Saturday, August 30, 2008

#41 - Constant Pain

I am not getting much sleep these days. I seem to be in constant pain, for years I believed it to be siatic nerve related. (as per my old dr.) About a year ago I found out that it wasn't, that it was some kind of muscle thing. It bothers me all day but I can pretty much ignore it, night is another thing though. Nothing really seems to help. I just wish it would go away soon. It has been like this on and off for about 9 or so years, I guess it's time to go bAck to physio and see if they can help.

Today was pretty much like most others. The hubby let me sleep a bit late so that was nice. We had a visitor, a friend the kids really like so that kept them amused for a while! The boys were playing with their magnetic letters today, I even managed to get Boy2 to repeat the entire alphabet with me!

The Baby is still incredibly grumpy, I hope this phase passes soon. Or if it is teeth,that they hurry up and break through!

Tonight at supper the boys wanted to try dads hot sauce! Boy1 tried it, he didn't say a word, then all of a sudden he said "boy1 water!". His eyes got really bigot was quite funny. Boy2 must have liked it as he just kept eating it, I was surprised after the look on his face.

Why do we buy toys? We bought a new storage cupboard and hubby was putting it together, apparently it's more fun to play in the cupboard then with the toys. Baby was quite mad as she wanted in too. But it's all fun and games until Boy2 closes the door on Boy1's hand. So Boy1 was injured and held his hand in front of him the rest of the night, when he remember which one he hurt. At one point he even switched hands for a while! LOL (yes it was ok,lucky for us it was just a little scrape!

Good night!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

#40 - Memories and The Zoo

Well today was zoo day. Being around all those 'mommies' and kids reminded me of the good old days. You know the ones were infertility (IF) takes over your life. In my case I tried to avoid places where people with kids go, like the Zoo. It has been so very long since I have been to a Zoo. Even now that I have kids, I still feel the pains of IF. It still bothers me to be around all those family's even though I now I have one of my own. I imagine over time it will continue to feel better, to feel more like I fit in. It's just strange to be there and to have my own brood, a brood that would have made my heart ache only a few years ago.

I guess once an IF'er always an IF'er? I do remember the pain of making to that first PG like it was yesterday only now I don't have to try to live it everyday, it's just there... a memory.

Everyday I realize how lucky I am to have IF treatments in my past, just the thought of others still suffering still breaks my heart though.

The Zoo was fun, the kids were pretty quiet though. I think they were just trying to take it all in. Baby was tired as she missed her morning nap and she is way to nosy to nap when we were walking around.

Now our local zoo is small and there isn't a lot there. Which was good for the kids, and even better for the animals. I remember when I was a kid they had way more animals crammed into small spaces. I was glad to see that there wasn't many animals and there was only a few in each cage.

The kids were greeted by a big pen of guinea pigs. There were piles of them. The boys really liked them. They were only slightly interested in the elephant, but they liked the snowy owl. The boys liked the Sea Lions and the seal. (The sea lion/seal pens were kind of sad though, they seemed kind of small. Although they had a private area as well so I am not sure what size that was.) There was a monkey swinging around that the boys really liked too. We got to see a tiger, it was just waking up. The boys seemed to be amazed at the Tiger.

They have a petting area there for the kids, there was some sheep, a couple of goats and some chickens. The boys were nervous to pet them at first but finally decided to feel the sheep. Then Boy2 really liked the chickens, he got to touch one and he just giggled. Boy1 was the nervous one today (usually he is the brave one), so it took some coaxing for him to come around. We never seem to be able to keep track of who is going to be the brave one! Baby just loved the petting zoo, she just giggled and made noises the entire time. I think she liked the chickens a lot too.

We got to go on the little train. I think the boys would have spent the entire day on it if they could. We really wanted to take them on the pony rides but after lunch they were just getting so tired that we didn't think it would go well. We will have to go out again and do that. Instead the hubby took them on the Merry Go Round. Mom and Baby waved and took photos.

We stayed most of the day got home just in time for half naps. I headed to work and Dad got to spend the evening with the kids. They weren't too bad but not too good either. I think they are a little tired.

I really hope they enjoyed themselves. They didn't really say much after, but they were tired. We will see if they talk about it tomorrow. I will have to show them the photos and see what they have to say.

It was special to take them to the Zoo... we are a family, they are ours... Wow.. I am so thankful.

Good Night

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#39 - Excitement to go to the Zoo and other stuff!

It wasn't really too exciting around our house today. Which is generally a good thing! I still don't have my darn car to drive, it's at the parents now. I had to work this evening so I had to take the noisy truck. Oh yes and I forgot to do some important stuff this week that I was supposed to do, like schedule someone to replace our septic tank before it collapses! A put a call into Call Before You Dig so they can come out and mark where the gas line and stuff is! Just minor stuff! :)

I won't be able to get any of it done as we are taking the kids to the Zoo tomorrow. I can't wait, the hubby took the day off and we are all going. It's neat to actually be able to do a family outing, three years ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me some day you would be able to do this. I think its more exciting than going to Disney for me! (Well at least until the kids get older) Our local zoo isn't even that big but I can't wait! Now I should get to bed so I am not to tired! (You will probably have to wait for an update until Saturday though as I have to work tomorrow night too!)


I finally got to work on my light box when Baby was sleeping this morning, and I re-took pics of all my cards and I have some new ones too. I hope to get them updated by Saturday, you will have to let me know what you think of the new background. Since I have so much spare time (I wish) I figured I would re-do them! (Am I nuts? YES!)


Baby is really crabby these days, more teeth possibly? Or maybe it's just because she likes to be held. I am not sure how she will do at the zoo as she is going to miss her morning nap.

