Well back to course prep again today! Getting ready to teach again next week. It won't take me as long but I still need to do a few things beforehand! I work again tomorrow so that should keep me out of trouble!

I managed to get a few extra pages done in my scrapbook today. I went downstairs for a while tonight, when I should have been doing other things of course!

Hubby started the demolition in our storage room tonight, so that is on it's way too! I will be glad when that is done! There is just never enough time is there?

- my tiredness has returned, arg!

- my wireless has been working for two entire days! :)


Baby is into 'drive mom crazy mode' full time now. She climbs up on the train table when she thinks I am not looking. When I tell her to get off she won't. Then she says 'bad baby'. So I haul her off giver her heck and 10 seconds later she's up on the table again. Then repeat! The evil little grin she gives me lets me know she knows she is being bad. It is a great game apparently! She does keep me busy these days!

Boy1 was acting nutty all day and driving his bro and sister crazy. He wouldn't leave either one of them alone. I wanted to throw him out in the snow! LOL. (yes we still have 2 feet of it and we got another 2 inches or so this morning!) Boy1 actually had a pretty good nap this afternoon, I guess he pooped himself out with all that bro/sis bugging! Of course he didn't want to go to sleep at bed time!

Boy2 was happy as Bob was on today! I am sure that kid would watch TV all day if I would let him! Good thing he hasn't figured out how to turn on the TV yet. He did well since he was getting annoyed by his brother most of the day, he did manage to steal some of Boy1's snack so I think he got him back a little!

It was crayon day today. Everybody was colouring, even Baby. They were all really good, except Boy2 has decided he likes breaking the crayons and tearing the paper off. Which would be OK but no one will use them once they have been stripped and broken! :)

Off to bed I go! Good night!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

#202 - 80's music and Vinyl

No not the kind of vinyl you listen to! I was playing with my cricut today and cutout some butterflies for my wall, then the spares ended up on a closet door and a cupboard door in the kitchen. Why stop there? I put some on my Pantry door too! It all started with wanting to put the word family on the wall with my pictures of the kids! Next stop my bedroom wall, now I just need to figure out what I am going to put on it!

As for the 80's music. I was listening to my gettoblaster (I still have the second one I ever bought. Actually my first one is out in the garage too, but that's another story). Remember when bigger was better, tehehehe! Anyway I have the thing on it's side so it doesn't hold a radio station for very long so I decided to play a... wait for it... Cassette tape. Yes there was a cassette tape in the thing, probably been in there for years! The funny thing was that it was an 80's mix!

My wireless connection has been working all day today! I am just hoping it stays that way!

- spending 2+ days trying to fix my wireless connection

- my cricut
- working wireless! (for now, someone touch wood for me! )


The boys were grovin to the 80's music today! I am sure they are scarred for life now. I just can't wait until they are older and bug mom about her music. :)

Baby has really gotten into the scream if I don't get my way phase. Boy2 was really bad for this, but he grew out of it eventually. (Or shall I say it turned into the whine phase!). I do like when she says "nonono" and runs the other way. It is cute right now but I am sure it will get really annoying really quickly!

Baby is already interested in scrapbooking apparently. She wouldn't sit on the chair beside me today (too short I think). She had to sit on my knee. It is interesting to try to adhere photos with a wiggly 21 month old, but hey it's her album, if its not perfect I am sure she will forgive me! She was checking out some of my tools and pens, then she kept busy putting my pens in and out of the holder. She did run off with four pens, but put them back in the container when I asked her too. It was one of those awwwww moments! :)

It's so cool the way all the kids love to look at photos, makes my scrapbooking seem even more important! Besides the dust will wait!


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#201 - Bloody wireless!

My freaking wireless connection is driving me crazy! It keeps dropping then coming back, only it's not really dropping, just acting that way. Three tech support agents later.. still having issues! Ugg! I am beyond irritated! The company even sent me a new modem and now I just have new issues! It may work all day, then all of a sudden start flaking out at any given time, then it's fine again! It's bloody annoying! Ugg!

- see above

- finally feeling awake after about 2 weeks of feeling like I am asleep. Not sure why today after only 2 or 3 hours sleep last night? Maybe I have been getting too much sleep! HA HA

Well it was pretty status quo around here today. Potty Training is not going anywhere, Boy1 still thinks that everything he wants should be his.

Baby has learned NoNoNo... it's one word to her. She has learned to run when she doesn't want to do something, and scream like a wild woman when she is pissed off. Thanks bros for teaching her all this wonderful stuff! :) Heaven help me now... she has a 'tude ! :)

We took the change table out of the boys room and moved it into Baby's room. I am trying everything to move this potty training thing along. Boy2 cried and cried, I don't think he likes change! One day they will be trained I am sure of it... right?

Good night

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#200 - My 200th post and nothing interesting to share!

Well today is my 200th post, and I've got nothing! Nothing witty to say, nothing interesting that happened at my house, nothing!

So happy 200th to me and here's to one day hearing that infertility no longer affects so many people.

good night


Monday, March 23, 2009

#199 - All messed up!

One freaking hour... I mean really. I am referring to time change. It is totally messing me up. It does this every time we have a change (before kids only the spring one affected me, but now it's both).

1) I am hungry after I eat as my stomach expects food at a certain time
2) My sleep patterns are all frigged up
3) I am a walking zombie most of the day - functioning normally is difficult these days
4) I can't fall asleep when I go to bed, waking up is difficult in the morning
5) My digestive system is all messed up, that includes my bowels.

All because of one stinking hour... wtf is wrong with me! Time change was 2 weeks ago for peat sakes! (It usually takes me about 3 months to fully recover, how messed up is that!) Sheesh!

Speaking of spring, we have over 2 feet of snow in our back yard (no kidding) and there is more forecast the next 2 days! Spring in my neck of the woods starts at the end of May as far as I am concerned. LOL! Good thing I like snow!

- see above
- my mother.... the one who never will 'babysit' for us. She had the nerve to call today to tell us that there wouldn't have been anything we would be interested in at the Home Show. The one that THEY needed to go to and the one that WE didn't need to go to. Sure call and RUB it in. Well guess what lady, I am not letting it bug me so go ahead be an ass!

