Sunday, March 22, 2009

#198 - Another weekend... gone! :(

Another crazy weekend at our house! Saturday was scrapbooking day. I got to send some time with some friends I haven't seen in a while and I cleared out some crap out of my scrapbooking stash! Today I was a work day, a busy day!

I managed to get photos mounted on 10 pages and finished about 6 others that needed journalling and some final touches.

Spring was here for a while on Friday, but today winter was back. We got about 6 inches of the white stuff! I am beginning to think things are shaping up for a May long weekend snow fall! (Ya I am sure you all want to move to my part of the world now! It doesn't snow that often in May, I promise!)

The last couple of weeks I have been so freaking tired and my stomach has been bothering me. I just fell out of whack, then it hit me that we recently had Time Change. Now it all makes sense. It's amazing how one stinking hour can foul my entire system up so badly! I dislike time change immensely! Arg! If you are one of those lucky people who time doesn't affect I am soo jealous! :)

- my weight, I really need to do something about it. Unfortunately I am the only one who can do anything about it and I don't have the energy
- sore feet
- time change... that darn hour is still kicking my butt!
- wireless... my freaking wireless isn't working right! Arg!
- the crappy point of sale system we have at work. Ugg!

- sitting in my lazy boy with my two boys, chatting and rocking, while we watched Baby dance

Yesterday I was quite mad at my hubby! LOL! The kids were upstairs playing and we didn't hear a peep out of them, not one single noise. We were scrapbooking downstairs and dad was hanging out with the kiddos upstairs. After the week I had with them I was so incredibly jealous. I am now wondering if they are affected by the time change as well? Maybe they don't like the snow too? I am hoping that this week is better.

After my workshop yesterday I had some stuff to be cleaned up I was putting it all away and before I knew it the boys were picking stuff up and bringing it to me to put away too. I didn't ask them to help as it was my mess, but there they were standing behind me with piles of 'stuff' to put away. I could barely keep up with them. They were so happy to help they were saying thank you mom! I just love it when they are so helpful and so excited to help out. I pretty much let them help with whatever they want as long as there is no danger of them getting hurt. They got big hugs after, and there was one little rice crispy square left so we shared it. (These are the moments that help get through the screaming fits that seem to occur quite frequently around here! :) )

Today I got to spend some time with them in the morning before work and after. We built a tower with blocks, then built two tunnels after supper. They saved the tower until I got home from work and they remembered that I told them I would build them each a tunnel after work. (If only they could remember to listen to mom and be good at bed time! :) )

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At 8:18 a.m., March 23, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Snow In MARCH!!!! Holy Cow!!!
Glad the kidlets are being good.

At 10:46 a.m., March 23, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Isn't it amazing what they remember and what they don't? It amuses me and drives me crazy at the same time.

At 7:49 p.m., March 23, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

Snow?! Yuck! I know that you all are ready for spring to stay.


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