Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Busy

Well today was a busy one... trying to clean-up some stuff in the basement. I really wanted to get some other housecleaning done to but that didn't happen. I am still getting ready for our Garage sale this coming weekend. Man do we have a lot of 'stuff' to get rid of. Of course the 3 days it's supposed to rain this week are the 3 days we are having the garage sale. I sure hope after all this work that someone shows up!

I did some 'playing tonight'. I just received my new encaustic iron and wax so I was busy for a while! Don't get to excited it just using an iron to melt wax and make pictures! Man is it fun and all my supplies fit in a little bucket, not taking up too much room! Which is important when it comes to this craptastic house! :)(Yup still not liking my house)

So I have some pics of what I did.. now I just have to remember how to get photos off my Iphone!

The one on the bottom right was my first attempt. The the one on the top right was my second... I not liking the way this one turned out... I do love my bamboo though! I am hoping with some practice I can make some cool cards!

Well the kiddos were fairly good today. Boy1 was in his typical 'lets get everyone' going mood. So he was driving me a little crazy. After supper we dragged the little monkeys outside (well maybe they dragged us?). We had to mow our lovely crop of dandy lions. I thought the little yellow pesky flowers were annoying when I lived in town... now I have a field of the freaking things! Well the kids had fun getting some extra time outside today. It was nice and sunny and no rain (it's waiting for our garage sale! :) )

Off I go to sort out some files on my computer. I think I need another external drive!


At 4:42 p.m., May 26, 2010, Anonymous Kristin said...

I really love that card on the bottom right.


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