The boys were pretty good today. They are happiest when they are doing things they shouldn't though! We have one of those crawl through tubes make out of nylon type stuff. They decided that they wanted to play with it, they even managed to get it opened up as we store it closed. (I thought they may have ripped the ties off but they managed to get the bows undone, I guess they are smarter than I though! :) ) Well they started off crawling through it. Then Standing in it with it sticking straight up, laughing all the time. Then the phone rang. I wasn't watching for a minute and I turned around and they were really laughing then (aka doing things they aren't supposed to.) So picture this, we have a couch with a cabinet behind it. The tube is on the floor and they have a ramp up to the cabinet. They are climbing up through the tube onto the cabinet, then trying to slide down the tube onto the floor (From the cabinet to the floor). Boy were they having fun, and the laughing. I told them to get off the cabinet (after I watched for a while as it was so funny! These little buts heading down the tube!), but I am sure that this is going to be a constant struggle for a while. Man did it look like fun though! I think I need to get them into some kind of crawling activity, or go to McDo.nalds pla.yl.and!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#38 - Car update

Well I decided that I had to let my husband know how I REALLY felt about the car thing. So I phoned him at work (it seems like we don't get really mad when he is at work and I didn't feel like a blow up at home). Well it worked well, and he didn't even seem annoyed when he got home. I wasn't really sure if he actually agreed with my points or if he was just saying that to avoid an argument.

I brought up a bunch of stuff about the person who was going to borrow it (if you read the last Password protected post it would make more sense...). Anyway I put the kibosh on the car loan, but had to get out of it by saying that my parents have the car. So still I can't drive my car as it's at the parents for a couple of weeks. Ugg... What's a girl to do? Oh well I am just glad that the car is not going to the friend for a whole bunch of reasons.

Good thing I didn't make those e.xla.x brownies yet... although I suppose I could have frozen them for another stupid hubbby day.
OK I really think I must cut back on my blog reading at night. I have been super tired the last few days (I have been up to late on the computer). Now I know I need more sleep... During breakfast today I was 3/4 done my milk before it sunk in that it was bad (GROSSSS!). Then I went to change baby and I noticed she slimed me, I looked at my shirt, kind of pulled it out, only to see the tag. I knew it felt kind of funny! Good thing I was not operating any heavy machinery today!

It was a loud day here. I am thankful for bed time tonight as my ears are sore! :)

Not to many fights today so that was good. I guess they are 3 there are bound to be a few squabbles during the day. It still just kills me when Boy1 goes to grab the vacuum to clean up the floor after someone makes a mess. Today I swear between Boy1 and I the kitchen floor was cleaned about 6 times... that was only until 2pm. What a mess. I had vacuumed the floor before I set Baby down as there was quite a mess down there. Boy1 and 2 were still eating. I hadn't noticed that they were throwing some food on the floor. I saw Baby was eating something and tried to stop her (fat chance of that, she is quick!). Then I noticed the food on the floor, vacuumed it up again. Then the boys started throwing food back and forth to each other, so what did baby do? She laid down under Boy2 (as that's were all the food seemed to be hitting the floor) and caught what she could and gobbled it up as fast as her little fingers would move. I knew that it was at least fresh stuff after all the floor cleaning so I figured what the heck, eat away! (See I am a bad mother, letting my poor daughter eat off the floor, did I mention she just had a big lunch?)

The boys are going through a throwing phase and it is driving me crazy, food, toys etc. I discipline them, take the toys away (now they just hand them to me when they are bad???), man you have to be creative to get through to two 3 year olds. They seem to really play off of each other too. Well I can never say it's dull around here that's for sure! :)

The girl is still in her screaming phase, but I do suppose that's the only way to get heard around here sometimes. When she doesn't want something she will play for hours and is so good. When dad gets frustrated with her I remind him that it's only when she wants something usually!

I am looking forward to Friday and hoping that the weather is nice as we are planning on taking the kids to the zoo, hubby has already booked the day off work and it looks like that is going to be the only nice day this weekend. It should be so much fun!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#37 - Getting out and other Rantings

My husband is on the top of the idiot list today. He keeps lending my fricking car out. First it was to the neighbour, which was ok as it was only for a few days until they found a new car (after she seized the engine... don't drive when the oil light is on people, not a good plan!). So we finally got it back and I was planning on driving it back and forth to work. The vehicle that I usually drive is the one that he lends out, the second one that I drive needs a new exhaust. It is so freaking loud it drives me nuts. So anyway house guest from the weekend calls, his new job is in a quary somewhere and I guess the roads are not nice, and he has a new car. So dippy the husband says... Oh you can use our car. Well granted the car is old but I don't want to beat it up driving on crappy roads. Like sorry friend but maybe you should have bought a more practical car maybe?

So how does his car issues become mine. I asked my hubby how long he is going to have it, he didn't know. I am so f-ing pissed off, I wasn't even consulted. And now we loose more storage space as his car will be going into the portable storage garage where my mustang was supposed to go for the winter. (I haven't been driving my mustang this year, it's not insured for the road)

Aaaaaannnddd did I mention we need to take our truck off the road to do some work before winter, and our Kid mobile also needs some work. WTF am I supposed to drive now? I think maybe I will have to make some ex lax brownies for my hubby tomorrow. Can you tell I am mad?
Have you heard about the Listeria issues in Canada? It's horrible, people have died. It makes me glad that we don't usually eat processed meat. I remember the first time I heard of Listeriosis, I was at a bad place in my life. We just had our 2nd failed IVF attempt, 10 years of trying and I came across this story of PG woman that contracted listeriosis. I can't remember if it was a Blog, it was a while ago now. This poor woman had suffered many losses and had been suffering with infertility for years. She finally got PG with twins. She contracted listeriosis through cheese I believe it was. She almost died and they had to take her babies, they did not survive. How do you recover from something like that? It still gives me chills to think of that poor woman.
Well I guess by now you know I am from Canada, we live in Canada, we watch Canadian news and not much else on TV yet my kids know who Ob.ama is. They see him on TV and shout "Bak ObaaaaMA". I guess they are Democrats??? We are possibly heading towards and election here but there seems to be more coverage of the American race. I don't think the kids know who our Prime Minister is but they know who is running in the US! LOL


