Thursday, February 05, 2009

#157 - The weekend is almost here!

Well I got back to work today on my course prep. I wasn't feeling it, but once I got going it wasn't so bad. According to my calculations I am 15% complete! LOL I need to know these things. I could have done a little more tonight but I wanted to try to stick to my 10pm stop time for all things work related. I am having trouble keeping to my 11pm bed time though, as I can't seem to get through my blog list and post updates to my blog in one hour!

Speaking of blogs. I am glad to see that MaryEllen and Steve are 10 weeks pregnant I am so hoping her PG is uneventful. More good news in the IF blog sphere, Sky has a cute little baby boy. I love to hear good news! When I first started my blog list there were little or no mothers but as each month goes by it seems as if my Mother's list is growing. I am always happy to see this. I can't wait until one day all of the gals that I read find their way to motherhood.

So I see IVF is in the news AGAIN, A 60 year old gave birth to twins here in Canada. Man I had my boys in my early 30's and it is quite enough work for me. I can't imagine trying to have twins at that age. Now I don't begrudge anyone trying to have a family but there just seems to be something wrong with this? I guess no clinics in Canada would treat her, so she had to go overseas. I am glad my tax dollars are hard at work paying for her hospital stay and her babies hospital stay. Isn't Pregnancy hard enough on your body without being 60? Maybe I am wrong? I just hate to see all this craziness these days cause a bunch of rules to be instituted that maybe don't apply to everyone. What a crazy world we live in. (Crap my husband is in his 40's and he says he's to old to try to have another one! LOL)

- MS OFFICE, it crashes when my default printer is set to an HP printer. Apparently Microsoft says I have to set a different default, but I can still print to the HP. That's a great fix people! So glad I spend most of my time on the MAC OS!
- grumpy hubby
- I can't figure out why my slice won't cut today? Arg!

- finding some ambition where I thought there was none!
- getting a tiny bit of scrapbooking done each day!


So as for my potty blog, well Boy2 was doing a little better today. He at least is using the potty a bit. Boy1, I am not sure about this fella, will sit and sit and sit, but nothing usually happens. At least he is sitting on it! One time something will happen I suppose. I just can't wait until my life is not revolving around the potty!

In the morning the kiddos want to go downstairs to play. So we usually go down around 10:30ish and come up before lunch. They all have their reasons, Baby likes to climb up and down the stairs, Boy2 wants to watch Bob the Builder, and Boy1 who knows? It depends on the day I suppose.

The boys each take a toy down with them and Boy2 takes his blanket (I am not sure what the toy thing is about as there is a much downstairs as up? But whatever keeps them from screaming!) Boy1 does whatever, builds a 'fake fire', colors, and other stuff. Boy1 is glued to the TV (as long as Miss Spider isn't on. I can't even switch to another kids channel as he is afraid of half the commercials, sheesh). Baby wanders from Toy to stairs to Toy to stairs. They also get a little snack when we go down (I am sure they are starved since they just finished breakfast?). Anyway I give them a little bowl with a few goldfish each. (Baby spills her's almost every day so today I decided to put the bowl on the floor and save a few steps!)

Baby is funny. One or two goldfish, then off to play, then back for another, then off to play again! The boys wanted to color today so I gave them their crayons and they sat at their little picnic table to color. Baby decided she wanted to join in. She doesn't like paper though so I have a nicely colored table. I have to take a picture of her first art work piece! (Thank goodness for washable crayons). The little turkey would just scream if I even tried to get her to color on paper. Hmm I wonder who thinks she is the boss of the house?

We always clean up the toys before we go upstairs. Baby was even helping today, hopefully this trend will continue! Boy2 is kind of getting lazy in the clean up department these days so I am not sure what to do to get him motivated?

All in all it was a pretty good day.... then comes bed time. I think the hubby actually makes it worse, I am not sure. All I know is I dread putting the boys to bed. It's just all chaos. Probably doesn't help that we are in a hurry to 'put them away' for the night so we can get other stuff done. I hope we improve on the night time routine soon. I can't stand when my hubby gets so mad at them. I think it has been good that we have actually been together a bit as he sees how I deal with them when they are bad, and I THINK he is actually paying attention! Maybe there is a little light at the end of the tunnel with that guy! LOL

Anyway off I go to bed! Only 45mins late!

"Never doubt the benefit of giving others the benefit of the doubt." -Joe Wilken

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