Thursday, September 25, 2008

#65 - Fricken Fracking... arg!

So I feel ill, sick, like throwing up. A while back we bought this crap hole of a house, from a crap hole of of a owner. We were lead to believe the septic system was fairly new (lying crap hole of a previous owner). So we had a house inspection done (if you have been reading a while you probably have read some of this before). We wanted to make sure the septic system and the water system were ok. We were told they were ok (we already spent $6000 on the water system!) Then we found out that the tank was about to collapse. Needless to say the inspection company came back, said they would pay half, then said they wouldn't do anything as my husband was to grumpy. So after agreeing to pay half they reneged. So because someone else screwed up and someone else lied we are essentially screwed. It gets better!

The backhoe operator came today, he is not sure he wants to do the job. He is concerned about the complexity of it. The gas company has not given us clearance to dig. There are 2 gas lines in the way. We can't get rid of the old tank as there is a gas line over it and one beside it, we can't put the new tank where the old tank is due to the gas line. It's a freaking mess, I am sure it's going to cost us double the quote we got, and we will still have to deal with the mound, there may be issues with that due to the condition of the tank. I guess I am going to have to bend over an pull $10,000 out of my arce! As if IVF didn't already drain our freaking banking accounts.

I am just so angry that we tried to do all the right things and where the heck did it get us? I am angry that the previous owner signed a contract that he was supposed to disclose any major issues (and ya he knew about it, guaranteed). I am angry that the inspection company screwed us over. I am angry that our only recourse is our lousy legal system and I can't afford to go to court. (I wish there was a lawyer in the family!)

Oh ya and we are also having furnace problems, that we had when we took possession.... the jerk that owned this place knew about them too I am sure!

- people that screw other people (bet ya saw that one coming didn't ya)
- real estate contracts that aren't worth squat
- living in this freaking house and finding new issues constantly
- being stressed due to this mess
- getting ready to go on vacation and looking like we will have no money to do so
- garbage day

- my kids
- my cousins daughter who came over to help me with my kids today! She even did my dishes for me, it was like a mini vacation!
- people that do a good job and are courteous (we had our furnace cleaned today, the guy was great. To bad it was more money out the freaking window)
- my kids cleaning up their own toys

So after today I think the kids education funds might have to be spent on our septic tank! OK maybe not, but I think this is going to be a slow year for contributions! :(

So Baby was in prime form today. She was quite goofy, scooting around on her butt, back and forth, shaking her head and giggling. She actually spent time with my cousin's daughter (I am going to call her SweetSmile, SS for short) while I was in the room. She finally will go to SS so it was nice to have her play with her for a while. I think Baby really enjoyed it too as SS was bouncing her and she loves it.

The boys were good, they liked the furnace cleaning, except the really noisy parts.

Of course the furnace guy arrived at lunch (boy2 didn't scream today yey!). I was lucky SS just took over and got the kiddos fed for me. (She is coming over tomorrow too I am so lucky!)

Boy1 is suffering from constipation again. That poor child. I did enjoy my morning I sat for a minute when the phone rang, before I knew it I had Boy1 on my lap with his blanket and some toys. I sat for a while and just held him. He was laying across my lap and I got to rub his back. The kids aren't very cuddly so I did enjoy it. I even got a cuddle from Baby today when the noisy furnace cleaning was going on. Lucky me.

Baby was actually up on her feet and hands today. I think she is getting closer to walking, that will be scary. My Baby is growing up way to fast.

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