Sunday, March 29, 2009

#204 - Weekend update

Well it was a busy one. Friday night was demo night and scrapbooking night in the basement. Saturday I worked all day then worked on my course prep in the evening. I even found a little time to play with my Cricut. I am making some Pooh characters for a friends baby shower (that I haven't decided if I am going to yet, hmm just checked my Calendar, guess I am working so I can't go. Even after all this time I still have this aversion to Baby showers, go figure?)

So now our basement is in a big mess, but hubby has most of the framework from the old, useless storage room, out of the house! I am so excited I just wish it could be done NOW! LOL

Today was a pretty quiet day. Some more basement demo and some more work on my Pooh Characters and some course prep. (I think I must have a short attention span, I have to do a little of everything! Actually it was more like, I would much rather be scrapbooking than course prep!)

I am not looking forward to the week ahead. It's a four day work week for me, plus I need to get going on my next class I am teaching and the system I am building. This is the second go through of this next course so I am thinking I shouldn't have to do much prep for the next one at least! Phew! I have a bit of rework to do for the next course I am teaching though so I need to get to that too! Like March I think April is going to FLY by!

Oh ya and what the heck have I been doing lately... seriously 6 loads of laundry were piled up. I NEVER do that. Bloody time change has really messed up my schedule!

- not enough time to scrapbook
- never getting time to go out for supper with my hubby

- one of my jobs (the one I really should quit as it doesn't really make me any money, but I just love the people there and the time out. It doesn't feel like work, but it is killing our free weekend time)

Potty training still sucks! This too shall pass... right?

Friday night the kids played in the basement while I organized some stuff and Dad worked on the destruction of our old storage room. They were really good and we both got lots done. The kids had fun watching Dad cart stuff out. We blocked off the bottom of the stairs so they could watch. They like to 'help' and love to get under foot! Someday I am sure they will understand "it's heavy pleaaase get out of my way", until then we will block things off to keep them from getting stepped on!

Well I am sad, on Saturday while I was at work my boys made their first snowmen. Well it was more like piled up chunks of snow but still. Boy2 even made one for Baby. He is so thoughtful when he wants to be! I have trained hubby well though (maybe too well!) He had the camera and took about 50 pictures of the kids outside. There goes another gazillion scrapbook pages! Maybe by November I can be caught up to the end of last year? One can hope!

This morning we had the kids outside. The snow is so hard in the morning that they are able to walk on top of it. I was even up on the crust so it can take some weight! :) There are spots where it would probably be mid thigh deep if one was to break through. In some of the lower spots every now and again the kids break through, the love it, it's funny when they fall in. Baby was enjoying walking around. She is the one we are going to have to watch, she gets going and way she goes. The boys don't like to get to far from us or each other most of the time. It was a warm one in the sun, hopefully the snow will start to go (and not come back until next winter!) For all of you who are starting to enjoy your spring flowers... I still have to wait until May!

This evening the kids and I played downstairs while hubby continued the rest of the demo. Everything takes a long time with him, he is has to have everything just so and he can't stand a mess! It takes him forever but you should see how clean it is downstairs! Well clean of construction mess anyway. The kids love to check out what he is doing.

I was also in Laundry mode today. Doing and putting away! I must put away because I have a pile more drying on the line(we have a line hanging in our basement, trying to save some dryer power. Doing my part for Earth Day on a daily basis! :)) I think after tomorrow I should only have about 4 loads to do!

Speaking of Laundry hubby asked if I had seen any of his clothes. He lost most of his jeans and underwear and a bunch of T-shirts. He didn't say anything until today, he said he has had to do his laundry twice as often. (I usually do it but I have been so freaking tired lately that my brain is elsewhere.) It has been missing for quite a while. Apparently it was under a pile of kids toys & clothes in our bedroom. We put their stuffed animals in there when they are being bad, then they get them back when they are good. There seems to always be something in our room... ugg! Anyway I decided to dust the bedroom today and guess what we found, the lost clothes. :)

I also cleaned the boys room today. The dust was nasty. I hate dust! I have been using these new swiffer dusters that I am going to do a review on soon, they are awesome! After dusting it was time to vacuum. Well I had my vacuum, Baby had an extra piece of the vacuum, Boy1 had our cordless stick vac and Boy2 felt left out so he went and got Baby's fisher price vacuum. What a site! When they are teenagers and they refuse to help clean I will have to tell them about today! :)

Good night!

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At 4:39 a.m., March 30, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

I desperately need to vacuum but Gabe HATES/is terrified of the vacuum so I can't really do it when he is awake.


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