Tuesday, February 03, 2009

#155 - It's official I am old!

OK it's not my birthday.  I just got what I used to think was a pregnant lady/old people ailment.  I have a nasty Hemorrhoid!  Well I am definitely not pregnant (sadly) so I guess that means I am old.  Hmmph!  It is killing me but I refuse to do anything about it because that would mean it's really there!  Sheesh! 

What a way to start my daily post!  Makes you wish ya missed today doesn't it?  :)

Today I finished all the prep for my first course!  I also printed out the materials to start on my second course tomorrow!  (I would have started on #2 today but I decided to have a shower instead!  My hubby thought it was a good idea! LOL)  One down and 1 and 1/2 to go!  I also got a call regarding my second contract, I will be meeting with him next week to go over some details (so that means I have to do some work on that one too... when it rains it pours!)  The thing is I really need the money.  February is kind of a brutal month, between car insurance and having to pay for the car I ran into it is going to be an expensive month so I need some cash coming in to cover things like the mortgage payment! (minor detail! :) )  I am happy to say we don't have credit card debt and I hope to keep it that way!  I am a bit on the cheap side when it comes to interest payments.  I have 3 courses pretty much 3 weeks in a row so that will help the old bank account.  I will be beat no doubt, but at least I will have some money coming in.

I also got one more layout done this morning.  I think I am caught up with all the photos that I had.  I need to get more printed for the retreat I am going on at the end of February (between teach classes... yikes).  I have no idea what I will need to take with me? Or how much I will get done.  I am not sure if trying to get up to date in album is doable or not!  I guess time will tell!  I need to start collecting stuff soon so that I will be ready to go. 

- afflictions that are associated with old people (LOL)
- grumpy hubby

- getting one course prep done, and knowing that I can reuse some of my old stuff for the next one!
- my new sleep schedule.  I almost got to bed on time last night and I should be pretty close tonight


Yup potty training is still going in the direction of South!  The first kid (or in my case twins) are the ones you make all the stupid mistakes with, I guess I will know what to do with the next one.  I sure wish they came with instruction manuals!  It's probably a lot of my fault, I try to keep on top of the potty thing, but I get as sidetracked as they do it seems.

My kiddos are still loving the stick vaccum.  Oh no I am passing my floor cleaning obsession on to them (my hubby just looks at me and shakes his head).  We need this nasty ice to melt so we can get the boys out to run.  They are full of energy today and I think they need to let off some steam (either that or my hubby may blow the gasket) 

Baby was really mad as she wanted to go downstairs today.  I have to watch how I say that to the boys now, because if she hears 'stairs' she wants to GO now. I think she may be the climber.  She is happy downstairs as long as she can sit on the first step.  I put the baby gate on the second step, just for her!  God help you if you say 'stairs' while you are downstairs as she thinks it's time to go up NOW!  My little creature! :)

The boys spent the morning colouring (I am not a fan of markers, unfortunately they are).  I finally got them to use the crayons instead for a while.  I was trying to teach them how to write their names.  Boy1 was trying so hard.  He was so mad that he couldn't do it the same as Mom.  I told him he just had to practice.  Boy2 didn't give a hoot.  He kind of tried then went back to scribbling!  Baby didn't try to eat the crayons today so it was all good.  She did have fun with the hockey stick that is in the  basement.  Maybe a female hockey player in the family? (personally I would prefer one of the boys, then he could take care of Mom and Dad in their old age... oh wait we are already old, it's too late! :) )  I am just waiting until Baby learns how to 'take out a bro' with the hockey stick!

Afternoon naps aren't going so well, but mom is persistant to say the least.  Today Boy1 was mad so he cried and cried, woke everyonelse up of course (rotten light sleepers in this house).  I snagged him out of the room and put him in our bed.  (I was trying to work while dad was sitting on the couch doing nothing and for some reason he was going to let him scream?  So I had to do something about it, arg! <-insert whiney complainy voice here! )  Dad finally got up and went to the room so I left Boy1 with Dad and went back to work.  Boy1 and Baby ended up getting up first.  Boy1 went and got two piles of toys, one for him and one for Baby then after telling her what to do and where to sit they played for quite some time.  Boy2 was in bed 'waking up' (i.e. getting the crankies out, at least mom hopes so anyway)

The boys were wild tonight running around the house.  Dad was cranky so it was pissing him off???  They weren't being bad just getting some 'energy' out.  Needless to say I quit my working 'stuff' and went to wrangle the monsters.  Pretty much I was just trying to make sure Dad wasn't being an ass!

OK I need to write this one on the Calendar.  The boys went to sleep tonight with no Yelling or Screaming!  (At least when the lights were shut off anyway).  THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED since we took them out of their cribs.  Lets hope we are entering a new phase! Please please please!

Good night!

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At 9:05 a.m., February 04, 2009, Anonymous Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Get your tush to the drugstore and get some Prep.H, Tucks, and solar.caine spray and take care of yourself. You are not old!

At 9:11 a.m., February 04, 2009, Anonymous motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

so sorry about your unwanted affliction. I had the same affliction when pregnant with the monsters. Arrrgghhhh......needless to say I don't miss that little slice of sunshine!

and I don't think you are old...............

At 4:08 a.m., February 05, 2009, Anonymous Carrie27 said...

Happy Birthday! What a lovely surprise you received this morning. Sigh.


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