Wednesday, August 06, 2008

#18 - Oh my!

Well it was another one of those heart stopping moments last night. I settled into bed as per usual, then started about my normal routine. Check video monitor (baby) and turn off the light. Only last night I turned on the video to check her out and all I saw was an empty crib. OMG where did she go? Well it turns out she had mushed herself into the top of her crib, blankets and all. Just out of sight of the camera (of course I forgot that I had bumped the camera earlier and forgot to reset it). Scared me half to death until when I looked closer I could see a teeny weeny part of her blanket and then I knew where she was.

I have video monitors in both kids rooms, I am cursed with incredibly light sleepers. If I open the door to check on them they wake up and scream. So the monitors help sometimes. Instead of big br.other watching around here it's big Momma! LOL!

Today was just another exciting day as a SAHM! :) Get up, change diapers, manage to dress baby, feed kids, hang out in jammies for the rest of us... can you say lazy? When baby went down for her morning nap the boys wanted to play downstairs (no falls today thank goodness), I managed to sort out some of the scrapbooking mess that I have down there. (MOVING Sucks... I used to be soooo organized!) I suppose I will get it cleaned up eventually. Then it was back upstairs to get baby up and make lunches, play time, afternoon naps, clean-up the kitchen and start cleaning up other crap lying around. Sit for a minute during naps then off to clean-up more stuff! I started cleaning out clothes :( that don't fit baby anymore to get ready for a garage sale that I am not sure I am ready to partake in just yet. Yes I have issues letting go. Fricking heck I need to clean more sh*t out of this house it just isn't big enough for all of us and our junk!

Wish me luck it's getting frickin hot here. I dislike hot immensely, especially since I don't have central air in this house (yet another thing I miss about the old place). (Yes I am in Canada and no It doesn't snow all year here! :) ) So it's supposed to go up to 30 or 31 Celsius tomorrow (86 F for my imperial friends). That is just way to frickin hot for me. 25C (77F) is about the hottest I can stand. I like winter what can I say!

Our resident comedian was busy telling dad to get to his room when it was time for bed. I wonder when his brother is going to beat the bossy out of him? 5, 6 years old? What do you think?

Baby is quite the turkey these days. She has learned to yell from her brothers, only she does it all the time just for fun. She's like a barking dog that you want to have de-barked. Good thing she is cute! She also is cutting more teeth by the look of her chewing. I think this one is going to be a stubborn one... hmm Mom vs Baby, it's gonna get ugly! :)

Working at my part-time just for sanity job tomorrow night! I am working with my least favorite staff member which is a bummer, but it's only for 4 hours so I can make due.

Good night

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At 6:49 a.m., August 08, 2008, Anonymous Nancy said...

HAH! "beat the bossy out of him" - that's funny...I may need to borrow that for Maggie...wonder when Burke will do that to her ;)

Glad you found my blog! And thanks for posting...I was able to browse through a little bit of yours, but I look forward to coming back when I have some more time!


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