Thursday, August 14, 2008

#25 - Thank goodness for shade!

Well it was day to be outside in the shade. Out we went and the kids had fun in the sandbox. I was able to get my contact list all cleaned up. To many contact and address lists in to many places. Now I just have one and I have to set it up to update my address book database that I created, in my spare time of course. I also have a small contract doing some stuff for a small company that I need to get going on, then there is my craft site, and my other part time jobs... oh ya and the kids. There just isn't enough usable hours in the day! (To much time is taken up sleeping!)

Today was sandbox day. Picture this, a small sand box, two boys as long as the sand box, two boys laying down rolling in the sand like piggy's in mud. Yup my boys looked like a couple of little piglets rolling around in mud. There was sand everywhere, on the deck, in their hair(under the hat), in their shoes, in their socks, in their diapers. Yup sand everywhere. But they had fun so mom was happy too, no grumping is always a good thing!

Speaking of grumpy. Yes we have entered a new phase with the baby. It's the OMG I am not going back to work, what the heck was I thinking Phase. (*grin*) She has started squawking all the time. I am hungry - squawk, I think I am hungry - squawk, I may be hungry in an hour - squawk, I want your cell phone - squawk, I wanna squawk - squawk... I think you get the picture - squawk! I found something that makes her happy today, finally! If I put her in the sling and drape her around my neck and keep moving she is happy. I am almost hands free so I can get things done, such as making lunch. Great for her, for mom, massage please!!!

Oh yes and we had a break through today... I finally figured out what the heck Fay Fay is. I keep asking them to show me and they look at me like I am on dope. Anyway apparently it means Right Way. Since I am home with them all day I guess I am the only one I can blame for their speech, so I suck apparently! (Did I mention how cute they are! LOL)

What can I say, wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

Good Night

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