- an afternoon nap when I really need one!
- getting more done on the system I am building for a client. I am getting closer to being done! Yey!

Hmm I wonder if a couple of my poor kids suffer from the same thing I do... time change grumpiness! LOL. Boy2 keeps getting woken up by Boy1 and he looks like he is not happy about it at all. He likes mornings about as much as I do I think!

Boy1 was up at 7:30am this morning, so I grabbed him and dragged him into my bed before he had everyone on the go. When I went to the washroom after I got out of bed Boy1 (my 'helper') proceeded to go and get Boy2 up, opened the door, turned on the light and turned the fan off in the room. Then he asked me to open Baby's door so HE could get her up too. What a monkey!

Well today Boy1 had his first Shower. He wanted to go in with Dad. So way they went, I wasn't sure if Hubby would get in with him as we aren't much for sharing our nakedness around here (I think this was the first time one of the kids has ever seen a grown-up naked.) Hubby gets out and is laughing. Apparently Boy1 noticed that dad had a "fuzzy willy". (That is what they call hair, fuzzies). Then he asked Dad if his "fuzzy willy" was New? So Dad told him that it wasn't new and that he would have a fuzzy one, one day too. Apparently he wasn't impressed! I thought my husband was going to pass out laughing about the New comment!

It was nice at bath time only 2 to clean up tonight, it felt like a vacation!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

#198 - Another weekend... gone! :(

Another crazy weekend at our house! Saturday was scrapbooking day. I got to send some time with some friends I haven't seen in a while and I cleared out some crap out of my scrapbooking stash! Today I was a work day, a busy day!

I managed to get photos mounted on 10 pages and finished about 6 others that needed journalling and some final touches.

Spring was here for a while on Friday, but today winter was back. We got about 6 inches of the white stuff! I am beginning to think things are shaping up for a May long weekend snow fall! (Ya I am sure you all want to move to my part of the world now! It doesn't snow that often in May, I promise!)

The last couple of weeks I have been so freaking tired and my stomach has been bothering me. I just fell out of whack, then it hit me that we recently had Time Change. Now it all makes sense. It's amazing how one stinking hour can foul my entire system up so badly! I dislike time change immensely! Arg! If you are one of those lucky people who time doesn't affect I am soo jealous! :)

- my weight, I really need to do something about it. Unfortunately I am the only one who can do anything about it and I don't have the energy
- sore feet
- time change... that darn hour is still kicking my butt!
- wireless... my freaking wireless isn't working right! Arg!
- the crappy point of sale system we have at work. Ugg!

- sitting in my lazy boy with my two boys, chatting and rocking, while we watched Baby dance

Yesterday I was quite mad at my hubby! LOL! The kids were upstairs playing and we didn't hear a peep out of them, not one single noise. We were scrapbooking downstairs and dad was hanging out with the kiddos upstairs. After the week I had with them I was so incredibly jealous. I am now wondering if they are affected by the time change as well? Maybe they don't like the snow too? I am hoping that this week is better.

After my workshop yesterday I had some stuff to be cleaned up I was putting it all away and before I knew it the boys were picking stuff up and bringing it to me to put away too. I didn't ask them to help as it was my mess, but there they were standing behind me with piles of 'stuff' to put away. I could barely keep up with them. They were so happy to help they were saying thank you mom! I just love it when they are so helpful and so excited to help out. I pretty much let them help with whatever they want as long as there is no danger of them getting hurt. They got big hugs after, and there was one little rice crispy square left so we shared it. (These are the moments that help get through the screaming fits that seem to occur quite frequently around here! :) )

Today I got to spend some time with them in the morning before work and after. We built a tower with blocks, then built two tunnels after supper. They saved the tower until I got home from work and they remembered that I told them I would build them each a tunnel after work. (If only they could remember to listen to mom and be good at bed time! :) )

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Friday, March 20, 2009

#197 - Well that was another week done!

Well I am already for my scrapbooking day tomorrow! I can't wait! My room is all clean so I am happy. Too bad it won't stay that way! I even managed to get some vacuuming done and some floors washed! (Yes I am still obsessed with cleaning my floors.. you would never know it by the look of them most days!)

I purchased some vinyl for my cricut last night at work, I can't wait to try it out!

- being so freaking tired

- having an almost clean-ish house... well as clean as it gets

OH my this was not a steller week at our house. The boys are in the ultimate of testing modes these days. Then there is the whine if I can't find it stage rolled in there and the cry if I can't have it stage too. Oh yes and don't forget the scream if it frustrates me stage. Wow it's been a week here. I am not very thrilled with my own frustration during this week. Hoping that next week is better all around! I sure hope that all our trials and tribulations now will lead to kiddos that listen in the future. No pain no gain right?

Good Night

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

#196 - Time Management

Well I am still having Time Management issues, when I started my part time jobs back in June of last year I thought they would resolve by July. Well it's getting close to a year later and it's not getting any better. I think now I have just resigned to the fact that I now AM A TIME MANAGEMENT issue! :)

I did work tonight but I was MORE than happy to get out of the house, it was a trying day today. I have been so tired this week I haven't had my usual patience. I owe the kiddos this week.

Lucky me (that's what a friend told me) the kids slept in today. They didn't get up until 9am. Usually the get up around 8/8:30 ish. Normally this would be a good thing, but High Maintenance friend thought it was a good idea to call around 8am. So much for getting a little extra sleep. (I have TOLD her and TOLD her not to call so early. She knows my kids don't get up at 6 or 7am like she does. Arg!) I normally don't complain about being tired (except on my blog! :)), she does enough for 2 people. Well today I said something since I was so mad that she called early. I mentioned that I was up late working last night. She said "wouldn't I be less tired if I was working at my old job". Ya then I would never see my kids, at least now I can work at night instead of during the day. Also I am not working 40+ hours a week like I would be doing at my old job, not to mention the stress of my old job. This is the one that is still waiting for me to change the Birth Announcement for her 26 month old (that I started and completed just before Christmas!) Some people!