Well today was an outing day, I figured since the boys were so grumpy yesterday that I would get them out today. Last night I told them we were going to Wal.mar.t to spend Dads money today. So off we went to Wally world. I finally got to go to the new supercenter, it's been open over a year it's about freaking time. It took so long to get breakfast done and the kids ready that we didn't get there until about 10:30/11ish. I thought I would be in for it with the kids as it was getting close to lunch! They were pretty good for about 20 mins then they wanted to go. They had enough. I got a bit of a walk around and picked up a few things. The craft section is so awesome there, I can't wait to go back! :)

I do unfortunately draw some attention to myself when I go out. I have a triple stroller that contains the kids for me when I go out. I am glad that the boys will still stay in the stroller or I am not sure how brave I would be going out with them ? Anyway I know I am going to get stupid comments when I go out. So I try to a)have a witty comment b)smile or c) bite off my tounge. Why is it total strangers feel the need to make comments anyway? Whatever.

So here is today's list (my responses in brackets)
1) Are they triplets... (umm no, twins and a spare)
2) OMG you have your hands full (better full than empty)
3) Then there was the woman that leans over to 'whisper' to her husband, OMG that poor woman. I really wanted to go up and say "NO I am not a poor woman, I am so very happy to have these children in my life" One of these days I may just do that.
4) Here is my favorite. Some woman came up to me and said "I suppose they drive you crazy! But you should enjoy them, you are so lucky I would be happy to have them". From what I could tell she had 4 or 5 kids and she was shopping with one of them, teenagers by the look of it. FIRST OF ALL what the heck do you know about how I feel about my kids? I was so totally ticked that I said to her "Actually I love every moment with my kids" She says "Oh I guess you are like me and like your kids". I just walked away at this point... If you only knew lady!

It's amazing how a triple stroller can bring out the comments! So much for me hiding in obscurity!

As per usual Boy2 freaked on the way out. It seems like whenever we get to the till he freaks for some reason, then he got baby going. Lucky for me I remembered to bring a soother for baby (she doesn't really use it anymore but man she sure shuts up when you plunk it in). So one down one to go! It wasn't until the truck that he finally calmed down. People just stare when you have a rotten kid! I will have to remember not to do the same to other moms! :)

We actually managed to make it to a second store and Boy2 was good again until the till... hmm I am seeing a pattern here. I even got to ask some questions in the computer department. (I am trying to decided if my next computer is going to be a mac or a pc??? I am sick of! Ugg)

Anyway we all managed to get home, have lunch and it took a while for the boys to calm down for naps. I am assuming that that was because they weren't running around all that much in the am.

They did manage to have a bit of a sleep, finally ! I even managed to get some cleaning up done in the basement and a load of laundry.

OK enough already I am going to bed!
Good night

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#36 - Password Protected

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Monday, August 25, 2008

#35 - Really I am not that bad of a Mom... although I feel like it today

Well I certainly will not be winning any Mom of the year awards any time soon. :( So here is what happened today. Kids slept in (I thought they would be in a good mood from getting extra sleep, apparently sleeping in is not a good thing). So I got all the munchkins up, Changed and got the boys dressed. They were already fighting over toys. I think they started the moment they got out of their little beds this morning. I started changing Baby... (you can see where this is going can't you). Well Boy1 decided to flip Boy2 with his blanket. I usually ignore the fighting when I am changing Baby. But Boy1 was flipping Boy2 in the face and I was worried about injury. So I tried to get him to stop, ha ha he is three, three means you don't have to listen to mom, just like 2, 1 and I am sure many other years!

So I turned to grab his blanket (trying to ensure Boy2 didn't get an eye injury) and then I turned back to watch Baby falling to the floor. I was sick, but she landed on her back, sort of flat, but with the head first. You must know that I never leave any of my kids on the change table/bed etc alone for fear of them falling. It is true all it takes is once and all it takes is seconds.

Well after she stopped crying I started touching her arms and legs to make sure she wasn't hurt and there was no screaming. She was fine, I dodged that bullet thank the good lord above! I am damn lucky. It scared the crap out of me. It just annoys the crap out of me as I never ever do stupid things like that.

I did enjoy the cuddle time after as she isn't so cuddly anymore. She just wanted me to hold her, poor thing was so scared I felt so awful. Boy2 even came over to give her a hug, he was crying as he was afraid Baby was hurt. I always try to stay calm when the boys are around so at least they weren't totally freaked out as well. (So about 10 mins after they were back to fighting though... it was quite a day! We are definitely getting out of the house tomorrow.)

I just can't believe how stupid I was, just a second turning around and she could have been hurt, and it would have been all my fault. :( I got lucky today.

Oh yes and the first signs of fall are here, one of our trees is turning yellow! So happy Fall to everyone! speaking of Uggg!

While we are at it we might as well complain about my freaking computer. It is so freaking slow... and I have cleaned the registry, run spy checking software and virus checking software. I give up. I think I need a new computer! I am also having buyer's remorse for a ring I bought online today. I will post more about that later.

I think I covered that above! Baby fell today, Boy2 was giving her hugs. Boy1 and Boy2 fought over toys all day today, until Dad came home and then they were good! UGG! :)


Sunday, August 24, 2008

#34 - What did you do with my weekend? It seems to be gone?

