Saturday, August 16, 2008

#27 - Still hot here! (I should shut-up as it will be cold soon!)

Still way to hot for me. I was thankful to be in air conditioning all day today at my part-time job.


Out of the mouths of babes. So around our house we aren't the best at using real words for certain body parts so a certain male part is called Willy. (I know original, I know you are supposed to call it by it's proper name. I just can't! :) ) Well this morning I was in the bathroom putting on some makeup (aka trying to hide my freckles that decided to join each other and have a big ole splotch party on my face. The Twin PG did wonders for my complexion and it never recovered. But that wasn't where I was going with this...).

So anyway I hear someone talking in the bedroom, diaper change time. Boy 2 says " has Willy". Dad answers yes. Then Boy 2 says "Dad has Big Willy". I almost peed myself laughing (good thing I was in the bathrooom isn't it! LOL). He made sure he emphasized the Big, it just sounded so funny. (I am sure my husband was happy.) Dad is big boys are small so I guess that's how that came together???

I walked out of the room and asked my husband if boy2 said what I thought he said. He says yup... and then it was on to something else just that quick!

Maybe you had to be here but it was pretty funny how it all just came out and then on to the new thing.

I am just waiting to be in the middle of Wal.mar.t and here one of the kids yell something 'interesting' out in the store. (Last time I was in there Boy2 was saying Butt Wipe all through the store (Dad's name for T.P.) so I wonder what's next?)


I shall leave you with a few pics of the cupcakes I made for Baby's 1st birthday.

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Good night...

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At 9:48 a.m., August 18, 2008, Anonymous Nancy said...

LOL! Willy. hehehe

And those cupcakes look divine!!! Can I have one? :)

At 8:49 p.m., August 21, 2008, Anonymous Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Here from ICLW...

Those cupcakes are beautiful! I can't believe they lasted long enough to display in the stand and take a photo (maybe even longer) without two toddler boys devouring them.


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