- see above! :)

- finishing the final touches on 4 scrapbook pages
- getting ready for Saturday, scrapbooking with my friends!


It was a frustrating day today. To much grumping for me, from them and me. I felt like crap. But since I worked tonight tomorrow will be a better day.

A note on Baby. Even around here we usually call her by her nickname. I was wondering if anyone experienced this before.

When she was born we named her after my grandmother who had passed several years before. For the longest time I couldn't call her by her name? I am not really sure why. It was just one of those things, so it was nicknames for the longest time. We picked her name moments after she was born, then we never said it out loud to her for ages. It was a weird kind of uncomfortable. It was months before I could say it out loud. I was totally baffled why I felt so uncomfortable using her name, as I knew for years if I every had a daughter that is what I wanted to call her. Now I am trying to call her by her name (I would like her to actually know her name one day!). It's grown on me by now, but I will always wonder why it was so difficult at first?

Good night!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#195 - Internet connection Working Again!

Well my connection is up and running again today! Hope everyone had a great St. Pattie's day yesterday!

I am still having issues with my wireless connection 'dropping' every now and again, but they are supposed to be sending me a new modem so we will see what happens!

Since I missed yesterday due to my Internet woes I will update with my latest over the last two days!

Scrapbook related
-6 pages done (well almost done, the photos and embellishments are done, I just have to add my journaling!)
-Scrapbooking area almost cleaned up! Getting ready for my Saturday with friends scrapbooking!

Other stuff
-Storage room empty, shelving removed... demolition to start soon!
-I am in desperate need of some house cleaning!
-Started working on my contract work (finally, I was supposed to start on Monday!)

- The fact that my hubby refuses to go into work later and instead we get to put up with his grumpiness due to tiredness
- being grumpy myself, the last two days I have been sooo tired, even with the extra sleep
- being at the start of a Reno project (I like being close to the end MUCH better!)
- listening to my mother tell me that they are going to the Home Renovation show, then telling me they need to go worse than we do. (I felt like saying f*ck off. She REFUSES to babysit for anything but when I teach. Four whole days is just too much of an inconvenience for her I guess! I really need to find a babysitter!)
- Watching Private Practice... I just can't deal with the infertility story lines. I am glad that TV is starting to add infertility to the main stream. Hopefully, even if it isn't totally realistic, it will bring some more info to the general public. (I think of Will and Grace... it seems to have assisted in making their issues more main stream???)

- knowing that my storage room will be better, eventually!
- bed time

Well yesterday was interesting. I must say my kids do have an imagination. I told the boys we had to wear green so the leprechauns don't pinch them. Well they took it one step further. They were talking to them and 'chasing' them around the house. Boy2 even asked me to take the Leprechaun that he put in his milk out of the glass. I was afraid that they wouldn't go to bed last night as they would be afraid the Leprechauns would be under their bed, but luckily they were OK with them. I did tell them they only visit for one day a year and then they go home. I have a little decoration hanging on the wall, it has a Shamrock and a Leprechaun on it. The boys went and got the stool to climb up and kiss it! There was Leprechauns all over the place yesterday, in their trucks, swimming in their breakfast, hiding under the bed, etc. The funny thing is they just get an idea and way they go coming up with their own 'stuff'. Well at least I got them all dressed up in green for the St. Patties pic! Baby was just wandering around attempting to say Leprechaun all day! She was probably wondering what the heck the boys were doing! Did I mention my kids are weird? I think they take after their parents!

Today was yet another busy day. The kids were getting on my nerves for just the normal stuff. I was trying to hold my cool. I just need more sleep I think.

Well the Potty Training seems to have taken a step backward, so today I put real underwear on Boy2. He was none to impressed, at first! Well he played for a while, then I heard crying. He was standing in a puddle of Pee. Not happy, he wouldn't move until I cleaned him up. (Lovely!) So I got him a new pair (actually Boy1 went and got him a new pair) He had another Pee episode again, almost the same spot on the floor. He was not happy. So I went and got him Pair #3 of underwear. Well by this point I wasn't having much fun cleaning the floor. So what did I do? Put a pull-up over them! Well let me tell you the next time he had to PEE he RAN to the bathroom! I think he wasn't enjoying the wet leg thing! So I am going to try again tomorrow. Real underwear, then the pull up. (I am sure glad we have mostly laminate in the house and not carpet, that would be gross!) We will see how it goes tomorrow.

Baby has been really crabby (I think there is a crabby bug going around this house, I need to find the darn thing and stomp on it!). I am assuming it is her teeth. Although she is getting close to 2... God help me! :)

At night we sit in the chair. We put the boys to bed first, then baby and I rock. She can say the entire alphabet and count to 10 when she repeats after me. I am not sure if that is normal for a 20 month old or not, but I am a proud momma!

She is really getting into stuff. With disciplining the boys all day sometimes I just ignore her. I was trying to let a few things slide, but I think it's time she learned about NO meaning NO in this house. Great 3 of them screaming when they don't get their own way! Hang on it's going to be loud around here!

Off to bed I go... it's almost midnight!

Good Night

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Stupid Internet provider! Luckily I have my iPhone as my home Internet provider is down again! Between that and the rotten wireless I am about ready to throw my modem out the nearest window!!

Anyway more tomorrow when I can type on a real keyboard.

P.S. We started emptying the storage room this afternoon, let the renos begin!


Monday, March 16, 2009

#193 - Overwhelmed

Well it just seems like the days are going by so very fast. As each day goes by it feels like I have so much to do and I am not getting anywhere. My list of things keeps increasing. Now spring is on it's way and I have this need to clean out as well. I am trying to do only one thing at a time so that I do not get into to big of mess at once.

Every year with spring comes this lovely thing called insomnia, I am just waiting for that to add to my craziness!

I am starting to feel the anxiety of trying to get stuff done. It's off in the distance, just waiting there. I can feel it but it's just lingering, waiting to take hold and turn me into a sobbing mess I am sure. I just have to hang in there... it will all get done and work out in the end as it always does! I hate having the rotten hormones that come with being female! Sheesh and I am not even PMSing!