Wow it's been a quick passing weekend yet again. I only worked one day this weekend, which has been a switch as I have worked the last two. And yet it doesn't feel like I got much done anyway? I am exhausted, I am not really sure why though? I am blaming the heat! :) (Or the fact that I haven't been sleeping at night?)

I did manage to get the inside of our cars cleaned today. Usually we keep them spotless but since kids it seems hard to keep up with all the things we like to have done. Anyway they are all vacuumed and sparkle-y. The boys were even 'helping' out. One had the vacuum (or back-noon-noon as they call it) and the other had a cloth and wiping the inside of the door. It was funny when Boy2 decided to tell Boy1 to clean the door.

We also have a house guest this weekend, more on this later... probably in a password protected post as it is complicated.

I was somewhat disappointed this weekend as there was a staff crop (scrapbooking for those who wonder what the heck I am talking about) on Saturday night. I managed to get a bit done but I was so freaking tired that I had to come home early. I have never done that before when it comes to scrapbooking. I guess I am getting OLD! :)

Lately it just seems that I am running and running and getting nowhere. I suppose someday I will feel like I am accomplishing something, for the time being I guess I will have to hang on for the ride! :)

I missed my gang on Saturday as I only saw them briefly in the morning before I went to work and got home after they went to bed. I missed the baby the most as I got a call from Boy1 then I got to talk to Boy2. It's the first time that I actually heard a boy on the phone when I said hello. It was one of those heart warming moments.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key with lots of hug stealing from mom! (Sometimes they are hard to get so you just have to take one!)

Off to watch BB!
Good Night

p.s. Freaking computer ate my post! I am so sick of this slow grumpy computer! Ugg!


Friday, August 22, 2008

#33 - Thoughts on Fitting in as a Mother

Infertility has affected my life so much, I never expected that if I had a family that it would still affect me. I am starting to accept that it's just part of me and it will always be a part of me. The sting is not so biting anymore but it's definitely still there.

The whole time I was trying to get PG I always felt like I just didn't fit in. Most of my friends had families and we didn't. When we would get together the men would go off and talk about work and the women babies. Ours was a quiet struggle for many many years, we didn't let anyone in for all sorts of reasons.

I always preferred to hang with the guys as listening to the talk of babies just broke my heart. So I was always just there. Listening quietly. I never thought our day would come, but it did. Now I am part of a whole new world, the Mom world.

After 11 years of infertility I didn't know how to 'hang' with the Mom's. I felt like an impostor, and after 3 years I still feel like an impostor. I suppose like anything else it will get easier as the years go on, I have always said all it takes is time... now I just have to wait my time.

It was a trying day today, I was tired, the kids were grumpy so there was a lot of noise around here. I definitely not on the top of my Motherhood game today, I think I need some more sleep. But we made it through.

Boy1 decided that he wanted whatever his brother had. Even when they have 2 identical things, of course what Boy2 must be better because Boy2 had it. So the fight was on most of the day. I was so happy to see my hubby home today! I helped with groceries and had a nap. Life was much better after the nap. It is amazing what some sleep will do.

After supper we went out for a while and I didn't realize it has been a while since we have all been out together, granted it was just to home depot but we all had fun. Oh and I got to stop at Michaels and I bought the coolest border punch with pumpkins on it (Mart.ha St.ewart stuff, it's not cheap but some of it is cool!)


Oh and here are the pics I tried to post yesterday, my darn computer was looking to get itself pitched out a window last night! I like the first one better, but the second one is growing on me. I am really impressed at the quality of the photos given that they were from my cell phone. I have been messing around with a light box for my Etsy stuff and I have a really nice digital SLR camera that I can't seem to get setup right. Ugg... Anyway let me know what you think.

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#32 - Oh to be fertile and naive.

So I was out the other night and there was a couple of sisters there. Young and having 4 kids each. They were talking about their kids. One of them said that their young daughter said that she was waiting until she was 30 to have kids. Then the Mom and her sister said "who waits that long to have kids, she will learn soon enough".

I suppose that was a bit of a compliment as I am hoping that meant I don't look my age! I am secretly thinking boy you have no idea what it's like when you don't have a choice, when mother nature has other plans for us IF'ers out there.

Oh to be so naive about fertility, to have never been down that road, to have never suffered through months and years of no double lines. Things I dream of! :)

Well the kids have been so good lately I knew I would be in for it soon! Boy 1 woke up grumpy, but lucky for me the bug up his butt quickly moved to Boy 2 and there it stuck for the rest of the day!

It was one of those days where you are lucky that you didn't pull your hair out. I had to work tonight though so I got a nice break!




Wednesday, August 20, 2008

#31 - You have got to be kidding me

Today was a low key day, I had a visitor and the kids love her so it was a good day. I am really tired for some reason. I guess I need to get to bed a little earlier. I was also doing some consulting work this afternoon (one of my three part-time jobs). In the future I really must start getting to bed before midnight I suppose?

My daughter is a little nutty I have decided. She is deathly afraid of bubble gum. Yes if you chew gum she gets nervous, but if you blow a bubble she freaks out. I was holding her and I blew a bubble. OMG the poor thing was terrified, she was even shaking. I was holding her, so she grabbed on tight and turned her little head as far as she could. She wanted me to hold on to her yet she was terrified of the gum. I took it out of my mouth and showed her that I was throwing in the garbage, then did the fear factor, look into my mouth thing.

