Saturday, September 13, 2008

#52 - Me again, with more boring day to day stuff!

Well it was a busy day. The electrician (if you could call him that) came out to finish some wiring. Lets just say he's a HACK. I will never let this man in my house again! Granted we are a little anal but come on! He wired a new plug in the house (all he had to do was run the wire down the wall and put in a box. Now I have three new holes in the drywall as he was too lazy to try to get the wire down to the bottom of the wall without making a mess, it's a good thing they are in the Laundry/furnace room! Arg! He also put three plugs above the doors in the garage, so that when we replace the doors we can put garage door openers in. He told me he was going to put the wiring through the attic, told my husband he wasn't going in the attic that he was running conduit. GAAAA! He was supposed to give us an estimate before he got started, nope. I guess the bill will be a surprise! GREAT!

The hubby had some help, he is working on a shed (If you can call it that, it's the size of a single car garage. He is building it to put all our lawn and snow removal equipment in. It was nice that a good friend came out to help. I managed to keep the kids out of his hair so he was able to get lots of work done today. I even got to try out the new air nailer he picked up (thanks to his mom's b-day gift money! :) ) I LOVE power tools! :) Now if only they weren't all pink! (Not so sure the hubbs would like it though. Anyway they made a floor with skids underneath and got 2 walls done today. He just has to finish the other two walls and put up some trusses. Then the hard part starts, cutting the metal and setting the roof. The cool part is all we had to buy was some cement blocks, the wall's and the skids. All the wood for the floor he got from work (They had these long skinny crate things that parts come in, they have to pay to throw them out so they were happy to give them to the hubby. It was work to get them apart but well worth it for the wood). A friend of ours is cleaning out his acreage and he wanted to get rid of an old metal building so we got that for nothing too (well actually we are giving him 2 cases of beer so that's pretty cheap). I think this building is going to be built better than our house! The hubby is very particular! Anyway I will have to post some photos when it's all done!

-Getting up in the morning! (Can you tell I am not a morning person)
-Judgmental people! (Why don't you try walking a mile in that other person's shoes)

The kiddos were good today, they watched the HACK MAN put in the outlet in the basement. He was really nice to the kids so that was his saving grace. Then we went out to see Dad and Friend. They were really good, just watching while I went in and got baby up and made lunch.

After lunch it was out to play again. They wanted to go for a dwoad (Quad) ride. So off we went. I needed to do something with baby though. The Quad has a rack on the back and we have an old car seat, so the hubby strapped it on to the quad, I took a boy and off we went. Later Boy1 Got his gator and I followed him around on the Quad with Baby and Boy2. The kids had a fun, and Boy1 liked having mom follow him. The Gators can go about 5 kms an hour so it wasn't to fast for baby! :) I don't like to go very fast when the kids are around or going for a ride, just in case! We teach them to stay away from moving vehicles and they have been doing great. Hope they are always so good! (Actually I think mom had just as much fun driving the dwoad! LOL)

After supper we went out to finish the second wall on the shed. The kids helped clean up the little blocks that were laying around they are the greatest little helpers right now, it's so cute.

It was just a run of the mill day, and doing some work, but standing outside looking at my family It just made me whole. I knew I wanted children but I didn't know how wonderful having them would be. Ya not every day is great, and not every day brings out the best in my Mom abilities, but today was a good day. It's the little things...

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At 7:28 a.m., September 14, 2008, Anonymous Danifred said...

Sounds like your shed is going to be pretty cool. I can't wait to see the pictures, especially with all the recycled materials you are able to use!

At 9:35 a.m., September 14, 2008, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

It sounds like a great day, you are a wonderful mom, it sounds like you are a big kid yourself! What a lucky family. Good luck w/your shed, can't wait to see photos.

At 7:38 p.m., September 14, 2008, Anonymous MoMo said...

Sounds like they were able to make a ton of progress on the shed--I am sure you will be happy when it is done. And that electrician would have annoyed me too!


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