- not being able to accomplish things as fast as I need to inorder to keep the crazy part of my brain shut off
- time is flying by so incredibly fast
- this house, it always seems to need cleaning and there is never enough places to put stuff. (I HATE having to dig for stuff... puts me in a really foul mood!)
- I asked my mother to watch the kids this weekend so that hubby and I could go to the home renovation show. She never said no, she said 'what do you want to look at, I will check out prices for you.'. Thanks MOM... I know we don't deserve anytime off child rearing ever. Only you did when I was growing up as I was such a horrible child.
- anxiety... get the frig outta my head!

- hubby coming home early right now
- finding a box of filing that can go through the shredder - now I just have to find time to shred it. I had to empty half of the storage room to get to my tax box that was really freaking annoying though!
- maybe by 2020 we may actually have a bathroom in the basement


Potty training... still not going anywhere, in the same holding pattern! I suppose I should be pushing it more but I am just exhausted these days. My hubby pointed out that I worked 5 days last week so that is probably why I am tired. Stay at home mom... I think I am missing something here! :)

The kids were pretty good today despite the fact that their mother woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I felt bad for being on the grumpy side of things but they pretty much took it in stride. I always like to tell them I am grumpy to start with. Then if I raise my voice a little to loud and/or often I apologize and say I am grumpy. Boy1 says 'No mom grumpy', it makes me feel bad. I am far from the perfect mom that I was thinking I would try to be when we were fighting through our infertility. Before we got pregnant I really wanted to be the kind of mom who never yelled at their kids or made them feel bad. Well I yell and I make them feel bad when I do it, I don't yell often though. I do raise my voice when they are in trouble but I try not to yell at them. I grew up in a house that was full of screaming and yelling all the time and there was only 2 adults and 1 kid living there. I never wanted my kids to have to live through that chaos. I think we do pretty good around here so I have to cut myself a little slack from time to time for when I 'screw up' and get a little to mad.

I am sure my mother disagrees with everything I do with the kids. That is the one thing she can't make me feel bad about. I think I am doing a pretty good job considering the shitty role model that I had. In typing this I just realized that there is one thing that she hasn't been able to make me feel bad about, the way I am raising my kids. Wow what a revelation, I never realized that until now. Hmm maybe I can take this and start applying it to the other things that she does that make me feel like crap. Hmmm things to ponder.

The boys were pretty good today. But that Baby just amazes me all the time. She really can play well and even by herself. She gets something in her head and way she goes. I swear I could watch that kid all day, well most days I watch all 3 of them. It is nice that now I am actually seeing some of the thing the boys did too. I really didn't realize how hard it was to absorb what was going on with the both of them when they were little. (Thank goodness for photos and journals!)

Sometimes I am not even sure what to do to entertain them as they have so much fun themselves. I love it when I sit down and they all sit around me and play. I really like it when they do it one at a time too so I can give one of them all my attention. One thing I always do is if I tell one of them I love them, then I tell each of them separately and the same if I tell one of them they are handsome/cute. I always wanted to treat all my kids exactly the same, but I quickly learned that each child has different needs, so at least with the little things I hope they never think that they aren't all equal in my eyes.

Well I have rambled on now it's time to get to bed.

Good Night

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

#192 - Busy Busy!

Well I am looking forward to my next 2 weeks, a break from teaching. Unfortunately I have too much other work to do!

I worked at job#1 today. It was really quiet (probably the nasty snow) which was fine as there was lots to do!

The hubby went cutting fired wood on Saturday. I think he had a good time. I imagine he was tired after all that work. Hubby and his buddy went out to chop down some trees. They even chunked them all up so they will be ready to go next winter.

I almost have my income tax stuff done so I can't wait to submit it since we are getting some cash back this year!

- how fast time is flying by

- cool new craft stuff

It was tantrum day on Saturday. First Boy1, then that one cleared up just in time for Boy2 to start. It was a rough morning. So we all had an afternoon nap! It seemed to do the trick!

Today went by so fast I didn't seem to get too much time to play with the kiddos. They were pretty good (at least when I was home).

And with that I am off to bed... good night

Friday, March 13, 2009

#191 - Friday? Where did the rest of the week go?

Wow I can't believe yet another week is gone. It's almost the middle of March, it felt like March just started.

Today was another work evening, nice to get out for a while. I don't find it much like work, even though I work hard when I am there. I guess it's just something different than the usual daily 'stuff' so it's fun. I did notice that when I got in it was pretty quiet today, sort of unfriendly I suppose. Apparently there had been some customer complaints. Instead of dealing with the folks where the issue is, the owner chooses to post a memo to all of the staff. So pretty much everyone feels like crap when we read it. Personally I think that it may be better to talk to the person or persons in question and possibly post a reminder about customer service in a positive light. I felt kind of crappy when I read it myself but I know that I do my best when I am there so I am not going to take it personally anyway.

The hubby is going out with a buddy tomorrow so I hope he has a good day, sans kiddos!

- sore feet!
- income tax time!

- getting my basement craft area cleaned up
- a good day at home

It was a pretty good day around here today! Not to much grumping or fighting over toys. (Of course there has to be some grumping or I would be worried! :)) Baby seems to still be bothered by her teeth, I hope they get a move on and finish growing for her very soon.

As for the potty training... it's not really moving ahead but we haven't moved backwards either so I can live with that. One day they will make up their own minds and decide that the 'big boy potty' is the way to go. If not I guess I will have to consider Home Schooling! :)

Speaking of potty's here's my 'funny' of the day. Well hubby went for groceries today. When he got home I was in the Living Room with the kids. For some reason he decided to give me the pack of toilet paper that he had purchased for my bathroom (I refuse to use the nasty recycled stuff that he buys... hello Lady parts are delicate and we use more T.P. than you boys do. That and who wants their fingers to 'break through' the T.P. either! Yuck!). Well anyway I wasn't sure why he didn't just take the T.P. to the bathroom, but whatever. So anyway I had used up the last square of T.P. in my bathroom earlier that day so I should have taken the new pack of 12 to the bathroom right away. As per usual I got side tracked and the T.P. stayed in the living room.