She had to go spend some time with dad for a while to get her calmed down. I can't believe she is afraid of bubble gum. (Well Boy2 was afraid of the wind for the longest time so I guess I shouldn't be surprised! :) )


I was trying to think of cute names for my boys in this blog but nothing really came to mind except Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat. Because they are kind of like thing 1 and 2. Getting into trouble together etc. So anyway I decided to stick with Boy1 and Boy2 (kind of like the thing1/2 thing!) Yes now you know I am crazy and see where the kids get it from as I ramble on! :) Then for the girl, baby is just Baby around here so I figured I would just go with that one. Poor thing everyone around here calls her Baby, I wonder how long that will stick for?

Good night and enjoy your bubble gum, just not in front of my kids! :)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

#30 - I survived 2 hours at the dentist today!

So my dentist was surprised that I made it through my way overdue teeth cleaning all in one session today. Heck if you have been through an IVF retrieval or 2, where the drugs have worn off (or aren't working), teeth cleaning is nothing Mrs. Dentist. I think I will remember to go back in 6 months though, I imagine my gums will like it better too! :)

After my dental appointment I had to run over to Wal.mar.t. On the way back to the car I saw this older couple and I smiled at them. They were the cutest elderly couple and they had this older cool motor home. The lady was tiny and reminded me of my grandmother. After I smiled the gentleman asked me if that was my vehicle and we struck up a conversation. They were on vacation so at the end I told them to have a wonderful time. He responded with "when we meet people like you it makes the vacation better". Awww it melted my heart, and made me miss my grandparents even more as they have been gone for a while now.

I always try to give a smile when I go out and be kind to others, I think the world would be a better place if we could all take the time to just smile and be kind, hopefully I can teach my kids to do the same.

Today was a wonderful day with the kids. Everyone was in a great mood by the time breakfast was done. The boys played and didn't fight and their sister just followed along. She is either going to worship her brothers and/or drive them crazy! :)

I love it when they don't fight over toys. Dad was even home early so that I could go to the dentist. Well we play downstairs a lot but not usually when dad is home. When he got home he got to hear all about all the toys in the basement. It was so cute. Just before dad came home I had to make a 'potty' stop. When I got out the kids were calling to me 'mom downstairs'. I guess they missed me while I was in the bathroom! :)

Sometimes they are just so adorable I wonder where they came from!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

#29 - Calamity Adverted

I got to go card making today! It was so much fun, a whole new group of people that I met. I really enjoyed getting out. But why is it that I always feel guilty when I go out. I always feel bad leaving the kids with dad as he worked all day. Even when I go to work I guilty. I told my husband that and he said NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Ya that makes me feel better, thanks hunny!

I got lucky yesterday, very lucky! (no not that kind of lucky, get your mind out of the gutter!). It was bed time, we were getting our not so happy kids ready for bed. They aren't big fans of bed time, wait till they get to be my age! Well we were trying to hurry as my cousin was stopping by with the trailer. Then the doorbell rang, the neighbour was coming to borrow the car. I couldn't find the keys, so I went to finish getting the kids ready for bed and the hubby went to find the keys.

In all the confusion the baby gate never got closed. You can see where this is going. I am changing boy1's bum and didn't realize I had an escapee. Boy2 was now screaming as dad had left, he is dad's boy. Well the escapee was on her way, you guessed it, to the stairs. She is quick when she wants to be. Lucky for me boy2 was near by, and hasn't forgotten his tumble down the stairs. I hear boy2 say no baby, then I heard the gate, he was trying to close it. Now baby, aka the escapee, is screaming mad because he would let her go where she wanted. I guess she doesn't remember the goose egg she got when she tumbled down the stairs! When I got there he was holding the gate trying to keep baby away, he said to me 'Baby no fall down stairs'.

I tell you that kid got all sorts of praise and a big hug. Baby was not impressed but that's just too bad.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

#28 - Pasword Protected

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

#27 - Still hot here! (I should shut-up as it will be cold soon!)

Still way to hot for me. I was thankful to be in air conditioning all day today at my part-time job.


Out of the mouths of babes. So around our house we aren't the best at using real words for certain body parts so a certain male part is called Willy. (I know original, I know you are supposed to call it by it's proper name. I just can't! :) ) Well this morning I was in the bathroom putting on some makeup (aka trying to hide my freckles that decided to join each other and have a big ole splotch party on my face. The Twin PG did wonders for my complexion and it never recovered. But that wasn't where I was going with this...).

So anyway I hear someone talking in the bedroom, diaper change time. Boy 2 says " has Willy". Dad answers yes. Then Boy 2 says "Dad has Big Willy". I almost peed myself laughing (good thing I was in the bathrooom isn't it! LOL). He made sure he emphasized the Big, it just sounded so funny. (I am sure my husband was happy.) Dad is big boys are small so I guess that's how that came together???

I walked out of the room and asked my husband if boy2 said what I thought he said. He says yup... and then it was on to something else just that quick!

Maybe you had to be here but it was pretty funny how it all just came out and then on to the new thing.

I am just waiting to be in the middle of Wal.mar.t and here one of the kids yell something 'interesting' out in the store. (Last time I was in there Boy2 was saying Butt Wipe all through the store (Dad's name for T.P.) so I wonder what's next?)


I shall leave you with a few pics of the cupcakes I made for Baby's 1st birthday.

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Good night...

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Friday, August 15, 2008

#26 - Hot hot hot & Chaos

It's a hot one here today, one of those days were you don't want to move. When I went outside it was an oppressive heat. I reminded me of when I was in Florida years ago. One thing that is nice about here is at least the shady areas are usually a little cooler. I worked in the southern states (Atlanta) many moons ago and it always amazed me that the temperature was the same in the Shade as it was in the sun. (side note, I sure miss Atlanta it was a great place to spend some time.)

One of my boys is not doing well with the heat. It's cry time at our house, poor little fella.


