Friday, March 13, 2009

#191 - Friday? Where did the rest of the week go?

Wow I can't believe yet another week is gone. It's almost the middle of March, it felt like March just started.

Today was another work evening, nice to get out for a while. I don't find it much like work, even though I work hard when I am there. I guess it's just something different than the usual daily 'stuff' so it's fun. I did notice that when I got in it was pretty quiet today, sort of unfriendly I suppose. Apparently there had been some customer complaints. Instead of dealing with the folks where the issue is, the owner chooses to post a memo to all of the staff. So pretty much everyone feels like crap when we read it. Personally I think that it may be better to talk to the person or persons in question and possibly post a reminder about customer service in a positive light. I felt kind of crappy when I read it myself but I know that I do my best when I am there so I am not going to take it personally anyway.

The hubby is going out with a buddy tomorrow so I hope he has a good day, sans kiddos!

- sore feet!
- income tax time!

- getting my basement craft area cleaned up
- a good day at home

It was a pretty good day around here today! Not to much grumping or fighting over toys. (Of course there has to be some grumping or I would be worried! :)) Baby seems to still be bothered by her teeth, I hope they get a move on and finish growing for her very soon.

As for the potty training... it's not really moving ahead but we haven't moved backwards either so I can live with that. One day they will make up their own minds and decide that the 'big boy potty' is the way to go. If not I guess I will have to consider Home Schooling! :)

Speaking of potty's here's my 'funny' of the day. Well hubby went for groceries today. When he got home I was in the Living Room with the kids. For some reason he decided to give me the pack of toilet paper that he had purchased for my bathroom (I refuse to use the nasty recycled stuff that he buys... hello Lady parts are delicate and we use more T.P. than you boys do. That and who wants their fingers to 'break through' the T.P. either! Yuck!). Well anyway I wasn't sure why he didn't just take the T.P. to the bathroom, but whatever. So anyway I had used up the last square of T.P. in my bathroom earlier that day so I should have taken the new pack of 12 to the bathroom right away. As per usual I got side tracked and the T.P. stayed in the living room.

I suppose you can see where this is going. Well yes I was in the bathroom without any T.P. Hubby was busy outside so I couldn't call to get his attention. Well I decided to try to get one of the boys to help me out. Well I called and called, but their music was on in the Living Room so they didn't hear me. (Doesn't it just drive you crazy when you can hear them but they can't hear you). After what felt like an eternity I heard the whack of big feet on the floor (man these kids can make noise). I was almost cheering. It sounded like the boys, but they weren't answering, and they never shut up. So who pops her cute little head around the door, Baby. (I am thinking oh CRAP! This kid doesn't speak the same language as I do, this isn't going to go well!).

So I started off with... Baby get Boy1, please. So she stands at the bathroom door and calls out Boy1's name. Yeah that was helpful. So I was trying to convince her to go get Boy1 or Boy2. So she moves a little farther and calls out their names. They couldn't hear mean calling loudly, as if they are going to hear her saying their names in her normal voice. So then I decided to see if I showed her the empty roll of toilet paper that maybe she would go to the other bathroom and find some. Well Dad calls it Butt Wipe, so I was thinking that maybe she would know what that was. Nope. This poor kid is looking at me like I am nuts. So finally she totters off to the Living Room. Finds the boys and I hear this little 'butt wipe', then back she comes. Great short thing comes back, no brothers in tow. :) So then I show her the empty roll again and try to send her to the Potty Room. Off she goes again, butt wipe I hear, then she comes back again. Finally I think the boys were wondering what she was doing and decided to check it out.

I think I cheered out loud when the two monkeys showed up. I asked them to get the Butt Wipe out of the living room (I can thank the hubby for the creative name for the toilet paper). They kind of looked at me and I said in the green bag. I swear light bulbs went on. So off the 3 of them went. The boys came back, they were both carrying the pack of 12. They were so proud and by now baby was right in the bathroom just as happy! So I said thank you and we had high fives all around, even Baby. Then I kicked them out and finished my business! (And to think they usually all hang out at the door when I am in the bathroom!)

I suppose I will be hearing butt wipe from baby for the next 2 weeks! LOL

Good Night

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At 6:50 a.m., March 14, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Love the butt wipe story (and it sounds like something my hubby would teach the kids too).

And, I am seriously jealous that you have a basement craft area.

At 10:49 a.m., March 14, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Nice expression, butt wipe, that's a classic.

You have a basement, I am jealous.


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