I suppose you can see where this is going. Well yes I was in the bathroom without any T.P. Hubby was busy outside so I couldn't call to get his attention. Well I decided to try to get one of the boys to help me out. Well I called and called, but their music was on in the Living Room so they didn't hear me. (Doesn't it just drive you crazy when you can hear them but they can't hear you). After what felt like an eternity I heard the whack of big feet on the floor (man these kids can make noise). I was almost cheering. It sounded like the boys, but they weren't answering, and they never shut up. So who pops her cute little head around the door, Baby. (I am thinking oh CRAP! This kid doesn't speak the same language as I do, this isn't going to go well!).

So I started off with... Baby get Boy1, please. So she stands at the bathroom door and calls out Boy1's name. Yeah that was helpful. So I was trying to convince her to go get Boy1 or Boy2. So she moves a little farther and calls out their names. They couldn't hear mean calling loudly, as if they are going to hear her saying their names in her normal voice. So then I decided to see if I showed her the empty roll of toilet paper that maybe she would go to the other bathroom and find some. Well Dad calls it Butt Wipe, so I was thinking that maybe she would know what that was. Nope. This poor kid is looking at me like I am nuts. So finally she totters off to the Living Room. Finds the boys and I hear this little 'butt wipe', then back she comes. Great short thing comes back, no brothers in tow. :) So then I show her the empty roll again and try to send her to the Potty Room. Off she goes again, butt wipe I hear, then she comes back again. Finally I think the boys were wondering what she was doing and decided to check it out.

I think I cheered out loud when the two monkeys showed up. I asked them to get the Butt Wipe out of the living room (I can thank the hubby for the creative name for the toilet paper). They kind of looked at me and I said in the green bag. I swear light bulbs went on. So off the 3 of them went. The boys came back, they were both carrying the pack of 12. They were so proud and by now baby was right in the bathroom just as happy! So I said thank you and we had high fives all around, even Baby. Then I kicked them out and finished my business! (And to think they usually all hang out at the door when I am in the bathroom!)

I suppose I will be hearing butt wipe from baby for the next 2 weeks! LOL

Good Night

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

#190 - Silly Me!

Well I decided to help someone out at work so I took an extra shift. What was I thinking? (Moooore paper! We just got a tonne of new patterned paper in!) Actually I really wanted to work with the gal that worked tonight. I don't get to work with her to often so when we weren't busy we managed to have a little chat!

I was busy today and managed to get a few things cleaned up around here! It's about time I got something cleaned up! (I have been doing to much scrapbooking!)

- annoying people! :)

- finally finding the counter top under all the junk that was collecting on it! I am not liking having all this counter space in the kitchen, it just collects junk!


Well Baby isn't sick so I guess it must be her teeth. She is a little crabby but not too bad. It amazes me how good she is at playing with her brothers or on her own. Today she was playing with a toy that was in the cupboard. She just climbed in and was happily playing away. Until Boy1 decided to notice and wanted me to do something about it! This afternoon Baby and Boy2 sat and played with baby's house. It was so cute to see them sitting playing together, and no fighting over toys. It was pure joy!

Our Dinner conversation was quite interesting tonight.
Boy1: "Boy1 up last night"
Mom: "Yes, and you were noisy"
Boy1: "Boy1 not noisy, Boy2 noisy"
Boy2: "NOoooOO"
Mom: "You need to stop banging your bed when you get up, you will wake everyone up"
Boy1: "No Boy1 not wake everyone up"
Mom: "Yes when you bang you wake everyone up"
Boy1: "No Teddy wake Boy1 up, Teddy talking to loud"
Boy2: "Ya Teddy noisy"
Mom: "Maybe we should take teddy out of your room if he wakes you up"
Boy1: "No Teddy no wake Boy1 up"

and the conversation continued.... with more of the same!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

#189 - Just another day at home!

Well the sun was out today... now we just have to wait for things to warm up a bit! I was bad today and had an afternoon nap! I really wanted to scrapbook, but I was so tired. It is amazing how tired one can get after talking for 7 hours! It's pretty bad when I can't work two days in a row without being exhausted. These days my 'part time' jobs seem to be adding up and making me feel like I am working full time. I keep hoping things will slow down, ha ha ha! I think I need to let go of that silly notion.

I am not doing so well at keeping the house in tip top shape these days it does bother me as I am a bit of a clean freak, but I am really trying to let some of it go!

Tonight was my night to go to the monthly twins club meeting. I really wanted to go as there was a speaker that I wanted to see. She is a psychologist, not what you would expect as a psychologist either. She is funny to listen to and she also has twins from IVF after suffering from infertility. She deals a lot with kids that have been in trouble or are in trouble and she has GREAT parenting tips. She is a no-nonsense kind of gal and also spent some time as a High School teacher. Her ideas for dealing with kids sound very practical and she has seen the results of many parenting techniques that don't work as part of her job.

I tell my friends with my kids I believe you are either going to pay now or pay later, so I figure you might as well 'nip things in the bud' from the beginning. I am also a believer that NO means NO, not maybe or bug me till it becomes yes. Well it is kind of nice to know that the psychologist said pretty much the same thing. It's good to have some reinforcement that what you are doing is on the right track. Sometimes due to all the screaming around here when the kids don't like when we take their toys away because they are being bad I wonder if all the noise is worth it. It gave me hope that it will be some day and it also made me realize that it's probably going to go on for a lot longer! :) Apparently it's all about pushing the boundaries when you get right down to it, never really thought about it that way, but knowing the why will definitely make it easier to hang in there! She is also a firm believer in time for MOM... and who can complain about that one, no wonder I like her so much!

- unseasonably cold weather!
- dirty floors
- needing a nap when I want to go scrapbook

- knowing that I seem to come up with things that are recommended by professionals when it comes to raising kids
- getting out just for fun

Ohh poor baby was grumpy today. She was crying a lot today, something she never does. So that tells me that it's either those last 2 teeth on the top that are peeking through or she is getting sick. Poor little monkey. I hope those teeth are the problem and they hurry up and stop bugging her. Although she likes it when I hold her so I am not complaining about that part anyway. I just hope that she isn't in too much pain with her teeth.