The first 1 1/2 hours of my day:
- got up, phone was ringing, a friend of mine
- got kids up and dressed and bums changed (still on phone, neck sore now! :) )
- second line beeping (I finally gave in and got what I call "CALL RUDE-ING" a few years ago... I can't miss a call you know! :) )
- friends coming over to pick up clothes that were lent to me for the boys but they are now grown out of (still not dressed (jammies) at this point and just getting the kids breakfast). I was expecting them in the afternoon
- friends 2 minutes away, go get dresssed
- baby crying - feed me Mom
- sit for 10 secs, feed baby, boys want yogurt
- door bell rings (crap)
- answer door , boys still want yogurt - baby screaming (feed me mom)
- attempt to ignore kids for a moment (who am I kidding!)
- friends come in, kids start screaming
- show friends house very very quickly, kids really start screaming
- boy escapes from chair, goes to bedroom, accidentally shuts door, starts banging
- cell phone starts ringing, hubby, ignore it
- invite friends to kitchen to finish feeding baby and get yogurt for boys. Boys throw spoons (all still screaming)
- finally get boys to shut-up
- friends say that's nothing their 2 kids can yell louder (they are older, things to look forward to possibly?)
- now I have to feed boys yogurt and screaming baby (I am sure by this point she is thinking "Mom get your big butt over here and give me some damn food I am hungry" :))
- phone rings now, husband again, answer it
- finally kids stop screaming (I breath a sigh of relief)
- friends need boxes of clothes, have to go downstairs to get them. Boys start screaming again, so I have to carry baby and one of them down the stairs.
- friends leave... children stop screaming... mom finally finishes breakfast then collapses in a heap in a chair. LOL

At least I can't say I am bored! :)

After lunch today I went out with the kids to play. The sandbox was the entertainment of choice today. Well baby decided that she was going to try to get in. Picture this a turtle sandbox/pool idea with a raised edge (to keep the sand/water in). The edge is about six inches wide. So anyway baby gets really close to it sitting on her bum, she lifts one leg up and tries to get it in, but her little foot just made it to the top of the side. She is determined she tried a couple of times to hoist herself up with her foot! :) Finally she gave up and just decided to get up on her knees and play with the toys in the sand. She was happy so I just let her play. Boy did she scream when it was time to go in though! They all napped well so it was a good day!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

#25 - Thank goodness for shade!

Well it was day to be outside in the shade. Out we went and the kids had fun in the sandbox. I was able to get my contact list all cleaned up. To many contact and address lists in to many places. Now I just have one and I have to set it up to update my address book database that I created, in my spare time of course. I also have a small contract doing some stuff for a small company that I need to get going on, then there is my craft site, and my other part time jobs... oh ya and the kids. There just isn't enough usable hours in the day! (To much time is taken up sleeping!)

Today was sandbox day. Picture this, a small sand box, two boys as long as the sand box, two boys laying down rolling in the sand like piggy's in mud. Yup my boys looked like a couple of little piglets rolling around in mud. There was sand everywhere, on the deck, in their hair(under the hat), in their shoes, in their socks, in their diapers. Yup sand everywhere. But they had fun so mom was happy too, no grumping is always a good thing!

Speaking of grumpy. Yes we have entered a new phase with the baby. It's the OMG I am not going back to work, what the heck was I thinking Phase. (*grin*) She has started squawking all the time. I am hungry - squawk, I think I am hungry - squawk, I may be hungry in an hour - squawk, I want your cell phone - squawk, I wanna squawk - squawk... I think you get the picture - squawk! I found something that makes her happy today, finally! If I put her in the sling and drape her around my neck and keep moving she is happy. I am almost hands free so I can get things done, such as making lunch. Great for her, for mom, massage please!!!

Oh yes and we had a break through today... I finally figured out what the heck Fay Fay is. I keep asking them to show me and they look at me like I am on dope. Anyway apparently it means Right Way. Since I am home with them all day I guess I am the only one I can blame for their speech, so I suck apparently! (Did I mention how cute they are! LOL)

What can I say, wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

Good Night

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

#24 - Here comes the heat again

Great news it's supposed to be stinking hot again tomorrow and for the entire weekend. I dislike the heat immensely! At least in the winter you can keep piling more clothes on, there is only so much I am willing to take off in the heat! Next summer I should complain less as we will have our pool setup for the kids and it should be good enough to keep me cool. (Although I worry that pea.ce will arrive... I can see the headlines now 'We've spotted a Beached Whale in the Praries!' Between my pasty white skin, black bathing suit and fat *ss ya just never know! LMAO!)

Yet another thing to add to our list of, frick we have to fix it. There is a lovely shade of brown-y red water (complete with residue) coming from the hot water tank. So my question to you is if you bathe in what looks like dirty water does that mean you are still dirty? I don't think my cards on Etsy are going to cover this one! I am sick fixing stuff around this place! Arrrg! Sure glad we got that useless home inspection done before we bought the place!

This occurred during lunch. I was biting bits of my banana bread off to give to baby (in the hopes of shutting her up as she was screaming at the top of her lungs, just for fun I think). So we continued to have lunch. Then I went to get baby more food and she started to screech again. So boy #2 bites of a piece of his jam sandwich (healthy lunch I know! I was tired! :)) and starts to lick it. I thought it was somewhat odd. The next thing I knew he was down out of his chair and over to baby. He was giving her the piece of sandwich that he just licked. Then Boy #1 bit off a piece to feed baby as well. Their pieces were a little big so I showed them what size to make them so they were off biting pieces off, off their chair, over to baby, back to their chair and start all over again. It was great as the screeching stopped and I was able to get the rest of her food for her.

