Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Well that was completely different....

I guess following your instincts can be a good thing. The boys have been moved to a new school and I am beyond happy. It was a bit of a busy day though...

8:30 at the school - stay with the boys for orientation (So sad hubby couldn't come.. couldn't get a babysitter in that short of notice and grandparents thought it was a good idea to leave the country 2 days before the kids started school... they have only know about it for 5ish years, anyway I digress!)
10:30 done orientation (kids tired and hungry... add mom to the list. Loving the Kindergarten teacher very professional and very skilled at her job... Jumping for JOY at this point wanting to hug teacher). She even provided the snack for the kids on the first day and had a story to go with it. Other parents friendly too... wow. Felt like the right place the minute I walked in and met the admin staff and the Principal.

Picked up paper work and headed home

2:45 (after child meltdown) back to school for appt with Teacher (staying after school to meet with boys). Sat down with each child individually and went through a pre-assessment to see where they were at. Had info for the parent to fill out.. questions about the kids so she can get to know them. So kind to the kids I was impressed! Talked to the principal on the way out again very impressed! (Watch as weight lifts off shoulders)

Because today wasn't busy enough it also happened to be Meet the Teacher night (or meet the creature as my hubby says). So back to the school at 7pm... The principal came up and said hello and took time to chat. Then before the meeting started the Vice Principal came up and introduced himself and we had a conversation. (I came home and said to my hubby... I have never seen a HOT Vice Principal before! LOL). I did think it was nice of him to introduce himself and ask about my kiddos. (Note to self if kids ever cause trouble meet with Vice Principal... at least he won't be hard to look at! HA HA!)

Anyway I think I can sleep well tonight... well maybe tomorrow night... I still have to call and pull them out of the other school... and frankly they scare the crap out of me! :)

P.S. Any thoughts on how I can explain to the teacher that the dirty old ho.okers that their father is keeping in the garage are actually trailer hitches. (Well you hook a trailer up, so the kids decided the trailer hitch should be called a ho.oker... now we have been trying to get them to use the appropriate terminology but when adults laugh at them it's really hard to convince them otherwise... now remember they are in catholic school, I don't want to get kicked out next week)

Oh ya and I am finally getting of my arce and trying to get stubborn girl potty trained (I thought it just happened with the third one). Looks like I have another Ip.hone kid... Is there an app for that? Yes Yes there is! LOL

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At 8:24 a.m., September 09, 2010, Anonymous Kristin said...

I am so, so glad to hear how much better the second school is. Good for you for advocating for your kids!


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