The boys were pretty good today, just the usual stuff so it was a good day. They are so chatty right now it's hard to keep track of what they are saying though. They seem to be getting faster and harder to understand, it's like everything just get's mushed together. Some days I just look at them and wonder where they get some stuff from and how they can spit it out so fast. Then of course baby joins in and who the heck knows what she is saying? The boys apparently, as they tune me in!

I am already dreading the day when they head off to school, I am going to miss them so much!

Good Night!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#188 - Done!

Yet another course behind me. I even managed to get a couple of great comments, and no bad ones! :) Not bad considering I really had to work to get all the content in today! I am definitely going to have to do some rework before the next one! I really enjoyed this one (other than being so far behind!) I think that maybe I am actually starting to enjoy this. I think I finished about my 6th course so I am glad that it is getting easier already. I just need to work more on my people reading skills. I still suck, I always have (hence some poor choices in friends over the years), I don't know if I can change that, but if not I will just have to wait till the course reviews at the end.

Now on to my next project, taxes and the contract that I am working on. I suppose I will be done all that just in time to prep for my next course! :)

- rush hour traffic, stupid drivers
- record cold weather
- time change

- moving on to my next project!

I was happiest today when I was driving home, I just couldn't wait to see those little munchkins! It was great to come home to hugs and kisses from my little ones!

I can't believe how hard it is to be away from them. I suppose between my courses, being away scrapbooking and my course prep I have felt like I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with them. I can't wait to play with them tomorrow.

We did have a great evening too, I was enjoying the kids sitting with me and playing. They were even fairly well behaved! :)

Moments to remember... before bed I went and sat in the rocking chair that is in Baby's room. Baby usually is really chatty in the evening, but tonight we just sat and rocked. She snuggled in and didn't move, she looked into my eyes and I just sat, rocked and took it all in. Moments like this help with the IF healing process. I hope to stamp this in my memory forever.

Good nigth

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Monday, March 09, 2009

#187-Wow am I behind

Well I was off to teach MS Access Level I today. I think it's going fairly well, but as I told my hubby, I will let you know when I see the course evaluations tomorrow! :)

I do have one itty bitty problem this course. I am WAY behind. It should be interesting trying to cover all the material that I have to cover tomorrow. I guess I will have to get creative! :)

As per usual when I have to teach it gets NASTY cold. Way below the norms for this time of year. With the wind chill they were talking about -34c today! So what do I do? Well I have to pay for parking so I decided to clean out my change purse. I used $2 worth of dimes and nickles, then 4 quarters, and finally a couple of loonies. It seemed like a good idea to get rid of $5 worth of small change since I had to pay to park anyway. The thing is the machine takes a moment to register between each coin. So here is me out side with the cheepo little stretchy mitts that have the hole in one finger for my iphone, plugging the stupid parking meter for what felt like 10 minutes! :) Tomorrow I am taking 2 Toonies ($2 coins if you haven't seen them) and one loonie ($1 coin) so I only have to plug 3 coins into the freaking meter! :)

In Canada I think they are trying to replace all our paper money with coins, since they last longer. Good thing most of us are broke, can you imagine carrying $20 around in change? Even 10 one's (or Loonies as we call them up here) can get a little on the heavy side! I suppose soon all the men in our lives are going to have to wear belts so their pants don't fall down, and we are going to need those rolling bags for our change purses! (Ok well I thought it was funny! :) )

- I can't seem to find anything that helps with how dry I get. Water by the gallon just doesn't seem to help when I am talking all day. (It does help me remember to take breaks though!)
- collllld, no freezing colllllldd weather in March

- Completing one day of a two day course. It's nice to start on a Monday so it will be over soon! :)

Granny sent baby a new knitted hat, or toque as we call it here in Canada! It's pink and has to frilly pom poms on each side. She had it on all evening and she was walking around saying 'pretty baby'. (Yup we are creating a monster here! :) )

The boys were really good tonight so it gave me some time to look up a few things before they went to bed.

It's closing on 11pm so I better get to bed since I need to be up at 5:30... good night


Saturday, March 07, 2009

#186 - Wow am I tired tonight!

Case in point I had to fix every word I typed in the title as I think my brain is asleep already! (That and I was typing my title on the Search page instead of the new Blog entry page!) So why am I blogging you ask when I should go to bed? Well I am trying to manage to post every day this month! (I never said it had to be quality posts, thank goodness! :) )

Well today at work was SILLY busy! We had a big sale on so it kept the three of us out of trouble for the day. I do love working there, it's really a good day out even when I am tired and have sore feet. I enjoy what I am doing and it supports my scrapbooking habit, what more can a paper crazed girl ask for? (Things haven't really slowed that much as far as the economy where I am, things are slowing down but not too quickly. It's amazing how it hasn't affected the store yet at all. I told one of the other girls, scrapbooking is so addicting that's why we aren't slowing down. Us crazy women need our fix i guess! It's my version of a cigarette I suppose! :) )

- Sick children, my friends daughter is handicapped. They went away and she caught the croup virus. It attacked her nervous system and the poor child has lost all the function she had gained over the last 2 years. She can barely hold her head up now. My friend has never had a diagnosis for the issues, no one was really sure, but they now know that she has a degenerative brain disease. It is terminal but they haven't been given any time frames at all. This little tyke has been fighting the odds for several years, I pray that she continues to do so. It sounds like she has a lot of pain too, it's just not right that any child should have to go through all of this.
- stupid people who drive like it's summer when we are in the middle of a large snow storm. The dudes with the big 4*4's were the worst this morning going to work!
- silly sore feet... I really need to start loosing weight! I am not even sure why I am procrastinating?? I have lost before and kept it off until 1)major surger and 2)IVF. So Motivation please find me soon! :)
- I broke the arm on my glasses today and need to get a new one tomorrow... ugg! I broke them at work and didn't want to do the nerdy tape thing so I used a scrapbooking glue dot! Still holding by the way! :)

- a 2 for one paper sale at the scrapbook store
- meeting nice new people at work
- glue dots rock!

