Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#195 - Internet connection Working Again!

Well my connection is up and running again today! Hope everyone had a great St. Pattie's day yesterday!

I am still having issues with my wireless connection 'dropping' every now and again, but they are supposed to be sending me a new modem so we will see what happens!

Since I missed yesterday due to my Internet woes I will update with my latest over the last two days!

Scrapbook related
-6 pages done (well almost done, the photos and embellishments are done, I just have to add my journaling!)
-Scrapbooking area almost cleaned up! Getting ready for my Saturday with friends scrapbooking!

Other stuff
-Storage room empty, shelving removed... demolition to start soon!
-I am in desperate need of some house cleaning!
-Started working on my contract work (finally, I was supposed to start on Monday!)

- The fact that my hubby refuses to go into work later and instead we get to put up with his grumpiness due to tiredness
- being grumpy myself, the last two days I have been sooo tired, even with the extra sleep
- being at the start of a Reno project (I like being close to the end MUCH better!)
- listening to my mother tell me that they are going to the Home Renovation show, then telling me they need to go worse than we do. (I felt like saying f*ck off. She REFUSES to babysit for anything but when I teach. Four whole days is just too much of an inconvenience for her I guess! I really need to find a babysitter!)
- Watching Private Practice... I just can't deal with the infertility story lines. I am glad that TV is starting to add infertility to the main stream. Hopefully, even if it isn't totally realistic, it will bring some more info to the general public. (I think of Will and Grace... it seems to have assisted in making their issues more main stream???)

- knowing that my storage room will be better, eventually!
- bed time

Well yesterday was interesting. I must say my kids do have an imagination. I told the boys we had to wear green so the leprechauns don't pinch them. Well they took it one step further. They were talking to them and 'chasing' them around the house. Boy2 even asked me to take the Leprechaun that he put in his milk out of the glass. I was afraid that they wouldn't go to bed last night as they would be afraid the Leprechauns would be under their bed, but luckily they were OK with them. I did tell them they only visit for one day a year and then they go home. I have a little decoration hanging on the wall, it has a Shamrock and a Leprechaun on it. The boys went and got the stool to climb up and kiss it! There was Leprechauns all over the place yesterday, in their trucks, swimming in their breakfast, hiding under the bed, etc. The funny thing is they just get an idea and way they go coming up with their own 'stuff'. Well at least I got them all dressed up in green for the St. Patties pic! Baby was just wandering around attempting to say Leprechaun all day! She was probably wondering what the heck the boys were doing! Did I mention my kids are weird? I think they take after their parents!

Today was yet another busy day. The kids were getting on my nerves for just the normal stuff. I was trying to hold my cool. I just need more sleep I think.

Well the Potty Training seems to have taken a step backward, so today I put real underwear on Boy2. He was none to impressed, at first! Well he played for a while, then I heard crying. He was standing in a puddle of Pee. Not happy, he wouldn't move until I cleaned him up. (Lovely!) So I got him a new pair (actually Boy1 went and got him a new pair) He had another Pee episode again, almost the same spot on the floor. He was not happy. So I went and got him Pair #3 of underwear. Well by this point I wasn't having much fun cleaning the floor. So what did I do? Put a pull-up over them! Well let me tell you the next time he had to PEE he RAN to the bathroom! I think he wasn't enjoying the wet leg thing! So I am going to try again tomorrow. Real underwear, then the pull up. (I am sure glad we have mostly laminate in the house and not carpet, that would be gross!) We will see how it goes tomorrow.

Baby has been really crabby (I think there is a crabby bug going around this house, I need to find the darn thing and stomp on it!). I am assuming it is her teeth. Although she is getting close to 2... God help me! :)

At night we sit in the chair. We put the boys to bed first, then baby and I rock. She can say the entire alphabet and count to 10 when she repeats after me. I am not sure if that is normal for a 20 month old or not, but I am a proud momma!

She is really getting into stuff. With disciplining the boys all day sometimes I just ignore her. I was trying to let a few things slide, but I think it's time she learned about NO meaning NO in this house. Great 3 of them screaming when they don't get their own way! Hang on it's going to be loud around here!

Off to bed I go... it's almost midnight!

Good Night

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At 10:45 a.m., March 19, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Glad you got your internet back up and running.

And, I second what Martha did good saying no.


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