Back to the licking thing. I am guessing that was in the interpretation of what I was doing, I am not really sure where he got it from? I was ensuring that baby didn't get the chocolate chips that I had baked into the bread so maybe he thought I was licking them out? Or maybe he figured if I ate the good stuff then he should to (bye bye Jam!). I guess I will never know the why behind the licking, it sure was strange to watch.

It still amazes me how good they all are to each other. It's like it was pre-programmed in to them (and they don't even have USB ports! LOL Sorry some Tech humor here, well I thought it was funny!). I sure hope it lasts anyway!

Good night

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Monday, August 11, 2008

#23 - I am a bad parent

Yes I admit it I am a bad parent. Ever since the boys have been in cribs bed time has not been fun. (I guess we are paying for the fact that they were awesome going to bed when they were younger... pay now or pay later has always been my mantra! :) )

So I admit it I have resorted to bribery. Tonight they got a glow in the dark moon. If they are good they get another planet tomorrow and if they are bad one goes away. So I am a bad parent what can I say. We do what we need to, to get through the day I suppose! :)

What is up with this cleaning thing? The boys have decided that if there is a mess they must vacuum it up (back-noon-noon as they call it). Shall we start a pool to see at what age it stops? I am thinking I may make it to 5 if I am lucky!

The baby is driving me crazy. My ped is obsessed with getting babies off bottles by one year. We did it with the boys and it worked out ok. The baby not so much. I finally gave her a bottle today as she has been on a drink strike for the past almost 2 weeks since we took her bottle away. That child has the will of a warrior! She has also taken to screaming near meal times, just for fun I think. She sits at my feet and grabs at my toes and hollers at me! (She heard the boys hollering one day and decided to do the same! Uggg). I think this one is going to give me a run for my money! :) Like I say good thing she is cute!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

#22 - Password Protected

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#21 - Time, where does it go?

Time... where the heck does it go? The weekend came and it went and we start all over again. I never seem to get anything done and forget the extras, you know the fun stuff we get to for ourselves. I feel like I am going to wake up one day and it will all be done, the kids will be grown, the house will still be 'not finished', the yard will still be a work in progress, I won't be young anymore. I am afraid to blink as I will miss it all. There just isn't enough hours in the day!

Oh yes and I am totally jealous. A friend just celebrated her 1 year wedding anniversary and they headed to the mountains and got to do all sorts of fun stuff sans kiddos. We haven't even been out for dinner together since I was PG with the boys. Watch me turn green! :)

I think the girl is teething again. She cries unless she is eating (well actually sometimes she can manage to eat and cry, no tears) or being held. Just another phase to get through... I wonder what will be next. Crawling hopefully.

By the way anyone know when the whining stops. I have one that whines almost every word! (Probably till he moves out right? LOL)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

#20 - Yuck!

It has been incredibly hot here.. 31 Celsius today. Yuck. So what do you do when it's hot, fill up the kiddy pool and put the kiddies in it! After supper last night it was hot water in little pool, add a bathtub fizzy colour thing and way we go! Our pool has 4 little seats in it. Put a kid on each seat, and some bathtub finger paint on the extra seat. Well baby decided to put her legs over the edge, I am not sure if she was trying to climb out or just being weird (I go for weird! :)) She actually managed to climb into the pool for a while too, off of her little seat. Not sure if it was planned but in she went!

So here comes the yuck part. When it came time to get out I picked her up and noticed that the water under here bum on the seat was brown. NOT good considering that I put BLUE tint in the pool. Yuck!

YEY baby actually pulled up on the couch and managed to move over a couple of steps. 13 1/2 months old and finally pulling up!

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

#19 - Peace

Today for the first time I actually felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I am not sure why or where it came from but it sure felt great. I was sitting on my deck watching my kids play with their water table and there it was, inside I just felt this overwhelming sense of peace. I can't honestly ever remember feeling this way. I guess my life is in a good spot right now, I sure do like it! I sure hope it lasts for a while...

My daughter discover mud today, I wonder if she liked the taste (man she is quick)! The boys were playing with their water table and of course it was all over them and the deck and there was some dirt where the water spilled. Baby crawled over and decided to mix it up! (Well there has got to be one child that is ok with getting their hands dirty around here as the boys sure don't like it!)

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

#18 - Oh my!

Well it was another one of those heart stopping moments last night. I settled into bed as per usual, then started about my normal routine. Check video monitor (baby) and turn off the light. Only last night I turned on the video to check her out and all I saw was an empty crib. OMG where did she go? Well it turns out she had mushed herself into the top of her crib, blankets and all. Just out of sight of the camera (of course I forgot that I had bumped the camera earlier and forgot to reset it). Scared me half to death until when I looked closer I could see a teeny weeny part of her blanket and then I knew where she was.

I have video monitors in both kids rooms, I am cursed with incredibly light sleepers. If I open the door to check on them they wake up and scream. So the monitors help sometimes. Instead of big br.other watching around here it's big Momma! LOL!

Today was just another exciting day as a SAHM! :) Get up, change diapers, manage to dress baby, feed kids, hang out in jammies for the rest of us... can you say lazy? When baby went down for her morning nap the boys wanted to play downstairs (no falls today thank goodness), I managed to sort out some of the scrapbooking mess that I have down there. (MOVING Sucks... I used to be soooo organized!) I suppose I will get it cleaned up eventually. Then it was back upstairs to get baby up and make lunches, play time, afternoon naps, clean-up the kitchen and start cleaning up other crap lying around. Sit for a minute during naps then off to clean-up more stuff! I started cleaning out clothes :( that don't fit baby anymore to get ready for a garage sale that I am not sure I am ready to partake in just yet. Yes I have issues letting go. Fricking heck I need to clean more sh*t out of this house it just isn't big enough for all of us and our junk!