It's amazing how you can miss saying goodnight or seeing the kids when you are away from them for a little while. I just want to hug and kiss them when I get home. They are usually pretty good about hugs and kisses when I arrive home, so I am going to enjoy every one while they are still given out freely!

Baby continues to amaze me every day. In a way it makes me sad as I didn't get to really absorb things in the same way with the boys. They were amazing too but the double thing really does change things. I am so thankful that I have been able to experience twins and just one. I guess as much as infertility has scared me there is something positive about it, IF gave me the opportunity to experience something I may never have gotten the opportunity to experience otherwise. (I guess I am starting to heal if I can now start to look at the OTHER side of things. Either that or it is just the shear exhaustion talking! :) )

I did miss my kiddos out in the snow with Dad today :(. He was shoveling paths in the snow for them to walk around on. (Race Tracks if you ask the kiddos). He even made them a little snow house. I am sad I missed it. I don't like nasty roads or really cold weather but I do love a nice winter day with lots of snow! (Good thing since I live where I do). I actually prefer being outside this time of year over the summer. Whacked I know! I just don't like the heat! :)

With that I better go to bed, I still have course prep to finish tomorrow. I managed to get a bunch done tonight but the brain just isn't functioning anymore! :)

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Friday, March 06, 2009

#185 - Friday already?

OK where did the week go? I can't believe another Friday is here! Why is it that some days feel like they just fly by and some weeks just disappear, they are all the same length after all.

For some reason this week I am really tired. I am not really sure why? I feel worse than usual and I even snuck in a nap this week!

I had to work tonight, and that even went by fast. (Hubby was disappointed I had to work at the store as I was offered another course, the money for the course is MUCH better than working at the store. Oh well next time maybe)

I have some catching up to do on my blog reading. I am a little behind as per usual! There just isn't enough hours in the computer part of my day.

I was able to work on a layout in my scrapbook this morning. I was playing with my cricut. I love design studio! I decided to cut some words out of Tags to put in my album. I was really happy with the results, although I really need to look at a ruler when I am sizing things as they were a little big. No concept of size here! :)

- when there is 1/2 of a square of toilet paper (tp) on the role and there aren't any more rolls in the vicinity.
- I have this 'thing' about tp. It seems like I am the only one who EVER changes the roll. It doesn't matter where I go, home, out, my parents. I always seem to get the last square. When I used to live at home I got so angry that NO ONE ever changed the roll that I made a sign "ON STRIKE" and I left it in place of a new roll of TP. (If the roll is pretty much empty, take it off, put a new one on and put the empty one on top of it people! LOL) Goodness DO I ever have POTTY issues! :)

- my family
- my kiddos discovering new things

Well we are still in grumpy mode around here. Hope it passes soon! Maybe it's just me being so busy lately.

Potty training still sucks! It is staying about the same, which is better than going backwards I suppose. But kids, solids in potty not pants.... plllleaaassee!

I am really enjoying Baby, she is an amazing little creature. She is very much like Boy1 in a lot of ways. It amazes me how she likes to entertain herself, she is happy just discovering and playing. I love to watch her go some times. She needs very little to keep happy! She is also a bit of a TV junkie like Boy2, she likes to sit downstairs in a rocking chair and watch Bob the Builder. (Needless to say I don't have the TV on much so her and Boy2 will actually play instead of starring at the TV)

My plan for this weekend is to finish off the light blocking device for the boys room. We already have a room darkening blind and we put a board up in the window. Well the board was cut to pretty much fit the window but it lets the teeniest bit of light through. I swear that Boy1 can smell it! So I am going to cover it with quilt batting and I am hoping to find a cheap duvet cover for a single bed. I am hoping that will fit. If not I am going to have to drag out the old sewing machine and make a cover for it. I want something I can take off and wash if I want to.

If I can get that done I will be happy, then I guess I need to start one for Baby's window!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

#183 - Are you kidding me?

I feel for the family after the verdict in this case.

No doubt the dude was nuts to behead a man and eat parts of him. But really to to find him not criminally responsible. I am staring to have an issue with this rehabilitate folks that have done bad things anyway. He killed someones child, as far as I am concerned it's one strike you are out. Maybe I am just grumpy but if that was my child I would not want to ever see that guy roaming the streets again. If he went crazy once could it not happen again? Maybe it's time we start protecting the innocent instead of the guilty? To me if we stop one offender from being on the re-offender list we have saved an innocent person from some kind of tragedy.

I suppose those that believe in rehabilitation would chew me to bits and spit me out. If we all lived by the laws of the land in the first place this would be a non issue I suppose?

Anyway I am jumping off the soap box and thinking of the poor family who has to endure the loss of their son.

- see above

- my MAC... I am trying out parallels and loving it so far, much easier than bootcamp, we will see how the crash factor goes though! So far so good. I had some issues setting it up, but that's probably because I don't read the instructions, I kind of scan. It seems that I ALWAYS miss the one important step that you need to do! Anyway I am setup and have NO freaking clue what I did! :) I have 14 days to try it out before I buy!

It was a sweet moment today, all three kiddos sitting at their picnic table colouring. Baby was having a great time and just colouring away, anything to be like her brothers! It was one of those moments that make me happy that IVF worked for us!

The rest of the day was pretty trying, whining, screaming etc! It was fight day, Boy2 has the toy and Boy1 wants it NOW... and so on and so forth! I was very glad when they went to bed tonight, because tomorrow is going to be a better day! :)

Speaking of bed time! Good night!

p.s. I am so excited I have been asked to review another product! Stay tuned for details!

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

#182 - Done!

I am so happy that I finished my last Exercise for my Class on Mon/Tuesday. They are submitted for print. So now all I have to do is some review and I will be already!

Life is GRAND! (except the part where I screwed up an order of scrapbooking stuff and messed myself out of a cheap bag.. sigh!)

Well the house pest seems to have gotten himself into some issues... not sure exactly what is going on but from what I can tell it has something to do with identity theft in a big and bad way. I really don't want to know either, I just hope the police don't show up here looking for him. They have our address from the whole car accident thing that he was in a while ago. I think it's time to steer way clear of this dude!

