Saturday, March 07, 2009

#186 - Wow am I tired tonight!

Case in point I had to fix every word I typed in the title as I think my brain is asleep already! (That and I was typing my title on the Search page instead of the new Blog entry page!) So why am I blogging you ask when I should go to bed? Well I am trying to manage to post every day this month! (I never said it had to be quality posts, thank goodness! :) )

Well today at work was SILLY busy! We had a big sale on so it kept the three of us out of trouble for the day. I do love working there, it's really a good day out even when I am tired and have sore feet. I enjoy what I am doing and it supports my scrapbooking habit, what more can a paper crazed girl ask for? (Things haven't really slowed that much as far as the economy where I am, things are slowing down but not too quickly. It's amazing how it hasn't affected the store yet at all. I told one of the other girls, scrapbooking is so addicting that's why we aren't slowing down. Us crazy women need our fix i guess! It's my version of a cigarette I suppose! :) )

- Sick children, my friends daughter is handicapped. They went away and she caught the croup virus. It attacked her nervous system and the poor child has lost all the function she had gained over the last 2 years. She can barely hold her head up now. My friend has never had a diagnosis for the issues, no one was really sure, but they now know that she has a degenerative brain disease. It is terminal but they haven't been given any time frames at all. This little tyke has been fighting the odds for several years, I pray that she continues to do so. It sounds like she has a lot of pain too, it's just not right that any child should have to go through all of this.
- stupid people who drive like it's summer when we are in the middle of a large snow storm. The dudes with the big 4*4's were the worst this morning going to work!
- silly sore feet... I really need to start loosing weight! I am not even sure why I am procrastinating?? I have lost before and kept it off until 1)major surger and 2)IVF. So Motivation please find me soon! :)
- I broke the arm on my glasses today and need to get a new one tomorrow... ugg! I broke them at work and didn't want to do the nerdy tape thing so I used a scrapbooking glue dot! Still holding by the way! :)

- a 2 for one paper sale at the scrapbook store
- meeting nice new people at work
- glue dots rock!

It's amazing how you can miss saying goodnight or seeing the kids when you are away from them for a little while. I just want to hug and kiss them when I get home. They are usually pretty good about hugs and kisses when I arrive home, so I am going to enjoy every one while they are still given out freely!

Baby continues to amaze me every day. In a way it makes me sad as I didn't get to really absorb things in the same way with the boys. They were amazing too but the double thing really does change things. I am so thankful that I have been able to experience twins and just one. I guess as much as infertility has scared me there is something positive about it, IF gave me the opportunity to experience something I may never have gotten the opportunity to experience otherwise. (I guess I am starting to heal if I can now start to look at the OTHER side of things. Either that or it is just the shear exhaustion talking! :) )

I did miss my kiddos out in the snow with Dad today :(. He was shoveling paths in the snow for them to walk around on. (Race Tracks if you ask the kiddos). He even made them a little snow house. I am sad I missed it. I don't like nasty roads or really cold weather but I do love a nice winter day with lots of snow! (Good thing since I live where I do). I actually prefer being outside this time of year over the summer. Whacked I know! I just don't like the heat! :)

With that I better go to bed, I still have course prep to finish tomorrow. I managed to get a bunch done tonight but the brain just isn't functioning anymore! :)

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At 6:30 a.m., March 08, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

I am sorry about your friend's daughter. I hope she is able to recover from that.

If you end up needing to replace your glasses, you should check out Zenni Optical. There prices are incredibly cheap. And, all you need is your prescription (which, by law, the eye doc is required to give you a copy of). We've gotten our glasses from them for the past 3 years and the glasses have always been great!

At 3:54 p.m., March 08, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

That is a long day at work and I know what you mean about missing hugs and kisses from your kiddos.


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