Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#168 - Wooohooo

Shopping today! Nuff said!

Well it wasn't that exciting but I suppose it was for me. I had to go out to meet a fella regarding one of my contracts. The meeting went well (except the part where I have more work to do! :) ).

After the meeting I headed out shopping. Just me, it was bliss! I stopped at Micheal's craft store first! Yippee. I bought a new exacto knife... how exciting and some embroidery floss to make a bracelet or two in my spare time! Then it was off to the Dollarama. I was annoyed to see that they now have $2 items! LOL! I love to walk around in there just for fun. I picked up a few little things for the kids for Easter. Then it was off to The Childrens Place. I still feel so weird about the fact that I can actually shop in these stores, and now on both sides! Who would have ever thought? I was happy to come out of there spending only $54 and getting a full bag of stuff. I even managed to score a winter coat for next year for baby for $9.99 - regular $54.99! Sweet! Everything else was $5.99 or less! It was so fun!

It was another one of those days, the ones where you just sit back and say wow I am so lucky! I have my family, we are all healthy, and happy. What a difference a few years makes. It feels good to be truly happy inside, it makes me realize just how sad I was when we were dealing with infertility. I really never realized the full impact of having children. Yes it's a lot of work, yes it crazy at times, yes it can be beyond frustrating, but there sure is heck isn't any feeling as good as loving a child.

I am still preparing for my course on Thursday and Friday, but I am almost there... then I have to finish of the next one! No rest for the wicked that's for sure!

It is going to be crazy though. I teach Thursday, Friday. Then I work at my other job Friday night and all day Saturday. Gee it's almost like have a full time job again! :) I am a little sad though as I will not see the kiddos all day Friday. That will drive me crazy!


- people who cut you off then slow down!
- not sticking to my bed time!

- my family


Well the kids were pretty good today. I love these days, can you tell?

Boy1 is quite the thinker I have decided. We went downstairs this morning as per usual. I keep a bag of goldfish down there for them to snack on. Well today I was in the middle of something so I asked them to get their bowls and the gold fish. Well the boys couldn't reach the bag. I said I would be a minute and get it for them. I could see Boy1's wheels a turning so I decided to wait for a bit and see how his problem solving skills were developing. Well he looked around at a few things then headed to the toy box. You could almost see the light bulb go on above his head, he grabbed a small hockey stick. He then proceeded to work the bag over until he could reach it. It was so funny to watch him, I was impressed at his ingenuity. Maybe we will need that college money we are putting aside for him after all! :)

Boy2 looked at the bag, said he couldn't reach it and moved on to other things. He wasn't interested at all until Boy1 reached the bag! Hopefully he learned a thing or two from his brother today.

After bath's tonight I proceeded to clean out the outside of Baby's ears. She is like the gucky ear stuff collector. She totally hates having her ears cleaned, but I hate when they are all icky. Later Boy2 said his ears needed cleaning too as they had "boogers" in them. His father was out of the room when he came back I told Boy2 to tell his dad what he had in his ears! Hubby thought it was quite funny!

We are still doing well on the Liquids around here, but if anyone can tell me how to get the solids into the potty instead of their pants please let me know! :)

Good night!

"Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut after wards." Benjamin Franklin

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At 4:36 a.m., February 18, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

Yay for shopping kid free! It's great, but at teh same time it's very weird to shop without a stroller to help tote the bags around. LOL!

At 7:00 a.m., February 18, 2009, Anonymous Kristin said...

Shopping without the kids ROCKS! Congrats on the good deals and I am impressed with your willpower. Me + Michaels - the kids = big bucks spent

At 8:34 a.m., February 18, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I think you are quite the full time worker and that doesn't include your Mommy job, 24/7.
Ear boogers, really cute.
Hmm, re.BM potty training, if your boys poop at the same time everyday like after breakfast, etc. than just sit their tushies on the potty. Do the kiddos have any friends about their age who are potty trained? Peer pressure even of toddlers works quite well.


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