On the Mother front she has been civil for a while now, I am not sure why? I am going to enjoy it while it lasts because we know it won't last forever!

- the house pest
- screwing up an order
- early mornings

- getting through prep for yet another course


Potty training still sucks. The solids are getting NO WHERE! But Baby did drop some liquids in the potty this morning, it was very exciting (Except the part where I am now training 3 kids.... what the heck am I thinking?)

I need to block out the light in the boys room. Boy1 keeps getting up earlier and earlier as the sun rises earlier and earlier. It's driving me crazy, especially since he gets REAL loud to wake up everyone else!

I took a break tonight from my course prep to play a game with the boys! It was so much fun (until they broke out the whine!) There has been a lot of that the last few days!

I also got some video of Baby dancing and the boys singing their ABC's. Need to save that one for later in life! :)

Anyway I am trying to get more sleep so off to bed I go, Good night

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

#181 - Just another day, like the other days!

Well today was pretty much run of the mill around here, plus some snow outside!

Not to much exciting going on. I got to talk to a friend from elementary school today which was kind of cool! I also managed to work on a couple of layouts for my scrapbook this morning for about an hour. This evening was spent working on my next course that I will be teaching on Monday! I even managed to fit in a bit of a nap this afternoon so I am pretty much in a good mood!

I see Martha has given me yet another award. I am planning on getting to it soon! Thanks dear!

- there is never enough time
- not getting started on my contract work yet... yikes! I guess that's my weekend project
- loosing my work schedule. I have NO idea when I work this week! :)

- getting stuff done for my courses
- having a fairly uneventful day!


Well today was hair cut day for Boy1. He went with Dad and I stayed with the other two. It seems like a vacation when I have only two. When one of the twins is gone the kids seem to fight less over toys! It wasn't fun when Dad left though. Boy2 was NOT impressed, then baby decided to join in. It resulted in some hitting on the couch then biting it. The biting really made me mad!

Then Boy2 would not nap without his bro in his room. So picture this, me in Boy1's toddler bed 'napping' with Boy2. I am 5'9" and somewhat overweight... it was definitely not the most comfortable sleep! :) Boy1 was VERY irritated that I napped in HIS bed! Next time I think I will take the floor!

Boy1 was in his "i need attention" mood today, so the hair cut was great for him. Boy2 was grumpy, which usually means he is going to be sick soon. Lets hope not!

Baby was good today! She looks so funny now that she is eating at the table. Kind of makes me a little sad that she is growing up so very fast!

With that it's almost midnight so off to bed I go

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#180 - My Opinion - Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide Electric Toothbrush

Product: Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide Electric Toothbrush


TESTING NOTES: I plugged this new toothbrush in and charged it up as per the instructions. I figured, it's just another tooth brush, with some cool extras.

RESULTS: All I can say is WOW! I had some build up since my last dental cleaning. That no matter how I brushed I just couldn't get it off. I had no expectations of this new brush and was amazed at how well it cleaned the build-off. After a couple of brushings the inside of my mouth was feeling just like it does after a dental cleaning. (I can't wait to see the results at my next cleaning!) A great feature that comes with the brush is the timer. It splits your mouth into four sections and the brush vibrates when you are done one section, the timer shows you a visual of each quadrant as well as showing you the timer. When you aren't using the toothbrush the timer displays the time, it's handy to have a little clock in the bathroom. The toothbrush also works without the timer.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I LOVE THIS Toothbrush! I can't imagine life without it. It is a little pricey but works very well! For me it is a MUST have!


Monday, March 02, 2009

#179 - I want to scrapbook!

I am still wanting to do some scrapbooking! Unfortunately I have to get ready for my next class next Mon/Tue. It's another new one so I have some work to do! I did manage to get some of my paper sorted out today so I am ready to go when/if I get some time!

I am a little tired after my late night and early mornings on the weekend, but I hope tomorrow I am 'good to go'.

- organizing and re-organzing and then trying to find stuff!
- potty training

- spending time at home with my kiddos


I am so hating potty training! One day at a time, right!

Boy2 sang the ABC's today when we were playing. He just started and way he went from the start to the finish with NO mistakes! I was so proud!

The kids were really winy today, must be because Mom is home!

Off I go to watch the rest of last weeks ER then to bed!

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

#178 - Who knew relaxing could be so Exhausting?

Well I am back from my weekend scrapbooking retreat! My very first one. I was instantly relaxed when I arrived on Friday afternoon. I was a little slow getting going but when I did watch out!

I finally put ribbon and flowers on my pages! I usually just work with paper. I suppose buttons are next!

I am really tired but well worth the time. I managed to get 46 pages completed (23 double sided) and over 200 photo's cropped for the next set of layouts that I want to work on. (I was hoping to get to December done. I only finished up until the End of April and Cropped the rest of June and July. Well at least I am not a year behind in one book anyway!

I can't wait until the next one!

- how fast time goes by when you are trying to get lots of scrapbooking done!
- not having enough energy to go all night scrapbooking!

- coming home
- the fact that my mother was almost civil to be around this weekend (Thank goodness for small things!)
- my own bed
- my hubby giving me the chance to go scrapbooking!


I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY TO SEE MY KIDS. I couldn't wait to get hugs from them and I saw them every day but Saturday! LOL. I don't mind being away from them for a few days but I couldn't imagine any more. They were good for hubby so hubby was in a good mood when I came home, and that made me feel better that Hubby wouldn't be to grumpy with them either. :)

Well we are now a 5 person at the table family. Baby is NOT interested in the high chair anymore! It's a happy and sad day here. Being the only child I always sat by myself at the table, it's going to take some adjustment to having to share my space. I am wondering what I am going to do with my computer now. No more computer at the table sitting beside me. *sigh* Hubby is going to be happy since I don't think he likes have the computer on the table anyway! :)

Well it's good to be home, but I am so wanting to scrapbook right now! I wish I didn't have to start getting ready for another course and building a system for someone! Ugg!

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