Thursday, March 19, 2009

#196 - Time Management

Well I am still having Time Management issues, when I started my part time jobs back in June of last year I thought they would resolve by July. Well it's getting close to a year later and it's not getting any better. I think now I have just resigned to the fact that I now AM A TIME MANAGEMENT issue! :)

I did work tonight but I was MORE than happy to get out of the house, it was a trying day today. I have been so tired this week I haven't had my usual patience. I owe the kiddos this week.

Lucky me (that's what a friend told me) the kids slept in today. They didn't get up until 9am. Usually the get up around 8/8:30 ish. Normally this would be a good thing, but High Maintenance friend thought it was a good idea to call around 8am. So much for getting a little extra sleep. (I have TOLD her and TOLD her not to call so early. She knows my kids don't get up at 6 or 7am like she does. Arg!) I normally don't complain about being tired (except on my blog! :)), she does enough for 2 people. Well today I said something since I was so mad that she called early. I mentioned that I was up late working last night. She said "wouldn't I be less tired if I was working at my old job". Ya then I would never see my kids, at least now I can work at night instead of during the day. Also I am not working 40+ hours a week like I would be doing at my old job, not to mention the stress of my old job. This is the one that is still waiting for me to change the Birth Announcement for her 26 month old (that I started and completed just before Christmas!) Some people!

- see above! :)

- finishing the final touches on 4 scrapbook pages
- getting ready for Saturday, scrapbooking with my friends!


It was a frustrating day today. To much grumping for me, from them and me. I felt like crap. But since I worked tonight tomorrow will be a better day.

A note on Baby. Even around here we usually call her by her nickname. I was wondering if anyone experienced this before.

When she was born we named her after my grandmother who had passed several years before. For the longest time I couldn't call her by her name? I am not really sure why. It was just one of those things, so it was nicknames for the longest time. We picked her name moments after she was born, then we never said it out loud to her for ages. It was a weird kind of uncomfortable. It was months before I could say it out loud. I was totally baffled why I felt so uncomfortable using her name, as I knew for years if I every had a daughter that is what I wanted to call her. Now I am trying to call her by her name (I would like her to actually know her name one day!). It's grown on me by now, but I will always wonder why it was so difficult at first?

Good night!

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At 9:27 p.m., March 20, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

That is interesting about your daughter's name. Your grandmother must have been very special. Good for you for working on that. I wanted to name our oldest son after my deceased brother, but my mom freaked out, so it's his middle name. Names have much power, carry alot of responsibilty.
Sorry for the loser friend, gosh, this woman needs a brain transplant.


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