Wednesday, September 10, 2008

#49 - Is it bed time yet?

Well today I was so freakin busy that I am not even sure where the day went? It was the usual kind of day around here add some temper fits/screaming and what seemed like a 100 phone calls. I am all set for a much needed furnace cleaning in the next couple of weeks, our septic tank is supposed to be replaced this Friday possibly, and the call before you dig people came out to mark our gas and phone line. (The gas line kind of sucks as it is right where I wanted to put the new tank. CRAP! I guess we will figure it out when the contractor comes to install it, I just don't have a clue where it's going to go now. Hopefully he will have some kind of idea!)

I just couldn't seem to get it going today, I was busy but didn't really accomplish anything. I hate that! Tomorrow my mom may come out so that will be a total write off.

We also found out that my FIL has some, what sounds like to me, pretty serious blockages near his heart. He had a heart attack just after coming to visit our boys just after they were born. I MIL doesn't ask enough questions, the FIL is afraid of hospitals, so we really don't know what's going on. All we know is I think 40% of his heart is damaged from the heart attack. He has 1 artery that is 100% blocked that they won't fix anyway because it is where the heart is damaged, one artery is 85-90% blocked and one is around 50% blocked (apparently they aren't to concerned about this one). They told him they could put in a shunt and do something about the 85-95% blocked artery, him and the MIL talked about it and he decided to get something done. Then the dr. came in and he decided to try medication instead? After talking to the MIL (instead of getting the story from hubby, that sounded totally different than MIL), it almost sounded like they didn't think the Shunt would help?? Anyone out there know anything about this I would love to hear your thoughts? They live on the other side of the country so popping over just isn't that easy. It seems to me that dr. should have been more insistent about having the blockage removed (but what do I know). Especially since the referring dr. told him not to do anything cause he won't feel the next heart attack and he will just die. (Nice to know thanks!) Apparently when he has gone for the stress tests he has had some issues that were not good but he didn't feel anything at all. Needless to say they haven't met baby yet so a trip is in order in October. Any heart specialists out there that can shed some light on this with the limited information please feel free to comment! :)


Tonight was my first twins club meeting of this year (goes sept/june). I always feel like an impostor with my 'fake' twins as I like to call them! (just not out loud :) ) I do love the gals. There was a new member with her 3 week old boys there. They were so tiny, it's hard to imagine that I ever had kids that small. Anyway it turns out that she was in at work one day and I was talking to her! I remember telling someone about the twins club... apparently it was her! I really need to get more sleep!


Well this morning Boy1 was all about telling me what to do. Mom turn off light, turn on fan, get baby up, change baby's bum, go make special (breakfast), open blind... then he finally took a breath. As I am stumbling around in my morning fog, I had to giggle at all his instructions, at least I didn't forget anything this morning! :)

Boy2 is still having his fits when strangers come to the door, I guess it's a little like having an angry dog that doesn't bite, he just screams at levels that I am sure should be breaking the windows. If Boy2 screams guess who else screams, Boy1 and yes Baby. She just looks around all confused and wails away! Needless to say when they came to mark the gas line it was a little noisy around here, I just can't WAIT until the furnace get's cleaned! I am making sure Dad is home that day as I may need reinforcements! It gets a little difficult to talk to people with 3 kids screaming at different octaves! (I still can't believe there is any glass left in this house! :))

My sweet girl (with a little sour on top! :) ) was a picture of snot today. Poor thing is so gummed up still. I sure hope it gets out of her system soon. Although she is just as grumpy as usual, no more, no less, so I don't think it will help in that department.

I am truly amazed at the patience I have with them (not everyday, I am no supermom here) when they are being bad. I am really happy that I generally deal with them in a positive way. I just keep thinking this too shall pass.... (and be replaced by something entirely more frustrating/annoying I am sure! LOL)

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At 6:07 a.m., September 11, 2008, Anonymous motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

I am no heart specialist, but my thoughts are with your family.

At 8:25 p.m., September 11, 2008, Anonymous The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

So sorry about your FIL. That sounds so stressful.

Loved the instructions from boy 1! How sweet!


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