Wednesday, August 13, 2008

#24 - Here comes the heat again

Great news it's supposed to be stinking hot again tomorrow and for the entire weekend. I dislike the heat immensely! At least in the winter you can keep piling more clothes on, there is only so much I am willing to take off in the heat! Next summer I should complain less as we will have our pool setup for the kids and it should be good enough to keep me cool. (Although I worry that pea.ce will arrive... I can see the headlines now 'We've spotted a Beached Whale in the Praries!' Between my pasty white skin, black bathing suit and fat *ss ya just never know! LMAO!)

Yet another thing to add to our list of, frick we have to fix it. There is a lovely shade of brown-y red water (complete with residue) coming from the hot water tank. So my question to you is if you bathe in what looks like dirty water does that mean you are still dirty? I don't think my cards on Etsy are going to cover this one! I am sick fixing stuff around this place! Arrrg! Sure glad we got that useless home inspection done before we bought the place!

This occurred during lunch. I was biting bits of my banana bread off to give to baby (in the hopes of shutting her up as she was screaming at the top of her lungs, just for fun I think). So we continued to have lunch. Then I went to get baby more food and she started to screech again. So boy #2 bites of a piece of his jam sandwich (healthy lunch I know! I was tired! :)) and starts to lick it. I thought it was somewhat odd. The next thing I knew he was down out of his chair and over to baby. He was giving her the piece of sandwich that he just licked. Then Boy #1 bit off a piece to feed baby as well. Their pieces were a little big so I showed them what size to make them so they were off biting pieces off, off their chair, over to baby, back to their chair and start all over again. It was great as the screeching stopped and I was able to get the rest of her food for her.

Back to the licking thing. I am guessing that was in the interpretation of what I was doing, I am not really sure where he got it from? I was ensuring that baby didn't get the chocolate chips that I had baked into the bread so maybe he thought I was licking them out? Or maybe he figured if I ate the good stuff then he should to (bye bye Jam!). I guess I will never know the why behind the licking, it sure was strange to watch.

It still amazes me how good they all are to each other. It's like it was pre-programmed in to them (and they don't even have USB ports! LOL Sorry some Tech humor here, well I thought it was funny!). I sure hope it lasts anyway!

Good night

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At 9:49 p.m., August 13, 2008, Anonymous Courtney said...

The thought the little one licking the jam off made me smile. I am always reminding my son he can't give the baby something because I do (his sizes are huge). LOL

At 7:28 a.m., August 14, 2008, Anonymous Shana said...

Depending on how close your water heater is to a floor drain you may want to get a short hose and attach it to the drain spout on the bottom of the water heater. Then turn that open and let it run until the water coming out is clear. depending on if you have a top or bottom filling water heater you might want to do this a couple times as the bottom fillers will loosen more of the build up on the bottom of the water heater so you want to get that out. I had to do that with mine recently because all the hot water faucets were so gunked up that they didn't want to shut off all the way. It worked. Good luck.

At 9:51 p.m., August 14, 2008, Anonymous Soralis said...

Thanks Shana... we have actually done that twice in the last 2 months. Maybe we will have to try again. We even had a round of chlorine run through (well water) to clean it out.


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