Thursday, March 26, 2009

#202 - 80's music and Vinyl

No not the kind of vinyl you listen to! I was playing with my cricut today and cutout some butterflies for my wall, then the spares ended up on a closet door and a cupboard door in the kitchen. Why stop there? I put some on my Pantry door too! It all started with wanting to put the word family on the wall with my pictures of the kids! Next stop my bedroom wall, now I just need to figure out what I am going to put on it!

As for the 80's music. I was listening to my gettoblaster (I still have the second one I ever bought. Actually my first one is out in the garage too, but that's another story). Remember when bigger was better, tehehehe! Anyway I have the thing on it's side so it doesn't hold a radio station for very long so I decided to play a... wait for it... Cassette tape. Yes there was a cassette tape in the thing, probably been in there for years! The funny thing was that it was an 80's mix!

My wireless connection has been working all day today! I am just hoping it stays that way!

- spending 2+ days trying to fix my wireless connection

- my cricut
- working wireless! (for now, someone touch wood for me! )


The boys were grovin to the 80's music today! I am sure they are scarred for life now. I just can't wait until they are older and bug mom about her music. :)

Baby has really gotten into the scream if I don't get my way phase. Boy2 was really bad for this, but he grew out of it eventually. (Or shall I say it turned into the whine phase!). I do like when she says "nonono" and runs the other way. It is cute right now but I am sure it will get really annoying really quickly!

Baby is already interested in scrapbooking apparently. She wouldn't sit on the chair beside me today (too short I think). She had to sit on my knee. It is interesting to try to adhere photos with a wiggly 21 month old, but hey it's her album, if its not perfect I am sure she will forgive me! She was checking out some of my tools and pens, then she kept busy putting my pens in and out of the holder. She did run off with four pens, but put them back in the container when I asked her too. It was one of those awwwww moments! :)

It's so cool the way all the kids love to look at photos, makes my scrapbooking seem even more important! Besides the dust will wait!


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At 6:27 a.m., March 27, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

How sweet that your little one wanted to help!

At 6:57 a.m., March 27, 2009, Anonymous sky girl said...

I love 80s music. But I suppose I will be mocked by my kids for dancing to Duran Duran. :)

At 8:56 a.m., March 27, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

80's Music Rocks!!!
I saw the Cricut on TV, it's taking my scrapbooking buddies by storm. That is cute that your daughter likes to scrapbook w/you!!!


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