Wish me luck it's getting frickin hot here. I dislike hot immensely, especially since I don't have central air in this house (yet another thing I miss about the old place). (Yes I am in Canada and no It doesn't snow all year here! :) ) So it's supposed to go up to 30 or 31 Celsius tomorrow (86 F for my imperial friends). That is just way to frickin hot for me. 25C (77F) is about the hottest I can stand. I like winter what can I say!

Our resident comedian was busy telling dad to get to his room when it was time for bed. I wonder when his brother is going to beat the bossy out of him? 5, 6 years old? What do you think?

Baby is quite the turkey these days. She has learned to yell from her brothers, only she does it all the time just for fun. She's like a barking dog that you want to have de-barked. Good thing she is cute! She also is cutting more teeth by the look of her chewing. I think this one is going to be a stubborn one... hmm Mom vs Baby, it's gonna get ugly! :)

Working at my part-time just for sanity job tomorrow night! I am working with my least favorite staff member which is a bummer, but it's only for 4 hours so I can make due.

Good night

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

#17 - Happiness is...

Happiness is...

-Three wonderful children after years and years of infertility
-Being brave enough to quit my job and stay home with my kids
-Enjoying our new yard
-Feeling free now that I have quit my career
-Being broke! :) (Goes with the quitting thing)
-Scrapbooking my kids photos
-Meeting new people in the new area that I live
-Moving forward
-A good friend or two
-Finding a part time job that I actually like (even though it pays more than 3 times less than my last job! :))
-and last but not least loving my kids

It's amazing the way the boys take care of their sister. They are amazingly gentle and kind and they worry when she cries. They sometimes take her toy but always go get her something else. I do worry when they put her pretend lipstick on, but better now than when they are 20. (Although I would love them anyway if that's what they chose) It's amazing everyday to watch them grow and learn new things. One of the boys tries to repeat everything I say. He tries so hard even though it sometimes doesn't come out the way he hoped.

Supper has become more interesting now that they speak some form of English. (Some days it's not the form I understand but we try.) It's funny to sit at the dinner table and see what they have to say. I love it when they tell dad to sit down and eat, or make their funny faces and laugh those great belly laughs! I hope that they will always find happiness.

I hope they always eat their broccoli and other vegetables when they get older!

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Monday, August 04, 2008

#16 - The Great Outdoors

Well this weekend was an outdoor weekend. We spent most of the weekend doing yard stuff of some sort. My husband is still putting the stupid shelter together and now he has to cut it shorter as the canvas is to short and finish bolting it down. Then he has to do the floor. So I figure 2 more weekends and he may actually have it done. Ugg! The next project is to build a storage shed for our lawn tractors (yes tractors, because we need two so that we don't fight over who gets to mow the lawn! :)), trailers and misc tractor attachments, and our snow removal stuff. The problem with an acreage is the maintenance items are larger, so you need more storage. I sure hope he can get it done before the snow flies but I am not convinced. It seems like everything takes longer than it should.

I have been just exhausted lately so I decided to be somewhat useful and managed to get most of the lawn mowed today. I don't do the ditches or around some of the trees. I like the big open areas. I was almost knocked off the lawn tractor when I was hit by a tree branch so now I am not to keen on getting to close (and for some reason I get the brake and the gas confused on things that you drive that have something between the brake and the gas, like the engine. They have to be beside each other or I just can't seem to get my head around the brake pedal) Yes I can drive a car much better than the lawn tractor! Although I HATE parking! :) I don't do the ditches as I feel like I am going to fall off when the tractor in on an angle so I leave those for the hubbs! He doesn't mind so I guess it all works out in the end. He was just happy that the lawn got mostly mowed today as it was bothering him that it needed to be done.

I even managed to sneak in an hour nap when the kids when down this afternoon so I was happy!

Back to normal tomorrow. The hubby has been off since Friday and I have enjoyed having him around for 4 days. Now I have to adjust to not having the extra set of hands around again! It's amazing how after 4 days you can change your entire routine.


The boys each got a gator for their birthday from their grandparents. (They are 2 seater battery powered drivable toys in case you weren't sure what they are). Well one of the boys is really good at driving it the other one hasn't quite figured out that you turn the steering wheel to turn the thing. He is starting to get a little better though. Anyway they were driving around the yard today following each other. Then the good driver decided to go for a ride with his brother. Well my husband and I almost died laughing as the good driver was grabbing the steering wheel trying to get his brother to turn the 'right' way and he was telling him when to back up and when to go forward and of course when to turn. I don't think the other fella listened to anything which made it even funnier. When the good driver was grabbing the wheel and trying to get the thing turning it was just to funny to watch. Little bossy boy. (He was also telling his father to sit on his bum and eat his supper, in a stern voice with the finger pointing. That was pretty funny too as my husband is bad for not coming and sitting down at supper time.)

I think things are just starting to get interesting at our house...

Good night


Sunday, August 03, 2008

#15 - Password Protected

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#14 - No more boo boos

Well we have been 'boo boo' free for a couple of days. Thank goodness! Lets hope it stays that way for a while.

It has been a busy weekend, trying to put up a shelter for my mom and dad's stuff that they are storing at our place. What a PAIN! We now have to shorten the legs as the sides aren't long enough. It just seems to take forever to get anything done when you are working around 3 little ones, not to mention that we want to spend time with them as well. It was a bad time to move with the age the kids are at and with all the work we need to do around the yard and house. But I guess we will make the best of it as we really like the area we moved to. I just wish that sometimes we actually felt like we are accomplishing something! :)

Baby actually pulled herself to standing this week. 13+ months old and she finally did it. I tell you she had two parents that were cheering. She has only done it once but I am hoping that it leads to more!

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